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=== Amarok ===

Currently trying to give a hand in the [ Rokymotion] group for the [ Amarok music player] - the best music player ever :-)

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 * in Krefeld, Germany 2007
 * helped to organise [:SwissTeam/TeleasePartyGutsy] in Switzerland, Berne, November 10 2007
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 * in Krefeld, Germany 2007  * next Swiss release parties for the Hardy Heron in April 2008
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Booth work, marketing and sales. Booth work, marketing and sales. 

Name, Personal and Contact information

Myriam Rita Schweingruber

I am basically a trained pharmacist and still work in this field but also have experience as a professional school teacher for 18 years and translator since 20+ years.

Ubuntero: []

GPG key: 86FCA592

IRC-nick: Mamarok, myriam_rs

Email: MailTo(schweingruber AT SPAMFREE pharma-traduction DOT ch)

Blog: []

Involvement in Free Software


Board member of the Fribourg based GNU/Linux User Group [] since 2001, member since 2000, I help to organise install parties, promote Free Software and give support for Debian and Ubuntu. Various presentations.

Free Software Foundation Europe

I help FSFE [] at booths at important events in Europe since 2003. My main task are Free Software advocacy, explaining the work of FSFE to booth visitors, promoting the Fellowship of FSFE [] and selling merchandise. Past events:

  • Linuxtag in Karlsruhe 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 in Wiesbaden and 2007 in Berlin, FOSDEM in Brussels 2005, 2006 and 2007, LWE in Frankfurt 2004 and 2005 and FROSCON in Bonn 2006 and 2007

Planned events:

  • FOSDEM 2008 in Brussels

I also try to coordinate work of the FSFE Swiss Team since 2004 and give a hand in translating and proofreading FSFE documents, newsletters and web pages.

Wilhelm Tux

Founding member of the Swiss Campaign for Free Software [], president 2004-2005, currently board member

Past activities:

Various actions in Switzerland promoting Free Software, mainly trying to coordinate Wilhelm Tux work with FSFE.


Currently trying to give a hand in the [ Rokymotion] group for the [ Amarok music player] - the best music player ever Smile :-)


For Team membership, see Launchpad profile []. My request for Ubuntu membership was accepted in September 2007.

I use Ubuntu since the Warty Warthog Preview release on my laptop (August 20something 2004 to be precise), Kubuntu and sometimes Edubuntu (and Enlightenment for Ubuntu because of its sheer beauty Smile :-) ). My home server (an old Pentium PC now mainly used for backup) runs a dual boot of Debian Sid and Ubuntu 6.06 LTS.

Activities so far:


Planed events:

  • next Swiss release parties for the Hardy Heron in April 2008


  • continue to build, admin, mentor and moderate SwissTeam which is already a vibrant LoCo Team

  • organise meetings, give talks
  • building SwissTeam website




  • active: German, French, (English)
  • passive: English, Italian, (French, German)

Working as a freelance translator since 20+ years,

I have a limited interpretation experience, mainly helping out at events. My only public simultaneous interpretation was Richard Stallman speech from english -> french at WSIS phase one in Geneva on December 11 2003 []

Currently improving my Italian (target: obtain CELI 3 / PLIDA B2 and beyond). Planed: learn decent Spanish. Next: Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, etc.


Experience in teamleading (mainly in public pharmacy), moderation and conflict management (pharmacy and professional school).


  • Good knowledge about various licenses, especially GPL, LGPL and other Free Software licenses
  • more than 6 years experience with Free Software, GNU/Linux advanced user (I really should pass LPI exams one day...)
  • some 10+ years of teaching experience for various software, mainly Office applications. Teaching Open Office since 4+ years.
  • Free Software Advocacy since 2000
  • very basic hacking knowledge:
    • Scheme (beginner), Assembler for x86 (beginner), C (beginner), Java (beginner), Pascal (didn't touch it since 15+ years), Python (learning), used to build web pages using HTML, PHP and Perl

I really would love to learn coding on a more regular basis, but there are not enough hours in a day...


Booth work, marketing and sales.

Cheers from the Community

Please pass on my support for your application to the CC though - you are an excellent contributor. Smile :) [ JonoBacon]

Related pages: FullSearch()


TODO ...


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