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Name, Personal and Contact information

Myriam Rita Schweingruber

Pharmacist, experience as a professional school teacher for 18 years and translator since 20+ years.

Ubuntero: [] For GPG key and Jabber account, see the Launchpad profile

Email: MailTo(schweingruber AT SPAMFREE pharma-traduction DOT ch)

Blog: []

Involment in Free Software


Board member of the Fribourg based GNU/Linux User Group [] since 2001, member since 2000, I help to organise install parties, promote Free Software and give support for Debian and Ubuntu. Various presentations.

FSF Europe

I help FSF Europe []at booths at important events in Europe since 2003. My main task are Free Software advocacy, explainig the work of FSF Europe to booth visitors, promoting the Fellowship of FSFE [] and selling merchandise. Past events:

  • Linuxtag in Karlsruhe 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 in Wiesbaden, FOSDEM in Brussels 2005 and 2006, LWE in Franfurt 2004 and 2005

Planned events:

  • FROSCOM in Bonn 2006, June 24-25
  • LWE in Cologne 2006, November 14-16

I also try to coordinate work of the FSF Europe Swiss Team since 2004 and give a hand in translating and proofreading FSFE documents, newsletters and web pages.

Wilhelm Tux

Founding member of the Swiss Campaign for Free Software [], president 2004-2005

Past activities:

Planned events:

  • openexpo in Zürich-Oerlikon, September 20-21 2006 []

  • Software Freedom Day, September 16 2006, together with various User Groups and the SwissTeam

Various actions in Switzerland promoting Free Software.


For Team membership, see Launchpad profile []


  • Translation and proofreading
  • Bug reports and squashing
  • Building a Local Team for Switzerland
  • helped to organise Dapper Release Party in Zurich, June 5
  • Organising Software Freedom Day in Switzerland, coordinating CD orders, event locations, etc.
  • Ubuntu presentation and advocacy at Journées du Libre, Geneva, May 14 []




  • active: german, french, (english)
  • passive english, italian, (french, german)pen the source Bern

Working as a freelance translator since 20+ years,

I have a limited interpretation experience, mainly helping out at events. My only public interpretation was Richard Stallman speech from english -> french at WSIS phase one in Geneva on December 11 2003 []


Experience in teamleading (mainly in public pharmacy), moderation and conflict management (pharmacy and professional school).


  • Good knowledge about various licenses
  • more than 6 years experience with Free Software, Linux advanced user (I really should pass LPI exams one day...)
  • some 10+ years of teaching experience for various software, mainly Office applications. Teaching Open Office since 4+ years.
  • Free Software Advocacy since 2000
  • very basic hacking knowledge:
    • Scheme (beginner), Assembler vor x86 (beginner), C (beginner), Java (beginner), Pascal (didn't touch it since 15+ years), Python (learning), used to build web pages using HTML and PHP

I really would love to learn coding on more regular basis, but my time schedule is very tight, unfortunately.


Booth work, marketing and sales.

Related pages: FullSearch()





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