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This template would help in collecting infos on existing experiences, bla bla bla

Case Study Template

Name of reporter:

Name of NGO:

Location (city, country):

Web Links:

Summary (100 words approx.) This should just be a brief overview covering the challenges faced by the NGO before deploying Ubuntu, what the Ubuntu solution consists of and how it works, then the amazing benefits.

Challenge or situation (250 words approx.) This should probably include an opening paragraph that provides a general context. It should start with the kinds of issues NGOs generally have to deal with. Then it should focus on the specific problems or requirements the NGO you're interviewing had.

Solution (250 words approx.) This should just outline the Ubuntu solution. How the new IT environment fits together, how users use it and how sys admins manage it. Here we should focus on the architectural part of the solutions and where Ubuntu has been used: servers, clients, other devices or a combination.

Benefits – with subheadings (400 words approx.) I tend to break my benefits up under subheadings. Each benefit should hopefully have one paragraph talking about how much time or money has been saved and one paragraph with a supporting quote.

Other Software

  • Did you used also other linux distros?
  • Did you used also proprietary software?
    • In this case, what feature do you think is missing in Ubuntu that forced you to choose proprietary software?


  • What would you suggest Ubuntu to do for better match your needs?
  • What would you like to see improved on Ubuntu resources


  • What's the biggest difficult you encountered with this experience?
  • and what do you think it's the best trick you learn with this experience?
  • What would you suggest to our readers that would do a similar initiative?

Photos and stories

  • Collect few photos of the initiative
  • Ask if there's particular anecdotes, good or funny stories, best lessons that reporter would like to tell to the world.