Achievements after one month


Team up behind action items

  • <dholbach> I want to work on ngo blog, case studies, software

    • packaging, offline media
  • <czajkowski> I want to work on case studies and finding more ngo's

    • if anyone wants to help me come up wioth a list of NGO's please leave me a message
  • <asomething> I will continue working CiviCRM packaging

    • I can also start looking through the case studies we do have and other stuff online to figure out things we should provide documentation for
  • <neoXsys> I want to work on offline media, case studies

  • <mok0> will look into shahana

  • <ongolaBoy> I can provide a case study of my previous work ..

  • <ebel> I want to work on a software update cd and offline content

  • <adahendra> I want to work on case studies and offline content

  • <amrlima> I can provide case study and help finding ngo's


dholbach hola
 nice to see we have a bunch of people here already :)
 see you in 1h30m :)
neoXsys \0/
ebel :)
MaWaLe it'll be at 15 utc ?
dholbach yep
MaWaLe good :)
 i'll be waiting around :)
czajkowski oh there are people in here 
MaWaLe hope it'll be always like this
mok0 Hi
 Came in early to get a good seat
dholbach haha :)
mok0 :)
* dholbach hugs y'all
dholbach great to have you all here :)
nunod hi :)
mok0 Nice turnout
asomething must go top off my coffee before we start =)
mok0 Yes! Me too!
* dholbach microblogs meeting start
dholbach hey asomething
 asomething: nice to see you here
dholbach asomething: and thanks for kicking off the crm packaging :)
asomething dholbach: hi! thanks for pitching in on it.
dholbach as you can see I added a few more ideas on the wiki :)
 turns out to be quite a bit of work :)
asomething ya, it bit more than I first thought, but I think we're up to it
dholbach yeah... that's the spirit :)
asomething upstream trunk has both a packages and packages.orig dir. nothing we've replaced with system libs seems to be patched, but I need to dig through it going forward
dholbach yes, that's going to be quite an undertaking but worth it
 if you ask me, their code should be set up to choose system packages over bundled packages anyway :)
 maybe we can contribute something to the effect of that
mok0 absolutely, otherwise it will be a security nightmare
dholbach and if we have to package a few small php packages along the way that's fine with me
 we could host them in PPA until the Debian Web Packaging crew approves them and adds them to Debian :-)
 (I don't have much experience and would trust them much more :-))
mok0 speaking about security, I guess everyone has been following #iranelection... there are questions of anonymity that could be of relevance for NGOs somewhere
dholbach definitely an interesting question
 let's see how much we get through today
mok0 right
amrlima hi all
mok0 we don't have a meeting bot here, do we?
dholbach mok0: no - there's the release team meeting at the same time
 I figured that for the first meeting we'd be fine just like that
mok0 ok
nunod question: using civicrm means the users will have to run a webserver, correct?
mok0 nunod: yes
nunod apache?
mok0 I suppose it could run with lighthttp
 mok0: not sure thoug
 Looks like it runs on top of Drupal or Joomla
nunod yes, but it also runs as a standalone webapp
 are there non-web alternatives for CRM?
mok0 nunod: non-web?
dholbach ok my friends... let's get the meeting started!
mok0 nunod: you mean for secretarial use?
nunod yes, i mean,just a desktop app which doesnt require a webserver
dholbach Hello everybody... welcome to the first meeting of the Ubuntu NGO team!
mok0 dunno
gQuigs evolution...?
dholbach It's fantastic to have you here!
asomething nunod: not that I've found
mok0 Thanks for taking this initative!
dholbach let's start with a very quick round of introductions? can everybody please tell us who you are, what your interest is and so on
* mok0 sent out a message on the ML
czajkowski aloha, I'm Laura, involed in the irish LoCo and have had experience working with an NGO here in Dublin. 
asomething Hi all, I'm Andrew. I'm a pretty new MOTU. I've started work packaging CiviCRM, but I'm interested in a lot of aspects of this project.
dholbach I'm Daniel Holbach, love Ubuntu, enjoy the feeling of helping people and think we can help others to help a lot. I'm almost interested in everything listed at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NGO/Activities :)
dantalizing                     I'm interested in a lot of aspects of this project.
gQuigs I'm Bryan, but you can call  me gQuigs, I recently took a job at a NGO in india to convert them to linux, we are also going to be implementing CiviCRM very soon along with dotproject
ebel I'm Rory, I'm involved with the irish loco, and I've used ubuntu in charitable organising in Africa for a few years.
ongolaBoy willy, was involved in NGO in cameroon (ADCOME), member of Ubuntu-cameroon ...I'm discovering your initiative ;)
amrlima Hi, I'm Antonio, I'm involved with the portuguese loco, translations ubuntu and gnome and I work at the IT department at a portuguese NGO
nunod hello I'm Nuno from Portugal. i work with 2 non-profit organizations, 1 of each is a new NGO. we're setting up a small office right now. Been using civicrm for managing some campaigns
HOMBRESINIESTRO Hi I'm HOMBRESINIESTRO a.k.a. Martin, I'm a member of Amnesty International Germany and am sitting on a fence here. I had email contact with daniel and am curious what we will discuss
dholbach welcome everybody! I'm very pleased with the turnout here :)
tsm Hi, I'm Bjoern, a member of Amnesty International Germany as well.
dholbach did we forget anybody? :)
neoXsys I am Hardik from India. I am member of India-LOCO team.
czajkowski Great turn out folk, thanks :)
mok0 Lots of smiley faces...
ebel :)
dholbach The meeting is going to be about all we want to discuss and what we want the NGO team to be like
 I think it makes sense for those who've been in the team for a while and kicked off some of the initiatives to give a quick update on what's been happening
dholbach anybody wants to go first? :)
 I'll do the boring bits first
 so we set up https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NGO with some of the initial information and also https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-ngo where our mailing list is hosted
 https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-ngo/+map is something that makes me particularly happy
dholbach although there's a pretty big heap of people in Europe and the US, there's people from all over the place which is great
neoXsys neoXsys: And here is the root http://daniel.holba.ch/blog/?p=422 
dholbach czajkowski, keffie_jayx, asomething: want to talk a bit about what you've been working on up until now?
czajkowski sure
keffie_jayx of course 
czajkowski I've contacted Camara (ebel works with them) aned asked them to maybe give some advice, aI've contacted 2-3 other organisaions here to see if they would like or be interested in hearing about this kinda venture, but summer holidays have kicked in. I've worked in the apst by organisaing meetings for our LUG here and inviting the NGO to there to meet people and explain what they do, so they could find help in getting develope
dholbach czajkowski: I guess you got cut off there?
 "find help in getting develope..."?
ebel (Not to mention July is when Camara volunteers go to Africa to teach ubuntu, so it might be a bit quite soon"
czajkowski to give a hand in areas they are looking for change. 
czajkowski dholbach: yeah sorry at work also :)
dholbach ah cool :)
keffie_jayx I have documented the effort to take computers to schools and orphanages in Maracaibo, Venezuela. theexperience has been overall possitive and I am working on revamping som old docs but I am trying to find best practices for installing in old machines. ou can find the work done prior to the ngo initiative here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuNGO/case/EBVTechnologyRipples
dholbach so yeah, that's one thing we definitely want to see happening in the team: we want to get in touch with NGOs, learn from them and try to assemble best practises, find out what kind of needs there are and also get LoCos/LUGs and NGOs together
keffie_jayx I am drafting a resouece page for installing ubuntu in old hardware, focusing it to LTSP and other things
mok0 xubuntu?
keffie_jayx I have invited cg_uira from the ubuntu-ve team , she lives in caracas and she is a LTSP expert
dholbach yes, that's another topic: old machines, areas with no internet connectivity, LTSP settings, etc.
neoXsys keffie_jayx: I have wonder if we can use Xubuntu when we are talking about OLD computer with low resources.
czajkowski ebel: perhaps show your case study
ebel Camara takes second hand machines.
keffie_jayx neoXsys: we can
 in fact I did
dholbach if you have experience there, it'd be fantastic if you joined the effort and helped out already :)
ebel However one problem is openoffice. People need that for a lot of windows compatability, and it's a main hog.
keffie_jayx ther is a edubuntu xubuntu package somewhere that came really usegul
keffie_jayx but we do need help revamping the docs for installing in old hardware
ebel So xubuntu is fine, but OO.org on it slows it down a lot :P
keffie_jayx exactly
dholbach keffie_jayx: sounds like we need a TODO section on the Activities page
 the smaller we can break the tasks down to the better - they're move inviting :-)
keffie_jayx dholbach: or get the activities done ;)
mok0 There are alternatives to OO
ebel IME the most important thing is the amount of RAM. Once the PC starts swapping performance is killed. So you wanna avoid that at all costs. Everything else is minor
dholbach (and give a better overview voer what we're doing)
 keffie_jayx: that helps too
adahendra hello, i'm hendra from indonesia, NGO-Combine Resource Institution 
dholbach czajkowski mentioned case studies - that's something we want to have a look at too - we set up a Ubuntu NGO blog where want to post stories of NGOs that are doing great work and use Ubuntu
 welcome adahendra!
mok0 I've become a _huge_ fan of Xubuntu lately, ever since I installed it on my netbook
nunod I would consider the OO.o hog a problem. If a NGO adopts ubuntu and uses old hardware, why would it adopt a document format that requires OO? Maybe only for outside communication...
ebel I wrote up a bit about my experience with Camara as a case study https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuNGO/case/Camara
czajkowski dholbach: aye, ebel wrote up one about the Camara project here in Ireladn 
neoXsys adahendra: Good to see you here :)
dholbach so we're working on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NGO/CaseStudyTemplate right now and hope to get the first stories out there soon :)
nunod sorry, read that as "I would NOT consider..."
dholbach ebel: nice work, yes
^arky^ Hi, I am arky from Braille Without Borders 
czajkowski dholbach: I think case studies are good, as they show others how other groups work and you may get some ideas off them 
dholbach exactly
 and everybody else in the community an idea of where good work happens in the world and where Ubuntu helps to make that happen :)
gQuigs is it ok to write in current plans in the case study, along with what already has happened?
dholbach gQuigs: sure
asomething the case studies can also help us prioritize things that we can do hich will be most usefull
* ongolaBoy will fill out his case study
dholbach exactly
 asomething and I have taken on another task
asomething ya, like I've said, we started some work on packaging CiviCRM (http://civicrm.org/), a tool for ngos to track and manage contacts ect..
 the work so far is hosted on LP: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-ngo/civicrm/ubuntu
 there's a TODO here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NGO/CRMPackaging
dholbach so if you're interested in packaging and know a bit about web applications and use civicrm, let us know :)
asomething I don't want to bore people with technical details now (we can get to that latter if there's time), but I'm excited about this as it can help to create a good base for a ubuntu ngo stack
dholbach given that we just discussed the Ubuntu NGO initiative at UDS a month ago, I think the team is in a great shape now :)
neoXsys dholbach: Indeed :)
dholbach do you all feel that you have a better idea of what's going on in the initiative now?
 any questions about the team?
neoXsys neoXsys: Yes, I have!
adahendra yes i have too
nunod well, besides packaging usefull software, what are the next goals? :)
dholbach neoXsys, adahendra: sure go ahead
neoXsys nunod: Case studies, I think.
ebel Well one problem encountered a lot is low bandwidth
 I think we should look at some solution to that...
dholbach nunod: documenting base practices, collecting information, getting stories out there, getting in touch with NGOs
czajkowski I wuld love to be able to find more NGOs not just in Ireland 
adahendra @ebel .. . low bandwidth ?? 
mok0 Well, apparently Ubuntu's name is protected, but perhaps we could be allowed to use it by making a sub-distribution called "Ubunu/NGO" or Ubuntu NGO edition
czajkowski and be able to contact them and explain the situation and shwo them what others are doing out there.
gQuigs should we set up our own CiviCRM for "getting in touch with NGOs" ? :)
fidusz I'm from Hungary - working for/with several NGOs
dholbach gQuigs: I think for now the mailing list is a good start :)
 hello fidusz
ebel adahendra: yes places which have very poor internet connectivity. How do they get software updates, etc
fidusz unfortunately I almost missed the meeting  :(
gQuigs I'm making a custom derivative of Ubuntu specific for my NGO.. it might not be that hard to make a more generic one
czajkowski fidusz: welcome 
dholbach ebel: I started https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NGO/NoConnectivity - it'd be great to list things that you would like to see improve, that are important and maybe some ideas about how you solved them
 fidusz: I'll send out the log and minutes later on
* ongolaBoy agrees with ebel that there is poor internet connectivity in many areas
fidusz dholbach: thanx
ebel gQuigs: I did that for Camara.
dholbach ebel, ongolaBoy: we need your experience and ideas :-)
ebel I made 'Camarabuntu'
ongolaBoy dholbach: sure ;)
gQuigs ebel: nice :)
ebel It was basically a customised installer.
dholbach adahendra, neoXsys: you had questions too?
ebel When you're installing on dozens of machines at a time, it should be as automated as possible
mok0 Are there alternatives to cable-based internet? Can you run internet over, say, a short-wave radio connection?
adahendra we always using DVD for ubuntu repository
dholbach ebel: can you add that to the wiki somewhere? it'd be nice to document best-practices there too
ebel mok0: yes. There's lots of ways to get internet
 mok0: wireless is common in the developed world even.
mok0 ebel: So, perhaps this would be good to summarize
gQuigs so it's not "No Connectivity", it's limited or slow?
dholbach ok... maybe I'll rename the wiki page to BadConnectivity :)
HOMBRESINIESTRO I don't know if we have any chance to work together, i.e. I don't know if a scenario we're facing here with Amnesty International is one of your goals. We have a rather proprietary software environment, and are looking to a) get some helping hand in persuading the relevant people to adopt free software and b) to get help to develop a sane migration plan.
ebel gQuigs: yes, or very expensive, or available in your town somewhere, but not your place of business / school.
mok0 But short-wave radios are widespread afaik
gQuigs HOMBRESINIESTRO: absolutely! but we will need more details
czajkowski HOMBRESINIESTRO: thats exactly what I'd like to do, and contacting NGOs would be a way I think we can help. 
mok0 HOMBRESINIESTRO: you will need to fill us in what kind of softare
adahendra We can build *.iso file from mirror ubuntu repository using Jigdo and after that we can burn it into DVD 
mok0 software
keffie_jayx wow
czajkowski HOMBRESINIESTRO: by showing the case studiies of groups who have made the switch and are helping it's a way to encourage otehrs to try 
amrlima I face the same problem with introducing free software to the desktop as HOMBRESINIESTRO
ebel And to explain the advantages of ubuntu over legacy closed source alternative
asomething HOMBRESINIESTRO: things like identifying the proprietary software that people don't feel have open source options for would be a good start
ebel being able to customise the installer / the distro is a very nice feature.
dholbach maybe we could get in touch with the ubuntu marketing about that... I'm sure they have pointers to good documentation and overview pages and stuff
HOMBRESINIESTRO gQuigs, et al. We will have to evaluate what kind of needs we have in the organization. For that matter we will have to evaluate internally our needs, especially for the non-volouteers we have.
mok0 I think we can identify the "advocacy" aspect as a separate issue
dholbach definitely
mok0 Another issue is "internet connectivity"
 "Old/slow hardware"
tsm Part of that proprietary software are custom-made databases, which are in principle migratable, but that would be really, really expensive.
asomething I know in the US, lots of non-profits are tied into the razor's edge fundraising database
* dantalizing (n=dan@ubuntu/member/dantalizing) hat #ubuntu-ngo betreten
mok0 I think we need to offer a solution based on MySQL/postgresql that can compete
gQuigs asomething: is that something civicrm can replace?
adahendra marginalized communities in indonesia so poor for internet connection, so we also give DVD repository 
HOMBRESINIESTRO One example: We use for years a proprietary database for our members and other contacts, called BRAIN. I guess CiviCRM could be a great alternative to that, but we would need some kind of migration path. As far as I can tell, BRAIN has no good documented data interfaces. That's just one of the problems that come to my mind.
asomething gQuigs: in some aspects, but the bigger problem is probably migration
fidusz I'm afraid I shall try civiCRM soon :O
dholbach adahendra: that's something we should definitely check into... if we can find a good way to have packages, and other content (offline wikipedia, free culture stuff) in a form that we can easily share in regions without internet - that'd be sweet
ebel One solution to 'bad internet' is to have some programme someone can run once in a place with good internet, then burn that to a CD that they can take to the compuyers
mok0 I would like to identify an issue called "security". Many NGOs operate in hostile political environments, so there is a need to address internet anonymity and encryption
dholbach that's a big interest of mine and I think highvoltage (Jonathan Carter) has some experience with it too
ebel That could be someone here in europe who sends a cd/dvd of software to someone in africa
dholbach ebel: exactly
fidusz maintaining databases (volunteers, members, contacts etc.) I can see as a very important need of NGOs
 and civiCRM might be a good tool for it - as I heard
mok0 fidusz: this info needs to be encrypted imo
dholbach who has some experience with civicrm?
nunod i have some
ebel fidusz: also also things like times the volunteers have worked or who's clocked on / clocked off, etc
dholbach I think bigkevmcd too
fidusz mok0: I agree: secure communication is another issues
dholbach ebel: clocked on/off?
ongolaBoy for info, offline wikipedia there is http://www.moulinwiki.org
dholbach ongolaBoy: thanks for sharing
ebel dholbach: when a person starts work to when they finished.
dholbach let's try to get all that information collected on wiki.ubuntu.com/NGO :)
 ebel: ah ok
ebel The camara workshop in Mombasa, kenya has local kenyan volunteers coming in to set up PCs for schools in the region, they wanted to see when people came in/came out
adahendra yes, i agree with dholbach
amrlima civicrm supports clock on/of?
ebel Since it was all volunteer, people could come and got at any time.
dholbach amrlima: no idea
 adahendra, neoXsys: you had questions... were they adressed?
mok0 We do have some time tracking apps 
czajkowski I'd like to help HOMBRESINIESTRO and other NGO's if anyone has a list of them or know where I can find them so I can introduce ourselves to them and show them this work, let me know. 
czajkowski (sorry @ work and hiding screen) 
nunod amrlima, dholbach doesnt support clock on/off. but we can use the "activities" feature to register work periods...
nunod kind of like a work-around
amrlima nunod: great thanks!
dholbach is there any other areas you'd like us to explore that we did not mention yet?
HOMBRESINIESTRO czajkowski: Actually I applied for team membership in launchpad, so that we could keep in touch
mok0 Like I said in my mail, I'd like to work on packaging shahana
 free and open disaster management software
ongolaBoy dholbach: on which (sub)page should we write case study?
czajkowski HOMBRESINIESTRO: you can nab me here, or email me also czajkowski @ ubuntu . com
dholbach ongolaBoy: for now we just have the Case study template.... maybe    NGO/CaseStudies/XYZ  ?
mok0 Do you agree that this would be valuable for this project?
dholbach ongolaBoy: but we're still working on the template and interview questions
 mok0: definitely
ongolaBoy ok
dholbach and I'm happy to help out if it's something I can do
nunod mok0, thats really great. for the NGO I work with, it would be perfect to have a quick-installation of a computer with disaster management software (civicrm, shahana, etc)
mok0 nunod: cool, I think it could get us some publicity, too
dholbach adahendra, neoXsys: you had questions... were they adressed already?
 are there more questions? :)
* ebel might start a blueprint about some sort of software-for-poor-bandwith-area-programme
mok0 I had a Q that scrolled off the top
dholbach ebel: sounds good - please link it from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NGO/NoConnectivity :-)
 mok0: which one was that?
ebel dholbach: sure
mok0 "Well, apparently Ubuntu's name is protected, but perhaps we could be allowed to use it by making a sub-distribution called "Ubunu/NGO" or Ubuntu NGO edition"
HOMBRESINIESTRO sorry, but I have to go. czajkowski: I'll get in touch with you. I'm looking forward to working with you.
dholbach mok0: sure, I guess so - let's try to get all the stuff into Ubuntu, then think about making it a derivative if necessary :-)
mok0 right
asomething we should investigate more, but maybe we should have an addon CD that could be installed over any desktop environ
dholbach there's a .deb for sahana already! :)
 asomething: yeah
mok0 dholbach: oh? I seached and didn't find any
asomething instead of a full on derivative 
HOMBRESINIESTRO I'll have a look at the chat log to catch up what you discussed.
dholbach mok0: on its sf.net page
mok0 ah
dholbach HOMBRESINIESTRO: thanks for joining in
adahendra Q: ubuntu solution for legal software in  marginalized communities such as the urban 
neoXsys dholbach: Yes.
* HOMBRESINIESTRO hat die Verbindung getrennt ()
dholbach adahendra: do you think you can elaborate?
adahendra ??
dholbach adahendra: Can you explain? I'm not sure I understand yet
adahendra yes 
 in our case [combine resource institution] : we also socialization to marginalized communities for using legal software, because
nunod one other thing, I'm not sure if Ubuntu already has plans for this or not, but It would be useful to have a ready-to-use back up solution. you know, for the civicrm database and the like :)
DJ_Jakal hi all
dholbach hi DJ_Jakal
adahendra in marginalized communities not understand about legal software
DJ_Jakal greeting from jogja 
mok0 adahendra: do you mean that they tend to use pirated software?
dholbach adahendra: ok, now I see what you're saying - how do you think the Ubuntu NGO team could help with that?
adahendra @mok0 : yes
ebel DJ_Jakal: jogja? the name's not familiar to me....
adahendra @dholbach : yes
DJ_Jakal im new
 ebel: im adahendra  friend
mok0 adahendra: ... and are you saying that people don't know that it's illegal, and therefore have no motivation to start using Ubuntu?
dholbach adahendra: how do you think we could help with that?
 mok0: or don't care
fidusz DJ_Jakal: last year I've been to Jogja :)
 at a Friends of the Earth meeting
 ebel: Jogjakarta, I assume
DJ_Jakal yogyakarta = Jogjakarta = Jogja
dholbach adahendra: what do you think we should do about it?
ongolaBoy Ubuntu NGO can help by providing documentation on benefits of free software over pirated/proprietary products
 but i think it's not only Ubuntu NGO job :)
dholbach ah ok
 now I see
mok0 ongolaBoy: I agree... if local NGOs are using Ubuntu, the trend will spread
dholbach yes - we should talk to the Ubuntu Marketing folks about it
adahendra @dholbach : how make ubuntu can easliy to using for marginalized communities
ongolaBoy in fact in all the products that should be provided, a clear explanation should be done
mok0 adahendra: It's a good point... we already touched the subject earlier
czajkowski dholbach: mayeb for the next meeting, we can invite the -meeting folks in here to give us some adivce? 
czajkowski *advice
mok0 adahendra: when talking about slow/no internet connections, old hardware  etc
 czajkowski: meetings folks?
dholbach czajkowski: next meeting should be in -meeting and we should figure out a good meeting time on the ml
adahendra @mok0 : OK , i'm sorry :D
dholbach agreed :)
czajkowski dholbach: sorry -marketing 
asomething well, it seems like we have lots of great ideas to work on! are there any concrete "action items" we need to hammer out today? assignments?
dholbach czajkowski: ah!
czajkowski multitasking and multichanneling 
neoXsys dholbach: I hope this meeting is getting logged, right?
dholbach neoXsys: yes, and I'll do minutes
fidusz old/slow hardware is an important issue too
* mok0 hugs dholbach
dholbach asomething: how about this: everybody quickly mentions what they want to work on in the team - that way we'll easily find out how to team up with
* dholbach records now :-)
fidusz used computers for poor communities/NGOs
czajkowski dholbach: ^5
nunod what about the backups?
mok0 nunod: what do you mean?
nunod  I'm not sure if Ubuntu already has plans for this or not, but It would be useful to have a ready-to-use back up solution. you know, for the civicrm database and the like :)
dholbach nunod: can we take that to the mailing list maybe - I too think it should be documented how to do that with databases and stuff
* ebel wants to work on a tool to make a software update CD (maybe apt-on-cd can help here)
nunod dholbach, ok
mok0 nunod: Ubuntu One?
nunod mok0, without internet access? 
dholbach ngo blog, case studies, software packaging, offline media
mok0 nunod: eehh, no :-/
nunod :)
ebel oh yeah offline media. I'd like to help with that.
neoXsys ebel: We can say Ubuntu add-on cd.
 ebel: I am also interested in that :)
ebel Wikipedia dumps or Open Street Map of the world.
dholbach ok, let's just do a quick round of "I want to work on ..."
 I want to work on ngo blog, case studies, software packaging, offline media
fidusz http://wwww.wikipediaondvd.com/ ?
czajkowski I want to work on case studies and finding more ngo's 
* asomething will continue working CiviCRM packaging 
neoXsys I want to work on offline media, case studies
* mok0 will look into shahana
ongolaBoy I can provide a case study of my previous work ..
czajkowski if anyone wants to help me come up wioth a list of NGO's please leave me a message 
ebel I want to work on a software update cd and offline content
adahendra I want to work on case studies and offline content
fidusz czajkowski: what king of list?
 I know many NGOs in Hungary or Europe
amrlima I can provide case study and help finding ngo's
fidusz Friends of the Earth Netherlands (Milieudefensie) and Global2000 (Austria) already use Ubuntu
 for eg.
dholbach excellent
asomething i can also start looking through the case studies we do have and other stuff online to figure out things we should provide documentation for
nunod dholbach, i would like to help with civicrm (anything to do besides packaging?), and something else.. but dont know exactly what right now. would like to help finding some good backup solutions :)
fidusz and I can contact member groups of APC (Association for Progressive Communications) and inform them about the project...
amrlima nunod: maybe there's some drupal module that can do that
dholbach nunod: testing and some general experience will definitely help us a lot
mok0 nunod, look at  amanda 
dholbach let's try to get the case study interview questions sorted out soon, so we can kick off the case studies
 can somebody start a thread about that on the mailing list?
 is everybody on the mailing list? :)
fidusz managing projects, could also be an important issue for NGOs - tools for that?
ongolaBoy not yet
fidusz campaigning tools?
nunod i was thinking of a nice backup system that could backup all the NGO's needs (could be shahana, civicrm ,files, email , etc...) so should not be tied to civicrm only :)
amrlima dholbach: not yet, will subscribe today. got a wok meting now
nunod fidusz, i think dotproject is going to be packaged also
mok0 nunod: it's very important
asomething dholbach: I'll start the thread
dholbach thanks
 thanks a lot for participating everybody
DJ_Jakal I will join mailing list later and catch up the update with adahendra
fidusz amrlima: civiCRM isn based on drupal, isn't?
dholbach I'll send minutes and the log to the mailing list
mok0 amrlima: or Joomla
nunod fidusz, no, but it can be used as part of drupal or joomla.
dholbach and please: be proactive, talk to each other, bring things up on the mailing list
fidusz nunod: aha, I see...
asomething dholbach: thanks for all your work!
asomething every opne else as well!
mok0 dholbach: I need to catch up with you sometime to discuss cvs import to bazaar
fidusz dholbach: so you mean I shall subsrcibe to another mailing list? :O
dholbach mok0: sure
neoXsys dholbach: Thanks for making all this happened :)
mok0 clap-clap-clap-clap-clap
dholbach fidusz: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-ngo/+join
 thanks alot everybody - you guys are fantastic
 and I'm sure everybody will see the fruits of our labour soon
nunod thank you dholbach :)
dholbach I'll do the minutes now :-)
DJ_Jakal you guys awesome... i hope can be part of the team
amrlima thanks, see all around
mok0 Thanks, & bye-bye!
DJ_Jakal chao
neoXsys Alvida :)

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