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Ubuntu NGO Team Meetings

Date and Time


  • Standing agenda items:
  • Who are we: Need a simple, easily translatable slogan to explain to others within the community who we are and why we do what we do. Ideas? Is there really understanding of what the NGO team does outside the NGO team?
  • From Karmic to Lucid: What are NGO-specific papercuts that we can identify for action this cycle?
  • Stakeholder profiles: Any way to easily consolidate NGO interviews done so far and identify what other NGO types should be interviewed? Is there any way to accommodate a broader tranche of collaborators by having such available in a collected, printer-friendly form?
  • Training: What tools could be deployed in conjunction with other teams to make training within NGOs as painless as possible? What other efforts are underway by other teams that we should collaborate in the development of?
  • Advocacy: What are Ubuntu-NGO advocating? Clearly define Ubuntu-NGO's role as a means of networking NGOs, rather than a hub-spoke relationship with Ubuntu-NGO, keeping the NGOs separate.

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