About Me

Hi, I'm Nairolf (my reverse name), aged 23 from France. I'm beginner as Xubuntu user, and also in open source community. But I really want to learn more and more. I like this helpful community. I'm still student. I would like to study science computer, and become a good dev one day Wink ;)

I was not really interested by computers until one year. I had my first computer tardily, I was not used playing games on computer, or console. So I hadn't a long experience with computers. I don't know why, but suddenly I'm starting to take an interest to computer world, and free software. It was like a revelation for me ! Indeed, I'm discovering a wonderful world, and values I share. I like this spirit for too many reasons that all of us can share.

As a beginner, I would like to be more familiar with ubuntu distributions, open source community organizations, and also learn development in order to contribute. As a student, I've already learnt some development skills, and languages, but I could not be very qualified (yet), because as I said, I was not very familiar with this computer world one year ago. So I need to learn many things (some months ago, I had never used IRC), but I learn fast (I hope ).

Contact Information

IRC Nick



Ubuntu forum Profile




I would like to help for some translations, and testing. And develop maybe.

Future Goals

  • Become more familiar with Lubuntu and Xubuntu distribution
  • Learn how to programm in C++/Java (know only some concepts)
  • I will be interested to contribute to Libreoffice, or Firefox, because there are very big software
  • I will also be interested to contribute to smaller software projects, I didn't find yet


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