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 * Member of [ Launchpad Beta Testers]
 * Member of [ Ubuntu BugSquad]
 * Member of [ Ubuntu LoCo Enthusiasts]
 * [ Ubuntu ps3 User]


attachment:IconsPage/IconNote.png La versione in italiano [ qui]

I joined Ubuntu on February 2006 with Ubuntu 5.10 "The Breezy Badger". I immediately created an account on the Italian forum and after a few days I began to give support to people.

After about a year, I obtained [ Ubuntu Italian] membership. I joined Ubuntu Italian Promoters Team too, where I'm working to the [ Stickers Project] and the [ Cd Ubuntu Project]

I started to work on Launchpad too, I focused to help the translation of Ubuntu into Italian language.

In a near future I would like to join Ubuntu Italian Translators Team to continue improving the overall quality of the translations.

I have worked a lot for the Italian wiki, translating some English guides in Italian language, examples:

About Me

Ubuntu Stuff

Cheers for Ubuntu Membership

Paolo is young, but he's pretty involved in Ubuntu. He recently started to poke with answer tracker and Rosetta in Launchpad, but his interests do not stop here: he provided a lot of help on the Italian forum and IRC chans. A very talented guy. -LucaFalavigna-


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