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1. About Me

I am a student at the Pennsylvania College of Technology majoring in a program called "Network Specialist." I have already graduated with 2 degrees in Network Technology and Technical Support. I work for two companies currently. My primary job is with The Pennsylvania College of Technologies' Student Help Desk, working there for 2 years now, from January 2008 to the preset time. My main responsibilities there are technical support for all the several thousand students at the college. My second job is with Geisinger Health System, from May 2008 to present time, working as a Support Systems Analyst, primarily concerning device management and user support.

I first used linux in 2004, when someone first showed me Ubuntu, and I was infatuated with its "indifference" to Windows, how much faster, and stable it was. It allowed me to be more creative in my software choices and much more. During that year, and up until 6 months ago, I have and still do, been what some call "distro hopping," but this is only done on my laptop and not my desktop, which is has always been Ubuntu, for its amazing support and community, both of which I can't do without. With my laptop I have a huge* interest in trying every* single distro I can get my hands on. For example, I configured and installed Arch Linux, which was a collasal pain to setup, if you know of it. After installing it and running for a few days, I realized it was not the distro for me and removed it. Why you ask? I love* the challenge!!!

My Main Skills include the following:

-Experience in verbal communications and team-oriented management -Custom PC building for 8+ years. -Knowledge of network structure, including installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, user management, and various issues -Proficient in Microsoft Operating systems and Linux Distributions. Experience in Server -2003/2008, and proficient in LAN and WAN connectivity -Knowledge of Cisco LAN and WAN hardware and the networking technologies they employ -Familiar with Visual Basic, C++, Java, and Linux scripting

In a basic sense, I thrive* on the idea of a challenge, even if I cannot complete it. I never miss a day of work on purpose, leave a project unfinished, or refuse to help someone (if its a reasonable time of the day not 4 am haha). It is just my nature to be a helpful person. I am a creative, imaginative, helpful, hyper, and curious person by nature.

2. My Involvement

I spend my spare time reading Tech reviews, checking, email, and of course helping where I can in the Ubuntu Forums. I have only started, and will continue, actually contributing to the forums in the past few months. My activity has spiked in the forums and I love to help by nature, so the forums is an excellent output for my creative helpful nature.

3. Other

Other than the above mentioned, I have started to obtain the desire to "branch out" in the linux community. I want to get more involved with organizations and teams and learn more and more about linux in the process.

4. My Vision for Ubuntu

My vision for Ubuntu is to be a complete replacement for the Windows Operating System. Why do you ask? Well for one, if you don't believe so, your on the wrong wiki my friend. Second, the Linux Operating System is far superior in performance, customization, and flexibility. Everything* you do in Windows has an alternative in some shape or form in linux, even if its difficult. I disagree with Apple's approach, a closed source "linux clone" based upon the Berkley Software Distribution (BSD) operating system. Linux is meant to be free, and open source, and it shall remain that forever.

There has to be some sort of income, so I hope that one day, everything is open source, but there is a steady stream of revenue from some venue to keep Linux going strong for many, many years. With Free, and open source software, packages and applications are constantly updated, documented, and made available to all who wish to use them. I hope also that one day, propritary drivers and "restricted" software is not an issue anymore with companies.

I would like Ubuntu to become the best Linux distribution it can. Ubuntu is easily the most supported, developed for, easy to use, and completely amazing Linux Distribution available. Mark Shuttleworth had a vision, and he executed it flawlessly. Ubuntu is the fastest growing distro ever with more and more users everyday. If all Systems Administrators could switch to Ubuntu for server purposes and more, they would save astronomical amounts of money.

5. Future Plans

My future plans are to get more involved with the ubuntu comunnity, testing, troubleshooting, and supporting all that I can. I would eventually want to be a staff member of the ubuntu forums itself, and become a leader in helping all users to use the Ubuntu Linux Distribution. Promoting Ubuntu is my main goal, and shall ever be.

6. Testimonials

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