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Who am I?

Originally born in Virginia, currently residing in Brooklyn, NY, I am an artist who decided that I could not afford to use proprietary software and I was not going to use illegal software so I turned to FLOSS, specifically Ubuntu Linux. I run Kubuntu Edy Eft on my ancient TiPowerbook G4 and do what I can to contribute art to that project. Currently my biggest project is raising my daughter as a Stay At Home Father and in addition attending an online university to get a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology to which I aim to work for the United Nations.

Web Presence

* Launchpad * Homepage


UNITAR Symposium

I attended the UNITAR Symposium on ICT Policy Issues for Development on 29 August 2006 at the UN Headquarters in New York, New York. Presenting demonstartions of Ubuntu and Kubuntu and answering questions about Ubuntu Linux along with OgMaciel. All attendees received a Dapper Drake 6.06 LTS CD.

Lessons Learned:

* I would like to be prepared to give a talk with presentation at future events ( was not really an option here, although nearly everyone else got to give one.) * Bug#1 makes some people smug, particularly if they are they are the official representative of their corporation to the United Nations.


Edgy Eft Proposals (Kubuntu)

Applications About Pages

* Konqueror These are the images that go in /usr/share/apps/konqueror/about/

attachment:top-right-konqueror.png attachment:box-centre-konqueror.png

* Kmail These are the images that go in /usr/share/apps/kmail/about/


* Akregator This is the image that goes in /usr/share/apps/akregator/about/