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Fine-tune the current efforts on server testing (including regression testing), SRU tracking, bug management, EC2 image refresh tests, and daily upstream builds.


Server Testing

* Standardise test output (should be done in sync with desktop and other Platform areas)

* test output should have a summary view (test area, name, date, number of successes/failures, etc)

* review current tests; augment/improve as needed

* request ideas/new tests from the community

* upgrading testing (from Maverick)

* prepare (with James Page) a as-soon-as-possible deployment of Hudson QA-wise; check CloudBees as an interim option, or deploy on AWS -- a small instance should do the trick; each of us with machines available can add one such machine as a slave to this Hudson server. When possible, migrate Hudson to a QA server.

Server Regression Testing

* whenever possible, a small test should be written for a fix; as time goes by we will collect a series of tests, which should be included in the QA Regression Testing project. When applicable, the test should be upstreamed.

* send email to the appropriate MLs (ubuntu-server, and others) asking for these tests

* set up & run the applicable regression test whenever a new build of a package is accepted.

SRU Tracking

* discuss with QA and Server Teams what can be assimilated by QA for SRUs (Chuck Short currently does all of this work)

* QA take over of appropriate pieces

Bug Management

* to be discussed

EC2 Images Refresh Tests

* take over (from Scott Moser) the EC2 image tests

* run the tests whenever a new image is provided; provide feedback to the server team

Warning /!\ Although it was proposed that QA should take over the actual image refresh, I do not think this (publishing new images) should be performed by QA

Daily Build (from upstream VCS) for Server Packages

* currently maintained by Chuck Short

* discuss usage/maintenance with Server team

* take over parts, or all


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