Naudy Villarroel Urquiola

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{{}}[[ | “Venezuela LoCo” team]]
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{{}}[[ | “Uruguay LoCo” team]]

{{}}[[ | “Argentina LoCo” team]]

{{}}[[ | “UbuConLA” team ]]

{{}}[[ | “Bolivia LoCo” team]]

{{}}[[ | “Paraguay LoCo” team]]

{{}}[[ | “Peru LoCo” team]]

{{}}[[ | “Ubuntu Latinoamérica” team]]
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Contact Information

About me:

I'm from Venezuela. I speak Spanish (native) and English (basic). I am computer Technologist. My first Livecd Ubuntu Breezy Badger 5.10 ( in April 2006. My first event was free software in Ministry of Science and Technology in Caracas in 2006.My first event was the 2nd anniversary ubuntu in the "Bolivarian University of Venezuela (UBV) in July 2008 ( . I am currently an active member of the Ubuntu Community Venezuela.I have done several events at local, regional and national,I have participated in international events.

My Goals:

  • Respect the Code of Conduct.
  • Learn a lot about free software.
  • Spread the use of Free Software.

Workshop and events I helped to organize:


Team member of:“Venezuela LoCo” team“Uruguay LoCo” team“Argentina LoCo” team“UbuConLA” team“Bolivia LoCo” team“Paraguay LoCo” team“Peru LoCo” team“Ubuntu Latinoamérica” team


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