Extend the nautilus Panel with an »actions« page where users can click on common actions, depending on the types of the selected files. This is quite similar to the bar in Microsoft(R) Windows(TM) XP and the one available for KDE, but without the preview and attributes magic.

Use cases

Have you tried how logic it is to start a slide show from the pictures of a folder? Try it. It is not logic. I had to click on »Open with other application«, select »gthumb« and there click on »View«->»Slide show«. Well that's not logic, is it? I want to click on »Show slide show« for pictures or »Add to gThumb playlist«, for audio files and so on.


Like the »information« tab, but providing actions for different file types and folders containing different files.



  • Would be nicer if this was merged with Information and Notes into one panel

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