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 * Support for OLUG's Winter Installfest on 1/20/2007
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=== Team Personnel ===

Nebraska Team Projects

Active Projects

  • Ubuntu Off The Shelf
  • Ubuntu in the Non-Profit Office
  • Support for OLUG's Winter Installfest on 1/20/2007
  • Project Critical Mass
  • Tell 1000 people

Proposed Projects

Cooperative Projects

  • Boy Scouts of America Computer Merit Badge Classes
  • Omaha Linux Users Group Installfests

Ubuntu Off The Shelf

The goal of Ubuntu Off The Shelf is to place Ubuntu CD's and the copies of the official Ubuntu book in every public library in Nebraska.

How The Project Works

Beginning in Omaha area, we're contacting library officials and asking them if they wou ld accept a donation of CD's and the Ubuntu book. We're using the i386 Dapper CD's for Ubuntu and Kubuntu, and taking advantage of some discounts we have with O'Reilly to purchase the books. We'll be tracking contacts and shipments in the table below.

=== Resources Needed ===

  • Ubuntu and Kubuntu CD's for standard (not 64-bit) PC's. Obtained from ShipIt or copied locally.

  • Copies of the Ubuntu Book. Currently planning on purchasing through O'Reilly for free shipping and Dave's Safari member discount.

Team Personnel

Dthacker (dthacker)

Ubuntu In The Non Profit Office

Working with non profit organizations try to figure out ways to incorporated Ubuntu and open source software into the company. Any organization that would like assistance or information about free alternatives in software is welcome to contact us.

We are currently working on creating a list of applications to be installed on top of Ubuntu that would help specifically with non profit functions.

Team Personnel


Project Critical Mass

In the short time I've been Team Contact, I can already see the folly of being a two person organization. The goal of Project Critical Mass is to recruit and retain members of the team, so that the team achieves a continuous nuclear reaction of energy and talent. My first step is to find the other Ubuntu users in this area and find out what they would like to do to help.


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