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Next IRC Meeting: Thursday, February 8th at 2100 (9pm) Central Standard Time Next IRC Meeting: Thursday, May 10th at 2100 (9pm) Central Daylight Time


Welcome! This is the home page of the Nebraska Ubuntu Local Community Team ([ Launchpad Page]) We are advocates for the use of Ubuntu Linux in homes, schools, businesses, and governments throughout the state of Nebraska and Western Iowa.


How to Join Us!

* You can sign up for our mailing list at

* You can join our Launchpad team at ([ The Nebraska Team Page])

How to Contribute

We are in the process of getting our LoCo started and could use warm bodies to help with various tasks once they present themselves; they will include the following:

  • Teaching
  • Installation
  • Local "Hands On" Support
  • Evangelizing


  • See our [:NebraskaTeam/Projects] projects page.
  • Look for opportunities to do presentations about Ubuntu
  • Help the Omaha Linux Users Group (OLUG) with their January Installfest
  • Look for a chance to help with a BarCamp in the Omaha area

  • Setup presentation of Ubuntu and how it can help an organization



Next IRC Meeting: Thursday, May 10th at 2100 (9pm) Central Daylight Time We'll meet in #ubuntu-nebraska on irc.freenode net

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