Ubuntu-np LOCO supports Ubuntu desktop users in Nepal. The volunteers can give Ubuntu users online support either through mailing list, IRC or through physical meetup. Overall, the Gnu/Linux distribution is growing at the moment and the teams will focus on Ubuntu users as our primary goal is to establish a point of contact for Nepali Ubuntu Linux users.

What is NepalTeam?

Anyone who is interested in using Ubuntu Linux, contributing in Ubuntu and Open source Community can take part in this Team. Please insert your names below if you are interested in helping out. Please talk to us at #ubuntu-np or mail your details to if you are in Nepal and want to be part of this community. We're in search of Ubuntians who can accomplish something.

Why join?

The members of Ubuntu-np are what make the Ubuntu Nepal team happen. As a member you can obtain support in the #ubuntu-np channel on and on the official ubuntu-np mailing list. You can also have an official say in the ubuntu-np group, and vote on decisions made. Additionally, as a member, you may choose to support and participate in any of our Projects.

Please join the Nepali Ubuntu team to help Ubuntu in Nepal.

How to join?

Members must read and sign-up Code-of-Conduct and also have a account. After doing those two, please also join our mailing list. You should also add yourself to the Launchpad team list.

Help!!! I don't understand

No problemo! If you need a hand with any of this (signing the CoC is not the easiest thing Wink ;) ) just pop up in #ubuntu-np at and ask for help. If you really don't understand, ie can't work that out Smile :) , just email BikalKC or ask a question @ our forum

What are other things can members do?

Members can involve themselves in -

  • Getting team and meeting organised
  • Have monthly meeting over IRC or at physical location.
  • Help Ubuntu Linux users in Nepal through mailing list, forum and IRC channel.
  • Manage events such as installfest, hackathon and release party for celebrating Ubuntu release.
    • Ubuntu's given us such a great distro, why can't we all do a small celebration for it and also for our own geeky enjoyment? Wink ;)

  • Organise hackfest, installfest or have a say in infrastructure setup of Ubuntu Nepal.

Are there a limitation/restriction on membership?

No. Anybody can join the NepalTeam whether they you are in Nepal or outside Nepal. You can then start contributing in a meaningful way which is the Ubuntu way! Wink ;)

Current members

BikalKC, HimanshuChhetri, BibekPaudel, PrasannaGautam, JwalantaShrestha, ShankarPokharel, AnkurSharma, Suraj Sapkota, BibekShrestha,Prabin, SuvashThapaliya, Sulabh Bista, ShishirJha, SubirPradhanang, surmandal, PradhyumnaShrestha,Paras Nath Chaudhary

Upcoming project

Organise get-together for HardyHeron release. Please check out HardyReleaseParties Big Grin :)

Community contact

IRC channel:

Mailing list:

Ubuntu Nepal website

Ubuntu Nepal forum

Other contacts

FOSS Nepal mailing list is at and the website

For training materials and resource person

NepalTeam TODOs


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