Ubuntu Next New Mexico LoCo Team Meeting: Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 at 9 PM MDT (details)


  • New Linux Stuff going on in New Mexico Linux User Podcast - posted by dthomasdigital

  • A reminder Software Freedom Day is around the corner, more info about the venue coming soon - posted by dthomasdigital
  • New project proposals? EPC updates? posted by dthomasdigital

If you want to add anything else to the agenda, please feel free!


Members Present

  • ColonelPanik

  • doomcat
  • dthomasdigital
  • gcleric
  • jimrz
  • kenneth_
  • nick125
  • protonchris
  • tritium
  • source3


Meeting called to order by tritium at 8:00pm

Topics Discussed

<tritium> Shall we begin?
<protonchris> +1
<source3> +1
<nick125> +1
<dthomasdigital> +1
<gcleric> source3: hard on the gas...brake before the turn.. back on the gas through the turn,,, =)
<doomcat> +1
<kenneth_> +1
<gcleric> +1
<dthomasdigital> 1st item http://www.linuxuserpodcast.com/ sure wish Jay was at the meeting
<dthomasdigital> Just wanted to give a pat on the back to this
<protonchris> Has he come in the past?  If so, what is his nick?
<dthomasdigital> He sure has
<gcleric> where we nice to him... =P
<dthomasdigital> I'll have to look at the archives to find his nick
<dthomasdigital> His nick is Jay4Rest
<protonchris> Ah
<dthomasdigital> look at that the meeting notes did come in useful
<dthomasdigital> gcleric as nice as we could be ;)
<tritium> dthomasdigital: Item 2) Any updates on SFD?
<dthomasdigital> I speak to the manager at cottonwood mall next week we will know for sure if we get that venue, if not that should give us time to come up with a secondary location.
<gcleric> cool.
<jimrz> ?me crosses fingers
<tritium> Good luck, dthomasdigital.
<dthomasdigital> He was very nice about it last time I talked to him
<protonchris> Wow.  I didn't think it would require this much effort to get a table at the mall.
<dthomasdigital> he had requested that I call him back mid-July to see if we could book it
<gcleric> dthomasdigital: he's the one who downloaded ubuntu...after you mentioned it...
<dthomasdigital> They are really weird about who gets to do it
<dthomasdigital> without the NMLC name to say we would not get it.
<dthomasdigital> All the legal crap.
<dthomasdigital> gcleric yes
<tritium> I have a quick reminder:  please be sure to change your auto-joins to #newmexicognulinuxfest.  We will be retiring #newmexicolinuxfest soon.
<dthomasdigital> again thanks to tritium for all he does for us in IRC ;)
<jimrz> +1
<tritium> No problem!  Thanks.  :)
<doomcat> +1 thank you
<gcleric> ditto the +1
<gcleric> or is that +2?
<doomcat> its +500
<dthomasdigital> I'm surprised so many at the meeting after all snoop dog is at Journal Pavilion tonight
<ColonelPanik> ?
<protonchris> I am logged in from the concert
<ColonelPanik> lol
<source3> but you did not say which concert...the muppets at pope joy?
<gcleric> how do you know that I'm not at the convert...
<ColonelPanik> more lol
<gcleric> concert..
<ColonelPanik> convent?
<dthomasdigital> ColonelPanik you beat me to it
<gcleric> convert? at a snoop dog concert... not likely...
<source3> before I forget --- ubuntu 64-bit auto update WARNING:  do not upgrade the postgresql database server.  It has issues and will destroy your current install
<ubot3> source3: Error: Could not parse XML returned by Ubuntu: not well-formed (invalid token): line 390, column 84
<gcleric> want to know where the concert is... just look for the giant plume of smoke....if you know what I mean...
<gcleric> =P
<dthomasdigital> ready for item #3?
<source3> Before I forget....ubuntu 64-bit server update WARNING:  do not upgrade the postgresql database server.  It has issues and will destroy your current install
<gcleric> source3:  ouch!
<tritium> Nothing from me on item 3.  In fact, daddy duty calls.  Sorry, I better get going.
<tritium> Good night!
<source3> nite nite
<gcleric> tritium: have a good one!
<dthomasdigital> night, those darn kids are a handful
<tritium> gcleric: you too!
<doomcat> i herd that dthomas
<ColonelPanik> Keep the kids off my lawn!!!!!
<jimrz> goodnight tritium
<doomcat> goodnight tritium
<gcleric> EPC:  I think that we need to discuss upgrading the lab to 9.04.
<protonchris> tritium: Have fun.
<dthomasdigital> I know we have SFD coming up, but any other ideas, I'm kind of busy with the fest but if anyone has ideas we could be working on?
<dthomasdigital> gcleric good idea
<gcleric> marketing! for SFD
<jimrz> ;)
<dthomasdigital> As soon as we get a venue down I saw we market like crazy for SFD
<gcleric> ...back to EPC..what are everyone's thoughts on another EPC lab upgrade install fest?
* ColonelPanik will be in your area August 14 and 15 just hanging out, looking to lend a hand.
<dthomasdigital> great idea ready for any date
<jimrz> works for me
<gcleric> I think that all marketing needs to be completed at least on week before SFD.
* ColonelPanik Is willing to drink coffee also.
<protonchris> gcleric: 9.04 sounds good to me
<gcleric> What dates work for everyone for EPC upgrade?
<gcleric> I'll bring Starbuck Coffee and treats..
<jimrz> :)
<doomcat> gclelirc : oh yeah !
<dthomasdigital> I'll bring doomcat
* gcleric toss doomcat a cookie!
* doomcat eats it in one bite
<doomcat> yum!
<dthomasdigital> So all we need is a date
<gcleric> the weekend of the 24th...is out for me.  Starting a floor tiling project...
<ColonelPanik> At the Colonel's house?
<gcleric> ColonelPanik: you wish.... =)
<source3> pick a date and I will try to be there
<gcleric> I have 650sft of tile to lay out...
<ColonelPanik> I just need a helper, don't like to work alone.
<dthomasdigital> Sometime next month?
<jimrz> ok
<ColonelPanik> August 14 and 15???????
<gcleric> dthomasdigital: next month works.
<doomcat> +1
<gcleric> 8/15 works for me..
<gcleric> +1
<dthomasdigital> +1
<protonchris> Aug 15th works for me
<source3> +1
<ColonelPanik> w00t
<jimrz> +1
<dthomasdigital> sounds perfect
<gcleric> I'll let EPC know.  fyi.. dave is still IT director.
<ColonelPanik> Send directions, please.
<dthomasdigital> I say that very happy dave is still there
<gcleric> Also pc's and pc parts are welcome.
<jimrz> :)
<gcleric> when I last spoke to EPC they where running low on parts...
<ColonelPanik> Whatcha need?  Send list.
<gcleric> ColonelPanik: at this point all parts are welcome.
<gcleric> I'll ask for more details... and discuss next meeting..
* ColonelPanik get out the old Kapro
<dthomasdigital> Great I'll create a project page and post it also
* gcleric ...where is that ZX... 
<gcleric> dthomasdigital: sweet!
<kenneth_> Kaypro, I remember those, Saw one used in a pharmacy
<ColonelPanik> Door Stop?
<gcleric> lol
<dthomasdigital> Got to get my Amiga 500 back on line
<gcleric> dthomasdigital: I used my old amiga to get on the internet...back in the day..
<gcleric> at 1200 baud...
<dthomasdigital> I loved that machine
<gcleric> well need to finish upgrading our ESX hosts to 4.0...
<gcleric> so I better hop off..
<protonchris> gcleric: we have all heard that one before
<gcleric> protonchris: it's ok...I know your just jealous... =P
<jimrz> g'night gcleric ...  have fun
<dthomasdigital> Folks I'm going to0, I'll do a few post updates then off to bed feeling like crap.
<gcleric> g'night all.
* gcleric has quit ("It's better to burn out than to fade away!")
<source3> good night then
<protonchris> good night
<jimrz> g'night dthomasdigital ...  get better quick
<source3> well...I am going to go look for a new engine.  good night
<jimrz> g'night source 3
* source3 (n=source3@c-68-35-120-188.hsd1.nm.comcast.net) has left #ubuntu-us-nm
<doomcat> well i am going to you might like my new leave
* doomcat has quit ("what if tux had a lightsaber i bet money he would kick butt and that is major paydirt")
<ColonelPanik> lol
<ColonelPanik> I served with old Paydirt, he was just a lieutenant then.
<jimrz> <grin>
<jimrz> it's about that time ...  goodnight everybody
* jimrz has quit ("Leaving.")
<ColonelPanik> adios
* ColonelPanik has quit ("Ex-Chat")

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