Ubuntu Next New Mexico LoCo Team Meeting: Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 at 9 PM MDT (details)


  • EPC need to update to 9.04 is it still on for 8/15/2009 project page Here - posted by dthomasdigital

  • Anyone want to volunteer to start a team blog and have it aggregated on the Ubuntu teams blog? - posted by dthomasdigital

  • SFD Update looks like we have one more week before I get my answer from cottonwood mall. - posted by dthomasdigital

If you want to add anything else to the agenda, please feel free!


Members Present

  • doomcat
  • dthomasdigital
  • gcleric
  • jimrz
  • protonchris
  • beanie77
  • fcleich
  • nick125
  • jay4rest


Meeting started at 8:07 by dthomasdigital

Topics Discussed

<protonchris> I know just the place for the team blog -> nm.ubuntu-us.org
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<dthomasdigital> Hello ABQ the digital is the house
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<doomcat> hey its jimrz waz up
<jimrz> hey doomcat howsit
<doomcat>  its good
<jimrz> :)
<jimrz> here, too
<dthomasdigital> We about to start?
<doomcat> well i think we should wait 5 min
<jimrz> +1
<doomcat> but thats just me
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<jimrz> hi beanie77
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<fgleich> ni
<fgleich> er......hi
<jimrz> hi fgleich
<beanie77> Hi all
<fgleich> is this a meeting ?
<fgleich> hi jimrz
<fgleich> hi beanie77
<jimrz> hope it will be soon
<jimrz> kinda slow starting out
<dthomasdigital> I'm ready if you all are.
<doomcat> hi beanie77 and fgleich
<fgleich> hi doomcat
<dthomasdigital> agenda page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewMexicoTeam/July_21_2009
* fgleich plays a chord on the banjo
<fgleich> ok
<gcleric> dthomasdigital: +1
<jimrz> hi gcleric
<protonchris> +1
<jimrz> dthomasdigital: +1
<gcleric> howdy jimrz
<dthomasdigital> So EPC we still ago?
<jimrz> hi protonchris
<fgleich> +1
<protonchris> jimrz: Hey
<jimrz> +1
<fgleich> what does that signify ?
* jay4rest (n=jay@c-76-113-52-31.hsd1.nm.comcast.net) has joined #ubuntu-us-nm
<gcleric> yup...
<jimrz> hi jay4rest
<dthomasdigital> jay4rest it's mister podcast!
<jay4rest> Hi
<jimrz> yes, sir
<doomcat> hi gcleric and jay4rest
* gcleric flicks a cookie at doomcat.
<gcleric> howdy doomcat.
* doomcat eats it in 1 bite
<protonchris> 15th works for me
<doomcat> thanks this is good
<dthomasdigital> gcleric do you want to fill out what we need on the project page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Endorphin_Power_Company_Ubuntu_Install_and_Support/9_04update
<gcleric> dthomasdigital:  sure... seems like old times... =P
<jimrz> <grin>
<dthomasdigital> Or if any one has any other ideas for it. lol at gcleric
<dthomasdigital> It funny EPC sure has become a long term project
<gcleric> So Aug 15th say 9am?
<protonchris> +1
<jimrz> always kind of seemed as though it would
<jimrz> +1
<gcleric> dthomasdigital: yet very low maintenance.
<jimrz> true
<dthomasdigital> gcleric very true
<dthomasdigital> On to the second item?
<doomcat> +1
<dthomasdigital> +1 for the time
<gcleric> I'll bring starbucks and donuts..
<jimrz> :)
<doomcat> yes!
<nick125> Sorry I'm late...
<gcleric> nick125: floggings begin at 8:15pm
<gcleric> =)
<jimrz> gcleric: what was that you said about "old times"?    ;)
<nick125> So we're upgrading EPC to 9.04? Cool.
<gcleric> nick125: yes sir!
<jimrz> hi nick125
<doomcat> hey nick125
<gcleric> there is also a call for pc's and pc parts for EPC.
<jimrz> any items that are urgently needed?
<dthomasdigital> I think I have some hard drives
<gcleric> jimrz: not they are just running low...
<nick125> If I had any spare parts, I'd donate them...but..
<jimrz> thx gcleric
<jimrz> I have a couple of CRT monitors + some other misc bits and pieces
<nick125> So, what needs to be done?
<gcleric> nick125: for EPC?
<nick125> Yeah...
<jimrz> gcleric: the EPC lab comps are running hardy, are they not?
<gcleric> jimrz: they are running 8.04
<gcleric> nick125:  they are just running low on spare parts for the pc's they have.
<jimrz> ok, are we planning to upgrade to 8.10 then 9.04 or just do clean installs?
<gcleric> as to upgrading the lab.  we just need to download the Alt CD for 9.04 and use it to upgrade the PC's
<jimrz> ok
<gcleric> jimrz:  we can jump right to 9.04
<dthomasdigital> sounds like we got  a plan damn we rule.
<jimrz> gcleric: thanks for the info, I still thought you had to do it sequentially
<jimrz> nice to know
<gcleric> dthomasdigital: it's almost like we've done this before...
<gcleric> =)
<dthomasdigital> ;) gcleric
* fgleich has quit (Remote closed the connection)
<gcleric> so I'm done.
<gcleric> next item?
* fgleich (n=fgleich@c-76-113-42-129.hsd1.nm.comcast.net) has joined #ubuntu-us-nm
<doomcat> +1
<jimrz> +1
<gcleric> +1
<protonchris> +1
<dthomasdigital> So what do you folks think about the team blog idea?
<gcleric> like it.
<jimrz> +1
<protonchris> Sounds good to me
<fgleich> how does it work ?
<gcleric> need to bow out... dinner!
<nick125> I'd also like to see a NM Ubuntu user blog aggregator
<dthomasdigital> Well my only concern is I do not have the tome to write the blog and keep it up to date with team info
<fgleich> I must not have been here when it was discussed
<dthomasdigital> * time
<gcleric> laters...
* gcleric has quit ("It's better to burn out than to fade away!")
<jay4rest> A  blog aggregator makes sense
<dthomasdigital> It's great I aggregate on planet ubuntu users but it would be great if we did it on the ubuntu team, I just don't have the time to do it
<jay4rest> Can't we just drop in an RSS feed and the site do it for us?
<jay4rest> I know wordpress has that feature
<dthomasdigital> Sure not an issue of how to get it done, but who?
* doomcat thinks hard
<dthomasdigital> And we sure have to careful of the content, you know just official New Mexico Team stuff.
<protonchris> and no mono posts ;)
<dthomasdigital> We don;t have to make a decision tonight just wanted us to start to think about it.
<protonchris> I can look into aggregating using drupal.
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<dthomasdigital> great idea protonchris
<dthomasdigital> So let's move on and next week we can talk more about a team blog, protonchris can you give us a follow up for next week?
<protonchris> Sure.
<dthomasdigital> So Software Freedom Day at cottonwood mall, they guy I need to talk to, is out till Thursday. So I will have an answer then.
* jimrz still has <fingers-crossed>
<doomcat> i hope we can have sfd there
<jimrz> +1
<dthomasdigital> I'm pretty sure it will happen, they seem ok with it, just a big company with of red tape
<jimrz> +
<dthomasdigital> my friends that is all I have
<doomcat> well i am heading out cya
<jimrz> g,night doomcat
<doomcat> by the way this is my best leave yet by guys
* doomcat has quit ("doomcat  runs then jumps  high and does a 15 second freeze frame in mid air then does a dramatic departure")
<jimrz> great kid
<dthomasdigital> glad ya think so Jimrz, he's coming over.
<protonchris> I am going to jump off as well.  Have a good night.
<dthomasdigital> Any other items before I cal lit a night?
<dthomasdigital> Hey jay4rest thanks for the local podcast!
<jay4rest> Just a thank you for the mention at the last irc... thanks
<jay4rest> you are very welcome
<jimrz> none here
<dthomasdigital> Ihave it listed on my webpage and will be blogging about it
<beanie77> bye all
* beanie77 has quit (Remote closed the connection)
<jimrz> g'night beanie77
<jay4rest> http://www.linuxuserpodcast.com/
<jay4rest> Getting the word out is difficult
<dthomasdigital> Well I'll do my part to help, I got my foot in the door all over the place.
<jay4rest> Still waiting for itunes to approve it
<jay4rest> This is the longest wait so far
<jay4rest> But then it is Linux
<dthomasdigital> Well I'm happy we have a local GNU/Linux podcast it's very cool
<jimrz> +1
<jay4rest> thanks
<jimrz> uh....thank you
<jay4rest> I am just happy to give back to the community
<jimrz> :)
<dthomasdigital> jay4rest if you need any help with ti let me know.
<dthomasdigital> Got to go see ya all soon.
<jay4rest> take care
<jimrz> g'nigt dave
<jimrz> or g,night Dave
<jay4rest> Hey all, I am going to split too
<jay4rest> bye
* jay4rest has quit ("Ex-Chat")
<jimrz> g'night
<jimrz> me, too ...  g'night all
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