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Ubuntu Next New Mexico LoCo Team Meeting: Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 at 9 PM MDT (details)


  • Any updates on the web site?
  • New Mexico LinuxFest updates?

If you want to add anything else to the agenda, please feel free!

Members Present

  • beanie77
  • doomcat_
  • dthomasdigital
  • gcleric
  • gen_fool
  • mneptok
  • nick125
  • nxion
  • protonchris
  • sithlord
  • ColonelPanik

  • fgleich


Meeting called to order by dthomasdigital at 8:10pm

Topics Discussed<sithlord> I was kicking around the Idea of having a free night at my cyber cafe for linux gaming <sithlord> oh ok <nick125> sithlord: Where's your cyber cafe at? <dthomasdigital> sithlord I think we would agree to that! <sithlord> near 4th and osuna <nick125> Ah. <dthomasdigital> What's the name? <nick125> dthomasdigital: I still remember the last LAN party...heheh <dthomasdigital> nick125 sorry bout that <sithlord> internet express but its inside a cricket store viva wireless <nxion> I havent been to a LAN party since Gamma used to go on at New Horizons in Alb <nick125> I'm not much of a gaming fan anyways Smile :) <sithlord> I want people to discover the games that can be played on linux <dthomasdigital> Just installed Quake 4 this week, damn fine fun <gen_fool> nick125, I am not either, another chance to get together and root on the kids Smile :) <sithlord> cool, I finally got my C & C zero hour to work perfectly <doomcat_> I got quake wars and doom 3 to run on linux just demo on quake wars but full doom 3 (i like modding it and playing it no mods) It rocks!!!! <gen_fool> sithlord, who gets to use the 36" crt? <gcleric> whoohoo.. got ubuntuone working... had to kill it's sync-daemon. <sithlord> lol, use it for noobs to get them addicted to linux <nxion> Ubuntu One looks awesome <nxion> I signed up today for the beta <gen_fool> That thing is huge, ... <sithlord> and weights a ton <sithlord> I want to load old atari style games <gen_fool> I have a 32" tv and am happy takes 2 people to carry <dthomasdigital> Should we get started we have a small agenda tonight <sithlord> I know if people see that they can get them for free, then they will switch <sithlord> ok <protonchris> Looks like I have item one. <dthomasdigital> The floor is yours protonchris <protonchris> Birdhouse has installed the necessary software for running drupal with the loco-drupal modules. <gcleric> gen_fool: a few years back I got a free 32" while loading it into my car I dropped it on my pinky finger...shattering the Proximal phalange. * fgleich ( has joined #ubuntu-us-nm <fgleich> hi all <protonchris> In the future, it might be possible to use the canonical hosting, but their version of drupal is older and the loco-drupal modules are being backported. <gen_fool> Hello fgleich <gcleric> howdy fgleich! <doomcat_> hello fgleich <fgleich> hi gen_fool , gcleric , doomcat_ <protonchris> I suggest we stick with birdhouse since they have bent over backwards for us. <protonchris> Only thing left is to switch the dns to point to birdhouse. I will get tritium to help with that (he knows the admin) <dthomasdigital> sounds good to me +1 <protonchris> After that we should be good to go. <protonchris> openid logins work and we have a special launchpad group for people with edit/write access on drupal. <dthomasdigital> Does this mean I have to learn drupal? <mneptok> protonchris: be sure to let me know if there's anything else you need from Scot <protonchris> It probably wouldn't hurt, but for basic stuff it is pretty self-explanatory <protonchris> mneptok: Yeah, I need to get in touch with him and thank him, but the last couple of weeks have been crazy. <mneptok> protonchris: i'll pas that along * mneptok speaks to him a few times per week <protonchris> Scot, the admin of birdhouse, has been great. <protonchris> mneptok: give him a big kiss for us. <mneptok> with tongue? <sithlord> ewwwww <protonchris> Yeah, if that is what he likes. <gen_fool> ouch <dthomasdigital> For those of you that think there is no gaming for linux <mneptok> for those of you that want to play great games, get a console :P <sithlord> oh, there is thought <mneptok> dthomasdigital: any update on pictures from the release party? <gcleric> mneptok: hear, hear! =P <dthomasdigital> <mneptok> suh-WEET <protonchris> there are some really hot pictures of the back of my head Wink ;) <nxion> Savage2 reminds me of WoW Smile :) <dthomasdigital> protonchris I wanted to get you best side <mneptok> dthomasdigital: with tongue? <mneptok> (x2) <ColonelPanik> Sorry I missed that party! Got the car fixed today so you can plan another one! <protonchris> dthomasdigital: ouch <mneptok> woo and i are heading out for dinner. sorry to bail, but empty stomachs must be obeyed.. <ColonelPanik> ASAP <dthomasdigital> see ya mneptok <dthomasdigital> fixed the last picture displayed <dthomasdigital> On to the next item <protonchris> +1 <gen_fool> +1 <doomcat_> +1 <dthomasdigital> LinuxFest update, as always we need presenters, exhibitors and sponsors. <beanie77> +1 <dthomasdigital> The venu is still up in the air but things are changing daily <dthomasdigital> We have almost 100 registered to attend not including speakers, and vendors. <dthomasdigital> The schedule is starting to take shape <sithlord> what is the cost to be a exhibitor? <protonchris> LinuxFestNW took place at a small business college. We could think about something like that for a venue (u of phoenix) <nxion> dthomasdigital: I have been bugging my manager about an answer for them being a sponser. They seemed realy excited about it so I don't know why they are dragging there feet <dthomasdigital> we have 3 presentations listed and I have 3 more to post, that being said if you have an idea please let me know <dthomasdigital> thanks nxion, fedora is planning on sponsoring just waiting on how much <doomcat_> can i present to various contations of linux games? <nxion> dthomasdigital: I have a meeting with managment tomorow. I will bring it up again. <dthomasdigital> protonchris good idea <nxion> tomorrow* <dthomasdigital> Again thanks nxion, again <protonchris> dthomasdigital: they typically have wifi and classrooms. <dthomasdigital> So if you are planing to attend and you have not registered please do, it will help us decide the size of venu we will need. <protonchris> dthomasdigital: and projectors <sithlord> I have 2 projectors <dthomasdigital> Yes, that's the big thing we will need up to 7 projectors for the event, sithlord that rocks I have 1 <dthomasdigital> Thats about all just stay tunned for more and check often <sithlord> I think I can get one more from a friend <dthomasdigital> I promise to keep my pox to myself <gcleric> dthomasdigital: that would rox! =) <dthomasdigital> It's so hard to be gcleric's friend but I figure who else would abuse me. <protonchris> dthomasdigital: doomcat_ <dthomasdigital> protonchris wins <doomcat_> no way i think thats wrong <gcleric> dthomasdigital: APS? <nxion> All: Is there anything else that you all need help on please et me know. I want to help in anyway possible. <dthomasdigital> nxion, and others I will be formulating all kinds of needs for volunteers, I'll be contacting people soon on task that we will need nxion will be the first we call on. <nxion> Smile :) <nick125> I'm willing to help whenever I can, too. <protonchris> dthomasdigital: Yeah, please let us know <dthomasdigital> Check out my life hacker claim to fame <protonchris> Any other business? <ColonelPanik> I am willing to mill around smartly <sithlord> I have something <dthomasdigital> I knew we could count on ColonelPanik <protonchris> sithlord: go for it <dthomasdigital> +1\ <sithlord> I would like to offer a monthly game night at my place <dthomasdigital> I'm game, <sithlord> maybe bring a friend new to linux <sithlord> if not game we could show off linux to M$ users and get them to switch <gcleric> sithlord: can I just kidnap some one off the street...would that count? =) <sithlord> sure, that is how I got my wife <gcleric> sithlord: lol. <dthomasdigital> What night or you can think about it and add it to the agenda page for next meeting <gen_fool> Smile :) <sithlord> maybe wed? <sithlord> first wed of the month? <fgleich> ok <dthomasdigital> That could work we can add it to the calendar. <fgleich> what game to practice ? <sithlord> you tell me <fgleich> sauerbraten ? <sithlord> old school games? new ones? <doomcat_> well bomberclone is old school bomberman its multiplayer online <sithlord> ok <sithlord> please email me with the games you want to see <doomcat_> website or download it by add and remove progeams <sithlord> <gen_fool> does not matter, I am 2 min. away and will be part of the cheering section <sithlord> lol <protonchris> sithlord: hotmail ?!?!? Wink ;) <sithlord> for those who dont game, there may be noobs to linux that you can show off linux to <gen_fool> If it is online, we have a ringer I can bring in from VA <gcleric> protonchris: he's our agent on the inside... =P <protonchris> gcleric: nice <sithlord> I have 7 machines and wifi <dthomasdigital> I'm working on an animation that will list thing for the LinuxFest will be fun to show that off. <sithlord> that would be cool, is it in blender? <gen_fool> sithlord, you have 1 more <sithlord> um, didnt count my machine <dthomasdigital> Nope in c++ <fgleich> SDL ? <doomcat_> sithlord i sent you what games i tink will be good <sithlord> ok <gen_fool> I have a 2.0 with 512k dual booted , needs a home, name is chuggs, be nice to it <sithlord> ok <sithlord> thanks <fgleich> dthomasdigital: is it in SDL ? <fgleich> or openGL ? <dthomasdigital> opengl <fgleich> spiffy <fgleich> Big Grin :) <sithlord> if you bring a laptop, have your MAC ready to load in my router <doomcat_> well goodnight guys i g2g (that means got to go dthomasdigital) * doomcat_ has quit ("ok spock beam me out of here (beams doomcat to doomlair)") <sithlord> lol <protonchris> I am going to head out as well. Have a good night <dthomasdigital> well wait till you see it before spiffy, converting some of my old Amiga demos <fgleich> hey I saw a G4 for 200 on craigslist today <fgleich> is that good ? <gcleric> question is... was that spock prime... <dthomasdigital> doomcat_ is rarely prime that boy is almost always an odd number <fgleich> sithlord: I dled the bomberclone stuff from the repos to practice <gcleric> dthomasdigital: I'd really start worry about doomcat if he had Klingon for beam me up. <sithlord> ok <sithlord> I will pass out flyers here at work to get others interested in linux and its gaming <sithlord> I get many of my customers to make the change <fgleich> sithlord: you rock Big Grin :) <gcleric> g'night all.. <sithlord> Smile :) * gcleric has quit ("Ex-Chat") <sithlord> night <fgleich> night <sithlord> hey, how about having it arcade style? <fgleich> how do you do that ? <sithlord> each machine having a game on it <fgleich> oh <fgleich> why not ? <fgleich> playing against the computer ? <gen_fool> sithlord, creative process, find what works? <sithlord> sure or have a few for multi <dthomasdigital> sithlord keep us updated join the mailing list if you have not <gen_fool> I am game <fgleich> lol <dthomasdigital> I say it's your place you do what you want you sure have my support <sithlord> thanks, I am open to ideas <gen_fool> Is a creative process <sithlord> I want other to see how fun linux is and make the switch <dthomasdigital> I'm going to officially end the meeting.....carry on }}}