This page stems from the idea "Ubuntu needs a new startup/login sound" on Ubuntu Brainstorm. This page offers a place for community members to provide their ideas and suggestions (including samples) for a new startup sound for Ubuntu. (This is the sound that plays when you log into Ubuntu, while the desktop loads).

To quote the text from the rationale of the idea:

The current default login sound has served us well for many releases, but I think we need a new one. The current one includes ethnic African sounds that goes with the brown theme and the idea of African Savannah (as reflected in the Ubuntu icon for OpenOffice Writer - the one with the sun and tree). The sound has been with us for a long time, and now it is time for a change.

Please use this page to provide your ideas of what a new startup sound should be, or even provide samples of sounds you have created and would like to contribute.

Suggested sounds

Below are links to, or uploaded media of sounds. (If you are a contributing community member, please add yours under a subheading with some details: Your Launchpad ID, the name of your sound, a link to the sound etc. )

Ideas on sounds

Provide here (with subheadings if need be) ideas on a new startup sound.

Four notes plus pad

Here is an example of four notes plus a pad in the background. You could have thousands of variations on this, so here is one idea: Four Notes and Pad Startup Sound Idea

Here is another, same notes but different instrument, different pad and notes start earlier: ub-start-idea02.ogg

Personalized Voice Greeting

Have a personalized greeting. Visit this text to speech converter and imput: Welcome to Uubboooonnttuu, John Doe in the text field. (Keep language as English, voice as Julie (US) and effect as none).

The concept would obviously require some modifications, but I'm sure there are plenty of people who could write that into the OS.

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