This is the 9th IRC meeting of the NewYorkTeam, starting at 6:00 PM EST and finishing at 7:45 EST When adding agenda items please "sign" them, place @SIG@ after each of your items. If you won't be in attendance, please describe your item and wishes in detail otherwise those items may not be effectively discussed.


The meeting will start off with an Introduction of Members where we will welcome people to the meeting. The following Topics will then be discussed.

  • Announcements
  • Discuss Major issues
    • Plan RL meeting - NYC (Note on New York City Meeting: Prizes will be given for trivia *also maybe door prize) & Rochester

    • plan on how to go about handing out the ubuntu CDs we have on hand (Stock Count: Sal 90CDs, )
    • Implement solution for Increased Attendance at meetings (This is a must to remain a member)
    • Improve project management and wikitasks
      • Re-implement Wiki Projects Management Page
    • Improve management of wiki
    • Discuss purpose and usage of blog, does it need to be Ubuntu/LoCo related? Should we create a new blog on the site for personal posts or should we have a "personal tag system?"
    • Maintain Calendar
      • Make sure events are up to date and constantly updated
  • Open Discussion (Ubuntu Related Topics)
  • Wrap up and goals for next meeting (Phone Conference 05/8/2007) <---| is this date correct yharrow?


IRC Logs

(06:01:43 PM) yharrow_mobile: ok
(06:01:46 PM) hendrixski: dhgwill, oooh... that's some wierd stuff
(06:02:09 PM) yharrow_mobile: welcome to the 9th IRC meeting of the  new york lubuntu oco team
(06:02:18 PM) samiam010203: welcome all
(06:02:21 PM) yharrow_mobile: ubuntu loco*
(06:02:28 PM) samiam010203: thanks for attending tonight we apreciate it
(06:02:43 PM) ***ausimage think its a bird 
(06:02:44 PM) yharrow_mobile: I would like firstly to welcome all of our new members
(06:02:50 PM) dhgwill: hi!
(06:02:55 PM) VON_CAPO: Thanks
(06:02:59 PM) yharrow_mobile: those who have joined within the past 2 weeks
(06:03:19 PM) ***hendrixski welcomes the new guys too :)
(06:03:23 PM) yharrow_mobile: hi dhgwill, and VON_CAPO  welcome to the team!
(06:03:30 PM) yharrow_mobile: any others that i have missed?
(06:03:34 PM) VON_CAPO: :-)
(06:03:37 PM) yharrow_mobile: raffytaffy: did we welcome you yet :D ?
(06:03:40 PM) ***dhgwill hi-fives all around.
(06:03:44 PM) samiam010203: cool
(06:03:48 PM) samiam010203: slaps five back
(06:03:54 PM) raffytaffy: hello
(06:03:57 PM) ***yharrow_mobile hi-fives dhgwill 
(06:04:01 PM) samiam010203: hello raffy
(06:04:17 PM) yharrow_mobile: raffytaffy: in case we havent welcome to the team as well ! :D
(06:04:30 PM) raffytaffy: i was welcomed last time. but thanks :P
(06:04:42 PM) yharrow_mobile: yw
(06:04:44 PM) yharrow_mobile: :D
(06:05:01 PM) yharrow_mobile: ok..
(06:05:07 PM) yharrow_mobile: onto announcements
(06:05:24 PM) yharrow_mobile: first announcement.
(06:05:44 PM) yharrow_mobile: we have reached a new high number for the total number of unique attendees at a meeting
(06:05:55 PM) dhgwill: hurrah!
(06:05:59 PM) GNu_Joe: really?
(06:06:18 PM) yharrow_mobile: that means that this is the first time we have had 13 or more members at a team meeting
(06:06:22 PM) yharrow_mobile: as far as i can tell :D
(06:06:40 PM) yharrow_mobile: waiwell actually
(06:06:43 PM) dhgwill: and patrick is here in spirit, tho he's probably really doing something else.
(06:06:54 PM) yharrow_mobile: to tell the truth its 12
(06:07:08 PM) yharrow_mobile: i think isacklow is not member or is he
(06:07:12 PM) yharrow_mobile: i dont recall
(06:07:23 PM) hendrixski: I invited a few more people from Rochester... but nobody seems to be showing up to the meetings
(06:07:50 PM) dhgwill: it's hard to explain to people why you need to be at your computer for an hour on a tuesday night...
(06:07:51 PM) ausimage: isacklow_afk: is a member
(06:07:59 PM) yharrow_mobile: isacklow forgive me then
(06:08:07 PM) dhgwill: it's a good thing hannah's at work, or she'd probably be yelling at me right now.
(06:08:14 PM) samiam010203: hahaha
(06:08:23 PM) yharrow_mobile: dhgwill: hehe
(06:08:36 PM) yharrow_mobile: so guys
(06:08:39 PM) hendrixski: dhgwill, tell me about it... I just had to explain that I'll be nerding out with people on a chat room
(06:08:43 PM) yharrow_mobile: onto the next announcement
(06:09:13 PM) yharrow_mobile: we will be having a RL meeting this coming week
(06:09:18 PM) yharrow_mobile: I do not yet know which day
(06:09:25 PM) VON_CAPO1 [n=VON_CAPO@cpe-69-203-141-104.si.res.rr.com] entered the room.
(06:09:29 PM) hendrixski: yharrow_mobile, don't mind us... we're listening to you.. just keep those announcements comming :-)
(06:09:31 PM) yharrow_mobile: but I do know the location (of the NYC)
(06:09:37 PM) samiam010203: we should look into a day asap
(06:10:02 PM) dhgwill: i'm going to be in nyc from the 29th onwards, but don't plan around me... i'llbe helping the big H move into a new apt.
(06:10:03 PM) yharrow_mobile: hendrixski: will you be having the rochester meeting in the same place as the party?
(06:10:03 PM) samiam010203: http://www.bcupcafe.com/page1.html
(06:10:23 PM) yharrow_mobile: hendrixski: hehe
(06:10:24 PM) hendrixski: There is no Rochester Location... I'm encouraging people to go to the LUGOR monthly meetings instead
(06:10:29 PM) dhgwill: looks rad, are there enough outlets?
(06:10:42 PM) hendrixski: they're all becoming Ubuntu users anyway (except for the gentoo users who are a resolute bunch)
(06:11:13 PM) dbist: http://ideajax.com/blog/?p=66
(06:11:18 PM) yharrow_mobile: hendrixski: we want to be able to let ppl touch base as often as possible
(06:11:33 PM) yharrow_mobile: I have toyed with the idea of creating meeting places in different regions
(06:11:37 PM) dhgwill: fwiw, there aren't really many people using ubuntu here in saratoga springs, but it's more than 3 hours to either nyc or rochester from here.
(06:11:43 PM) yharrow_mobile: and then having the regions coordinate
(06:11:47 PM) isacklow_afk is now known as isacklow
(06:11:51 PM) isacklow: hey guys
(06:11:51 PM) yharrow_mobile: New York is a big state
(06:11:57 PM) yharrow_mobile: hi isacklow
(06:12:03 PM) samiam010203: hello isack
(06:12:04 PM) ***isacklow is actually home today
(06:12:09 PM) isacklow: :)
(06:12:15 PM) ausimage: like in the bylaws I am drafting??? :)
(06:12:20 PM) yharrow_mobile: btw dbist , GNu_Joe , n8k99 , n8k99 we have started
(06:12:26 PM) hendrixski: yharrow_mobile, I'll look into it
(06:12:27 PM) samiam010203: so yharrow the nyc meeting will take place at b cup then ?
(06:12:32 PM) yharrow_mobile: yes
(06:12:35 PM) samiam010203: ok
(06:12:40 PM) dbist: I have one eye on my study materials and the other on the chat
(06:12:42 PM) yharrow_mobile: I think it is a nice place
(06:12:43 PM) samiam010203: all we have to do then is pick time/day
(06:12:46 PM) yharrow_mobile: although
(06:13:06 PM) n8k99: oh hey
(06:13:06 PM) yharrow_mobile: there are few outlets in the back
(06:13:14 PM) samiam010203: i can bring an extension
(06:13:15 PM) yharrow_mobile: hi n8
(06:13:16 PM) hendrixski: dhgwill, saratogo springs is kind of close to Albany, right?
(06:13:21 PM) yharrow_mobile: salvatore_b: sounds cool
(06:13:28 PM) samiam010203: you know the kind with outlets on it
(06:13:36 PM) dhgwill: that's right.
(06:13:45 PM) ausimage: albany has lug run by isacklow
(06:13:45 PM) hendrixski: dhgwill, NickGarvey is in Albany .... you guys could sync up and organize a RL there
(06:13:49 PM) isacklow: albany is my turf :)
(06:14:00 PM) n8k99: when is this happening?
(06:14:01 PM) isacklow: we have a rl once a month
(06:14:05 PM) NickGarvey: oh hey the meeting is now
(06:14:12 PM) NickGarvey: thanks for the ping
(06:14:18 PM) isacklow: hey NickGarvey
(06:14:19 PM) yharrow_mobile: isacklow, would you feel comfortable holding ubuntu meetings in albany
(06:14:33 PM) hendrixski: isacklow, oh, didn't know
(06:14:35 PM) dhgwill: it wouldn't even have to be ubuntu meetings
(06:14:45 PM) isacklow: we have a linux meeting every month
(06:14:48 PM) dhgwill: i like it when people try ubuntu, but i hate it when they don't respect it...
(06:14:51 PM) NickGarvey: cdlug meets first sat every month, its on the loco calendar
(06:14:53 PM) isacklow: not distro specific
(06:14:53 PM) hendrixski: isacklow, would you encourage the ubuntu people to flood the LUG meeting?
(06:15:01 PM) dhgwill: "flood" lol
(06:15:08 PM) NickGarvey: flood might not be the best word ;)
(06:15:09 PM) dhgwill: cause there's so many of them ubuntu users
(06:15:12 PM) yharrow_mobile: well we are an ubuntu team so we need to decide if we want our meetings to deal with ubuntu only
(06:15:12 PM) dhgwill: sprinkle?
(06:15:16 PM) isacklow: it just depends on the month and who is around
(06:15:50 PM) samiam010203: yharrow when should we have a date/time for the nyc rl meetup ?
(06:15:54 PM) ausimage: I think it should be focused on Ubuntu.... that is what an UBUNTU LoCo is :P
(06:15:54 PM) hendrixski: yharrow_mobile, eventually... my idea (for Rochester at least) is to piggy back off of the Lug until there's a critical mass and then create an Ubuntu specific one
(06:15:55 PM) NickGarvey: bah, dinner
(06:15:59 PM) NickGarvey is now known as Nick{Away}
(06:15:50 PM) samiam010203: yharrow when should we have a date/time for the nyc rl meetup ?
(06:15:54 PM) ausimage: I think it should be focused on Ubuntu.... that is what an UBUNTU LoCo is :P
(06:15:54 PM) hendrixski: yharrow_mobile, eventually... my idea (for Rochester at least) is to piggy back off of the Lug until there's a critical mass and then create an Ubuntu specific one
(06:15:55 PM) NickGarvey: bah, dinner
(06:15:59 PM) NickGarvey is now known as Nick{Away}
(06:16:28 PM) yharrow_mobile: I think thats a good idea hendrixski .
(06:16:32 PM) yharrow_mobile: althoguh
(06:16:39 PM) yharrow_mobile: we dont want to become intrusive
(06:16:46 PM) dhgwill: in theory, any knowledgeable linux user should be pretty good at using ubuntu, no?
(06:16:58 PM) isacklow: not always
(06:17:15 PM) ausimage: Piggy backing on the lug is fine.... the Ubuntu crowd can go off after the meeting and have coffee or something
(06:17:22 PM) isacklow: if you are not used to linux desktops or the debian way some of ubutnu can be frustrating
(06:17:24 PM) yharrow_mobile: dhgwill: well some ppl are new to the gui, just as some poeple may be new to the cli
(06:17:27 PM) n8k99: gentoo user will be lost because they won't have to build everything from source
(06:17:29 PM) yharrow_mobile: it involves learning
(06:17:31 PM) hendrixski: dhgwill, except the gentoo guys who insist on installing everything from source rather than using apt
(06:17:31 PM) isacklow: like no root user
(06:17:46 PM) dhgwill: haha, yeah... the other day patrick says he hates "permissions"
(06:17:49 PM) dhgwill: and i almost punched him.
(06:17:50 PM) samiam010203: yharrow when should we have a date/time for the nyc rl meetup ?
(06:18:04 PM) yharrow_mobile: not sure, will dicuss it in a moment though
(06:18:07 PM) dhgwill: yharrow_mobile, samiam010203: did you say next week?
(06:18:08 PM) samiam010203: ok
(06:18:11 PM) dhgwill: or the last week in may?
(06:18:15 PM) dhgwill: (or are those the same thing?)
(06:18:30 PM) yharrow_mobile: last week of may is in 2 weeks
(06:18:33 PM) dhgwill: thought so
(06:18:41 PM) ***hendrixski likes the idea of a separate meeting after the LUG meeting  ... like coffee... something less technical
(06:18:42 PM) yharrow_mobile: we have time
(06:18:42 PM) samiam010203: how about next week
(06:18:56 PM) ausimage: exactly hendrixski :D
(06:19:06 PM) dhgwill: thumbs up
(06:19:19 PM) ausimage: get them to gather then divide and conquer :)
(06:19:34 PM) yharrow_mobile: samiam010203: I think the idea of having a meeting every other week starting with the first week of the month works well (unless first week has no tuesday or w/e day we choose to meet on))
(06:19:40 PM) yharrow_mobile: heeh
(06:19:46 PM) yharrow_mobile: hehe*
(06:19:46 PM) hendrixski: ausimage, that's what we did for the feisty release party and it worked.  We can do it again for RL meetings.  Why hadn't I thought of that before
(06:19:52 PM) samiam010203: you meen the irc meetings right yharrow
(06:19:55 PM) samiam010203: ?
(06:20:36 PM) samiam010203: yes its good idea
(06:20:42 PM) ausimage: are the announcements over???
(06:20:56 PM) samiam010203: not yet
(06:21:12 PM) ausimage: hmmm... it appears were on to topics
(06:21:14 PM) yharrow_mobile: samiam010203: i mean the irc and other meetings
(06:21:22 PM) yharrow_mobile: actually
(06:21:24 PM) samiam010203: we are going to have top notch prizes in the nyc rl meetup for trivia as put together by yharrow
(06:21:25 PM) yharrow_mobile: one moment
(06:21:29 PM) yharrow_mobile: let me clear things up
(06:21:46 PM) samiam010203: yes irc meetings every other week
(06:21:56 PM) samiam010203: and one rl meetup once a month
(06:22:06 PM) ***hendrixski likes the everybody-talks type of meetings.  We're really on topic, very focused
(06:22:30 PM) samiam010203: r we doing a phone cenferance tonight after the meeting ?
(06:22:47 PM) ***isacklow has very informal meetings...kinda go with the flow
(06:23:01 PM) yharrow_mobile: yeah. so we can do IRC meetings 1st and 3rd weeks and  RL the last week
(06:23:02 PM) dhgwill: as long as we get to everything on the agenda.
(06:23:10 PM) hendrixski: isacklow, those are the best kind :-)  more people feel like they get more out of them :-)
(06:23:15 PM) dhgwill: yharrow_mobile: i vote aye
(06:23:24 PM) samiam010203: good idea yharrow
(06:23:25 PM) ***hendrixski votes aye
(06:23:26 PM) VON_CAPO left the room (quit: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)).
(06:23:29 PM) samiam010203: lets stick with it
(06:23:46 PM) yharrow_mobile: only issue now is which day of the week
(06:23:50 PM) samiam010203: now i want to bring up the ubuntu cds and how we should distubute them
(06:23:54 PM) yharrow_mobile: there was a poll on the forums
(06:23:58 PM) samiam010203: for the rl metup
(06:24:04 PM) yharrow_mobile: for either weekends or weekdays
(06:24:09 PM) yharrow_mobile: let me find the url
(06:24:11 PM) yharrow_mobile: one moment
(06:24:13 PM) isacklow: hendrixski: exactly...and our group dynamic changes drastically from meeting to meeting...still get about 30+ to each meeting though
(06:24:57 PM) hendrixski: isacklow, cool. probably get pretty high retention right?
(06:25:09 PM) dhgwill: sam, i was going to suggest offering them to college students. now that partitioning is easier and data is imported automatically from windows (more or less, i installed edgy and upgraded), i'm sure there are plenty of kids frustrated enough with windows and microsoft and dell and everything that dicks them over on a weekly basis to at least try the livecd...
(06:25:23 PM) yharrow_mobile: here it is
(06:25:24 PM) yharrow_mobile: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=411181
(06:25:29 PM) yharrow_mobile: weekend vs weekdays
(06:25:43 PM) yharrow_mobile: everyone do your duty and vote for your best preference
(06:25:44 PM) dbist: i say WUBI
(06:25:47 PM) yharrow_mobile: please
(06:26:29 PM) samiam010203: ill bring the box of cds to the rl meetup and people can take what they like
(06:26:31 PM) hendrixski: yharrow_mobile, you're fragmented user, right?   were we the only ones to vote for weekdays?
(06:26:43 PM) yharrow_mobile: yes I am the fragmented use
(06:26:45 PM) yharrow_mobile: user
(06:26:46 PM) yharrow_mobile: hehe
(06:26:49 PM) dhgwill: are they feisty or edgy cds?
(06:26:50 PM) dbist: i voted weekdays
(06:26:55 PM) samiam010203: lts dapper
(06:27:06 PM) samiam010203: but i can shopw you how to go to the latest with them
(06:27:08 PM) dhgwill: oh, LTS
(06:27:14 PM) dhgwill: for sure.
(06:27:16 PM) yharrow_mobile: getting close
(06:27:20 PM) isacklow: hendrixski: yes...and a lot of return members
(06:27:20 PM) yharrow_mobile: 63 vs 36
(06:27:25 PM) hendrixski: so if it's gonna be weekends, then it'll have to be earlier in the day
(06:27:30 PM) dhgwill: true, true
(06:27:55 PM) yharrow_mobile: we have 11 votes. anyone not get a chance to vote yet?
(06:27:55 PM) ausimage: ???? early... euhhhhh :(
(06:28:10 PM) hendrixski: but not too early on weekends, because people are either hung over or in church
(06:28:18 PM) VON_CAPO1: Let me ask, ...are talking about to promote Ubuntu among your peers?
(06:28:23 PM) hendrixski: or can be in church hung over... like me :-)
(06:28:34 PM) samiam010203: we wqant to promo ubuntu to all of ny
(06:28:39 PM) ausimage: I don't believe in mornings
(06:28:41 PM) dhgwill: i voted.
(06:28:46 PM) dbist: or so hung over they need to go to church and wash the night's sins away
(06:29:06 PM) ***isacklow can't make it to the nyc rl meetings and already has a scheduled rl meeting on the weekends
(06:29:08 PM) hendrixski: ausimage, lol.. mornings don't exist?
(06:29:09 PM) dhgwill: i am 21 so it's easiest for me to impress my friends...
(06:29:21 PM) dhgwill: i don't have much in the way of business contacts.
(06:29:22 PM) ausimage: yup hendrixski....
(06:29:36 PM) dhgwill: and the only interested adults already know what's up... most of them anyway.
(06:29:55 PM) yharrow_mobile: we need to create or adopt some sort of charter for promotion
(06:30:27 PM) ausimage: yharrow_mobile: that most like is within the bylaws ;)
(06:30:28 PM) yharrow_mobile: to make sure that we go about it the right way
(06:30:38 PM) samiam010203: cool
(06:30:41 PM) yharrow_mobile: ausimage: thats great then
(06:31:09 PM) dhgwill: well, is there a wrong way to promote ubuntu?
(06:31:12 PM) samiam010203: anything els we need to discuse
(06:31:17 PM) hendrixski: dhgwill, YES, there is
(06:31:22 PM) raffytaffy: is there a WUBI howto i can direct possible buntu converts to? a link perhaps?
(06:31:23 PM) dhgwill: i'm not saying we should hire a plane to fly a banner around NYC (tho that worked for veronica mars)
(06:31:26 PM) dbist: yes there is, charge for the shipit CDS
(06:31:33 PM) ausimage: hmmm yeah I think I should mention to get eyes on the bylaws
(06:31:45 PM) samiam010203: cool ausi
(06:31:49 PM) ausimage: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewYorkTeam/503c/bylaw
(06:31:50 PM) hendrixski: the wrong way to promote ubuntu: M$ suxzorz
(06:32:03 PM) VON_CAPO1: Yes, of course, to show the live CD... is plain and bored. But a full system with Beryl.... WOW
(06:32:05 PM) isacklow: dhgwill: yes....if you are to aggressive.
(06:32:18 PM) dhgwill: yeah, people see beryl on my laptop and they flip their lids.
(06:32:24 PM) samiam010203: same
(06:32:25 PM) ausimage: Please, Please, Please look them over and give feedback and suggestions... I am only one person....
(06:32:42 PM) dhgwill: it's a nice alternative for people who are interested in tinkering and frustrated with ms
(06:32:42 PM) samiam010203: ok next topic
(06:32:43 PM) ***isacklow loves showing off beryl to people
(06:33:04 PM) dhgwill: but i feel like people are unwilling to switch... i tell people to have someone else around when they partition (pref. me)
(06:33:05 PM) hendrixski: wrong way to promote Ubuntu = show beryl to people who get a headache from things like that
(06:33:09 PM) dhgwill: haha
(06:33:17 PM) yharrow_mobile: dhgwill, some people become pushy when they are passionate about soemthing. They need to be told what is and what isnt acceptable promotion
(06:33:20 PM) dhgwill: my gf prefers metacity or compiz but doesn't like the cube.
(06:33:30 PM) dhgwill: she likes wobbly windows though, a lot.
(06:33:35 PM) hendrixski: wrong way to promote ubuntu = tell people they're stupid for using other Operating Systems
(06:33:42 PM) yharrow_mobile: hehe
(06:33:54 PM) hendrixski: dhgwill, my GF hated Beryl... we had to tone it down... way down, before she found it useful
(06:34:17 PM) dhgwill: yeah, exactly.
(06:34:39 PM) dhgwill: i just try to tell people that even without all the fancy graphics, it's a stable and compatible operating system.
(06:34:43 PM) yharrow_mobile: yeah, my mom couldnt take too much of it either
(06:34:54 PM) dhgwill: built and maintained by thousands of interested users and completely transparent
(06:35:09 PM) isacklow: my wife switched to linux after getting sick of all the m$ issues....now she's on a mac
(06:35:11 PM) dhgwill: secure, safe and useful as hell right out of the box...
(06:35:12 PM) dhgwill: and free
(06:35:17 PM) VON_CAPO1: To stress the idea to crush the DRM stuff?
(06:35:28 PM) dhgwill: yeah, i've started ripping to ogg vorbis
(06:35:29 PM) isacklow: you just have to show them the wonders of linux...then let them come around on their own terms
(06:35:33 PM) hendrixski: wrong way to promote Ubuntu = if they hear you say "linux linux linux, open source, linux" they get bored
(06:35:44 PM) dhgwill: i try to leave open source to the end...
(06:35:57 PM) yharrow_mobile: we will need to come up with some suggestions as to right and wrong way
(06:36:01 PM) dhgwill: i start with cool, useful, and free, not to mention no viruses worth mentioning.
(06:36:03 PM) hendrixski: VON_CAPO1, DRM is great topic to start a conversation in which you end up promoting ubuntu
(06:36:07 PM) yharrow_mobile: i suggest we create  a project for it
(06:36:12 PM) isacklow: you also have to accept the fact that linux is not for everyone (cad / photoshop users for starters)
(06:36:12 PM) hendrixski: second
(06:36:14 PM) dhgwill: i worked for a political canvassing group this summer...
(06:36:21 PM) dhgwill: we could make phone scripts and cold call people
(06:36:26 PM) yharrow_mobile: say aye if you are familiar with our new projects page?
(06:36:42 PM) dhgwill: "Hi, I'm David and I'm working with Ubuntu to promote togetherness and freedom. Can I have a moment of your time?"
(06:36:46 PM) ausimage: hmmm gimp is good enough for me.... and they do make CAD for linux :)
(06:36:47 PM) ***hendrixski isn't sure if it's been changed since looking at it
(06:37:05 PM) dhgwill: i actually had a fellow who wanted to swtich but needed to do autocad
(06:37:08 PM) isacklow: i do what samiam010203 suggested in one of his podcasts.....install firefox / thunderbird / gaim / gimp /oo and then go from there
(06:37:11 PM) dhgwill: specifically autocad
(06:37:22 PM) hendrixski: wrong way to promote ubuntu = telemarketing
(06:37:23 PM) yharrow_mobile: dhgwill beleive it or not its not a very bad idea. although you may need some sort of license or nocall list
(06:37:25 PM) dhgwill: lolol
(06:37:25 PM) dbist: isn't sure why hendrixski is speaking in third view
(06:37:31 PM) dhgwill: (i was kidding, guys...)
(06:37:36 PM) yharrow_mobile: dhgwill i dont recommend it htough
(06:37:49 PM) yharrow_mobile: there is something called the warm market
(06:37:54 PM) dhgwill: mmhmm
(06:37:57 PM) yharrow_mobile: friends family church memebrs etc
(06:37:59 PM) isacklow: dhgwill: that's the main reson i have to admin m$ boxes.....damn autocad
(06:38:02 PM) yharrow_mobile: we should go through there
(06:38:08 PM) samiam010203: you say to them " hay, gumba... if you dont install ubuntu on you machine, you might have an accedent...gabishe?
(06:38:10 PM) yharrow_mobile: although we could use the cold market
(06:38:17 PM) yharrow_mobile: warm market is best
(06:38:24 PM) hendrixski: warm market is best
(06:38:25 PM) dhgwill: well, i was actually telling isacklow that my dad, who has run linux exclusively for about 10 years, is thinking of switching to mac
(06:38:31 PM) yharrow_mobile: jix
(06:38:32 PM) dhgwill: which really makes me sad.
(06:38:36 PM) dbist: best way to promote, donate old machines with ubuntu to orgs
(06:38:38 PM) yharrow_mobile: jinx
(06:38:45 PM) Nick{Away} is now known as NickGarvey
(06:38:46 PM) dhgwill: ooh! i like that idea.
(06:38:51 PM) yharrow_mobile: hi NickGarvey
(06:39:00 PM) hendrixski: wb NickGarvey
(06:39:01 PM) dhgwill: i was going to salvage some friends laptops (graduates get new ones for real life)
(06:39:02 PM) yharrow_mobile: we have many good ideas here tonight
(06:39:02 PM) NickGarvey: hello
(06:39:03 PM) dhgwill: hi nick
(06:39:08 PM) dhgwill: and install ubuntu on them.
(06:39:11 PM) dhgwill: it's like a fun party trick.
(06:39:12 PM) NickGarvey: dinner was gooood
(06:39:20 PM) dhgwill: even the live cd can run beryl
(06:39:21 PM) samiam010203: whatcha have nick
(06:39:25 PM) yharrow_mobile: and I want us to continue but I need to get everyones attention for a moment
(06:39:30 PM) n8k99: ok
(06:39:33 PM) dbist: i should be getting two netvistas but for the life of me i cant install ubuntu on them, damn CD-ROMS
(06:39:34 PM) isacklow: dbist: that's what we do when we get machines from a local college (skidmore)....donate them with linux installed
(06:39:36 PM) hendrixski: alrighty all, I gotta get going
(06:39:44 PM) VON_CAPO1: My solution to Windows CAD software ---> http://img515.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshotwd6hr4.jpg
(06:39:58 PM) NickGarvey: was the blog discussed?
(06:40:02 PM) dhgwill: i go to skidmore! well, went...
(06:40:10 PM) yharrow_mobile: hendrixski: so there will be no rochester RL meeting or will we discuss it later/
(06:40:12 PM) NickGarvey: aka, where are we in the agenda
(06:40:16 PM) isacklow: i know someone that fixes m$ viruses by installing linux on the box and then returning it
(06:40:18 PM) dbist: wrong way to advertise ubuntu: breaking and entering into a library and reimage all pcs with ubuntuyh
(06:40:36 PM) hendrixski: yharrow_mobile, most likely not... I'll piggy back off the LUG for another month or two
(06:40:43 PM) dhgwill: lolol
(06:40:51 PM) hendrixski left the room (quit: "Leaving").
(06:41:07 PM) yharrow_mobile: ok then. there will not be a Rochester meeting at least not yet. does that sound ok with everyone
(06:41:10 PM) GNu_Joe left the room (quit: "Leaving").
(06:41:14 PM) dhgwill: is okay with me
(06:41:15 PM) yharrow_mobile: or do you guys want one badly?
(06:41:24 PM) ausimage: yharrow_mobile: need tell every to attend the lug then
(06:41:27 PM) isacklow: dhgwill: we have a few admins from skidmore in our lug :)
(06:41:32 PM) dhgwill: o rly?
(06:41:34 PM) dbist: when your friends turns away pop in the live cd and let him/her figure out what happened
(06:41:43 PM) yharrow_mobile: ok i think hendrixsis plan is a good one
(06:41:52 PM) dhgwill: the only problem is that it's hard to prove that linux runs faster when you're using the livecd
(06:41:58 PM) yharrow_mobile: the first and main rl meeting will be held in nyc alone
(06:42:01 PM) dhgwill: because it does, even with beryl. but definitely not off the live cd.
(06:42:07 PM) yharrow_mobile: everyone get that?
(06:42:09 PM) yharrow_mobile: guys
(06:42:12 PM) dbist: yes
(06:42:14 PM) samiam010203: yes
(06:42:15 PM) n8k99: no what's that
(06:42:20 PM) samiam010203: so what date/time then
(06:42:22 PM) n8k99: when where
(06:42:23 PM) raffytaffy left the room (quit: "Leaving").
(06:42:29 PM) dbist: wednesdays no good for me
(06:42:45 PM) yharrow_mobile: hmm
(06:42:54 PM) yharrow_mobile: i think we should have it on a weekend but i am not sure
(06:43:01 PM) samiam010203: weekend is fine
(06:43:01 PM) yharrow_mobile: what do you guys think?
(06:43:04 PM) samiam010203: weekend is fine
(06:43:08 PM) dbist: err
(06:43:08 PM) dhgwill: if it's on a weekend, we could all have oru nerd date and then get drunk :)!
(06:43:18 PM) isacklow: VON_CAPO1: is that vmware? i use it for my local use....but not for the main draftstaff...way to big of a performance hit
(06:43:19 PM) yharrow_mobile: lol
(06:43:27 PM) yharrow_mobile: yeah weekend would probably be fun
(06:43:32 PM) dhgwill: well, i could do that any day, but my job doesn't start until 4 in the afternoon usually...
(06:43:33 PM) VON_CAPO1: not really
(06:43:39 PM) dbist: oh ye that's a great way to introduce ubuntu, show people virtual machine
(06:43:46 PM) yharrow_mobile: I cant do saturday, that means it would have to be sunday
(06:43:52 PM) dhgwill: oh weak sauce.
(06:43:53 PM) samiam010203: sunday is fine
(06:43:54 PM) dhgwill: what about friday?
(06:44:00 PM) dhgwill: lol, don't listen to me
(06:44:04 PM) dhgwill: i don't think i can come anyway.
(06:44:06 PM) yharrow_mobile: friday is possible but diifficult
(06:44:13 PM) dbist: weekend not good, i want a life :)
(06:44:17 PM) samiam010203: lets stick with sunday
(06:44:18 PM) yharrow_mobile: lol
(06:44:20 PM) dbist: shabbot?
(06:44:27 PM) yharrow_mobile: dbist: yes ;)
(06:44:30 PM) dhgwill: is it?
(06:44:32 PM) dbist: ah si
(06:44:36 PM) dhgwill: i'm jewish i don't know these things.
(06:44:40 PM) dhgwill: :-p
(06:44:41 PM) NickGarvey: sunday would probably work out
(06:44:44 PM) dbist: jewbuntu
(06:44:49 PM) dhgwill: LOL!
(06:44:53 PM) samiam010203: they have satanic ubuntu
(06:44:54 PM) dhgwill: stars of david everywhere
(06:44:56 PM) dhgwill: really?
(06:44:58 PM) dbist: they have muslimbuntu
(06:45:09 PM) dbist: wobbly stars of david
(06:45:10 PM) NickGarvey: (watches convo drift offtopic)
(06:45:12 PM) yharrow_mobile: dhgwill: friday night till saturday night is a day of rest
(06:45:14 PM) yharrow_mobile: lol
(06:45:14 PM) dhgwill: 6664 bit
(06:45:18 PM) VON_CAPO1: In this case, Rhinoceros is a little bit slower, but for the every day use... it runs fine
(06:45:24 PM) n8k99: there is also icthux (christian kubuntu)
(06:45:24 PM) dhgwill: yharrow_mobile: i know that, he said sunday was the shabbos
(06:45:25 PM) yharrow_mobile: thats true, i think they tried jewbuntu but it didnt work out
(06:45:28 PM) yharrow_mobile: lol
(06:45:30 PM) yharrow_mobile: oh no
(06:45:33 PM) yharrow_mobile: sunday is not
(06:45:33 PM) yharrow_mobile: hehe
(06:45:35 PM) dbist: not sunday, friday
(06:45:41 PM) yharrow_mobile: dhgwill: are you religious btw?
(06:45:42 PM) ***ausimage asks if yharrow needs my stick ???
(06:45:42 PM) dhgwill: ooooh
(06:45:45 PM) dhgwill: not at all
(06:45:47 PM) samiam010203: so r we doing sunday then
(06:45:56 PM) NickGarvey: +1 for sunday
(06:45:58 PM) dhgwill: i was the president of my temple youth group in high school and am now essentially secular.
(06:46:14 PM) dhgwill: i haven't been to any holiday services (or any services at all) in the last year
(06:46:25 PM) yharrow_mobile: dhgwill: Iunderstand :)
(06:46:25 PM) dbist: jewbuntu comes with automatic circumcision
(06:46:29 PM) yharrow_mobile: lmao
(06:46:29 PM) yharrow_mobile: haha
(06:46:47 PM) ausimage: circumsize ms right??? :D
(06:46:51 PM) yharrow_mobile: gotta make it but first lets deal with the issues at hand
(06:46:54 PM) yharrow_mobile: lol
(06:46:57 PM) NickGarvey: yeaoh
(06:46:58 PM) dhgwill: i realized that not believing in god made it very difficult to be part of a community that specifically does...
(06:47:03 PM) yharrow_mobile: all who vote for sunday say aye
(06:47:08 PM) samiam010203: aye
(06:47:12 PM) yharrow_mobile: dhgwill: yes this is true
(06:47:13 PM) dbist: sunday rl or irc?
(06:47:13 PM) NickGarvey: we are getting off on a sin(x)/cos(x)
(06:47:14 PM) yharrow_mobile: aye
(06:47:15 PM) n8k99: aye
(06:47:16 PM) yharrow_mobile: rl
(06:47:20 PM) yharrow_mobile: sunday for rl
(06:47:21 PM) dbist: oi vei
(06:47:24 PM) yharrow_mobile: hehe
(06:47:26 PM) samiam010203: hahaha
(06:47:29 PM) yharrow_mobile: aye
(06:47:37 PM) dbist: allright when i can i can
(06:47:38 PM) yharrow_mobile: i voted twice
(06:47:41 PM) yharrow_mobile: cummon guys
(06:47:48 PM) yharrow_mobile: vote with your keyboards
(06:47:55 PM) dhgwill: (i'm abstaining, as i won't be there either way)
(06:47:56 PM) samiam010203: so what sunday and what time now?
(06:47:57 PM) ***ausimage says we tie for most chaotic meetings agaist the Community Council
(06:48:00 PM) n8k99: aye
(06:48:01 PM) dbist: as much as i love ubuntu if i have a date, im not coming guys
(06:48:08 PM) yharrow_mobile: samiam010203: waitign or more votes
(06:48:13 PM) VON_CAPO1: I think Linux will take off, when Vmware gives real support for 3D acceleration. So it would be possible to run Windows's 3D games
(06:48:18 PM) salvatore_b: aye
(06:48:24 PM) yharrow_mobile: lmao
(06:48:27 PM) NickGarvey: aye
(06:48:27 PM) yharrow_mobile: not you
(06:48:28 PM) yharrow_mobile: lol
(06:48:32 PM) salvatore_c: yae
(06:48:35 PM) yharrow_mobile: hehe
(06:48:37 PM) salvatore_c: hahaha
(06:48:37 PM) dbist: MONO!
(06:48:41 PM) yharrow_mobile: ok lets count the votes
(06:48:45 PM) yharrow_mobile: no wait
(06:48:47 PM) n8k99: ayeayeayeayeayeayeayeayeayeayeae
(06:48:49 PM) yharrow_mobile: lets not
(06:48:51 PM) NickGarvey: yharrow_mobile: I saw no "nay"s
i(06:48:57 PM) NickGarvey: seems a little pointless
(06:49:05 PM) yharrow_mobile: NickGarvey: i guess ayes won
(06:49:07 PM) yharrow_mobile: sunday it is
(06:49:10 PM) yharrow_mobile: we need a time
(06:49:14 PM) ausimage: BrionS: welcome to the animal house :D
(06:49:28 PM) NickGarvey: 4ish probably
(06:49:29 PM) yharrow_mobile: ausimage. how could you! :P
(06:49:31 PM) n8k99: ausimage: sh. don't say that out loud
(06:49:31 PM) BrionS: hey ausimage, how's it going?
(06:49:34 PM) samiam010203: whats best for everyone morning/afternnon
(06:49:35 PM) yharrow_mobile: ausimage: we are far from it
(06:49:38 PM) yharrow_mobile: :P
(06:49:41 PM) NickGarvey: cdlug goes from 3-5 which works out pretty well
(06:49:44 PM) n8k99: afternoon
(06:49:52 PM) ausimage: it was getting out of hand a bit :P
(06:49:58 PM) yharrow_mobile: ausimage: twas
(06:50:03 PM) yharrow_mobile: ausimage: you are right
(06:50:15 PM) yharrow_mobile: ausimage: i wish there was a gavel i could bang or something
(06:50:18 PM) yharrow_mobile: :P
(06:50:28 PM) ausimage: yharrow_mobile:  you can use my stick ;)
(06:50:28 PM) NickGarvey: its called "+m"
(06:50:37 PM) dhgwill: lol
(06:50:40 PM) yharrow_mobile: thanks NickGarvey willuse that in the future
(06:50:41 PM) dbist: i wish i had something to bang period.
(06:50:50 PM) dhgwill: hi-o
(06:50:52 PM) NickGarvey: dbist: lets keep it pg in here
(06:50:53 PM) NickGarvey: coc
(06:50:58 PM) dhgwill: ?
(06:51:02 PM) dhgwill: "coc"?
(06:51:06 PM) NickGarvey: code of conduct
(06:51:09 PM) dhgwill: a-ha
(06:51:11 PM) dhgwill: indeed
(06:51:12 PM) dbist: haha
(06:51:13 PM) n8k99: !offtopic
(06:51:14 PM) NickGarvey: I assume this loco follows it
(06:51:19 PM) dhgwill: i signed one.
(06:51:23 PM) NickGarvey: mhmm
(06:51:27 PM) yharrow_mobile: sam, pls op me
(06:51:33 PM) samiam010203: hold on
(06:51:34 PM) yharrow_mobile: forgot the command
(06:51:36 PM) NickGarvey: where are we in the agenda?
(06:51:41 PM) NickGarvey: probably /msg chanserv op all
(06:51:47 PM) NickGarvey: unless you have op in a load of places, that'll do
(06:51:55 PM) yharrow_mobile:  /msg chanserv op all
(06:51:59 PM) mode (+o yharrow_mobile ) by ChanServ
(06:51:59 PM) NickGarvey: drop the
(06:51:59 PM) ausimage: in siberia is where we are :)
(06:52:04 PM) yharrow_mobile: ok great
(06:52:05 PM) NickGarvey: mk
(06:52:11 PM) NickGarvey: where are we in the agenda?
(06:52:12 PM) mode (+m ) by yharrow_mobile
(06:52:17 PM) yharrow_mobile: ok then
(06:52:25 PM) yharrow_mobile: we need to discuss the meeting time
(06:52:27 PM) mode (-m ) by yharrow_mobile
(06:52:27 PM) samiam010203: back on track now
(06:52:33 PM) samiam010203: time and date
(06:52:40 PM) NickGarvey: yharrow_mobile: +m makes it so only people with voice can talk
(06:52:47 PM) yharrow_mobile: ok
(06:52:49 PM) yharrow_mobile: cool
(06:53:01 PM) yharrow_mobile: so
(06:53:05 PM) yharrow_mobile: basically
(06:53:14 PM) yharrow_mobile: afternoon or evening
(06:53:17 PM) NickGarvey: 2nd sunday of june at 4-6 sound good?
(06:53:28 PM) dbist: 3-5
(06:53:34 PM) samiam010203: i think were going with afternon
(06:53:45 PM) NickGarvey: yeah
(06:53:56 PM) yharrow_mobile: NickGarvey: we will have a meeting in june as well
(06:54:00 PM) n8k99: 4-6 sounds nice
(06:54:03 PM) NickGarvey: yharrow_mobile: oh, we are having one this month?
(06:54:09 PM) samiam010203: yes
(06:54:09 PM) yharrow_mobile: yes
(06:54:14 PM) NickGarvey: you are going to try to inform people with only 15 days to plan?
(06:54:17 PM) dbist: is there a date yet?
(06:54:22 PM) dhgwill: 2nd sunday in june: irl or irc?
(06:54:34 PM) yharrow_mobile: NickGarvey: I think that 2 weeks is sufficient, I am not sure though
(06:54:36 PM) NickGarvey: dhgwill: that would be irl, but that was only a suggestion
(06:54:38 PM) yharrow_mobile: what do you guys think
(06:54:49 PM) yharrow_mobile: is 2 weeks notice sufficient?
(06:54:50 PM) samiam010203: have the meeting on the 26th
(06:54:51 PM) yharrow_mobile: yes or no
(06:54:56 PM) dhgwill: i think two weeks should be fine.
(06:54:57 PM) dbist: no for me
(06:54:59 PM) samiam010203: yes two weeks is fine notice
(06:55:03 PM) n8k99: are we just getting together to have a meat space nmeeting or is there some special agenda?
(06:55:06 PM) NickGarvey: 26th would probably work
(06:55:09 PM) NickGarvey: from 4-6?
(06:55:12 PM) samiam010203: how much time do poeple need to prepair?
(06:55:13 PM) yharrow_mobile: n8k99: no special agenda
(06:55:16 PM) dbist: 26th i can't sorry
(06:55:24 PM) n8k99: then 2 weeks is plenty of time
(06:55:34 PM) yharrow_mobile: we will have a meeting in june dbist don't worry :D
(06:55:35 PM) dbist: and 26th is a Saturday btw
(06:55:46 PM) samiam010203: ok the 27th then
(06:55:46 PM) NickGarvey: yeah, I think you mean 27th
(06:55:47 PM) yharrow_mobile: yes
(06:55:54 PM) dbist: I'm not, I just want to attend all
(06:55:57 PM) samiam010203: now what time
(06:55:59 PM) yharrow_mobile: the 27th
(06:56:20 PM) yharrow_mobile: dbist: i truly wish you could attend, but i would like to have a meetign this month
(06:56:20 PM) dbist: I won't be cming 27th either :(
(06:56:29 PM) dbist: awe
(06:56:37 PM) yharrow_mobile: ok then how does 4 -6 sound?
(06:56:41 PM) yharrow_mobile: 4 - 6 pm
(06:56:42 PM) NickGarvey: sounds good to me
(06:56:45 PM) samiam010203: sounds GRATE!
(06:56:57 PM) dbist: if we can have the meeting in JFK i can attend :)
(06:57:05 PM) yharrow_mobile: :)
(06:57:08 PM) samiam010203: so lets get this trait now: the 27th from 4pm-6pm at the bcup cafe right ?
(06:57:10 PM) NickGarvey: ok, whats next on the agenda?
(06:57:14 PM) yharrow_mobile: Im afraid that wont be possible
(06:57:19 PM) NickGarvey: yeah that's what it looks like
(06:57:37 PM) yharrow_mobile: we need to update and create the following things:
(06:57:41 PM) yharrow_mobile: wiki front page
(06:57:42 PM) samiam010203: so lets get this strait now: the 27th from 4pm-6pm at the bcup cafe right ? <---| is this exact
(06:57:44 PM) yharrow_mobile: wiki meeting page
(06:58:21 PM) yharrow_mobile: new wiki page for the meeting, mailing list anouncement today and 3 days prior
(06:58:26 PM) yharrow_mobile: forum post
(06:58:31 PM) samiam010203: cool
(06:58:44 PM) yharrow_mobile: and calendar listing
(06:58:54 PM) samiam010203: and we should tell management to point people to us
(06:59:05 PM) samiam010203: ill be handing out ubuntu stickers till there gone
(06:59:27 PM) yharrow_mobile: bring w/e ubuntu stuff you want/can to the meeting.
(06:59:27 PM) samiam010203: and cds
(06:59:31 PM) yharrow_mobile: stickers, cds etc
(06:59:46 PM) samiam010203: and ill be bringing the trivia prizes wich r going to rock
(06:59:55 PM) yharrow_mobile: cool :D
(06:59:58 PM) samiam010203: so people put on your thinking caps
(07:00:04 PM) yharrow_mobile: and im bringing trivia questions
(07:00:13 PM) samiam010203: so lets get this strait now: the 27th from 4pm-6pm at the bcup cafe right ? <---| is this exact
(07:00:26 PM) yharrow_mobile: yes samiam010203 it is
(07:00:34 PM) samiam010203: cool ill makr my calendar
(07:00:42 PM) yharrow_mobile: ok guys . now about the projects page
(07:01:03 PM) yharrow_mobile: we have many tasks that need to be completed for the team
(07:01:10 PM) yharrow_mobile: we also have many members
(07:01:29 PM) yharrow_mobile: in order to assign members to tasks we have created a projects page
(07:01:44 PM) yharrow_mobile: it is here where you can create or claim a project
(07:02:14 PM) yharrow_mobile: everyone with me so far?
(07:02:40 PM) dhgwill: i'm with you
(07:02:56 PM) samiam010203: with u so far
(07:03:32 PM) yharrow_mobile: anyone else?
(07:03:51 PM) ***BrionS is listeneing
(07:04:06 PM) yharrow_mobile: ausimage: , n8k99  , NickGarvey  isacklow  you guys still here?
(07:04:08 PM) yharrow_mobile: ok
(07:04:11 PM) NickGarvey: yharrow_mobile: yes, lurking
(07:04:19 PM) yharrow_mobile: the location of the projects page is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewYorkTeam/ProjectGoals
(07:04:24 PM) n8k99: yeah sorry having food with the fam
(07:04:24 PM) VON_CAPO1: Is in the wiki the location of bcup cafe?
(07:04:38 PM) yharrow_mobile: VON_CAPO1: we will have to enter it into the meetings wiki page
(07:04:43 PM) ***ausimage is here but stretched out :)
(07:04:45 PM) samiam010203: http://www.bcupcafe.com/page1.html
(07:04:47 PM) yharrow_mobile: n8k99: ok cool
(07:05:27 PM) yharrow_mobile: ok just to show you guys how the projects work i will create a project for RL Meeting
(07:05:29 PM) VON_CAPO1: roger
(07:05:34 PM) ausimage: hey I should say if anyone wants to help me with my projects please do :)
(07:06:08 PM) yharrow_mobile: visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewYorkTeam/ProjectGoals to see what the page looks like
(07:06:18 PM) yharrow_mobile: you willnotice there is a link to a template
(07:06:28 PM) yharrow_mobile: you need to use that template for every project you create
(07:06:47 PM) yharrow_mobile: creating a project is as simple as creatinga  name and link under the brainstorming section
(07:06:53 PM) VON_CAPO1: Is such cafe in the village?
(07:07:29 PM) samiam010203: yes
(07:07:35 PM) VON_CAPO1: Yeap, I saw it: east village cafe
(07:08:16 PM) yharrow_mobile: if you refresh the projects page you will see that there is a new entry under brainstorm
(07:08:38 PM) yharrow_mobile: does anyone see that?
(07:08:44 PM) samiam010203: yuip
(07:08:48 PM) samiam010203: yup
(07:08:50 PM) NickGarvey: RL meeting right?
(07:08:54 PM) yharrow_mobile: correct
(07:08:57 PM) NickGarvey: mk
(07:09:17 PM) yharrow_mobile: if you click it it will take you to a page that right now consists of the project template
(07:09:24 PM) yharrow_mobile: this all took me about a minute
(07:09:43 PM) yharrow_mobile: Now I edit the projects page to fit the project
(07:09:47 PM) yharrow_mobile: details
(07:10:48 PM) dhgwill: seems easy enough.
(07:10:50 PM) yharrow_mobile: when i change one of the statuses such as created approved or assigned, i sign it using the ``@``SIG``@ [without the escape characters ``] symbol
(07:10:59 PM) yharrow_mobile: which automatically enters my name
(07:11:02 PM) yharrow_mobile: the date
(07:11:03 PM) yharrow_mobile: and the time
(07:11:12 PM) yharrow_mobile: dhgwill: yes, it is fairly pain free
(07:11:28 PM) dhgwill: ok about that
(07:11:29 PM) yharrow_mobile: ausimage: contributed alot to fine tuning it
(07:11:35 PM) dhgwill: does it? i was confused about the ``@``SIG``@ [without the escape characters ``] thing
(07:11:37 PM) dhgwill: before
(07:11:59 PM) yharrow_mobile: yes, all you need to do is remove the escape marks which looks like this ``
(07:12:05 PM) BrionS is now known as BrionS_afk
(07:12:12 PM) yharrow_mobile: so that it looks like ``@``SIG``@ [without the escape characters ``]
(07:12:32 PM) yharrow_mobile: i will now enter a name and description as well as creation info
(07:12:36 PM) yharrow_mobile: and you will see what i mean
(07:13:31 PM) samiam010203: yharrow r we doing a phone ceferance after this ?
(07:14:06 PM) dhgwill: it actually just looks like ``@``SIG``@ [without the escape characters ``] to me...
(07:14:09 PM) yharrow_mobile: samiam010203: it wasnt planned
(07:14:13 PM) samiam010203: ok
(07:14:16 PM) dhgwill: oh nm
(07:14:22 PM) dhgwill: i see it now.
(07:14:23 PM) samiam010203: i saw it at the bottem of the agenda
(07:14:25 PM) yharrow_mobile: dhgwill: when you edit it you will see
(07:14:47 PM) yharrow_mobile: refresh the page and you will notice everything whcih i just mentioned
(07:14:48 PM) dhgwill: i guess what i'm trying to say is that i wanted to edit the agenda before, and when i added ``@``SIG``@ [without the escape characters ``] all it showed up as was ``@``SIG``@ [without the escape characters ``]
(07:15:03 PM) yharrow_mobile: dhgwill: might be a bug
(07:15:06 PM) dhgwill: only one ``@``SIG``@ [without the escape characters ``] actually looks like a signature. the rest are just ``@``SIG``@ [without the escape characters ``]
(07:15:13 PM) dhgwill: i'm running firefox on feisty.
(07:15:29 PM) yharrow_mobile: dhgwill: that is because the rest are escaped with these ``
(07:15:39 PM) yharrow_mobile: its in the code
(07:15:41 PM) ausimage: the ``@``SIG``@ [without the escape characters ``] is mentioned in the wiki edit docs
(07:15:42 PM) dhgwill: huh
(07:15:46 PM) yharrow_mobile: when you edit it
(07:15:47 PM) dhgwill: fair enough then
(07:15:55 PM) yharrow_mobile: ok then
(07:16:05 PM) NickGarvey: just read the docs, I don't think we need to use meeting time for howto discussion...
(07:16:15 PM) yharrow_mobile: you will also notice that i have added a priority level
(07:16:20 PM) yharrow_mobile: in this case 5/5
(07:16:43 PM) yharrow_mobile: i will also add a status by selecting one from the given choices
(07:20:28 PM) yharrow_mobile: ok
(07:20:37 PM) yharrow_mobile: if you refresh the page
(07:20:57 PM) yharrow_mobile: you will see thta i have chosen a status by bolding it
(07:21:07 PM) yharrow_mobile: I have also added a task
(07:22:40 PM) NickGarvey: can we bring up the topic of the blog?
(07:22:46 PM) NickGarvey: I think thats where we are on the agenda
(07:22:47 PM) yharrow_mobile: NickGarvey: we should
(07:22:56 PM) NickGarvey: mk
(07:23:10 PM) ***NickGarvey pings n8k99 and samiam010203 
(07:23:11 PM) samiam010203: yes what were thinking is top have aseprate blog for personal posts
(07:23:26 PM) samiam010203: here
(07:23:27 PM) NickGarvey: there would be _two_ blogs?
(07:23:27 PM) samiam010203: yes what were thinking is top have aseprate blog for personal posts
(07:23:29 PM) yharrow_mobile: we need to decide whether or not the blog should concern issues pertaining somehow to ubuntu or whethe we can randomly choose topics for the blog
(07:24:07 PM) yharrow_mobile: in which we can express unrelaated, offtopic posts
(07:24:12 PM) samiam010203: we could create another blog on the site or we could have an non ubuntu tag
(07:24:15 PM) ***n8k99 tries to keep things centered around ubuntu
(07:24:32 PM) n8k99: if the blog is to stand alone then any topic is fine
(07:24:37 PM) yharrow_mobile: samiam010203: I like the idea of an non ubuntu blog
(07:24:47 PM) yharrow_mobile: we have the webspace for it
(07:24:49 PM) samiam010203: so lets go that rout
(07:24:52 PM) yharrow_mobile: but then again
(07:24:53 PM) samiam010203: roat
(07:25:00 PM) yharrow_mobile: there is wordpress and blogger
(07:25:01 PM) NickGarvey: I just don't see why it is even needed to have the personal blog, we could have a "blogroll" where it links to members blog's, but if the material is not related to the loco, then I don't see why it would be included under the loco's administration
(07:25:16 PM) yharrow_mobile: actually NickGarvey I thinkt hat sounds like a better idea
(07:25:17 PM) samiam010203: nick thats the operfect idea
(07:25:25 PM) yharrow_mobile: let us do that then
(07:25:27 PM) samiam010203: because then you could filter the posts
(07:25:40 PM) samiam010203: and people could write what they wanted to
(07:25:45 PM) n8k99: NickGarvey: has a swell head on his shoulders
(07:25:47 PM) yharrow_mobile: yeah that sounds great
(07:25:51 PM) yharrow_mobile: :D
(07:25:52 PM) yharrow_mobile: hehe
(07:25:56 PM) yharrow_mobile: ok thats solved then
(07:26:01 PM) NickGarvey: :)
(07:26:03 PM) yharrow_mobile: lemme see what other topics
(07:26:10 PM) samiam010203: so set it up so people could submit there blogs and then we can get started on it
(07:26:33 PM) n8k99: just make a link to your blog
(07:26:39 PM) samiam010203: Wrap up and goals for next meeting (Phone Conference 05/8/2007) <---| is this date correct yharrow?
(07:26:41 PM) yharrow_mobile: our calendar is not in good shape
(07:26:42 PM) n8k99: its there on the dashbboard
(07:26:57 PM) yharrow_mobile: we need a calendar admin
(07:27:22 PM) NickGarvey: yharrow_mobile: I have editing power on it, what is not how you want?
(07:27:53 PM) yharrow_mobile: NickGarvey: we simply need to be certain that the calendar does not assert that meetings will be held on days which they will be not
(07:28:07 PM) NickGarvey: yharrow_mobile: then I need a schedule of when the meetings will be
(07:28:26 PM) NickGarvey: what are the dates that are for sure? I had it set up for an irc meeting every other week on tuesdays
(07:28:35 PM) yharrow_mobile: NickGarvey: currently the dates are decided on a monthly basis
(07:28:50 PM) NickGarvey: for the irc or the irl?
(07:28:57 PM) yharrow_mobile: for both right now
(07:29:08 PM) yharrow_mobile: this decision was kinda late
(07:29:16 PM) yharrow_mobile: we shouldve made it earlier
(07:29:51 PM) yharrow_mobile: NickGarvey: you can set an irc meeting listing for the first and third tuesday in june
(07:29:57 PM) yharrow_mobile: at 6pm
(07:30:17 PM) NickGarvey: ok, nothing else?
(07:30:21 PM) ausimage: the calendar admin could send out reminders via the list
(07:30:22 PM) samiam010203: nope
(07:30:35 PM) NickGarvey: the meeting on the 27th maybe?
(07:30:40 PM) yharrow_mobile: NickGarvey: we may be changing the meeting day and time depending on the poll outcome
(07:30:46 PM) NickGarvey: 4-6 right?
(07:30:51 PM) yharrow_mobile: correct
(07:30:51 PM) VON_CAPO1: Guys, I gotta go. I'll be looking forward the wiki's news
(07:30:57 PM) NickGarvey: yharrow_mobile: you can change it pretty easy with google cal 
(07:31:02 PM) yharrow_mobile: later VON_CAPO1 thanks for joining us
(07:31:08 PM) dhgwill: i think we should have a different name for irc meetings and real life meetings
(07:31:08 PM) VON_CAPO1: good night
(07:31:13 PM) dhgwill: ciao!
(07:31:28 PM) yharrow_mobile: NickGarvey: i jsut dont want to promise a meeting that I know may never happen
(07:31:36 PM) samiam010203: hmm
(07:32:17 PM) yharrow_mobile: NickGarvey:  you can set an rl meeting at bcup cafe for sunday the last week of june though.
(07:32:36 PM) yharrow_mobile: june 24
(07:32:59 PM) NickGarvey: last week of june, ok
(07:33:16 PM) yharrow_mobile: yeah and the irc meetings would be june 5 and 19
n8k99 NickGarvey 
(07:33:20 PM) NickGarvey: done
(07:33:38 PM) yharrow_mobile: ok thats settled then. thanks nick :D
(07:33:51 PM) ausimage: NickGarvey:  it would not hurt to make sure the Rochester Lug meeting is listed with a mention for LoCo Team members to join ;)
(07:34:24 PM) yharrow_mobile: as well as isacklows group
(07:34:29 PM) yharrow_mobile: usalug i beleive
(07:34:41 PM) ausimage: captital district yharrow_mobile
(07:34:48 PM) yharrow_mobile: ya
(07:34:50 PM) yharrow_mobile: albany
(07:34:52 PM) yharrow_mobile: :D
(07:35:04 PM) NickGarvey: that is LUGOR?
(07:35:21 PM) ausimage: yeah LUGOR for Rochester
(07:35:27 PM) NickGarvey: yharrow_mobile: CDLUG is isacklow, #usalug he is a member of but not the admin
(07:35:32 PM) yharrow_mobile: albany lug
(07:35:43 PM) yharrow_mobile: oh ok
(07:35:44 PM) yharrow_mobile: cool
(07:35:57 PM) yharrow_mobile: so we should have listings for cdlug and lugor
(07:36:06 PM) yharrow_mobile: ultimately we will have 3 branches
(07:36:07 PM) NickGarvey: yharrow_mobile: they are there
(07:36:16 PM) NickGarvey: wasn't me though
(07:36:17 PM) yharrow_mobile: one in nyc, rochester and albany
(07:36:21 PM) NickGarvey: not sure who put em there, but they are
(07:36:21 PM) ausimage: Nick you think you can to send reminders to the list??
(07:36:31 PM) NickGarvey: ausimage: tell them to check the calendar?
(07:36:59 PM) yharrow_mobile: ausimage: would you be able to handle reminders or is there a way to automate it?
(07:37:17 PM) NickGarvey: I actually need to go to the library, I'll look more into automated reminders, I am actually 90% sure there is a way to automate it
(07:37:25 PM) yharrow_mobile: sweet
(07:37:30 PM) ausimage: not sure... the easiest would be to set the reminder email to the list./...
(07:37:30 PM) yharrow_mobile: that would be cool
(07:37:55 PM) yharrow_mobile: heh, thats not a bad idea at all, just need tomake sure it doesnt remind if there are no events taht day
(07:37:58 PM) NickGarvey: yharrow_mobile: there is a "reminder" option under "options" under each event
(07:38:00 PM) ausimage: I will then allow the email to post
(07:38:15 PM) NickGarvey: it will send an e-mail to the e-mail address its under at a set interval
(07:38:19 PM) yharrow_mobile: NickGarvey: doe it let you check it?
(07:38:26 PM) NickGarvey: what do you mean check it?  I have never used the reminders
(07:38:30 PM) yharrow_mobile: NickGarvey: you should be able to admin the calendar
(07:38:35 PM) NickGarvey: I can
(07:38:39 PM) NickGarvey: I added all the events
(07:38:50 PM) yharrow_mobile: NickGarvey: ok , not to sure how to make it send reminders etiher
(07:38:52 PM) yharrow_mobile: lemme see
(07:39:08 PM) NickGarvey: you might need to "add guests" or such
(07:39:15 PM) NickGarvey: and it might e-mail them
(07:39:17 PM) NickGarvey: I'm not sure
(07:39:35 PM) ausimage: NickGarvey set the email to the LIST and have it sent there
(07:39:50 PM) NickGarvey: Please note that when you make changes to the reminder settings for events on your calendar, the changes will only apply to you. Invited guests or those who have access to the events will receive reminders according to their own Google Calendar reminder settings.
(07:40:20 PM) ausimage: Yeah, so see if the email address can be the LIST :)
(07:40:22 PM) NickGarvey: I don't know how the list is set up, but if you can configure it with google calendar, then you can have the reminders set up to send to tthat, but I can't
(07:40:29 PM) NickGarvey: I don't have access to the list e-mail
(07:40:35 PM) NickGarvey: I don't know anything about the list actually
(07:40:45 PM) NickGarvey: (the inner workings of it)
(07:40:47 PM) ausimage: Nick just use the email address
(07:40:50 PM) yharrow_mobile: there is a support account
(07:40:56 PM) NickGarvey: ausimage: I need a password though
(07:41:09 PM) NickGarvey: to login to it to set it up for the reminders
(07:41:09 PM) yharrow_mobile: we should use the support account i think
(07:41:14 PM) NickGarvey: or, you guys could do it
(07:41:17 PM) yharrow_mobile: let nick email wherever he wants to
(07:41:29 PM) yharrow_mobile: Ill take care of it
(07:41:37 PM) yharrow_mobile: ausimage: would should iset hte address to?
(07:41:39 PM) NickGarvey: I can't configure it to e-mail the list, the list e-mail account needs to tell it to e-mail to itself
(07:41:56 PM) NickGarvey: I need to go to the library, it closes in an hour and 15 min and its an hour walkand its
(07:42:02 PM) NickGarvey: later, help the rest of the meeting goes well
(07:42:08 PM) NickGarvey is now known as Nick{Away}
(07:42:10 PM) samiam010203: yharrow is there going to be anything els?
(07:42:14 PM) yharrow_mobile: ok NickGarvey later we are done in 2 minutes or so
(07:42:19 PM) yharrow_mobile: nah we are on time
(07:42:21 PM) samiam010203: cool
(07:42:22 PM) ausimage: ubuntu-us-ny@lists.ubuntu.com. is the list address
(07:42:29 PM) samiam010203: good this was a productive meeting
(07:42:34 PM) yharrow_mobile: ausimage: thanks will do that in a minute
(07:42:49 PM) yharrow_mobile: samiam010203: yes. I agree. we covered allt he goals we listed
(07:43:09 PM) samiam010203: yharrow do you mind signing on to skype for a few minutes?
(07:43:19 PM) ausimage: are we done then?
(07:43:30 PM) yharrow_mobile: yes meeting adjourned

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