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Dapper kernel will be based on 2.6.15 in order to get use of new device driver model.


The current state of the hotplug system is a huge collection of custom rules and workarounds for things that the kernel lacks. With the new driver model changes in 2.6.15, much of the userspace code can be either removed or simplified.


Kernel in Dapper will need to be 2.6.15, and stabalized prior to Dapper release.


Currently, development is already under way for 2.6.15 upstream. With the current use of Git for the kernel, the kernel uploads will simply need to follow upstream Git, until such time as 2.6.15 is released as stable.

Most of the work is being done in udev, as described in the UdevRoadmap spec.

BoF agenda and discussion

Discussion was short. Most of the work is already being handled by the UdevRoadmap spec, and as such, there is nothing for the kernel, other than to follow its existing development plan of shipping 2.6.15 with Dapper.

As such, this spec is informational only.


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