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This project is no longer maintained. You might be interested in Ubuntu Touch though.

It’s time to look at the core of Ubuntu and review it through a mobile lens. During 13.04, we will like to measure and improve how the guts of our platform performs against mobile metrics.

Things like battery life, memory footprint, support for sensors... are areas where needs and expectation widely vary between a PC and a mobile devices. 13.04 will be a cycle of exploration and learning. Because there is no better way to learn that getting your hands dirty, our practical exercise will be to get Ubuntu Desktop working on the Nexus 7.

The Nexus 7 exercise will be less like a 100 meters sprint (if you don't cross the finish line you don't get a score) and more like Javelin competition. The further that we can throw it, the higher the score!

On those basis, here are 8 types of Javelins to throw and some distance markers to hit for Ubuntu Desktop on Nexus 7:


1st Marker

2nd Marker

3rd Marker

4th Marker

5th Marker

Memory Usage

Desktop runs well with 1GB RAM Info (!)

Desktop, Web Browser and email app all run well within 1GB

Desktop runs well with 512MB

Desktop, Web Browser and email app all run well within 512MB

Power Mangement

Instant on (X)

Suspend/Resume 100 cycles with only 1 error

boot up time <1 min

Sensible Auto Suspend policy

Battery Life

CPU on idle <1%

Standby battery life is > 150 hours

Battery life while browsing is > 8 hours

Battery life playing HD video is > 5 hours

Standby battery life is > 275 hours


Functional shell test that can be loaded manually into the ROM

Performance tests can be run

Automated battery life test

Automated battery life test

Desktop Apps

Web browser boots < 3 sec

Email client (local or web apps)

Music Player

Video Player


Desktop Unity Performance

Fast App-Stack switching

Launcher Reveal time < 2 secs

Dash Reveal time < 3 secs

Dash search < 5 sec

Unity performs >60 FPS


Unity Desktop works Info (!)

touch input performs well (X)

Play a youtube video of a cat Info (!)

Play an HD movie

Ubuntu one


Mic & Wifi



position awareness sensors