Hi! My name is Nick HS, aka ziroday and I'm a FOSS & Ubuntu advocate.

Contact Information


Nick HS


nick (at) daenim (dot) com


ziroday on &




About me

  • I'm a student studying in Singapore. Have used Ubuntu (and Linux) since Dapper Drake and never looked back since! I spend far too much time on IRC and Brainstorm and I love working with new users.

Contributions to Ubuntu

  • I'm an active member of the Singapore Loco, and act as an IRC operator, forums moderator, launchpad team administrator and website administrator.
    • Was present at the very first Ubuntu SG meeting
    • Helped out on Software Freedom Day
    • Joined in at the SMU presentation
    • Played a role in the recent Ubuntu Live! talk at the National University of Singapore
    • Other various wiki tasks
  • I'm a Brainstorm Moderator (I can fiddle with with ideas once they've left the sandbox) since late 2008. I've helped mentor new idea reviewers and try to help out where I can. I also do a small amount of brainstorm bug reporting and maintain the moderator wiki docs as well as being a brainstorm mailing list administrator.
  • The rest of the time I can be found idling in various irc channels, I often help out in #ubuntu and can be seen playing around in #ubuntu-offtopic
  • In person I recommend Ubuntu and FOSS to anyone who can bear to listen, whilst also encouraging businesses and schools to adopt/support open standards as well as setting up open Ubuntu terminals. Mandatory Pics

  • I'm an early release adopter to enjoy all the breakage

Future Plans

  • Develop a process to make it easier for developers to get developer status on brainstorm
  • Clear up ideas in brainstorm that have already been implemented (there's a few)
  • Create a clear explanation of the brainstorm idea reviewing process
  • Present more workshops and truly rock SFD to get the SG LoCo approved

  • Continue to try setup Ubuntu terminals in various schools and organizations
  • Become an Ubuntu Member


Amber Graner: Nick is welcoming, patient, and knowledgeable when mentoring new non-technical users of the Ubuntu Community who want and need help in Brainstorm. He continues to offer help and support and never makes one feel silly for asking questions.

SayakBanerjee - Nick is a great asset to the Ubuntu Brainstorm team. He is an active moderator, a great mentor for newcomers, and has a good knowledge of the community on a whole. He has my full support for the membership.

NicolasDeschildre - Nick is one of the few main moderators of Ubuntu Brainstorm that has been constantly active for quite a while now, and UB really needs that love. I ++ its membership! Cheers \o/

Billy AM - Nick has been consistently , one of the most active members of the Ubuntu Singapore Loco Team for years. He was involved in the planning , organising and into actual hands-on involvement in the team's events for the years such as Software Freedom Day. He is also one of the administrators of the website and also the IRC channel at the freenode IRC network where he would assist the newbies. None would be more proud than the Singapore Loco Team to see one of our most actively involved members becoming a Ubuntu Member.

GunbladeIV - Nick has been very helpful in IRC and one of the active member in Singapore. He help other's through IRC and is also involved in the team's events. I give my support for him to become an Ubuntu Member for the next Asia/Oceania Board Meeting.

supervivid - Nick has been involved in various Team Ubuntu Singapore activites since its inception and has been very helpful in guiding new learners to grasp Ubuntu. I recommend Nick to be an Ubuntu Member hands down.

bazhang- Nick is a very active participant on the #Ubuntu irc channels, providing sensible answers and support on a daily basis. He is clearly committed to improving the entire Ubuntu community experience through his humour, patience, good sense, and knowledge of Ubuntu, and is seemingly tireless in his efforts. I fully recommend him for Ubuntu membership.

ActionParsnip- I only know Nick as ziroday in #ubuntu. He is a strong helper and a solid contributor to Ubuntu in the channel. I think we can all learn from him. I thoroughly recommend him for membership


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