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Nicolas (Nick) Barcet is the Ubuntu Server Product Manager at Canonical.


  • He is known as nijaba on Freenode and hangs out on #ubuntu-server

  • He can be reached at nick(dot)barcet(at)canonical(dot)com

  • [ Profile on Launchpad]

Contributions to Ubuntu

About me

  • Linux user since 1998 (Red-hat then Suse to start with) and Ubuntu convert since 6.06LTS
  • Member of the Solutions Linux program committee since 2006 (France's largest event about Linux and Open Source Software)
  • Speaker at many Linux events (Solutions Linux, OSCON, Linux-World, Conocimiento Libre, etc...)
  • [ Personal blog] (mostly in french)

  • Small contributor and hoster of [ Hardware4linux]

  • and a few other things...