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 * [ LP #210639] - dvd95 - Upgraded to new upstream, adapted a dpatch
 * [ LP #237055] - nagcon - Upgraded to new upstream

Nicolas Van Wambeke

Using Linux since 94' with Slackware as my main distribution, I've discovered Ubuntu with Breezy and was amazed that even on my KDS laptop most things would work out of the box. Since then, I've been transmitting this amazement to as many people as I could around me.


Ubuntu work

I'm most interested in participating in QA for Ubuntu as well as helping users. For this, I often answer user questions on Launchpad and try my best at some updates/bugs/merges/syncs.

In order to keep track of the work I've performed, below is a list of LP bugs I worked on.



The list of questions in which I participated is available [ here]

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