About Me

My name is Nikita Yerenkov-Scott, I am Male, and I am a Linux-enthusiast. My first proper taste of Linux was Ubuntu which I started using at the end of 2014 after being a Windows 7 and Mac user for a few years (although I had some experience with Ubuntu and Lubuntu because I had used them in VMs). Though I got slightly board of Unity so decided to switch to Ubuntu GNOME mid-2015, and ever since then I have been a major GNOME enthusiast too.

As of recently I have also been working with Arch Linux which has become my primary system, however I still have an Ubuntu system.

I am also rather experienced in Java, and know Python, HTML, JavaScript, bash, and shell as well. And the good thing is that I find it really easy to learn new programming languages, so that is no problem for me, I managed to learn all of JavaScript in just under 12 hours with a good course and some Googling.

As well as development work I create computer artwork, currently I do not have anywhere where I am hosting my artwork but as soon as I have my website set up to host the artwork I will update this wiki with the address.

English is my native language, but I can also speak Russian and I am learning Japanese.

Contact Information

LaunchPad username



cooks.go.hungry AT gmail DOT com (this is my public forwarding address)

Freenode IRC username


GNOME IRC username


Ubuntu IRC username



About a year before I started using Ubuntu I found a full authentication bypass vulnerability in a Microsoft Online Service and reported it, it was fixed and I have been credited on the Security Researcher Acknowledgements for Microsoft Online Services site:

I also created and maintain this NetBeans IDE plugin:

I currently am part of the following LaunchPad teams:

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