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Cheers, this is where I'll upload pics of experimental things and graphics that have no special category and/or which doesn't belong to a proposal quite yet.

Short bio

I'm a 26yr old swedish student, formerly IT consultant, graphics artist in advertising and entrepeneur. Feel free to contact me at - all feedback much appreciated! Smile :)

Currently involved with the Edgy art team.

I'm still not linuxified enough to tolerate Gimp, so I'm a Photoshopper. (Please don't bully me!) If anyone wants PSD originals for my ubuntu-work to tweak or play with, just send me a mail.

Recent updates

[wiki:Artwork/Incoming/EdgyProposals/16ColourLogoProposal 16colour logo] - [wiki:Artwork/Incoming/EdgyProposals/GlossProposal Glossy look] - [wiki:Artwork/Incoming/EdgyProposals/WallpaperProposal Wallpapers] -

Golden ubuntu logotype

attachment:goldlogo_weidel_bg.png attachment:goldlogo_weidel.png

Many hours spent tweaking, and some heavy filtering. Could, in some incarnation or another, be useful for marketing purposes, style guide or alike.

Textured ubuntu circle

attachment:texturedlogo_weidel.jpg attachment:texturedlogo_weidel.png

Did this at the same time I did the goldlogo, so lots of the same techniques and filters involved.

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