Nina Kuisma - Ninnnu


Summary of contributions to Ubuntu

I've been a member of Ubuntu Finland since 2005, active since 2006-2007. I do occasional helpdesking in #ubuntu-fi, attend Ubuntu Finland's events (mainly release parties, I'm usually the one who provides more AC power sockets...) and maintain Fibubot (Ubuntu Finland's IRC-bot, its main function is to fetch <title>-tags from the URLs it sees and have occasional botwars with Ubot3 (well, not any more)). I've also written few small scripts for our LoCo, e.g one that automatically deletes specified pages from our wiki (useful for fighting spam when combined with another script that fetches the spampages' names from recent changes) and Finnish PHP-port of release countdown.


  • Active member of Ubuntu Finland
    • Active = Read above...
    • Op in #ubuntu-fi
    • UbuntuMember since December 2009

  • Less active member of Debian-fi
    • = Mainly just idling in their IRC-channel...
  • One of the admins of (Finnish Planet for FOSS-users)

  • "Adopted" LinuCast from RistoHKurppa

    • LinuCast = Weekly Finnish FOSS-news-panelpodcast. Kinda like This Week in Tech...

  • Translated HedgeWars to Finnish

  • Drawing maps to OpenStreetMap


I'd like to see other distros' Finnish users co-operate more (-> more and bigger events), and especially to have more other distros' users attending LinuCast-recordings, since it's currently quite Ubuntu-centric.

Cheers from others

Ninnnu has done a great job with LinuCast, the Finnish Linux podcast, participating in many sessions, finding news and so on. She also is active to participate in the discussion when planning events and gettogethers - and then also participating when something happens, and ready to travel to get there. I definitely recommend the Ubuntu Membership to her (after all I think I was the one suggesting it to her Smile :) -- risto.kurppa 2009-12-13 22:38:11

Ninnnu has been our primary source for web related software development whenever we have been in trouble or otherwise needing something. I don't know how we could survive without her Wink ;) She has saved our wiki from notorious spam, provided hosting and fixes for a support ticket system for our events, made our IRC support a lot better with the bot she hosts and probably a couple of things I'm forgetting. She has been also building a backup system for our web forums, something I'm quite happy with in case the worst happens. In addition to technical involvement, she has been one of the most active participants in Ubuntu Finland's events, making it for example possible to have stand at Assembly events (ca. 5000 people per event) since we generally have too few people. --timo-jyrinki 2009-12-14 06:01:54

ninnnu is everywhere. Always helpful, knowledgeable and friendly, she is an invaluable part of the Finnish Ubuntu community. Nina's fingeprints appear all over our IRC channels, forums, and live events, and you can count on hearing her voice on almost every episode of LinuCast. I sometimes suspect there is more than one ninnnu! If that turns out to be true, I want all of them to be Ubuntu members. --topyli Dec 14, 2009.

ninnnu has been a valuable member in our Finnish LoCo as long as I can remember. If we arrange some live event or need someone to develop a web related software, ninnnu is always there and ready to do whatever needed. In addition to her significant contributions to Ubuntu and Ubuntu Finland she has done incredible work by keeping LinuCast podcast running regularly. I strongly support her membership! --heikki-mantysaari Dec 14, 2009


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