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Logs from the LoCo Council Meeting held on April 20th, 2010 as it relates to the NC LoCo Teams approval. Link to full log can be found here

[22:20] <czajkowski> [topic] Approval of North Carolina LoCo
[22:20] <MootBot> New Topic:  Approval of North Carolina LoCo
[22:20] <itnet7> Woohoo!!
[22:20] <czajkowski> who's here from the NC Team
[22:20] <akgraner> o/
[22:20] <holstein> NC in the house.. w00t
[22:20]  * czajkowski waits to be run over
[22:20] <czajkowski> :)
[22:20] <_marx_> yo
[22:20] <internalkernel> w00t w00t!!
[22:21]  * paultag steps back
[22:21] <_marx_> winston-salem here
[22:21] <AJenbo> paultag, thanks :)
[22:21] <czajkowski> [link]https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NorthCarolinaTeam
[22:21] <MootBot> LINK received: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NorthCarolinaTeam
[22:21] <czajkowski> Aloha folks
[22:21] <akgraner> hey
[22:21] <AJenbo> paultag, hacking on linuxBios as we speek ^^
[22:21] <akgraner> what do you want to know 1st from us? :-)
[22:21] <holstein> hello czajkowski
[22:22] <bac> \o
[22:22] <czajkowski> ok so can akgraner please tell us a bit about the loco please
[22:22] <czajkowski> how did ye start off ?
[22:22] <akgraner> yeppers - it was started in 2007 by vivardi
[22:23] <akgraner> we have the mailing list, forums Irc
[22:23] <akgraner> FB, twitter, identi.ca and a new blog site as well
[22:23] <akgraner> we have been growing slow but steady since then
[22:24] <akgraner> now we are in 4 major areas of NC
[22:24] <czajkowski> good to hear
[22:24] <czajkowski> so you've been around 3 years, what made you decide to go now for approval ??
[22:24] <akgraner> _marx_, can you add to that at all?
[22:24] <akgraner> we are really active and would like to get the benefits afforded to approved teams
[22:25] <akgraner> such as the CD packs, and when we are at conferences the conference materials
[22:25] <_marx_> being one of those US states that takes 8 hours to drive across we have developed small teams across the state
[22:25] <akgraner> in order to represent the community as an "official" team'
[22:25] <czajkowski> akgraner: ok
[22:26] <czajkowski> So how does the team organise events>?
[22:26] <akgraner> we have many different approaches
[22:26] <czajkowski> [link]https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NorthCarolinaTeam/ApprovalApplication
[22:26] <MootBot> LINK received: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NorthCarolinaTeam/ApprovalApplication
[22:26] <akgraner> but basically - we decided what we want to do
[22:27] <akgraner> then we pick a place
[22:27] <akgraner> and a time
[22:27] <leogg> akgraner: nice application :)
[22:27] <akgraner> then we start inviting people
[22:27] <akgraner> leogg, thanks :-)
[22:27] <akgraner> teamwork :-)
[22:27] <paultag> akgraner, So, what's some of the best events you have done in the last year - two years?
[22:27] <holstein> IRC helps, #ubuntu-us-nc is usually pretty active
[22:27] <akgraner> Global Jams, Helped with Southeast Linux Fest, Helped Plan and Staff Atlanta Linux Fest, Ubuntu Hours in Winston and Asheville, Team helping lead 2 LUG groups - WNCLUG and GCLUG group.  We've have members that have also helped with Ubuntu User Days, as well as Ubuntu Open Week.  We plan multiple release parties each cycyle as well.
[22:28] <paultag> akgraner, I also met you at OLF, there were some NC guys and gals that came out my way IIRC
[22:28] <akgraner> oh yeah we were at OLF too
[22:28] <akgraner> :-)
[22:28] <paultag> akgraner, :)
[22:28] <afterlastangel> af
[22:29] <paultag> akgraner, What's your plan moving forward if you get approved?
[22:29] <akgraner> we want to maintain those things we have been doing
[22:29] <internalkernel> keep promoting and converting... :)
[22:29] <_marx_> improve on global jams
[22:29] <akgraner> exactly
[22:29] <leogg> akgraner: you're planning on getting involved in the US mentorship project? As of today, do you collaborate with other LoCo teams in the US or abroad?
[22:30] <akgraner> also helping more in the greater ubuntu community
[22:30] <JFo> yep
[22:30] <akgraner> getting more people involved with ubuntu projects across the board
[22:30] <JFo> like giving talks all over the place :)
[22:30] <akgraner> leogg, yes - CA, and FL ad well as GA
[22:31] <huats> This is something that I really enjoy in US LoCo is the inter loco actions :)
[22:31] <leogg> akgraner: nice! :)
[22:31] <akgraner> abroad - I helped the Israel team learn mootbot-uk
[22:31] <huats> so keep doing that
[22:31] <akgraner> we are also looking at ways to get Ubuntu to the military bases
[22:31] <akgraner> slow process but in time
[22:31] <czajkowski> akgraner: _marx_ what have ye found difficult to do and how have you overcome this??
[22:31] <paultag> Ah! Never even thought of that. Interesting akgraner, how has that been working?
[22:32] <_marx_> czajkowski: building a more involved membership i think has been the most difficult
[22:32] <internalkernel> I'd have to second that _marx_
[22:32] <akgraner> paultag, slow as you have to get someone to let you promote it at various meetings on post  - so it is two fold - create a demand through the free stuff, and then also help promote the GSA schedule stuff
[22:33] <_marx_> we have more facebook members that launchpad members
[22:33] <paultag> akgraner, :)
[22:33] <akgraner> yes the mailing list is not as active as it could be...I think we need to pay more attention to the care and feeding of the forums
[22:33] <internalkernel> and having several areas that are very active which are not very local to each other...
[22:34] <czajkowski> _marx_: and how have you delt with that ?
[22:34] <akgraner> however there is a core group of people who meet almost daily in irc and we come up with ways to cope and new ideas to try an pitch to the teams
[22:35] <_marx_> by trying to find new users and tickle the brains of existing users / members
[22:35] <itnet7> :-)
[22:35] <internalkernel> and that has reflected in our the increase in involvement
[22:35] <paultag> akgraner, What's been the biggest issue you guys and gals have faced WRT starting and maintaining the LoCo
[22:35] <JFo> having such a large state :)
[22:35] <akgraner> biggest issue - to me was figuring out how to divide and conquer so to say
[22:35] <paultag> JFo, Heard that! I'm over in Ohio :)
[22:36] <paultag> akgraner, interesting, do you mind going into that a bit more?
[22:36] <_marx_> we started slowly due to a lack of push from the founder
[22:36] <JFo> we tend to drive a lot :)
[22:36] <JFo> paultag, :)
[22:36] <czajkowski> akgraner: are there any issues your team has encountered and how have you handled them?
[22:36] <_marx_> i started pushing in late 08 early 09
[22:37] <akgraner> so the team has naturally divided into 4 areas - then we have those natural leaders that arise in those areas
[22:37] <paultag> akgraner, has the collaboration been stable and sustained?
[22:37] <akgraner> and from their we coordinate or efforts
[22:37]  * bejames afk - taking the kids to school :(
[22:38] <akgraner> yes since early 2009  - things have been gaining momentum and flowing nicely
[22:38] <paultag> Outstanding
[22:38] <holstein> the lines of communication are always open
[22:38] <akgraner> _marx_, holstein, bac JFo internalkernel anything to add?
[22:38] <internalkernel> we rock...
[22:39]  * holstein just happy to be here :)
[22:39] <_marx_> irc regulars are much of the core group
[22:39] <akgraner> we also hold 2 meetings per month
[22:39] <akgraner> which helps
[22:39] <JFo> we do indeed rock :-)
[22:39] <_marx_> instituted two ubuntu hours in the state
[22:39] <internalkernel> we host the WNClug meeting first Saturday in ASheville every month...
[22:39] <akgraner> using mootbot-uk helps get the logs out faster and in an organized manner
[22:39] <czajkowski> _marx_: I was there when you go the channel logged, has this helped getting folks who don't use irc interested, do you have many people on IRC who have ops??
[22:40] <holstein> yup, the WNCLUG is all about ubuntu
[22:40] <bac> akgraner:  did you mention our release parties?  we've had one or two for the last three releases i believe.
[22:40] <_marx_> czajkowski: 3 ops
[22:40] <holstein> lucid release party next meeting
[22:40] <huats> Had you faced some conflicts ? and how did you handle them ?
[22:40] <holstein> in asheville
[22:40] <akgraner> bac, yep mentioned them
[22:40] <czajkowski> ok so I think we're ready to vote guys
[22:40] <huats> czajkowski, I asked a question :)
[22:41] <huats> Have you faced some conflicts ? and how did you handle them ?
[22:41] <czajkowski> huats: sorry thought bac answered that
[22:41] <akgraner> huats, yes - I think early on  - my enthusiasm for community was overwhelming at times
[22:41] <_marx_> huats: none we haven't been able to resolve amickably
[22:41] <czajkowski> just a tad :)
[22:41] <itnet7> no, not you akgraner !
[22:41] <huats> czajkowski, sorry I haven't seen the answer... damn chocolate which is not at the same level than the computer :)
[22:41] <itnet7> ;-P
[22:41] <JFo> lol
[22:42] <akgraner> and this caused some  - moments of hold up...wait.. what..
[22:42] <JFo> hee hee
[22:42] <czajkowski> _marx_: can you elaborate please?
[22:42] <_marx_> well private messages, and emails, how are you?
[22:43] <huats> akgraner, enthusiams is more than needed and you have plenty so that is great :)
[22:43] <JFo> I was very involved for a while, but my current position has pulled me away a bit. I was glad to see internalkernel and holstein step up both before I pulled away and have continued to increase their involvement since.
[22:43] <_marx_> yeah, i know emacs sux etc...
[22:43] <czajkowski> good stuff
[22:43] <huats> great, thanks for the answer then
[22:43] <holstein> JFo: :)
[22:43] <JFo> :)
[22:43] <czajkowski> [vote] please vote on the Approval of the North Carolina Team
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[22:43] <czajkowski> +1
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[22:43] <itnet7> +1
[22:43] <paultag> +1
[22:43] <leogg> +1
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[22:44] <czajkowski> kinda  ano brainer really :)
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[22:44] <czajkowski> [endvote]
[22:44] <MootBot> Final result is 5 for, 0 against. 0 abstained. Total: 5
[22:44] <paultag> Outstanding work akgraner, and I saw that you got the Fridge editor spot. Be sure to get something about this up there :)
[22:44] <czajkowski> congrats North Carolina!
[22:44] <leogg> great job guys!
[22:44] <paultag> Great job NC!
[22:44] <internalkernel> w00t!
[22:44] <bac> \o/
[22:44] <akgraner> I will :-)  Thanks everyone
[22:44] <itnet7> Congratulations akgraner and Team, Y'all have worked real hard!! Good Job!
[22:44] <JFo> thanks :)
[22:44] <huats> Keep doing good stuffs !
[22:44] <internalkernel> thanks everyone!
[22:44]  * _marx_ goes to dance under the maple trees
[22:44] <holstein> thanks
[22:44] <internalkernel> maple trees?
[22:44] <akgraner> huats, we will do our best!