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Description and Goal

The purpose of this document is to create a fair and equal way for the entire NC LoCo Team to contribute in determining our leadership candidates. This subject will be ongoing and discussed in the Monthly meetings in IRC; please join us to have your voice heard. Nominations will be accepted from any and all parties seeking to participate and give back to the community. If you'd like to be considered for one of the positions, feel free to either edit this wiki or email one of the other team members that can. (danielcaleb or AmberGraner or Mark Cox)

Description of positions and responsibilities

  • Documentation:

    • Documentation Lead will coordinate contributions for editing and maintaining the wiki pages. First order/goal is to organize the current structure so that information can be found easily and effortlessly. This person is also the point of contact for wiki edits, they will be subscribed to all pages in the NC LoCo team so that when a page is edited or created they can review it. The main purpose here is to maintain the standard of documentation outlined by the Ubuntu Community in the WikiGuide and the StyleGuide.

  • Moderator:

    • This position is responsible for being the chair at team meetings, organizing and updating the agenda as well as the team logs associated with those meetings.
  • Advocacy:

    • Advocacy position is focused on maintaining our progress towards an approved Ubuntu LoCo, and once approved - maintaining approval; as well as in general looking for opportunities for our LoCo to participate in the greater Ubuntu Community. The tasks that consist of this focus involve team reports, blueprints/roadmaps on Launchpad and monitoring this progress and involvement. This position will also deal with forum/mailing list moderation.

  • Team Lead:

    • The Team Lead position is a general position, someone who will be ready to fulfil the duties of any of the other three positions in cases of absence or emergency. This position will also maintain an overview of the roles and responsibilities of the other positions and work to support the other team members in fulfilling the general responsibilities of the LoCo. If an issue is presented where these leadership positions need to vote in order to determine the outcome, the Team Lead position will not be involved in the vote.

Proposed Changes to Definitions

  • Documentation:

    • Remains the same...
  • Administration:

    • This position is responsible for being the chair at team meetings, organizing and updating the agenda as well as the team logs associated with those meetings. Add mailing list administration and Team Reports; possibly also forum moderation.
  • Advocacy-Marketing:

    • Advocacy becomes marketing or keeps that name. Administration takes over forum and mailing list moderation. I'm open to suggestions on duties. Coordinate release parties, global jams and other statewide events.
  • Team Lead:

    • Team lead takes over the "and once approved - maintaining approval" task currently under Advocacy. Approval and renewal is every two years. Team lead would just have to make sure the tasks assigned to each department / sub-team / whatdoyacallems are being completed and renewal will most likely just be a formality.
  • Humor-Unofficial:

    • IRC Chief of Sarcasm has been proposed.
    • IRC Chief Cynic has been proposed.

Nominations for Positions

Mr. Ferris Bueller has been fired! As of the team meeting on February 2, 2010. I (_marx_) am editing below leaving in previous nominations and adding the results from the referenced meeting.

  • Documentation Lead

    • Dewey agreed to be this team's lead. (New 2-3-10)
    • Dewey Hylton / BugeyeD has moinmoin experience, and therefore may be a decent resource for whoever becomes the lead. if nobody wants the job, dh/b will make an attempt.
    • Like BugeyeD, I (internalkernel) have some limited experience editing this wiki but will be happy to help the team effort as I can. My work schedule doesn't allow me to take the reigns on this project though.
    • _marx_ will also help on wiki maintenance. (New 2-3-10)
  • Moderator Lead

    • _marx_ has been holding this position for a couple years now, I (internalkernel) see no reason to change that.
    • _marx_ will continue in this role. (New 2-3-10)
  • Advocacy Lead

    • Bueller?
    • jcg has agreed to replace Mr. Bueller in this role with shadowing by akgraner and help from _marx_. (New 2-3-10)

  • Team Lead

    • Bueller!
    • akgraner was nominated and agreed to taking on this role. (New 2-3-10)

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