19:03:01 <_marx_> howdy folks
19:03:11 <undadecor> Hey there
19:03:25 <undadecor> Decent crowd Smile :)
19:04:04 <EdLind_> hey
19:04:13 <jfrorie> hey mark
19:04:28 <alinuxfan> heya
19:05:02 <_marx_> 10 discounting marco_polo who's is me on my laptop logging
19:05:28 <Hex|xeH> hi all
19:05:30 <EdLind_> I'm in Arden. Half way between Asheville and Hendersonville
19:06:10 <_marx_> ah EdLind_ I lived in Hooterville for most of the 80's
19:06:47 <_marx_> Hendersonville of course, we used to refer to it as Hooterville
19:09:03 <_marx_> how many folks participate in some way in a lug
19:09:41 <undadecor> Unfortunately I just moved to the area, so not yet
19:09:50 <alinuxfan> i was living in germany until recently, and i kept meaning to go, but i figured there'd be a language barrier
19:10:16 <jfrorie> I've emailed every lug in charlotte and have yet to make contact.
19:10:39 <EdLind_> we are resurrecting the WNCLUG here first real meeting last month. More scheduled for the Third Thursday of each month.
19:14:23 <EdLind_> I guess it is now called the Asheville LUG
19:14:54 <_marx_> EdLind_: I'll pass that on to a friend in Marion
19:15:44 <_marx_> my thinking is using a lug's resource to hold maybe an installfest and cross promote Ubunut and Linux in general
19:16:19 <EdLind_> We now have a regularly scheduled meeting time and location for Asheville LUG. Per the instruction of attendees at last week's workshop, I reserved the Firestorm Cafe & Books back room for every third Thursday from 5pm to 7pm. The address is 48 Commerce Street in downtown Asheville (next to the Purple Building, near the USPS, Jack of the Woods and Prichard Park). So the next meeting/workshop will be January 15th at 5pm.
19:17:23 <_marx_> sorry yall some bad timing on my part here, wife's home from work confirming her employer is shutting down
19:17:45 <undadecor> Meeting break? Or keep going?
19:17:52 <EdLind_> sorry for you
19:17:58 <alinuxfan> that sucks
19:18:00 <jfrorie> sorry to hear mark.
19:18:12 <alinuxfan> :s
19:18:13 <_marx_> let's roll, we were pretty sure it was coming yesterday, confirmed today
19:18:44 <jfrorie> BTW, ne1 with Lucent stock should sell.
19:18:56 <undadecor> The lug's installfest idea is a good one I think
19:19:19 <undadecor> Should we try to jump in on one they have scheduled already for this year? Or help to organize and plan one?
19:19:29 <_marx_> piggy backing on a larger groups action
19:19:41 <EdLind_> I agree. I'd like to see Mythbubtu
19:19:42 <_marx_> my lug hasn't held one in years
19:20:33 <undadecor> trilug seems pretty active, anyone know if they have one coming up?
19:20:43 <_marx_> i organized the last one for PLUG, last official one
19:21:31 <_marx_> I don't undadecor
19:22:02 <undadecor> I'll be heading to the next next meeting at trilug since I can't make the one this week
19:22:20 <_marx_> there was a former member of plug (piedmont lug) that went to nc state
19:22:40 <_marx_> i've lost touch with him over the years
19:22:45 <undadecor> We could also try to recruit at some of the college/universities
19:25:26 <undadecor> Does anyone know if our LoCo team has a logo? I requested one on this thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=531198
19:27:40 <alinuxfan> the example looks pretty cool
19:27:41 <_marx_> afaik we don't cool idea
19:28:37 <undadecor> Well, should we hit off the three things on our agenda one at a time to make the meeting flow or something?
19:29:28 <_marx_> ah an organizer Smile :) regions major metro areas seems logical
19:30:10 <undadecor> Yeah, agreed, what places are represented tonight? I'm at the Tri area (Wake Forest)
19:30:37 <_marx_> then there are the more rural areas that could be close to more than one metro area
19:30:42 <jfrorie> Charlotte metro
19:31:18 <_marx_> PTI after the airport Piedmont Triad Int, Winston-Salem
19:31:53 <alinuxfan> I'll be in Pinehurst in a couple months but would be interested in anything in Cary or Fayetteville
19:32:02 <_marx_> alinuxfan is a long distance member
19:32:30 <alinuxfan> for a bit yet...i'll be there soon
19:33:38 <undadecor> Should we try to get someone to organize each area, or is that too organized Wink ;)
19:35:06 <jfrorie> I would think we need to concentrate on getting participation on the board and mailing list. I think a lot of people think the gorup is dead
19:35:20 <EdLind_> I'd like to gather Ubuntu users in the WNC area. I just have not found any others yet
19:35:36 <_marx_> you know I'm not sure on that; having organized a couple of installfests it can be amazingly difficult to organize Linux people
19:35:51 <EdLind_> How can we get the word out?
19:36:54 <alinuxfan> my favorite tactic is to put live cds in the stores when I am browsing the laptops...helps me check which ones work with wifi too :p
19:37:10 <undadecor> Nice tactic
19:37:14 <EdLind_> Just by our nature we are unorganizable Smile :-)
19:37:29 <_marx_> exactly
19:38:09 <CPrompt^> ok....what are we talking about Smile :)
19:39:36 <_marx_> meeting fliers in local computer stores my lug has done that
19:39:48 <undadecor> That's a good idea
19:39:49 <CPrompt^> i can help with the fliers
19:39:52 <undadecor> Not expensive either
19:39:59 <CPrompt^> i can help design them as well as print them
19:40:12 <CPrompt^> so that would certainly cut out the cost of printing Wink ;)
19:40:19 <alinuxfan> that is a good idea
19:40:24 <_marx_> undadecor did you hear back from the guy on the logo?
19:40:34 <undadecor> No not yet, but it's only been a few days.
19:40:44 <undadecor> I'll probably PM him later this week
19:40:52 <undadecor> Maybe he's taken back his offer, but I guess we'll see
19:41:14 <CPrompt^> so fliers are a good idea for sure. what would the fliers be for? local meeting?
19:41:16 <_marx_> I know some skilled gimp users that run suse
19:41:21 <alinuxfan> he hasn't answered that thread in a while....maybe he is just busy
19:41:45 <undadecor> Yeah, although he did say from the beginning he would PM the image to people I think, maybe I'm mistaken
19:42:05 <alinuxfan> make sure to add a line about this group on the flier...then other parts can be specified based on the local area's desire
19:46:01 <undadecor> I assume our wiki url will be them as well?
19:46:19 <undadecor> and speaking of the wiki, I think it needs a makeover. Anyone talented at wiki design? If not I'll take the role
19:46:34 * _marx_ is willing to try to get plug to do another installfest but that will have to be general Linux, not Ubuntu specific
19:47:35 <alinuxfan> i used mandrake before ubuntu...but now I can't shake ubuntu (not that i would) but i am not impressed with Suse or Fedora
19:47:55 <_marx_> I can probably wrangle schwag from several vendors
19:48:00 <alinuxfan> so, at an installfest, i'd be sure to push ubuntu
19:48:34 <CPrompt^> need to make sure there are not just a bunch of linux geeks going to show up. need some people that have never used linux before
19:48:44 <_marx_> ubuntu does seem to be the most used distro in that group
19:49:17 <_marx_> CPrompt^: that is the most difficult part of organizing an installfest
19:49:30 <_marx_> promoting it outside of Linux circles
19:49:45 <alinuxfan> Ken starks help organize those Lindependence events this summer, from what I rather...it was just a lot of marketing beforehand
19:50:32 <CPrompt^> _marx_ I agree
19:50:51 <alinuxfan> i think I remember something about going door to door...but that is definitely resource intensive
19:51:10 <CPrompt^> could do one of those fliers like "Having Computer Problems?" and have it advertise an install fest
19:51:22 <CPrompt^> a lot of people that I speak with have no idea what Linux even is
19:51:30 <undadecor> Yeah, MA's LoCo team started calling Installfests "Exploration Ubuntu"
19:51:30 <CPrompt^> or what it means to run it
19:51:32 <_marx_> ah, local computer clubs, groups that are generic and most likely ms centric
19:51:37 <undadecor> so that non-geeks would come out
19:52:24 <CPrompt^> i have had people ask "So what is Linux". Then after telling some general stuff, they want to know more.
19:52:43 <CPrompt^> however, there are some that are all about playing games that don't really run on linux
19:52:55 <Hex|xeH> I've had best buy employees argue with me that Linux is a game, not an OS.
19:53:06 <alinuxfan> i try to wear linux gear often...i've had a couple people ask
19:53:08 <CPrompt^> Hex|xeH: that's nice
19:53:24 <_marx_> really nice
19:53:42 <alinuxfan> i am working on about 50% market share here where I am right now...enough people are getting sick of the viruses and stuff on XP and the BS of vista...
19:53:43 <CPrompt^> i have a co-worker that his son has crashed their computer twice in the past 2 weeks. BSOD
19:53:58 <_marx_> my license plate is /dev/tk1, nobody gets it
19:54:17 <CPrompt^> _marx_: what is tk1 ? Sad :(
19:54:20 <alinuxfan> and no one here is playing many games...just browsing and chatting
19:54:22 <_marx_> truck 1
19:54:26 <alinuxfan> _marx_, nice license plate
19:54:26 <CPrompt^> ah Smile :)
19:54:45 <CPrompt^> alinuxfan: that's a great application for Linux then
19:54:49 <_marx_> used to have /usr/src, that one caught some attention
19:55:35 <alinuxfan> CPrompt^, i am gonna try to get a couple more in the next couple months...bandwidth sucks, and I have 2 computers 64bit and 32bit so every time, I burn a new aptoncd
19:56:08 <alinuxfan> depending on the recipients hardware
19:57:04 <CPrompt^> i always keep a couple of Ubuntu disks with me, I handed out one the other day aamof
19:57:26 <undadecor> Good idea, I need to start doing that
19:58:20 <EdLind_> me to
19:58:26 <_marx_> for regions how about a regional contact person
19:58:46 <CPrompt^> _marx_: makes sense to have that
19:58:56 <_marx_> that could be posted on the wiki and maybe the launchpad site as well
19:59:06 <undadecor> Yeah, sounds like a good idea
19:59:12 <CPrompt^> where is the wiki?
19:59:21 <undadecor> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NorthCarolinaTeam
19:59:36 <alinuxfan> undadecor, beat me to it
19:59:47 <CPrompt^> cool
19:59:58 <CPrompt^> right on the Ubuntu site. Good
20:00:02 <alinuxfan> ooh, a facebook group
20:00:26 <CPrompt^> so, what about the fliers?
20:00:56 <CPrompt^> i go to a lot of places throughout the week. I can certainly post them places. Universities, etc...
20:01:16 <undadecor> Yeah, not a bad idea, and certainly computer stores
20:01:42 <_marx_> I was thinking of fliers to promote events but fliers to promote the group/team would be good too
20:01:52 <CPrompt^> be careful about the stores. some don't like you just leaving stuff
20:02:12 <CPrompt^> places like Panera Bread don't mind it at all
20:02:19 <CPrompt^> they have a board there for that stuff
20:02:23 <EdLind_> I wonder if Best Buy and Circuit City would allow fliers?
20:02:30 <_marx_> and if they know what Linux is they may not like it because it might hurt their business Wink ;)
20:02:31 <CPrompt^> just be sure to ask
20:02:50 <CPrompt^> see if they have a message board or something of the nature.
20:02:52 <alinuxfan> best buy allows my live cds :p haha
20:02:57 <CPrompt^> coffee shops is cool
20:03:19 <CPrompt^> coffee shops (local and Starbucks) have local message boards to leave fliers
20:03:32 <CPrompt^> B&N, Borders...
20:03:40 <EdLind_> so do many supermarkets
20:03:45 <CPrompt^> yep
20:04:11 <alinuxfan> basically just carry around a couple fliers in the car and maybe one in the pocket just in case
20:04:39 <CPrompt^> yep
20:04:50 <EdLind_> we need to make it easy for someom
20:04:57 <CPrompt^> i can certainly carry them in my car during work
20:05:02 <_marx_> to find help
20:05:14 <EdLind_> some one just getting started to join in
20:05:51 <_marx_> I think there are lots of people out there that have tried Linux in some form and ran into some problem they couldn't solve
20:06:03 <undadecor> Yeah, definitely tell them about the support forum
20:06:03 <CPrompt^> oh yeah
20:06:05 <undadecor> and IRC
20:06:13 <CPrompt^> irc is great for help
20:06:17 <undadecor> Although with IRC you might have to give them a tutorial
20:06:19 <undadecor> or intro
20:06:26 <CPrompt^> yep
20:06:34 <alinuxfan> ubuntuforums is always a good place to start
20:06:48 <EdLind_> I would be willing to place fliers with the NC Ubuntu information and then my local info so we could meet
20:06:51 <CPrompt^> let them know it's not much different than IM'ing and they will be fine Wink ;)
20:07:01 <undadecor> Yeah, I think regional contact info should be on the flier
20:07:19 <undadecor> for meetups or local help
20:08:00 <EdLind_> does any one have any experience with the "meetup" sites?
20:08:44 <undadecor> I don't really know what you mean
20:09:00 <_marx_> limited, I've done a flickr meetup, two linux users 6 ms 2 mac, was fun
20:09:33 <_marx_> people you "know" online meet ftf
20:09:42 <EdLind_> https://secure.meetup.com/login/
20:10:01 <undadecor> oh, I've only done it with Thawte certificate notaries
20:12:58 <jfrorie> I done meetups before
20:13:40 <_marx_> I'm going to make some changes to how the mailing list works
20:13:56 <alinuxfan> what are you gonna change?
20:14:03 <CPrompt^> _marx_: i never get anything from the mailing list. has there been anything recently?
20:14:08 <undadecor> Yes there has
20:14:10 <_marx_> 1-make replies to posts go to the list rather than the poster
20:14:12 <CPrompt^> i got your email today
20:14:26 <alinuxfan> yeah, i got the email today
20:14:49 <undadecor> Check the archives to see if you missed anything: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-nc/
20:15:03 <_marx_> right now the default is for a reply to a post to go to the poster
20:15:13 <undadecor> Yeah, I noticed that
20:15:20 <undadecor> Good idea to change that
20:15:22 <_marx_> so a user has to take extra steps to send to the list
20:15:32 <EdLind_> I just tried to create a WNC Linux meetup group. It is $6.00 a month
20:15:55 <EdLind_> I thought it was free with ads
20:16:03 <_marx_> second a poster will get a copy of their post instead of not getting a copy
20:16:03 <undadecor> Does anyone else get 2 copies of each e-mail to the list?
20:16:06 <CPrompt^> yeah, i haven't gotten any of those emails in January
20:16:39 <_marx_> undadecor: I don't, are they coming to the same address?
20:16:40 <CPrompt^> hmmmm...maybe that was before I joined
20:16:58 <undadecor> _marx_: Yes, same address
20:17:53 <_marx_> undadecor: I'll see what I can find out from the admin pages
20:18:07 <_marx_> anyone else getting two copies?
20:19:58 <undadecor> _marx_: actually, it wasn't the same, I guess I had an old e-mail address subscribed, thanks for the tip
20:20:43 <_marx_> cool, just got an email notice on the removal
20:20:49 <CPrompt^> _marx_: while you're in there see if they are going to my email address Sad :(
20:21:20 <_marx_> CPrompt^: did you get the reminder email this am
20:21:40 <CPrompt^> yeah, I got that
20:21:52 <CPrompt^> i didn't get the responses that were in the log though
20:22:05 <undadecor> They weren't from today though
20:22:13 <_marx_> you're good then, ah, and ah again
20:22:21 <CPrompt^> gotcha Wink ;)
20:23:21 * _marx_ sends orc hords to High Point
20:23:30 <undadecor> So for the fliers, I guess CPrompt will send the source file to the regional people and then they can add info specific to each region?
20:23:39 <undadecor> Or do it a different way?
20:23:47 <_marx_> that sounds good
20:24:02 <EdLind_> sounds good leave a place for the local contact
20:24:10 <_marx_> maybe you can press that person on a logo
20:24:30 <EdLind_> I'll take WNC / Asheville area
20:24:31 <CPrompt^> i'm pretty good with Gimp and such
20:24:46 <undadecor> I'll take the Tri area
20:24:46 <CPrompt^> or, you could just send me your contact info and I can edit the file
20:25:02 <CPrompt^> so...how many fliers do you think should be printed total?
20:25:54 <_marx_> start small to allow for fine tuning
20:26:15 <undadecor> I guess it depends on how many regions have representatives too
20:26:16 <CPrompt^> cool. if it's not like thousands i can get by with no charge for the printing
20:26:21 <_marx_> I'll take Winston and points NW, Stoke, Surry Yadkin counties
20:26:29 <CPrompt^> yes, need to split the regions up
20:26:55 <_marx_> for me Mt Airy is just as close as G'boro
20:27:56 <CPrompt^> ouch
20:28:12 <CPrompt^> undadecor: when you say "Tri" area. is that Triangle?
20:28:25 <alinuxfan> i'll work pinehurst/fayetteville when I get there in May
20:28:32 <undadecor> CPrompt^: Yes
20:28:56 <undadecor> I think elfick might be in the tri area as well, based on his host name
20:28:57 <CPrompt^> gotcha
20:29:06 <CPrompt^> well, i'm in the Gbo / High Point area
20:29:13 <CPrompt^> anyone else from here?
20:30:55 <EdLind_> I've got to go. Do you need my contact info?
20:31:42 <CPrompt^> EdLind_: sure
20:32:00 <EdLind_> lindquistgreen [at] gmail.com
20:32:48 <EdLind_> will there be a post of what transpired?
20:32:48 <CPrompt^> coo
20:32:51 <CPrompt^> er...cool
20:33:07 <CPrompt^> could do an irc log ??
20:33:09 <marco_polo> EdLind_, sorry I (mark) switched machines, may I PM you
20:33:20 <marco_polo> well I'll ask here
20:33:35 <marco_polo> have you been involved with ncvoter.net?
20:33:42 <EdLind_> no
20:34:00 <marco_polo> ok, thought I recognized your name from there
20:34:19 <marco_polo> I'll post a log to the mailing list
20:34:38 <EdLind_> we do not need a log just a summery
20:34:45 <undadecor> Cool, maybe on the wiki as well?
20:35:07 <undadecor> I'm going to log off as well, my contact info is thomas [at] thomasroten.com
20:35:35 <marco_polo> gotcha
20:36:20 <CPrompt^> later undadecor
20:36:25 <EdLind_> bye
20:36:28 <alinuxfan> later
20:36:31 <CPrompt^> later EdLind_
20:36:32 <undadecor> bye, fun meeting Smile :)
20:36:36 <marco_polo> siezure undadecor
20:36:42 <EdLind_> \exit

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