19:33:46 <ArepaKing> well everybody.. I guess the meeting has started.. welcome once again to our IRC channel. The topics to discuss in our meeting tonight are but not limited to:
19:33:49 <ArepaKing> a) Venues
19:33:49 <ArepaKing> b) Fliers
19:33:49 <ArepaKing> c) Participants
19:33:49 <ArepaKing> d) Logo
19:33:50 <ArepaKing> e) Get the IRC channel in compliance w/LoCo standards ( From #ubuntu-northcarolina to #ubuntu-us-nc ) [SOLVED]
19:33:53 <ArepaKing> f) Update wiki pages.
19:34:12 <ArepaKing> _marx_ back to you..
19:34:30 <_marx_> venues
19:34:45 <_marx_> Citizenjoefriday: did you contact that prof today?
19:35:01 <Citizenjoefriday> couldn't get ahold of him
19:35:19 <Citizenjoefriday> i'll try during his office hours tomorrow
19:35:20 <_marx_> the ccc venue for triangle yall should jump on that
19:36:02 <_marx_> my thought on the ccc venue was wait until tonight to see what people from that are thought of the location
19:36:40 <_marx_> ArepaKing: you're still marked away
19:36:48 <ArepaKing> why don't we create a poll on this? it will also serve as a headcount
19:36:59 <ArepaKing> ops... sorry about that..
19:37:53 <_marx_> poll on UForums?
19:37:58 <ArepaKing> yep
19:38:43 <ArepaKing> I saw a poll on our forum.. didn't you create that one?
19:39:27 <ArepaKing> this is the link: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=590221
19:39:54 <_marx_> no jfrorie did
19:40:02 <ArepaKing> mm ok
19:40:21 <ArepaKing> we could create something similar
19:40:27 <_marx_> looking at a calender...reserve the space
19:40:49 <_marx_> 15 days to go
19:40:55 <_marx_> to GBJ
19:41:19 <ArepaKing> Bac said he could take care of the venue reservation. He just need us to decide if that will be the selected venue
19:41:36 <_marx_> bac: you there?
19:41:43 <ArepaKing> and the reservation needs to be done at least 2 weeks in advance
19:42:39 <jfrorie> yipes. I'm back...
19:43:02 <jfrorie> hey mark
19:43:07 <_marx_> hey jim
19:43:47 <_marx_> ArepaKing: my thought was to leave that to people that live in that area
19:44:20 <_marx_> if everyone here in triangle area is good with that location book it
19:44:44 <jfrorie> BTW for those interested. I got a new job at the NC research center. Will be working with their 256 node IBM cluster running linux and MPI. Dunno what flavor...
19:45:05 <ArepaKing> congratulations Jim..
19:45:15 * jfrorie is emplyed again!
19:45:30 <_marx_> yah jfrorie ! very good sir
19:45:46 <Citizenjoefriday> congrats jim
19:45:47 <ArepaKing> _marx_ aside of mrdashe, bac and I.. I don't know who else lives around RTP.
19:46:21 <_marx_> one other...who's not here now
19:46:42 <ArepaKing> and Cprompt who lives in High Point said that he is willing to travel to Carrboro
19:46:43 <undadecor> I live there
19:46:44 <_marx_> still book it sounds great
19:46:57 <undadecor> Works for me
19:47:20 <ArepaKing> ok 5 members so far agrees with CCC.. who else is from RTP?
19:48:26 <_marx_> PTI
19:49:47 <jfrorie> Who is doing the webcast for the RTP meetup?
19:50:17 <_marx_> for me I'll have to be in Charlotte on the 20th for testing
19:51:25 <ArepaKing> the other thing is that the GBJ is from 20th to 22nd... Would you like to meet just the Saturday 21th?
19:51:26 <_marx_> so i won't likely make ccc on the 21'st
19:51:45 <ArepaKing> too bad to hear that bud
19:52:13 <_marx_> but I would like to see a webcast!
19:53:39 <ArepaKing> if any of the attendees knows how to do the webcast I could take my webcam with me that day
19:53:43 <_marx_> do we have a location for Charlotte?
19:54:01 <_marx_> or anywhere else in the state?
19:55:19 <ArepaKing> _marx_, I don't think we have any other venue proposed
19:56:00 <jfrorie> I havn't seen anyone else in the charlotte area. Since there is no prentation, would think that a meeting at a local carbou coffee would be acceptable. I just need other takers.
19:56:10 * _marx_ thinking back to regions
19:56:13 <jfrorie> prentation = presentation
19:56:57 <jfrorie> ne1 form charlotte are on tonote?
19:57:01 <_marx_> I know BugeyeD is close by he's on my lug's mailing list
19:57:11 <jfrorie> tonote= tonite- *sigh*
19:57:22 <_marx_> but he's mainly a freeBSD guy afaik
19:58:06 <_marx_> so jfrorie how hard is it to find a place in Charlotte?
19:58:11 * ArepaKing is wondering how many members are active in this conversation
19:58:43 <_marx_> 12 here now but that counts the bots
19:58:55 <_marx_> consider this a core group?
19:59:31 <ArepaKing> yep
19:59:43 * _marx_ thinks so too
19:59:49 <jfrorie> Depends on what we need. I could find a place, but I need taker to make it worth the time.
20:00:26 <_marx_> jfrorie: are u in a lug?
20:00:53 <jfrorie> Even the UNCCLUG group is dead. C-lug is dead. I can;t find anyone around here.
20:01:04 <_marx_> geez
20:01:57 * _marx_ ponders the state of lugs
20:02:03 <_marx_> wow
20:02:35 <jfrorie> There is a very nice independent coffee shop that is screaming for business with wifi and counches and everything.
20:03:18 * jfrorie is not typing on his beloved IBM model M keyboard tonite.
20:04:41 <_marx_> what can we do to increase the size and disparity of this core group?
20:05:15 <jfrorie> What I am wondering is if we can make this a little nicer by have multiple meetings connected via webcasts or something. That would require a more private venue tho.
20:05:49 <_marx_> we need reps in the western and eastern parts of the state
20:05:56 <ArepaKing> I think the meeting that we are planning will serve as a publicity event as well.
20:06:27 <_marx_> true and we are just getting restarted
20:06:33 <ArepaKing> correct
20:07:04 <undadecor> Anyone heading to the TriLUG meeting next week?
20:07:14 <undadecor> I'll be trying to get the word out there
20:07:48 <jfrorie> If we can connect the venues, then a small turnout at a remote location would be less of an issue. Kinda like superbowl parties.
20:08:24 <_marx_> well I'm going to Plug this month and have already posted there
20:08:31 <ArepaKing> please allow me to a quick poll here... say "1" if you are planning to attend the meeting if it is held in Carrboro?
20:08:35 <ArepaKing> 1
20:08:44 <Citizenjoefriday> i can on the 20th
20:08:49 <Citizenjoefriday> oh, 2
20:08:52 <Citizenjoefriday> *1
20:08:53 <ArepaKing> a friday?
20:09:11 <_marx_> 0
20:09:11 <Citizenjoefriday> aye, i work saturday and sunday
20:09:17 <ArepaKing> oh ok
20:09:22 <jfrorie> 0
20:09:41 --> cwill747 (n=cameron@adsl-072-148-042-210.sip.rmo.bellsouth.net) has joined #ubuntu-us-nc
20:09:49 <ArepaKing> ok let's get this started because I can't meet on friday.. here goes a new question
20:09:53 <_marx_> I'll look harder for a venue in the triad
20:10:20 <undadecor> 1
20:10:35 <ArepaKing> who is willing to attend the meeting if it is held on Carrboro the 20th? (Vote 1 if you can, Vote 0 if you are not)
20:10:44 <ArepaKing> 0
20:10:52 <undadecor> 1
20:10:53 * ArepaKing works on friday
20:10:53 <Citizenjoefriday> 1
20:10:58 <Citizenjoefriday> yikes
20:11:18 <ArepaKing> come people vote Smile :)
20:11:22 <jfrorie> 0
20:11:48 <jfrorie> I'm in Charlotte, so I'm pretty much out period.
20:12:44 <ArepaKing> the 21st?
20:12:45 * _marx_ is taking the RHCT test 2-20
20:12:55 <_marx_> in Charlotte
20:13:04 <_marx_> if I pass...
20:13:31 <_marx_> 1
20:13:37 <ArepaKing> 1
20:13:47 <Citizenjoefriday> 0
20:14:06 <_marx_> book the place!
20:14:21 <ArepaKing> bac can you vote?
20:14:23 <_marx_> look it's a big state
20:14:32 <ArepaKing> and it is free
20:15:34 <ArepaKing> I will send a mail asking for people to vote on 20th and 21th.... I think we could reach more people
20:15:45 <cwill747> 0
20:15:49 <_marx_> see for me I'd drive to Charlotte on Friday, test, drive home, drive east and want to keep going east
20:16:34 <ArepaKing> if we have more than 4 attendees I will let you know _marx_ so you can give the green light to Bac and reserve the space in Carrboro
20:16:51 <_marx_> no look
20:17:23 * ArepaKing is listening
20:17:34 <_marx_> my perspective on leadership of a group like this is pretty open
20:19:11 <_marx_> so book the room, I wonder why anyone asked
20:19:26 <ArepaKing> ok.. bac are you there?
20:19:37 <_marx_> I see my role as only an instigator
20:19:56 <_marx_> a prode to get this bunch moving again
20:20:13 <ArepaKing> but what really concerns me is that Bac reserves the space and no one shows up
20:20:23 <_marx_> ah
20:20:42 <undadecor> Yeah, I think a poll via email, results due tomorrow is a good idea
20:21:04 <ArepaKing> correct.. we have to have a headcount within our group at least
20:21:52 <ArepaKing> I will send the question tonight with a due date tomorrow at noon..
20:22:25 <ArepaKing> what do you guys think?
20:22:33 <undadecor> Sounds good.
20:22:36 <Citizenjoefriday> sounds good to me
20:22:37 <_marx_> sounds good
20:22:59 <ArepaKing> all right....
20:23:02 <jfrorie> i agree
20:23:06 <ArepaKing> good!
20:23:25 <ArepaKing> I think we can close the venue bullet point for now... Smile :)
20:23:35 <ArepaKing> guys I have to stepped out for some time
20:23:35 <undadecor> I hope so Wink ;)
20:23:54 <ArepaKing> you guys can continue with the second bullet point
20:24:03 <ArepaKing> b) Fliers
20:24:11 * ArepaKing is away
20:24:59 <_marx_> hum
20:25:09 <undadecor> Are these fliers for the GBJ?
20:25:13 <undadecor> Or for something else?
20:25:42 <_marx_> no one has develed any that I know of
20:26:08 <undadecor> Oh okay, what I meant to ask, was is this bullet point concerning the GBJ?
20:27:46 <_marx_> next should likely be logo for this team and a stock template for fliers
20:28:00 <undadecor> Yeah, did cprompt say he was developing a logo?
20:28:09 <_marx_> yes he did
20:28:14 <undadecor> Any idea on his progress?
20:28:41 <undadecor> I know he was having some trouble determining what he could/couldn't do in terms of the trademark policy
20:28:47 <_marx_> he's marked away now, and I haven't heard from him
20:28:50 <undadecor> Okay
20:29:28 <_marx_> I was working on one too unaware of restrictions
20:29:48 <undadecor> Okay, well in terms of the flier, I can try to work on one and leave a spot for the logo.
20:29:50 <cwill747> yeah a normal flier template would be great. pretty sure you could put the ubuntu logo on anything
20:30:29 <Citizenjoefriday> http://www.ubuntu.com/aboutus/trademarkpolicy
20:30:46 <_marx_> my thoughts were make a generic flier that can be modified for different events
20:31:11 <jfrorie> Mark, can you send an email to all the users on the forum? I'm wondering how many people are not on the mailing list and not subscribe to the forum?
20:31:55 <_marx_> jfrorie: what forum?
20:32:47 <_marx_> er no I can't send list email to all posters on the nc uf
20:33:49 <_marx_> undadecor: that would be good
20:34:11 <_marx_> work on a logo too if you have time
20:34:22 <undadecor> Okay
20:34:27 <undadecor> Speaking of the nc uf
20:34:45 <_marx_> I can make one that conflicts with the specs Wink ;)
20:34:47 <undadecor> Do we need to get a new moderator since viridari is still one?
20:34:59 <undadecor> Oh wait
20:35:11 <undadecor> Are you a moderator _marx_?
20:35:22 <_marx_> only if we need a sticky post
20:35:27 <undadecor> Oh okay
20:35:29 <undadecor> nvm
20:35:29 <_marx_> no I'm not
20:35:50 <undadecor> Do we have an active moderator from our loco group then?
20:35:57 * _marx_ markthecarp there only 9x posts
20:36:07 <undadecor> Haha
20:36:08 <undadecor> true
20:37:33 * BugeyeD bounces in for a bit after being flagged that his name had been mentioned
20:37:42 <BugeyeD> sup _marx_
20:37:54 <_marx_> hi BugeyeD
20:38:04 <BugeyeD> i'm somewhat geographically, uh, stupid
20:38:12 <BugeyeD> will have to google carrboro to see where it is
20:38:32 <undadecor> What size of flyer are we looking for?
20:38:33 <_marx_> west of raleigh
20:39:01 <_marx_> standard 8x10
20:39:07 <_marx_> for now
20:39:20 <undadecor> Okay
20:39:47 <_marx_> I like the ones with tear offs
20:39:49 * ArepaKing is back..
20:40:19 <_marx_> BugeyeD: the other night when I was looking for the cd cleaner disk
20:40:21 <undadecor> Tear-offs, okay
20:40:28 <cwill747> Sorry for being so in and out, i'm playing around with Jaunty
20:41:14 <_marx_> I found suse 7.2 Pro cd's had to come from you BugeyeD
20:41:15 <ArepaKing> guys I hate to interrupt the fliers discussion but I have a question in regards to the venue. Are we thinking to hold this event two days? or we need to pick (based on the poll) one day?
20:42:10 <undadecor> Probably pick one based on poll
20:42:12 <_marx_> I can 't make Friday in Carborro
20:43:04 <ArepaKing> that's what I thought but I rather ask
20:43:46 <_marx_> friday in Charlotte somewhere yes
20:43:54 <BugeyeD> _marx_: why me? because they were pro? i used to buy them all ...
20:44:03 <ArepaKing> ok
20:44:44 <_marx_> BugeyeD: nay I got them from you, I didn't have a burner back then
20:45:56 <BugeyeD> _marx_: gotcha. about the buntoo thingy ... is carrboro the closest for us, or are others in our little triangle meeting elsewhere?
20:46:04 <BugeyeD> i've been in the channel but definitely not reading everything
20:46:23 <BugeyeD> s/triangle/triad
20:46:52 <_marx_> BugeyeD: I used them to run a little website on a dual proc P-90 all good
20:47:44 <_marx_> BugeyeD: if we can find a closer location for us that would be great
20:48:23 <BugeyeD> what date are we talking about? i'm busy as heck right now so need to know as soon as possible
20:48:44 <_marx_> saturday 2-21-09
20:48:49 <BugeyeD> you are testing in charlotte ... as in exam?
20:48:55 <_marx_> yes
20:49:05 <_marx_> rhct
20:49:33 <_marx_> i'll smoke it
20:49:56 <BugeyeD> excellent. going for a change in career path?
20:50:05 <_marx_> hopefully
20:50:17 <BugeyeD> rhct = trainer? techie?
20:50:32 <_marx_> redhat c tech
20:50:58 <_marx_> hope to take others test through out this year
20:51:26 <_marx_> it's all linux you know
20:51:35 <BugeyeD> if you land in the right place, the rest may be paid for.
20:51:44 <BugeyeD> have you talked to thor?
20:52:11 <_marx_> lol, the son of odin is my father Wink ;)
20:52:13 <jfrorie> BugeyeD: where are you located?
20:52:39 <BugeyeD> jfrorie: welcome - just between lexington and winston. i work in winston.
20:53:28 <BugeyeD> _marx_: smart alec. i meant thor @ presens
20:53:49 <jfrorie> ok, thx. Mark, if they do friday, do you want to get together somewhere in clt?
20:54:09 <_marx_> not so son of odin is my sponsor
20:54:22 <_marx_> yes jfrorie
20:55:16 <jfrorie> ok, what I'm thinking is once we finalize the carboro meeting, we annouce a charlotte meetup at the same time. It will be a public venue so if noone show, no loss.
20:56:18 <_marx_> sounds good
20:57:11 <jfrorie> I'll throw some blind emails out on the local mailing lists to see if I get a bite. Just let me know when carboro is finalized
20:59:01 <_marx_> I'd like to see something from Boone = ASU
20:59:34 <_marx_> Asheville and points east toward Wilmington
21:01:05 <_marx_> next one is a release party for Jaunty
21:08:03 <_marx_> I'm out for now
21:08:22 * _marx_ is away: being with spousal unit
21:09:26 <_marx_> now no smart alec comments from BugeyeD
21:09:35 <_marx_> I'm really away
21:09:42 <_marx_> lol
21:13:24 <BugeyeD> _marx_: sry, was away talking to my wife. have have stuff planned on that particular day, but we're going to try to move some stuff around.
21:13:51 <BugeyeD> _marx_: you should be able to count me on that day, carrboro or closer.
21:14:37 <BugeyeD> and for anyone who cares, i am a right-tool-for-the-job kinda guy. i just happen to think bsd fits most of my jobs the best.
21:15:16 <BugeyeD> i'm working a lot on ubuntu right now trying to learn/test/eval kvm as a possible replacement for vmware-server.
21:16:12 <BugeyeD> i've been with vmware since before their first public beta, so it's kind of a hard sell. but i do like knowing the available tools.

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