Minutes of the meeting on April 15, 2009

Started logging meeting in #ubuntu-us-nc
[18:31:47] <akgraner> here's the agenda https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NorthCarolinaTeam/Meeting
[18:32:02] <akgraner> who's here for the meeting?
[18:32:17] <RangerMatt> I'm here.
[18:32:18] * _marx_ is here
[18:32:27] <akgraner> jfo is on the way
[18:32:47] <akgraner> anyone else?
[18:33:31] <akgraner> [TOPIC] Open Items
[18:33:32] <_marx_> marco_polo is me on my laptop in case I have a lockup
[18:33:42] <akgraner> can everyone see the agenda
[18:34:47] <_marx_> yes, if jimr gets back he can comment on the school project
[18:34:49] <akgraner> _marx_: can you speak to the School project
[18:35:17] <_marx_> no
[18:35:24] <akgraner> ok
[18:35:55] <_marx_> the original sponsor was on channel earlier
[18:36:21] <_marx_> here he is now
[18:36:37] <_marx_> akgraner: could you repeat the question?
[18:36:50] <akgraner> _marx_: can you speak to the School project
[18:37:14] <akgraner> Jfrorie: I guess that goes to you though?
[18:37:43] <_marx_> Jfrorie: the school promo project
[18:38:09] <akgraner> what action has been taken etc...
[18:38:46] <akgraner> where does the project stand?
[18:38:51] <akgraner> etc
[18:39:18] <_marx_> maybe he's reading...
[18:39:52] <akgraner> [TOPIC] School Advocacy
[18:41:13] <akgraner> does anyone have any ideas about the project school advocacy as it stands right now?
[18:41:22] <_marx_> is anyone awake?
[18:41:54] <akgraner> I propose a note to mailing list asking for comments and go from there
[18:42:09] <_marx_> I think the idea has merits but needs development
[18:42:24] <_marx_> sounds good
[18:42:27] <akgraner> I agree it has merits and does need development
[18:42:42] <akgraner> _marx_: do you want to handle the email?
[18:43:47] <akgraner> or do you want me to?
[18:43:47] <_marx_> I can on that one unless Jfrorie speaks up
[18:43:52] <akgraner> ok
[18:44:29] <akgraner> [ACTION] _marx_ to send email to mailing lists about school advocacy project
[18:44:31] <Jfrorie> sorry, I'm on a blackberry
[18:44:55] <akgraner> no worries Jfrorie does that plan sound good to you
[18:44:57] * _marx_ wanders away for a moment to shoo away neighbors...
[18:45:31] <akgraner> re-address and set some new goals to move this project forward
[18:45:45] * BugeyeD arrives
[18:45:51] <BugeyeD> sorry i'm late
[18:46:01] <BugeyeD> or is the meeting tomorrow at this time?
[18:46:06] <akgraner> Welcome BugeyeD agenda is above
[18:46:13] * BugeyeD looks up
[18:46:13] <akgraner> it's now
[18:47:03] <akgraner> [Topic] Other Short term/long term projects
[18:48:04] <akgraner> can everyone put their thinking caps on and brainstorm over the next week to 10 days some ideas for the LoCo keeping in mind the areas you are located.
[18:49:03] <akgraner> so for the next meeting we can discuss these ideas....I can post a thread a couple of places and sum them up for the next meeting
[18:49:08] <akgraner> how does that sound
[18:49:13] <_marx_> long term the next release is a 5 year aniv
[18:49:28] <Jfrorie> Arg sorry. The school advocacy program is stalled. Has been for a while.
[18:49:52] <akgraner> 10.04 will be the next LTS
[18:50:12] <_marx_> 5.04 was the first release
[18:50:22] <akgraner> yep
[18:50:25] <BugeyeD> are LTS on a 4-year cycle?
[18:50:59] <BugeyeD> wasn't the last one 6.x?
[18:51:08] <akgraner> when Mark S. declares they are LTS usually 2 to 2.5 years
[18:51:18] <_marx_> BugeyeD: i believe 18 mths but the LTS came about after the first release
[18:52:40] <BugeyeD> i have a friend in politics in lexington; not sure what reach/pull he has, but i'll ask about schools and who knows.
[18:52:56] <akgraner> Jfrorie: are you available to help us get it moving again - the school project?
[18:53:18] <BugeyeD> if he has anything to do with it, i'll beat on him a bit to see how we can help them save some money.
[18:53:44] <akgraner> the schools are hard b/c MS donates so much to the NEA and teachers unions
[18:54:16] <_marx_> local politicians have budgets to balance
[18:54:37] <BugeyeD> i kinda doubt m$ is putting more into the school system than the school system is putting into m$
[18:55:18] <BugeyeD> i've heard the "it's different money" argument before though, so that's what i'd expect
[18:55:28] <BugeyeD> i hear that where i currently work
[18:55:29] <akgraner> well that would be for another day's discussion, I just know that people in other states are facing tough opposition to this...
[18:55:42] <RangerMatt> there's also a possibility of perhaps trying to make some in-roads with the home-schooling crowd. i'd think they may be more open to lower TCO of the overall system, as well as the skill part of it.
[18:56:00] <BugeyeD> helios just blogged about entire systems converting
[18:56:03] <akgraner> RangerMatt: yes and private schools etc
[18:56:08] <_marx_> very good point RangerMatt
[18:56:25] <BugeyeD> we are personally starting into the homeschooling thing this year, so i can definitely carry the flag in my area
[18:56:36] * _marx_ has 2 siblings that home school
[18:57:02] <akgraner> all our friends homeschool and I attend the conference in DC each year so there is a huge audience to hit there
[18:57:07] <RangerMatt> and since it's a more tight-knit community, it might be a way to also get parents on board with it as well.
[18:57:18] <BugeyeD> i've already been tapped on the shoulder to help out at my church, a very large one, which has tons of home-schoolers and is integrated somewhat with them
[18:57:33] <akgraner> BugeyeD: great! :)
[18:57:45] <_marx_> wow, good brainstorming!
[18:57:51] <akgraner> sounds like some solid plans of attack then
[18:58:46] <akgraner> _marx_: just to recap b/c we only have about 30 mins left
[18:59:07] <akgraner> _marx_: you will do the email and threads about the school project yes
[18:59:43] <_marx_> for lack of a better term demonstration fairs...some public event where people can come in and try ubuntu/linux
[18:59:53] <akgraner> I'll post the threads about other goals that sound ok to everyone
[18:59:58] <_marx_> future events
[19:00:06] <akgraner> yep
[19:00:47] <_marx_> ok, likely 2 threads
[19:00:54] <akgraner> [ACTION] akgraner to post email and threads about team brainstorm and will summarize for next meeting..
[19:01:07] <_marx_> one just for home schooling ideas
[19:01:42] <akgraner> break the school project up into smaller goals/ideas
[19:02:01] <_marx_> has merit
[19:02:30] <BugeyeD> _marx_: if we can get the hsp started, and drum up some interest, the two of us could possibly cooperate on a demo fair and i can get us in to some of the larger events.
[19:02:46] <BugeyeD> locally, that is
[19:03:02] <_marx_> BugeyeD: hsp?
[19:03:26] <BugeyeD> sorry, that's the navy in me. if it doesn't have a cryptic acronym, it doesn't exist. hsp = home school project
[19:03:28] <akgraner> I'll check with the people I know, however we may have to team with the DC team, for the conference there..I'll contact them and the people who run the conference
[19:04:16] <akgraner> there's about 500-700 people that come through for a 3 day event in DC...
[19:05:15] <akgraner> so anything else about the advocacy before we move on to Logo's
[19:05:36] <_marx_> sounds good BugeyeD : as you know army here but they liked the cryptic acronym as well
[19:05:52] <akgraner> yep I can follow that too..:)
[19:06:03] <BugeyeD> advocacy: the only thing i can think of is
[19:06:12] <akgraner> [TOPIC] Logo
[19:06:32] <BugeyeD> how it's working out for me at my company right now ... the biggest hurdle, other than the mcse's keeping their jobs, is the complaint about retraining
[19:06:39] <BugeyeD> but now i'm off topic. :)
[19:06:40] <akgraner> has everyone had a chance to look over the ides for the logo's
[19:07:15] <akgraner> is there a graphically *expert* on the team?
[19:07:24] * _marx_ chuckles at BugeyeD
[19:07:37] <akgraner> Gimp and I are still fighting....:)
[19:07:55] * _marx_ sub contracts that work to a suse user
[19:08:21] * RangerMatt still trying not to take pictures of my thumb
[19:08:36] <BugeyeD> i'm no expert for certain. but i would highly recommend against gimp - inkscape is a better tool for things like this because vector graphics are scalable
[19:08:38] <akgraner> RangerMatt: I know that feeling too
[19:09:15] <BugeyeD> RangerMatt: i think you must be doing something horribly wrong; at least with my camera, my thumb stays on the rear side of the camera
[19:09:25] <akgraner> _marx_: do you know who on the team is a good graphics person
[19:09:25] <BugeyeD> :)
[19:10:05] <_marx_> akgraner: in previous meetings and on the forums we had offers of logo's by pros
[19:10:26] <akgraner> _marx_: you mean the Canonical people or someone else?
[19:11:05] <_marx_> someone in the group here, and offered on the ubuntu forums
[19:11:11] <akgraner> ok
[19:11:17] <_marx_> not directly from canonical
[19:11:27] <akgraner> I'll look through them threads..
[19:11:49] <akgraner> does anyone have a fav from the ideas offered so far?
[19:11:56] <_marx_> save the hit canonical up for something serious, like hd's for a lab
[19:12:57] <_marx_> develop contacts with staff IT at local community colleges
[19:13:00] <BugeyeD> my personal favorite is http://www.deweyonline.com/files/temp/ubuntu-nc-2.svg because it just seems clean
[19:13:10] <BugeyeD> i'll admit i'm biased
[19:13:15] <akgraner> :)
[19:13:27] <RangerMatt> personally, I like any of the ones that incorporate the state flag in them, more publicly identifiable as an NC group.
[19:13:50] <akgraner> ok we need to add that item to mailing list and get this finalized then yes?
[19:13:57] <BugeyeD> other than the huge NC on the left of the flag, i don't know that anyone from NC would even recognize the flag
[19:14:13] <RangerMatt> point taken
[19:14:30] <BugeyeD> same goes for the shape of the state, though.
[19:15:16] <RangerMatt> I guess the other big thing would be how well it would scale down, and still be recognizable.
[19:15:55] <akgraner> so how does an email to the list with the links asking for a vote and close the vote in a month and get the logo done or is there a better way to do that?
[19:15:59] <BugeyeD> agreed. the svgs scale up and down well, but not everybody has super microscopic vision powers
[19:16:22] <BugeyeD> akgraner: any idea how many folk are on the list?
[19:16:47] <akgraner> BugeyeD: when I looked at launchpad last I want to say over 50...
[19:17:03] <akgraner> but _marx_ may have a better count than me
[19:17:48] <BugeyeD> nice. i think a list post would work, especially if it included an url to a voting page ... is that possible on the colo page?
[19:18:24] <_marx_> it's possible on the forums, mailing list too
[19:18:26] <akgraner> yes it is possible
[19:18:46] <BugeyeD> otherwise someone would have have to dig through email responses and add them up
[19:19:00] <akgraner> you can vote on FB
[19:19:03] <akgraner> hmmm
[19:19:11] <akgraner> well can vote in the room too
[19:19:19] <BugeyeD> yeah, but not everybody wants to sign up for fb.
[19:19:25] <akgraner> I know
[19:19:27] * _marx_ adds that to his list mailman first post
[19:20:14] <akgraner> _marx_: you will handle voting on logo then yes
[19:20:29] <_marx_> arg
[19:20:33] <JFo_> :)
[19:20:37] <BugeyeD> heh
[19:20:50] <_marx_> no, as I have one up for vote and I don't much like it
[19:21:17] <BugeyeD> alright dudley
[19:21:20] <akgraner> JFo_: you can handle that if _marx_ does want to
[19:21:24] <JFo_> ...
[19:21:25] <_marx_> I think we need more submissions
[19:21:30] * BugeyeD agrees
[19:21:32] <JFo_> I agree _marx_
[19:21:32] <akgraner> I do to
[19:21:52] <JFo_> I think we should take more submissions and vote on those in the next meeting
[19:22:00] <akgraner> so I suggest an email with those links ask for more for 1 month and then call for a vote
[19:22:06] <BugeyeD> i'll see if i can drum up some entries ... i have a few nephews in college
[19:22:13] <JFo_> I agree with akgraner
[19:22:22] <JFo_> good deal BugeyeD
[19:22:23] <_marx_> I like BugeyeD comments on svg in particular
[19:22:24] * BugeyeD agrees too
[19:22:30] <JFo_> I can handle the voting on those akgraner
[19:22:36] <JFo_> if that is cool with _marx_
[19:22:46] <_marx_> thx JFo
[19:22:52] <JFo_> no sweat
[19:23:46] <akgraner> [ACTION] JFo_: to handle logo email
[19:24:14] <akgraner> anything else on that before we move to release party stuff
[19:24:32] * JFo_ is all important now
[19:24:34] <JFo_> :)
[19:24:47] <JFo_> I'm good on that
[19:25:03] <BugeyeD> heh
[19:25:07] <akgraner> [TOPIC] Jaunty Release Parties
[19:25:16] <akgraner> we have one planned in Raleigh
[19:25:24] <akgraner> anyone else have one going on?
[19:25:26] <BugeyeD> found a jackalope yet? in raleigh?
[19:25:31] <JFo_> I checked with the Saucer... we are good to go as far as a cake goes
[19:25:31] <_marx_> favorite beer = free
[19:25:45] <JFo_> on the jacklalope, I think we have one nailed down
[19:25:49] <BugeyeD> i'm nowhere near raleigh, but really would like to be there for the party
[19:25:57] <JFo_> now we just need to talk Longhorn out of it for a day
[19:26:00] <JFo_> :)
[19:26:21] <_marx_> BugeyeD: let's do a small one at the PLUG location
[19:26:23] <JFo_> _marx_: mine too :-)
[19:26:35] <BugeyeD> excellent. there's one for certain in winston (long horn) but i doubt they'd let me truck it to raleigh
[19:26:44] <JFo_> yeah
[19:26:53] <JFo_> I think we will have an issue with this one
[19:26:57] <JFo_> even as close as it is
[19:27:04] <BugeyeD> _marx_: works for me ... coffee next door to the pub, pick your vice
[19:27:13] <akgraner> If anyone saw Jono's broadcast today he mention there are 66 parties planned around the world...he wanted to see if 10 more could be planned before next week...
[19:27:18] <BugeyeD> JFo_: does that one have a jackalope too?
[19:27:23] <JFo_> yeah
[19:27:24] <_marx_> there you go, wireless available on each
[19:27:54] <JFo_> I'm headed there tomorrow BugeyeD to see if they will part with it for a day
[19:28:01] <BugeyeD> so other than laughing at microsoft fanboys and drinking coffee or whatever, what would one expect to do at a release party? never been to one.
[19:28:02] <akgraner> so there *is* a party in winston yes
[19:28:07] <Jfrorie> charlottes dead. I can't find anyone
[19:28:15] <JFo_> that is too bad
[19:28:22] <JFo_> Charlotte should be a hopping plae
[19:28:25] <JFo_> err place
[19:28:27] <BugeyeD> charlotte is a big place, that surprises me
[19:28:31] <JFo_> yeah
[19:28:43] * _marx_ too Jfrorie
[19:28:55] <BugeyeD> i'm more likely to attend a charlotte release party than one in raleigh (charlotte has a saucer too)
[19:29:06] <JFo_> indeed they do :)
[19:29:15] <Jfrorie> the lugs aroung here are very. Disorganized
[19:29:21] <JFo_> to say the least
[19:29:43] <BugeyeD> so other than laughing at microsoft fanboys and drinking coffee or whatever, what would one expect to do at a release party? never been to one.
[19:29:47] <JFo_> heh
[19:29:47] <BugeyeD> or did i already ask that?
[19:30:09] <_marx_> now for the rural areas of our state please go to your local bootlegger
[19:30:18] <JFo_> I plan to have a few beers, meet some new people and eat some cake in celebration of a sweet new OS release
[19:30:36] <JFo_> _marx_: I'd like to be considered for inclusion on that
[19:30:37] <akgraner> BugeyeD: we are going to have some trivia, some socializing, cake, and hopefully some ubuntu stuff to give away..still working that one out....
[19:30:38] <JFo_> :-)
[19:31:17] <BugeyeD> so a realease party isn't necessarily an install-fest? that's what i was expecting. but like i said i've never been to oen.
[19:31:20] <BugeyeD> one, even.
[19:31:28] <_marx_> akgraner: let me know how swag goes please
[19:31:29] <JFo_> well, we can have an install fest too
[19:31:42] <JFo_> not on Thursday, but that can be a thing we plan too
[19:31:54] <akgraner> _marx_: you are on the list - if I get anything so if I ask for your address you know why
[19:31:57] <JFo_> Anyone in favor of an install fest?
[19:32:00] <BugeyeD> my schedule is packed, but i'm definitely interested in both
[19:32:05] <_marx_> ideal = installfest + free beer
[19:32:15] <JFo_> BugeyeD: ok, we could do that
[19:32:25] <akgraner> [ACTION] akgraner to check into SWAG
[19:32:28] <BugeyeD> akgraner: feel free to ask for my address too :)
[19:32:36] <JFo_> _marx_: BugeyeD: want to plan that for the weekend or something?
[19:32:45] <BugeyeD> for the swag, not the toilet paper
[19:32:48] <JFo_> hahaha
[19:32:57] <akgraner> ok we are at 8:32 does anyone object to a few more minutes? 15 or so?
[19:33:15] <JFo_> I'm ok with it getting extended a bit
[19:33:20] <_marx_> JFo: how country, county?
[19:33:27] <JFo_> ?
[19:33:48] <JFo_> I'm up for wherever
[19:33:52] <BugeyeD> JFo_: sure
[19:34:01] <JFo_> if you guys wanna plan it nearer to you
[19:34:06] <JFo_> I'm ok with that
[19:34:08] <BugeyeD> JFo_: where are you?
[19:34:14] <JFo_> I'm in Cary, NC
[19:34:15] <_marx_> sorry I may have mis-read something above
[19:34:19] <_marx_> ah
[19:34:33] <_marx_> city
[19:34:34] <BugeyeD> JFo_: you're closer to the raleigh bunch. by a long shot.
[19:34:46] <JFo_> sure, but I am open to travel a bit
[19:35:02] <akgraner> I can travel too...
[19:35:07] <JFo_> is Carrboro close to you guys?
[19:35:19] <akgraner> JFo_: can drive...hehehe
[19:35:20] <BugeyeD> me too, to an extent. i drove to carrboro for the last thing, and no it's not very close. :)
[19:35:25] <_marx_> BugeyeD: how was that drive
[19:35:26] <JFo_> hmm
[19:35:43] <JFo_> where are you guys _marx_, BugeyeD
[19:35:44] <JFo_> ?
[19:35:44] <BugeyeD> _marx_: it was easy, just time consuming. that's my most precious resource at the moment.
[19:35:48] <_marx_> not very close
[19:35:55] <JFo_> heh
[19:35:56] <BugeyeD> we're both near winston
[19:35:59] <Jfrorie> what day is the release?
[19:36:00] <JFo_> ah, cool
[19:36:07] <JFo_> I can meet you guys there
[19:36:11] <JFo_> that is no problem
[19:36:13] <akgraner> Jfrorie: 23rd
[19:36:19] <BugeyeD> i think marx is _in_ winston, and i'm about halfway between winston and lexington.
[19:36:24] <JFo_> ok
[19:36:31] <JFo_> is winston ok for you BugeyeD
[19:36:32] <JFo_> ?
[19:36:36] * _marx_ north winston
[19:36:39] <JFo_> ok
[19:36:41] <BugeyeD> JFo_: sure, it's my backyard
[19:36:44] <JFo_> sweet
[19:36:51] <JFo_> when is the question. :)
[19:36:55] <JFo_> errr
[19:36:55] <BugeyeD> marx mentioned the plug (our local lug) place, which is in winston.
[19:37:00] <JFo_> "when" is the Q
[19:37:05] <JFo_> ok
[19:37:23] <BugeyeD> when is the time, what is the question.
[19:37:32] <_marx_> JFo: our LUG is tomorrow
[19:37:37] <BugeyeD> seriously, i need to check my calendar. i have a crapload on there already.
[19:37:49] <JFo_> ok, I was thinking the Sat. after the release
[19:37:59] <JFo_> unless you guys want to do later
[19:38:13] <JFo_> the 25th
[19:38:37] <BugeyeD> i'm outta town the weekend of the 25th
[19:38:41] <JFo_> hmmm
[19:38:44] <JFo_> ok
[19:38:44] <_marx_> location...looking
[19:39:05] <BugeyeD> plus that's furniture market time, though i don't know how many folks that actually effects in the release party community
[19:39:08] <JFo_> what about Friday night BugeyeD?
[19:39:20] <BugeyeD> day after tomorrow?
[19:39:26] <JFo_> no, next week
[19:39:31] <JFo_> 24th
[19:39:32] <akgraner> [ACTION] JFo_: to coordinate install fest...
[19:39:36] <JFo_> k
[19:39:49] <JFo_> wait, you said you'd be gone...
[19:39:53] <JFo_> hmmmm
[19:39:53] <BugeyeD> no, i'm leaving on the 23rd
[19:39:58] <JFo_> right
[19:40:24] <JFo_> let me send out an e-mail to kick up the discussion and we can narrow from that?
[19:40:43] <JFo_> by then we should have some release CD's
[19:40:45] <BugeyeD> i think the following weekend is ok, preferrably after furniture market ends (my wife is involved, we have kids)
[19:40:54] <JFo_> ok, no problem
[19:40:55] <BugeyeD> wfm
[19:41:12] <JFo_> we can take it offline to e-mail to finalize
[19:41:22] <BugeyeD> wurx fur mee
[19:41:23] <JFo_> I'll send something out
[19:41:27] <JFo_> excellent
[19:41:29] <akgraner> [ACTION] JFo_: to handle email to list ect about install fest
[19:41:35] <JFo_> sound good to you _marx_
[19:41:36] <JFo_> ?
[19:41:53] <BugeyeD> he's still shooing neighbors, prolly
[19:41:57] <Jfrorie> maybe ill try another email to the local lugs.
[19:42:02] <JFo_> heh
[19:42:10] <JFo_> Jfrorie: where are you located?
[19:42:19] <BugeyeD> once we get a firm-ish date i'll post to our lug as well
[19:42:22] <JFo_> ok
[19:42:44] <Jfrorie> charlotte. Clug and uncclug are here and dead
[19:42:53] <JFo_> ok
[19:43:10] <akgraner> Jfrorie: depending on what weekend you want to plan something in CTL, I can attend and let me know how I can help you plan something would be glad too
[19:43:13] <_marx_> good
[19:43:22] <JFo_> _marx_: cool
[19:43:33] <JFo_> yeah, akgraner I can do that too
[19:43:36] <Jfrorie> I barelay was able to join the listserv
[19:43:42] * JFo_ loves the travel :)
[19:44:03] <_marx_> JFo: look forward to meeting you
[19:44:08] * akgraner loves to travel in JFo_'s ride....
[19:44:10] <JFo_> same here _marx_ :)
[19:44:17] <JFo_> akgraner: :-/
[19:44:18] * BugeyeD hates the travel. but if the schedule permits might show up in charlotte as well
[19:44:26] <JFo_> excellent
[19:44:41] <JFo_> we can be the incredible travelling Ubuntu peeps
[19:44:49] <akgraner> Jfrorie: so looks like you have people now...just let us know
[19:44:54] <JFo_> of NC that is
[19:44:57] <BugeyeD> i'll even bring a special un-marked cross-over cable. marx likes those.
[19:45:09] <JFo_> heh
[19:45:18] <akgraner> looks like we've moved to MIsc..:)
[19:45:22] <Jfrorie> that would be cool. But I'd realy like to get these local people motivated
[19:45:30] <akgraner> [TOPIC] Misc
[19:45:36] <JFo_> look for e-mail from me as soon as I write it to the loco list
[19:45:38] <_marx_> very special when working with sparc boxen
[19:45:47] <JFo_> I can only imagine
[19:46:11] <BugeyeD> wow that was a long time ago
[19:46:27] <JFo_> heh
[19:46:34] <_marx_> fun though
[19:46:37] <BugeyeD> alright, so parties in winston and raleigh, with winston and raliegh parties moving to charlotte afterwards.
[19:46:48] <JFo_> yeah, I miss my SPARC boxes
[19:46:58] <BugeyeD> JFo_: want mine?
[19:46:59] <JFo_> I went Freddy Kreuger on them a feew weeks ago
[19:47:02] <JFo_> err few
[19:47:07] <JFo_> BugeyeD: sure
[19:47:09] <JFo_> :-)
[19:47:14] <akgraner> BugeyeD: sounds like....Charlotte can even be a meet and greet type thing....
[19:47:21] <JFo_> indeed
[19:47:22] <_marx_> oh no JFo had sparc boxen
[19:47:23] <BugeyeD> well, not if you pull out the finger-knives ...
[19:47:30] <JFo_> hahaha
[19:47:37] <JFo_> no, these were oooooooold
[19:47:45] <JFo_> and dead
[19:47:49] <BugeyeD> akgraner: works for me. i normally leave my laptop in the car when i attend our lug meetings
[19:48:05] * _marx_ has sparc5's and 20's
[19:48:06] <BugeyeD> so a meet-n-greet is just fine.
[19:48:08] <akgraner> BugeyeD: cool
[19:48:12] <BugeyeD> especially if there is food/drink
[19:48:21] <akgraner> Jfrorie: how's that work for you?
[19:48:31] * JFo_ had SPARC 1,4,5 and 20's
[19:48:31] <BugeyeD> i just hate to make promises because my schedule sucks
[19:48:37] <JFo_> all dead :-/
[19:48:53] <akgraner> a meet and greet kinda thing some time soon in the Queen City?
[19:48:58] <JFo_> BugeyeD: I know what you mean
[19:49:06] * BugeyeD has gotta go take care of the kids, will catch up in irc history after awhile
[19:49:09] <BugeyeD> ciao!
[19:49:10] <JFo_> k
[19:49:12] <JFo_> cheers
[19:49:21] <akgraner> BugeyeD: bye and thanks!
[19:49:26] <BugeyeD> akgraner: CLT has a saucer ... hint, hint ...
[19:49:30] <JFo_> hee hee
[19:49:39] <akgraner> [TOPIC] Next Meeting
[19:49:40] * JFo_ has a UFO card
[19:49:40] <_marx_> geez
[19:49:46] <JFo_> :)
[19:50:14] <akgraner> when do we want to hold the next meeting 2 weeks after parties and such?
[19:50:27] <JFo_> what date range is that?
[19:50:30] <akgraner> let people digest all the emails going out to the list
[19:50:31] <_marx_> yes
[19:50:32] * JFo_ goes to look
[19:51:05] <JFo_> so around the 6th?
[19:51:19] <JFo_> good for me
[19:51:20] <akgraner> or do you want to go 3 weeks?
[19:51:34] * JFo_ is open to suggestion
[19:51:57] <_marx_> hum, regular two weeks or ...
[19:52:21] <akgraner> I like an every 2 week schedule but that's just me
[19:53:02] <_marx_> I do as well, for me it's a bit easier to manage
[19:53:09] <JFo_> yeah
[19:53:11] <RangerMatt> agreed
[19:53:16] <akgraner> that way everyone can plan...however the time isn't good for everyone...people with younger children requested later meeting time..so how does one early meeting the the other later
[19:53:20] <Jfrorie> wednesdays are a little rough for me.
[19:53:36] <Jfrorie> blackberrys suck at irc
[19:53:40] <JFo_> heh
[19:53:55] <akgraner> so do we need to send a email to find out days and times that work for the team
[19:54:09] <JFo_> sounds good
[19:54:20] <JFo_> that way people can respond at their leisure
[19:54:33] <_marx_> I think so, we did this last time and had some greater participation
[19:54:40] <JFo_> cool
[19:54:54] <akgraner> we can rotate 1st meeting of the month on one day and time, 2 meeting of month different date and time so we can meet the needs of the team as much as possible...
[19:55:27] <_marx_> kiss
[19:55:52] <JFo_> someone want to send an e-mail so we can set that up?
[19:56:21] <_marx_> what day is good
[19:56:22] <JFo_> that that way we can get a majority rule type deal :)
[19:56:37] <JFo_> Jfrorie: Thursday better than Wed?
[19:56:49] <akgraner> I can send the email and Practice the *kiss* method....
[19:56:55] <_marx_> day time poll
[19:56:58] <akgraner> yep
[19:56:59] <JFo_> heh
[19:57:13] <JFo_> works for me
[19:57:19] <_marx_> last time tuesdays won
[19:57:22] <Jfrorie> thursday is good
[19:57:26] <akgraner> ok..
[19:57:33] <JFo_> ok, so Tuesday or Thursday
[19:57:40] <JFo_> we cn narrow via e-mail
[19:57:47] <JFo_> :)
[19:57:52] <_marx_> si
[19:57:53] * JFo_ loves the e-mail too
[19:57:57] <akgraner> [ACTION] akgraner to send day time poll to list
[19:58:00] <JFo_> even though I get too much now
[19:58:13] <JFo_> MootBot: you complete me
[19:58:20] <JFo_> :-D
[19:59:15] <akgraner> So for next meeting can we do Thursday 7th at 7:00pm
[19:59:28] <JFo_> works for me
[19:59:37] <akgraner> until we get the responses back and can set something in stone
[19:59:51] * _marx_ must now go find the 100 year old bottle of bourbon hidden in his basement
[20:00:06] <JFo_> oooh
[20:00:11] <_marx_> sounds good
[20:00:13] * JFo_ heads to _marx_ house
[20:00:18] * akgraner too
[20:00:23] <JFo_> heh
[20:00:40] * _marx_ kicks JFo from his property
[20:00:46] <JFo_> :-(
[20:00:54] <Jfrorie> marx is. My freind
[20:01:02] <JFo_> <-jealous
[20:01:08] <_marx_> it's my bottle he cries...
[20:01:17] <akgraner> how does this sound..I'll get the log together, the agenda for next meeting, and post minutes
[20:01:24] <JFo_> coolness
[20:01:44] <akgraner> _marx_: you wanna chair the next meeting
[20:01:52] <_marx_> rot gut peach brandy from the mountain counties dude
[20:02:01] <JFo_> even better
[20:02:01] <akgraner> see how good mootbot is....
[20:02:23] <akgraner> it does what it's told :)
[20:02:37] <JFo_> heh
[20:02:43] <JFo_> unlike me
[20:02:43] <_marx_> sure, I'll give it a go
[20:03:55] <akgraner> [ACTION] akgraner to do minutes, agenda and get logs posted
[20:04:09] <akgraner> this may take a few days..but I'll get it done...
[20:04:28] <akgraner> [ACTION] _marx_ to chair next meeting
[20:04:47] <akgraner> _marx_: want me to do the wiki for the next meeting?
[20:04:56] <_marx_> yes
[20:04:57] <akgraner> then you can edit what needs to be
[20:05:06] <akgraner> or just tell me what to change and I will
[20:05:09] <_marx_> yep
[20:05:10] <akgraner> I love wiki's
[20:05:18] * JFo_ does... not...
[20:05:35] <akgraner> [ACTION] akgraner to update meeting wiki
[20:05:52] <akgraner> anything else before we end?
[20:06:12] <_marx_> not that I can think of
[20:06:17] <JFo_> nothing I can think of .... but sleep
[20:06:22] <JFo_> :)
[20:06:28] <akgraner> looks like meetings will take 1.5 hrs....for now
[20:06:33] <_marx_> increase membership/participation
[20:06:43] <JFo_> ooh, yeah
[20:07:50] <akgraner> I'll Blog about it....and talk it up....
[20:08:11] <JFo_> I'll keep the word out in the LUGs
[20:08:17] <_marx_> find congregations to speak to rather than chours
[20:08:27] <JFo_> yeah
[20:08:33] <JFo_> doing that in the office too
[20:09:30] <akgraner> I'll email jorge and jono, and see what suggestions they may have....jono had some great suggestions today....
[20:09:44] <JFo_> yeah
[20:09:56] <akgraner> anything else...?
[20:10:17] <akgraner> so next meeting May 7th, 7pm _marx_ to chair...
[20:10:28] <JFo_> yup
[20:10:36] <_marx_> dang akgraner email those guys!
[20:10:39] <Jfrorie> cool
[20:10:41] <JFo_> heh
[20:11:12] <akgraner> [ACTION] next meet May 7th, 2009, 7pm
[20:11:46] <akgraner> [ACTION] akgraner to email Jono and Jorge
[20:12:00] <akgraner> anything else?
[20:12:03] <Jfrorie> gotta go. Latr
[20:12:05] <akgraner> going once
[20:12:11] <JFo_> see ya Jfrorie
[20:12:14] <akgraner> bye Jfrorie Thanks!
[20:12:36] <JFo_> I got nothing for now akgraner
[20:12:46] <akgraner> _marx_: ?
[20:12:57] <akgraner> RangerMatt: ?
[20:13:13] * marco_polo moved to den to be with spousal unit
[20:13:18] <akgraner> anyone else?
[20:13:19] <RangerMatt> nothing now, unless someone here is good with PowerPC versions of Ubuntu.
[20:13:55] <akgraner> Thanks everyone!
[20:14:05] <akgraner> #endmeeting
Meeting ended.

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