Meeting Started at 1931hrs EST chaired by akgraner Meeting Ended at 2114hrs EST




  • Open Items
    • School Advocacy - project was started in 2007, but stalled, was decided that we will look into the home-schooling and private schools to start.
    • Long term goals and Short term goals were discussed - it was decided we need to figure out these goals based on the state and regional areas and where some projects could over lap with other loco's.
    • Logo for NC Loco - decided to ask for more ideas and give it a month or so then take a vote and get this taken care of.
  • Jaunty Release Parties
    • Raleigh
    • Winston-Salem
    • Charlotte (Install fest) date to be determined
  • Misc
    • How do we grow Loco?
  • Next Meeting Information
    • _marx_ to Chair Meeting
    • next Irc Meeting in #Ubuntu-us-nc 7:00pm on Thursday, May 7, 2009

Action Items

  • _marx_ to send email to mailing list about school advocacy project
  • _marx_ to chair next meeting
  • Jfo to send out Logo Email
  • Jfo to coordinate install fest with Jforie
  • Jfo to send out email about install fest once details are finalized
  • akgraner to send email about brainstorming ideas for short and long term goal ideas
  • akgraner to check on SWAG
  • akgraner to send a day/time poll to see what works for Loco members
  • akgraner to email jono/jcastro reference new ideas for Loco
  • akgraner to update meeting wiki
  • akgraner to write up minutes, agenda, and post logs as they become available

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