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Logs from 20090623 LoCo Meeting Jun 23 19:00:20 <akgraner> #startmeeting

Jun 23 19:00:22 <MootBot> Meeting started at 18:00. The chair is akgraner.

Jun 23 19:00:22 <MootBot> Commands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]

Jun 23 19:00:31 <akgraner> Welcome everyone...

Jun 23 19:00:43 <akgraner> Agenda for this meeting can be found https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NorthCarolinaTeam/Meeting

Jun 23 19:01:09 <akgraner> so who is here for the meeting?

Jun 23 19:01:42 <pak33m> aye just sitting in here

Jun 23 19:02:03 <akgraner> _marx_, bac and JFo sent apologizes for the meeting.... they couldn't be here...

Jun 23 19:02:49 <akgraner> [Topic] Install Fests

Jun 23 19:02:50 <MootBot> New Topic: Install Fests

Jun 23 19:03:34 <akgraner> JFo is still trying to work on a plan for Fests around the state...

Jun 23 19:03:57 <akgraner> I am going to jump ahead to a new items that ties into this one...

Jun 23 19:04:13 <akgraner> [Topic] Ubuntu Global Jam

Jun 23 19:04:14 <MootBot> New Topic: Ubuntu Global Jam

Jun 23 19:04:26 <akgraner> has anyone heard of it already?

Jun 23 19:04:47 * BugeyeD raises his hand

Jun 23 19:04:54 <akgraner> anyone else?

Jun 23 19:05:24 <akgraner> ok so the week ok Oct 2-4, 2009 is when this is going to take place

Jun 23 19:05:34 <akgraner> all Ubuntu LoCo's are encouraged to take part...

Jun 23 19:06:02 <akgraner> so on this weekend we are going to make it an all things Ubuntu weekend all over the State if possible...

Jun 23 19:06:14 <akgraner> in preparing for the event...

Jun 23 19:06:43 <akgraner> we want to explore some ideas leading up to the event...

Jun 23 19:07:02 <akgraner> if someone has an idea please type the following

Jun 23 19:07:12 <akgraner> [idea] bug jams

Jun 23 19:07:13 <MootBot> IDEA received: bug jams

Jun 23 19:07:25 <akgraner> [idea] install fests

Jun 23 19:07:26 <MootBot> IDEA received: install fests

Jun 23 19:07:33 <akgraner> see how that works...

Jun 23 19:07:43 <akgraner> [idea] updating wiki's

Jun 23 19:07:44 <MootBot> IDEA received: updating wiki's

Jun 23 19:08:08 <akgraner> so kenvandine had a suggestion that he would like to see happen...

Jun 23 19:08:33 * jfrorie (n=jfrorie@cpe-071-075-118-086.carolina.res.rr.com) has joined #ubuntu-us-nc Jun 23 19:08:55 <akgraner> hey jfrorie welcome

Jun 23 19:09:03 <BugeyeD> [idea] placing cds in retail locations (this is ongoing)

Jun 23 19:09:04 <MootBot> IDEA received: placing cds in retail locations (this is ongoing)

Jun 23 19:09:18 <jfrorie> hi all

Jun 23 19:09:32 <akgraner> [idea] working on empathy and banshee prior.. I was thinking in July

Jun 23 19:09:33 <MootBot> IDEA received: working on empathy and banshee prior.. I was thinking in July

Jun 23 19:09:40 <akgraner> BugeyeD, great idea...

Jun 23 19:10:06 <pak33m> [idea] create a project page for the team

Jun 23 19:10:06 <MootBot> IDEA received: create a project page for the team

Jun 23 19:10:38 <pak33m> to manage your proposed and active projects

Jun 23 19:10:44 <akgraner> pak33m, great! Do you know if the LoCo teams have an idea page for everyone to pull from or add too?

Jun 23 19:10:54 <pak33m> hope you dont mind me chiming in here

Jun 23 19:11:06 <akgraner> no please do ...everyone in the channel has a voice...

Jun 23 19:11:14 <akgraner> Smile :-)

Jun 23 19:11:46 <pak33m> hmm not too sure about an idea page but thats the idea we talked around at the self bof

Jun 23 19:12:16 <akgraner> yep..I need to go back an read the logs from the meeting about the Global Jam...

Jun 23 19:12:17 <akgraner> Smile :-)

Jun 23 19:12:50 <akgraner> [action] create idea page for Global Bug Jam

Jun 23 19:12:52 <MootBot> ACTION received: create idea page for Global Bug Jam

Jun 23 19:13:00 <pak33m> not to toot my own horn but youre more than welcome to take ideas from the -fl team projects page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FloridaTeam/Projects

Jun 23 19:13:10 <akgraner> [action] set up a empathy and banshee jam in July

Jun 23 19:13:11 <MootBot> ACTION received: set up a empathy and banshee jam in July

Jun 23 19:13:28 * akgraner looks now

Jun 23 19:13:33 <pak33m> that is where we list all of our team projects to keep updated

Jun 23 19:13:55 <akgraner> pak33m, oh I like that...did anyone else take a quick peek at it?

Jun 23 19:14:03 * BugeyeD is looking now

Jun 23 19:14:14 <akgraner> do you use that to help with your team reports as well

Jun 23 19:14:23 <pak33m> we also have a page for reoccrring events, i.e. bug jams, etc.

Jun 23 19:14:40 <bgryderclock> [idea] setup an educational table/booth at large malls with a large "bring your old PC back to life w/ Free Software" banner.

Jun 23 19:14:41 <MootBot> IDEA received: setup an educational table/booth at large malls with a large "bring your old PC back to life w/ Free Software" banner.

Jun 23 19:15:01 <BugeyeD> nice. and a qimo project, too. i use that with my kids.

Jun 23 19:15:03 <akgraner> pak33m, I am just now working on the new wiki pages...have to link then all in the nice fashion you all and other LoCo's have theirs...

Jun 23 19:15:09 <pak33m> no as of last night i actually started using the new style of team reports and it works just dandy

Jun 23 19:15:37 <akgraner> Smile :-)

Jun 23 19:15:57 <BugeyeD> bgryderclock: one would normally have to rent space in a mall, right?

Jun 23 19:16:00 <pak33m> BugeyeD: the qimo folks are members of our team

Jun 23 19:16:11 <akgraner> BugeyeD, yeah that would be great too...

Jun 23 19:16:17 <pak33m> BugeyeD: and they are awesome

Jun 23 19:16:19 <BugeyeD> pak33m: i know, i sat in on their talk and shook their hands afterward. Smile :)

Jun 23 19:16:20 <bgryderclock> i am not sure

Jun 23 19:16:54 <akgraner> which mall BugeyeD bgryderclock ?

Jun 23 19:17:28 <BugeyeD> pak33m: one of their children was using an olpc laptop ... both my kids are on theirs as i type this. too bad qimo is to thick for those devices.

Jun 23 19:17:34 <BugeyeD> s/to/too/

Jun 23 19:17:34 <sinBot> pak33m: one of their children was using an olpc laptoop ... both my kids are on theirs as i type this. tooo bad qimo is too thick for those devices.

Jun 23 19:17:45 <BugeyeD> krikey

Jun 23 19:17:56 <akgraner> [action] if you want to do something at a mall check into the what is needed...

Jun 23 19:17:57 <MootBot> ACTION received: if you want to do something at a mall check into the what is needed... Jun 23 19:18:12 <BugeyeD> akgraner: i'm nearest hanes mall in winston, but oak hollow (high point) and four seasons (greensboro) are fairly close

Jun 23 19:18:31 <bgryderclock> perhaps concord mills mall or South park mall in the charlotte area,

Jun 23 19:18:41 <akgraner> does anyone have time to research what is needed for those malls

Jun 23 19:19:00 <pak33m> were getting ready to have a few qimo events coming up

Jun 23 19:19:00 <BugeyeD> i can work on that tomorrow

Jun 23 19:19:17 <akgraner> [action] BugeyeD to check on mall details...

Jun 23 19:19:18 <MootBot> ACTION received: BugeyeD to check on mall details...

Jun 23 19:19:36 <akgraner> pak33m, great.. are they on your wiki?

Jun 23 19:19:47 <pak33m> akgraner: yes

Jun 23 19:20:11 <akgraner> great...I'll read up on them in a few then... they Rock!

Jun 23 19:20:38 <akgraner> [topic] events

Jun 23 19:20:39 <MootBot> New Topic: events

Jun 23 19:21:23 <akgraner> Atlanta Linux Fest is coming up in September

Jun 23 19:22:07 <akgraner> the 19th... they have a great lineup already..

Jun 23 19:22:30 <akgraner> do we want to do anything as LoCo or join up with the SE LoCo's for this...

Jun 23 19:22:43 <akgraner> I am not sure how much space they will have...

Jun 23 19:22:59 <akgraner> [idea] booth at Atlanta Linux Fest

Jun 23 19:23:00 <MootBot> IDEA received: booth at Atlanta Linux Fest

Jun 23 19:23:07 <BugeyeD> at that time, i should be in georgia - but camping in my vw bus

Jun 23 19:23:12 <pak33m> akgraner: that would be neat if we could do a southeast ubuntu loco display with -fl, -ga, -sc, -nc, etc.

Jun 23 19:23:32 <akgraner> BugeyeD, Smile :-)

Jun 23 19:23:41 <akgraner> pak33m, I think together would be awesome

Jun 23 19:23:51 <pak33m> or represent our locos in one place there i mean

Jun 23 19:24:06 <pak33m> more bofs hosted by you of course

Jun 23 19:24:11 <akgraner> is there a SE banner with all the loco teams listed by any chance

Jun 23 19:24:28 <pak33m> no but that could be made

Jun 23 19:24:44 * BugeyeD brb, need to reboot my client

Jun 23 19:24:48 <akgraner> BugeyeD, k

Jun 23 19:24:55 <pak33m> we would have to generate some noise about it on the -us mailing list

Jun 23 19:25:11 <akgraner> ok.. you want to do that or do you want me too?

Jun 23 19:25:45 <pak33m> you can do it i still need to bring it up with the -fl team

Jun 23 19:25:49 <akgraner> ahh ok

Jun 23 19:25:56 <pak33m> if you want

Jun 23 19:26:02 <pak33m> or i can

Jun 23 19:26:10 <pak33m> ok i will

Jun 23 19:26:22 <akgraner> ok..:-)

Jun 23 19:26:51 <akgraner> [action] pak33m to bring up banner for SE LoCo joint events on the -us mailing list...

Jun 23 19:26:52 <MootBot> ACTION received: pak33m to bring up banner for SE LoCo joint events on the -us mailing list...

Jun 23 19:27:16 <akgraner> I'll comment on it as soon as I see the email.. we can get some buzz going

Jun 23 19:27:30 <akgraner> jfrorie, hey got any events in the CLT area?

Jun 23 19:27:39 <pak33m> my thought there was to bring up repping our locos in general at alf

Jun 23 19:28:00 <pak33m> good stuff

Jun 23 19:28:02 <akgraner> pak ok I'll note that in the minutes...

Jun 23 19:28:04 <akgraner> Smile :-)

Jun 23 19:28:43 <jfrorie> not a thing going on around here. I finally got on the charlug mailing list and the organizer is stepping down.

Jun 23 19:28:54 <akgraner> ahh ok...

Jun 23 19:29:24 <akgraner> getting around to the lug stuff..:-) it's on the list and congrats on the lug stuff

Jun 23 19:29:35 <akgraner> [idea] BarcampRDU

Jun 23 19:29:36 <MootBot> IDEA received: BarcampRDU

Jun 23 19:29:48 <bgryderclock> Will there be a CharLug meeting this week?

Jun 23 19:30:07 <akgraner> sorry folks did anyone else have anything about ALF before I head into BarCAmp

Jun 23 19:30:29 <jfrorie> bgryderclock, I haven;t heard a pep on this list for over a month.

Jun 23 19:30:36 <jfrorie> pep == peep

Jun 23 19:30:40 <akgraner> ok so...BarCamp...

Jun 23 19:30:53 <akgraner> it's August 8th, 2009...

Jun 23 19:31:09 <akgraner> I need to post some links one sec let me grab it... and ALF

Jun 23 19:31:21 <akgraner> lovelace do you want to say anything about barcamp

Jun 23 19:31:55 <akgraner> [link] ALF http://atlantalinuxfest.org/

Jun 23 19:31:56 <MootBot> LINK received: ALF http://atlantalinuxfest.org/

Jun 23 19:32:11 <BugeyeD> will i need to register prior to showing up at barcamprdu? kinda looks like it might be full otherwise

Jun 23 19:32:14 <akgraner> crap..the ALF doesn't belong in the link but you get the idea

Jun 23 19:32:32 <akgraner> BugeyeD, there is a waiting list due to limited space

Jun 23 19:32:40 <akgraner> you will need to add your name to the list

Jun 23 19:33:05 <akgraner> [link] http://barcamp.org/BarCampRDU

Jun 23 19:33:07 <MootBot> LINK received: http://barcamp.org/BarCampRDU

Jun 23 19:33:53 <BugeyeD> thought so. prolly won't do that, as i cannot guarantee i can be there at this time

Jun 23 19:33:57 <akgraner> so think about that event - the TriLug in charge of this event - should be a great crowd - and a ton of info

Jun 23 19:34:15 <BugeyeD> i'd love to go

Jun 23 19:34:31 <akgraner> Smile :-) as we would love to have you there!

Jun 23 19:34:46 <akgraner> anything else about BarCamp anyone

Jun 23 19:34:49 * bgryderclock has quit ("Page closed")

Jun 23 19:34:54 <akgraner> before I move on

Jun 23 19:35:20 <akgraner> [topic] advocacy

Jun 23 19:35:20 <MootBot> New Topic: advocacy

Jun 23 19:36:07 <akgraner> what can to bring ubuntu to our communities in the State

Jun 23 19:36:23 * bgryderclock (i=184a94d2@gateway/web/freenode/x-7aa3f974f2294215) has joined #ubuntu-us-nc

Jun 23 19:36:34 <akgraner> here are some ideas I thought about in addition to the ones listed for Global Jam

Jun 23 19:36:41 <akgraner> [idea] libraries

Jun 23 19:36:43 <MootBot> IDEA received: libraries

Jun 23 19:36:53 <akgraner> wb bgryderclock !

Jun 23 19:37:10 <BugeyeD> homeschool 2009/2010 is just getting ramped up around here. my wife is getting plugged in (this is our first year). i hope to start talking to folks about qimo and feeling them out for how else they can be helped with foss, but this will take some time.

Jun 23 19:37:17 <akgraner> I talked to a couple libraries and they were excited about having Cd'

Jun 23 19:37:25 <akgraner> cd's and fliers in them

Jun 23 19:37:41 <akgraner> BugeyeD, Great!!!

Jun 23 19:38:06 <bgryderclock> In a talk at SELF, Ryan "Icculus" Gordon talked about a "buy a MacBook get a free Ipod" poster. he asked where are the "want free games and a word processor that doesn't suck.. Try Linux" posters. Perhaps we could create some posters like that and blanket NC campuses with them.

Jun 23 19:38:08 <akgraner> BugeyeD, let us know when you kick that off so we make sure we get it on our lists...

Jun 23 19:38:44 <BugeyeD> np. i'm already talking to some folks, but don't yet know really where to start because i don't know the organization yet.

Jun 23 19:39:16 <akgraner> bgryderclock, sounds like an idea - do the ubuntu marketing folks have anything like that yet? does anyone know?

Jun 23 19:39:24 <BugeyeD> i've contacted sheetz hq (the gas station/food store) but have yet to talk to a real person. just canned messages so far.

Jun 23 19:39:40 <BugeyeD> i've also contacted lowes foods, more of the same.

Jun 23 19:40:02 <akgraner> BugeyeD, you are on the ball... let us know how all that goes...

Jun 23 19:40:05 <akgraner> Smile :-)

Jun 23 19:40:11 <BugeyeD> next on my list is redbox, because folks expect to pick up dvds there - figure it's worth a shot.

Jun 23 19:40:34 <akgraner> [idea] posters...

Jun 23 19:40:36 <MootBot> IDEA received: posters...

Jun 23 19:41:07 <akgraner> all the community colleges are linked as well... so that is a place to start too...

Jun 23 19:41:15 <BugeyeD> [idea] gas stations, red box, grocery stores

Jun 23 19:41:15 <MootBot> IDEA received: gas stations, red box, grocery stores

Jun 23 19:41:16 <akgraner> [idea] community colleges

Jun 23 19:41:18 <MootBot> IDEA received: community colleges

Jun 23 19:41:58 <akgraner> [idea] get involved and see how we can support our LUG and F/LOSS groups in our respective communities

Jun 23 19:41:59 <MootBot> IDEA received: get involved and see how we can support our LUG and F/LOSS groups in our respective communities

Jun 23 19:42:28 <akgraner> see about giving talks or getting someone who knows something about what you are interested to come speak if you don't want to...

Jun 23 19:42:53 <akgraner> [idea] bookstores/coffee shops

Jun 23 19:42:54 <MootBot> IDEA received: bookstores/coffee shops

Jun 23 19:43:10 <akgraner> pak33m, I can see we really need an idea page..:-)

Jun 23 19:43:17 <BugeyeD> no kidding

Jun 23 19:43:22 <pak33m> oh yeah

Jun 23 19:44:20 <akgraner> [idea] non-profits

Jun 23 19:44:21 <MootBot> IDEA received: non-profits

Jun 23 19:44:25 <pak33m> thats why i mentioned a project page for your team at least

Jun 23 19:44:27 <BugeyeD> would the idea page be a wiki that i could edit if/when i get anywhere with any of these contacts?

Jun 23 19:44:48 <akgraner> if you know of a cause that you are personally passionate about.. see what they need...

Jun 23 19:45:03 <akgraner> see if you can help them or if you can't put them in touch with someone who can...

Jun 23 19:45:38 <akgraner> an non-profit you don't care about will fall off your radar but if you care about it.. the you can combine two things and go from there...

Jun 23 19:45:50 <akgraner> make sense...

Jun 23 19:46:23 <pak33m> something along the idea (no pun) of http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/

Jun 23 19:46:31 <pak33m> for an idea page that is

Jun 23 19:46:37 * Citizenjoefriday (n=Joe@adsl-070-145-232-086.sip.int.bellsouth.net) has joined #ubuntu-us-nc

Jun 23 19:47:09 <akgraner> ahh..ok

Jun 23 19:47:25 <akgraner> so anything else.. on this front before I move on to the logo?

Jun 23 19:47:36 <pak33m> akgraner: but maybe somebody could create one for -locoteam

Jun 23 19:47:38 <akgraner> don't want to keep people to long tonight...

Jun 23 19:47:38 <pak33m> s Jun 23 19:47:47 <pak33m> and idea page that is

Jun 23 19:48:03 <akgraner> pak33m, oh that would be great... hmm when in the next loco teams meeting?

Jun 23 19:48:13 <akgraner> maybe we could put that on the agenda..:-)

Jun 23 19:48:15 <pak33m> you guys have a tonne of ideas floating around here Smile :)

Jun 23 19:48:32 <pak33m> akgraner: oh in dont know

Jun 23 19:48:51 <akgraner> ok..just curious..

Jun 23 19:49:08 <akgraner> aything else before I move on?

Jun 23 19:49:26 <akgraner> [topic] logo

Jun 23 19:49:27 <MootBot> New Topic: logo

Jun 23 19:49:48 <akgraner> so here is the basic idea the majority of folks wanted...

Jun 23 19:49:49 <akgraner> http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=17577806624&ref=ts#/photo.php?pid=265993&o=all&op=1&view=all&subj=17577806624&aid=-1&id=1517809393&oid=17577806624

Jun 23 19:49:50 <MootBot> LINK received: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=17577806624&ref=ts#/photo.php?pid=265993&o=all&op=1&view=all&subj=17577806624&aid=-1&id=1517809393&oid=17577806624

Jun 23 19:50:49 <pak33m> akgraner: dont want to get you all off topic but i wanted to say thanks for letting me hang out with you all again. gotta pay attention to my kids now. ttyl

Jun 23 19:50:50 <akgraner> it needs some simplifying but those minus the stamper, keep the stamp on the state and use Tux...

Jun 23 19:51:00 <akgraner> pak33m, thanks for coming...

Jun 23 19:51:04 <akgraner> anytime

Jun 23 19:51:34 <pak33m> akgraner: let me know if you need help with team stuff

Jun 23 19:51:34 <akgraner> any comments?

Jun 23 19:51:46 <akgraner> pak33m, I will I promise

Jun 23 19:51:48 <akgraner> Smile :-)

Jun 23 19:52:32 <akgraner> any comments on the logo?

Jun 23 19:52:42 <bgryderclock> i like it, perhaps tux could hold the stamper?

Jun 23 19:53:15 <akgraner> bgryderclock, oh that would be good..

Jun 23 19:53:34 <akgraner> we'll see what we can get someone to do for us on that..:-)

Jun 23 19:53:48 <bgryderclock> like "I, the Linux mascot, PWND the state for ubuntu"

Jun 23 19:53:55 <BugeyeD> i think it's too busy for some uses

Jun 23 19:54:24 <akgraner> yes..that's why it will be simplified for things like..banners t-shirts etc...

Jun 23 19:54:31 <akgraner> Smile :-)

Jun 23 19:54:33 <BugeyeD> shrinking it down to a size useful for shortcuts (ie web page logos) would make it useless

Jun 23 19:54:45 <BugeyeD> that'd make a cool t-shirt Smile :)

Jun 23 19:54:58 <BugeyeD> cafepress anyone?

Jun 23 19:55:07 <akgraner> so those are the symbols everyone wanted though...

Jun 23 19:55:12 <akgraner> cafepress is cool..

Jun 23 19:55:37 <akgraner> anything else about the logo...

Jun 23 19:55:53 <bgryderclock> perhaps Tux standing on the state with a ubuntu flag...

Jun 23 19:56:13 <bgryderclock> like" i claims this state in the name of ubunut."

Jun 23 19:56:21 <bgryderclock> *ubuntu

Jun 23 19:56:30 <jfrorie> I'm wondering if the red stamp is a good idea

Jun 23 19:56:47 <BugeyeD> all your tarheels are belong to us

Jun 23 19:56:55 <jfrorie> it doesn;t reenforce the logo. It creates a new one.

Jun 23 19:57:18 <jfrorie> Maybe he should stamp the same logo that on the stomach

Jun 23 19:57:27 <akgraner> well there is another stamp that is the ubuntu logo

Jun 23 19:57:35 <akgraner> that is the one I was going to ask to be used

Jun 23 19:57:37 <jfrorie> Maybe make the stamp a little crackled to make it look like a stamp.

Jun 23 19:58:17 <jfrorie> From a marketing standpoint, you don't want to create a bunch of logo variations. It confuses people.

Jun 23 19:58:48 <bgryderclock> yeah, i'm just shooting out ideas...

Jun 23 19:58:51 <akgraner> jfrorie, yep...that's why I was going to stick with the normal logo

Jun 23 19:59:16 <akgraner> and those colors..but the general idea was people liked the stamp idea..:-)

Jun 23 20:00:00 <bgryderclock> i like the stamp idea too

Jun 23 20:00:31 <jfrorie> I like the stamp.

Jun 23 20:00:38 <akgraner> so I was thinking to have to logo in place by 1 August, 2009

Jun 23 20:01:23 <akgraner> however if someone else wants to take that link and run with it... my time will be limited until August..

Jun 23 20:01:59 <akgraner> would love to turn that over to someone...

Jun 23 20:02:04 <jfrorie> I suck at drawing. I can only plagerize and change colors Sad :(

Jun 23 20:02:17 <akgraner> Sad :-(

Jun 23 20:02:54 <akgraner> I'm feeling you're pain...

Jun 23 20:03:16 <akgraner> ok so can we move on to the next topic?

Jun 23 20:03:42 <akgraner> [action] finalize logo have in place by 1 Aug, 2009

Jun 23 20:03:43 <MootBot> ACTION received: finalize logo have in place by 1 Aug, 2009

Jun 23 20:04:03 <akgraner> [topic] Karmic Release parties...

Jun 23 20:04:04 <MootBot> New Topic: Karmic Release parties...

Jun 23 20:04:36 <akgraner> ok I know Karmic is in October..

Jun 23 20:05:02 <akgraner> but can we start planning early so we can have 3 or 4 parties for this release...

Jun 23 20:05:26 <akgraner> that way we can get the SWAG and stuff out to everyone and not request stuff last minute...

Jun 23 20:05:46 <akgraner> any ideas for this one?

Jun 23 20:06:18 <BugeyeD> lemme see if i'll even be in-country that month ...

Jun 23 20:06:30 <akgraner> BugeyeD, ok...:-)

Jun 23 20:06:47 <akgraner> well I know the Saucer in Raleigh said we could do something there...

Jun 23 20:06:58 <BugeyeD> how many showed at the saucer last time?

Jun 23 20:07:11 <jfrorie> From my standpoint, we need some lessor events in charlotte to get people together. I will lead, but I haven;t had any takers.

Jun 23 20:07:14 <akgraner> 15 to 20 I think...

Jun 23 20:07:25 <BugeyeD> i've heard good things about the saucer in charlotte ...

Jun 23 20:07:39 <BugeyeD> i'd love to to to either of them. traffic turns me off.

Jun 23 20:07:41 <jfrorie> I've never been, but I know where it is at.

Jun 23 20:07:55 <akgraner> jfrorie, I can help you in Charlotte too I will only be about an hour + from there... Jun 23 20:08:06 <jfrorie> Who is online form charlotte tonite?

Jun 23 20:08:07 <BugeyeD> i'll try to ping _marx_ to see if he wants to help me head one up somewhere near winston

Jun 23 20:08:07 <akgraner> so let me know and if pgraner and or I can make we will

Jun 23 20:08:22 <akgraner> BugeyeD, that would be sweet!!

Jun 23 20:08:24 <bgryderclock> i'm in the charlotte southpark area

Jun 23 20:09:33 <akgraner> jfrorie, what about a meet and greet to start?

Jun 23 20:09:42 <jfrorie> that's what I'm thinking.

Jun 23 20:10:35 <akgraner> oh cool... maybe it can shawdow a LUG meet there or something

Jun 23 20:10:43 <akgraner> meeting I mean...

Jun 23 20:11:11 <jfrorie> I'm wondering if the people on the Charlug list might be interested.

Jun 23 20:11:22 <BugeyeD> despite traffic, i'll be there if i can. unless it's race day, then the traffic is impossible.

Jun 23 20:11:34 <jfrorie> There is NO traffic on it. The UNCClug admin doesn;t even respond.

Jun 23 20:12:14 <bgryderclock> i tried to get on it.

Jun 23 20:12:38 <akgraner> jfrorie, so can you do the leg work on a meet and greet in your area...and send out the info to the mailing list here...

Jun 23 20:13:04 <BugeyeD> (sorry, was talking about me navigating automobile traffic to show up at the meet-n-greet, not the list)

Jun 23 20:13:48 <jfrorie> bgryderclock, which list did you try to get on?

Jun 23 20:13:56 <jfrorie> amber, I can do that.

Jun 23 20:14:12 <akgraner> Once we get settled in I'll see about a meet-n-greet in the Lake Lure/Asheville/Hendersonville Area...

Jun 23 20:14:22 <akgraner> jfrorie, thanks

Jun 23 20:14:54 <jfrorie> bgryderclock, what are good days/times for you?

Jun 23 20:15:01 <akgraner> [action] jfrorie, to do the leg work on a meet and greet in CLT area..and send out the info to the mailing list here...

Jun 23 20:15:03 <MootBot> ACTION received: jfrorie, to do the leg work on a meet and greet in CLT area..and send out the info to the mailing list here...

Jun 23 20:15:06 <akgraner> great...

Jun 23 20:15:09 <bgryderclock> hold on, i did get a email from charlug@charlug.org, (sorry, i am a fool)

Jun 23 20:15:34 <bgryderclock> weekends are good for me,

Jun 23 20:15:48 <bgryderclock> all saturday or sunday mornings.

Jun 23 20:16:46 <akgraner> bgryderclock, and jfrorie so you all will team up for all things ubuntu in CLT? yes Smile :-) Smile :-)

Jun 23 20:17:35 <bgryderclock> I will try, I must warn you, i am a super n00b. Smile :)

Jun 23 20:18:18 <akgraner> bgryderclock, me too... and like magicfab said "every newbie is some else's ubuntu guru!"

Jun 23 20:19:25 <akgraner> just let the channel or the mailing list or you can email me or _marx_ if you need help with LoCo stuff

Jun 23 20:19:40 * mikeh789_afk is now known as mikeh789

Jun 23 20:19:50 <akgraner> _marx_, is great!

Jun 23 20:20:21 <akgraner> ok so.. anything else about Karmic and events leading up to it before I go to the next topic...

Jun 23 20:20:28 <akgraner> folks we are in the home stretch...

Jun 23 20:21:02 <akgraner> ok then

Jun 23 20:21:20 <akgraner> [topic] new business

Jun 23 20:21:21 <MootBot> New Topic: new business

Jun 23 20:21:52 <akgraner> I think we already discussed to 2 things on the agenda which were Global Jams and more team meetings in person..

Jun 23 20:22:13 <akgraner> does anyone else have anything not on the agenda you want to bring up now?

Jun 23 20:22:38 <akgraner> or something you felt needed to be discussed further?

Jun 23 20:23:11 <BugeyeD> winston has a lug

Jun 23 20:23:24 <BugeyeD> but it's self-appointed leader is a real piece of work

Jun 23 20:23:38 <BugeyeD> things are digressing with that group, mostly because of him

Jun 23 20:23:46 <BugeyeD> suggestions?

Jun 23 20:23:57 <akgraner> BugeyeD, do you know the leader?

Jun 23 20:24:14 <akgraner> I mean other than on line..

Jun 23 20:24:27 <BugeyeD> i've met him in person, yes. friend? definitely not.

Jun 23 20:24:39 <akgraner> where you could say have coffee with him and see what people can do at assist?

Jun 23 20:24:40 <sinBot> mmmm.... coffee

Jun 23 20:25:08 <akgraner> maybe see if this person has just taken on too much?

Jun 23 20:25:15 <BugeyeD> _marx_ has already tried that, didn't work out too well.

Jun 23 20:25:18 <akgraner> ahh

Jun 23 20:25:22 <akgraner> ok..

Jun 23 20:25:25 <BugeyeD> the guy is simply an arse.

Jun 23 20:25:31 <mikeh789> i just got here , but I'm in asheville if you need help with a meet-and-greet location

Jun 23 20:25:33 <BugeyeD> and proud of it, apparently.

Jun 23 20:25:57 <akgraner> mikeh789, I will be in that area next week...wanna try to meet and plan something

Jun 23 20:26:11 <mikeh789> akgraner: sure

Jun 23 20:26:17 <akgraner> how close are you to Lake Lure?

Jun 23 20:26:39 <mikeh789> not really close at all, but I'll make it work

Jun 23 20:26:46 <mikeh789> are you goin to be in town at all?

Jun 23 20:26:54 <akgraner> I can be.. Smile :-)

Jun 23 20:26:57 <akgraner> love it there

Jun 23 20:27:13 <akgraner> hey catch me after the meeting and we can work it out..k

Jun 23 20:27:14 <bgryderclock> BugeyeD, in band situations like that we would "fake-break-up the band" and then reform the band with out the trouble maker.

Jun 23 20:27:25 <mikeh789> akgraner: will do

Jun 23 20:27:29 <akgraner> thanks

Jun 23 20:27:54 <akgraner> bgryderclock, I was searching for an article about that.. BugeyeD let me see if I can get you the link...

Jun 23 20:28:19 <akgraner> in the meantime can you send an email to the mailing list about a meet-n-greet in the area?

Jun 23 20:28:55 <jfrorie> charlug has bounced the last three introductions I sent out. I got in tough with one of the guys, but have yet to successfully post.

Jun 23 20:29:02 <jfrorie> I'm either in indian trail or university area on weekends. What's a good middle point?

Jun 23 20:29:14 <jfrorie> bgryderclock, I'm n00b friendly...

Jun 23 20:29:16 <jfrorie> :0

Jun 23 20:29:18 <jfrorie> Smile :)

Jun 23 20:29:26 <bgryderclock> Smile :)

Jun 23 20:29:50 <akgraner> ok..

Jun 23 20:30:13 <akgraner> anything else...on new business....

Jun 23 20:30:24 <bgryderclock> I can meet at UNCC, perhaps a restaurant in the area...

Jun 23 20:30:59 <akgraner> oh cool...:-)

Jun 23 20:31:22 <akgraner> sorry...wrong window...grrrr

Jun 23 20:31:51 <akgraner> ok

Jun 23 20:32:00 <akgraner> [topic] next meeting

Jun 23 20:32:01 <MootBot> New Topic: next meeting

Jun 23 20:32:15 <akgraner> July 7, 2009, at 7pm..

Jun 23 20:32:51 <akgraner> [action] next meeting July 7, 2009 at 7pm EST in IRC LoCo channel...

Jun 23 20:32:52 <MootBot> ACTION received: next meeting July 7, 2009 at 7pm EST in IRC LoCo channel...

Jun 23 20:33:03 <akgraner> so does anyone want to chair it?

Jun 23 20:33:20 <akgraner> get a turn using mootbot...

Jun 23 20:33:26 * _marx_ is back (gone 03:00:01)

Jun 23 20:33:44 <akgraner> I'll send you link, and all that good stuff...

Jun 23 20:33:55 <akgraner> hey _marx_ Smile :-)

Jun 23 20:34:05 <akgraner> wb

Jun 23 20:34:22 <akgraner> ok so _marx_ you wanna chair the next one?

Jun 23 20:34:46 <jfrorie> bgryderclock, are you on the NC mailing list?

Jun 23 20:34:47 <akgraner> hmm maybe he isn't back...

Jun 23 20:35:38 <bgryderclock> jfrorie, my contact info is http://identi.ca/bgryderclock and/or bgryderclock at gmail.corn

Jun 23 20:36:11 <akgraner> ok well unless otherwise note _marx_ to chair next meeting

Jun 23 20:36:20 <akgraner> anything else anyone...

Jun 23 20:36:33 <akgraner> we are 6 minutes over target time...:-) not bad

Jun 23 20:36:34 <BugeyeD> i'm good

Jun 23 20:36:41 <jfrorie> ok, I will throw out a note to see if I can get any takers.

Jun 23 20:36:58 <BugeyeD> gotta go get the kids in bed, night all.

Jun 23 20:37:12 <akgraner> ok then thanks everyone for an AWESOME meeting...try to get minutes out tonight for ya...

Jun 23 20:37:17 <akgraner> #endmeeting

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