Aug 04 19:40:35 <_marx_>        #startmeeting
Aug 04 19:40:36 <MootBot>       Meeting started at 18:39. The chair is _marx_.
Aug 04 19:40:36 <MootBot>       Commands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]
Aug 04 19:40:49 <BugeyeD>       hmm, so once again it's the garbage binary blobs that get shoehorned into kernel-space. grrr.
Aug 04 19:40:49 <_marx_>        better late than never
Aug 04 19:41:02 <_marx_>        who's paying attention?
Aug 04 19:41:16 *       BugeyeD is pretending to pay attention
Aug 04 19:41:26 <_marx_>        BugeyeD: no lockups on current
Aug 04 19:41:37 <BugeyeD>       _marx_: good news. :)
Aug 04 19:41:45 <_marx_>        indeed
Aug 04 19:42:00 <_marx_>        2 kernel versions later
Aug 04 19:42:31 <BugeyeD>       i do very little graphics stuff on linux; mostly could be headless, as i use servers. but i do have a beefy laptop with nvidia and dual monitors running jaunty. never had a problem.
Aug 04 19:42:32 <_marx_>        ping akgraner
Aug 04 19:43:27 <BugeyeD>       i'm ready to move. akgraner's neck of the woods sounds really nice.
Aug 04 19:43:55 *       _marx_ lived up that way back in the '80's
Aug 04 19:44:01 <Citizenjoefriday>      evening folks
Aug 04 19:44:01 <BugeyeD>       jefferson sounds nice, too. i very much liked camping on the new river a few weeks back.
Aug 04 19:44:12 <BugeyeD>       Citizenjoefriday: hidey-ho
Aug 04 19:44:17 <_marx_>        hey Citizenjoefriday
Aug 04 19:44:21 <BugeyeD>       is it evening already?
Aug 04 19:44:42 <Citizenjoefriday>      hasn't stopped being yesterday for me just yet.
Aug 04 19:44:47 <BugeyeD>       heh
Aug 04 19:44:55 <_marx_>        ay de mi
Aug 04 19:46:07 <_marx_>        Citizenjoefriday: i forgot about the meeting
Aug 04 19:46:41 <BugeyeD>       _marx_: i think i'm the only one that remembered.
Aug 04 19:46:45 <Citizenjoefriday>      so we're not doing one tonight?
Aug 04 19:46:56 <BugeyeD>       wait, i wasn't even sure there was a meeting. it was a good guess at best.
Aug 04 19:46:59 <_marx_>        in progress now
Aug 04 19:47:03 <Citizenjoefriday>      ah
Aug 04 19:47:22 <BugeyeD>       i only have two things to report, neither of them all that impressive.
Aug 04 19:48:27 <BugeyeD>       but i'll wait my turn. i'm sitting on a sofa, _marx_ has the chair. :)
Aug 04 19:49:38 <_marx_>        just type man, tony didn't do well this week
Aug 04 19:50:00 <BugeyeD>       tony?
Aug 04 19:50:08 <BugeyeD>       alright, status update ...
Aug 04 19:50:09 <_marx_>        stewart
Aug 04 19:50:14 <BugeyeD>       heh
Aug 04 19:51:15 <BugeyeD>       i contacted 7 rather large companies last month, explained who i was and that i'd like to place a bunch of free cds/fliers in their retail locations. i explained how it was free for them, and for their customers, and that at no point would we be asking for money from them or their customers.
Aug 04 19:51:18 *       _marx_ lee van cleaf
Aug 04 19:51:22 <BugeyeD>       to date, i have gotten ZERO responses.
Aug 04 19:52:26 <_marx_>        what's the range of these large companies businesses
Aug 04 19:52:36 <BugeyeD>       i also contacted the folks responsible for hanes mall about setting up a one-day kiosk for our purposes. they'd love to have us as long as we paid their regular prices, which were probably more than we'd be interested in shelling out.
Aug 04 19:52:37 <_marx_>        mall management?
Aug 04 19:53:16 <BugeyeD>       the companies in question range from starbucks to sheets gas stations to lowes foods grocery stores.
Aug 04 19:53:56 <BugeyeD>       i figured most folks need gas, almost everybody needs to eat, and starbucks is a fairly popular hang-out.
Aug 04 19:54:02 <holstein>      yo, im back
Aug 04 19:54:18 <BugeyeD>       the others were related businesses.
Aug 04 19:54:34 <BugeyeD>       so far everybody has been happy to ignore my requests. :(
Aug 04 19:55:02 <BugeyeD>       i'm wondering if there is some kind of official ubuntu ice-breaker i should be sending out.
Aug 04 19:55:36 <_marx_>        a script?
Aug 04 19:56:15 <BugeyeD>       yes, something endorsed by ubuntu and created by those with more culture/schooling/training than myself.
Aug 04 19:57:37 <holstein>      BugeyeD: maybe don't say free right off
Aug 04 19:57:47 <holstein>      i'm not suggesting you charge for it
Aug 04 19:58:07 <holstein>      just say how awesome it is, without mentioning cost
Aug 04 19:58:12 <BugeyeD>       holstein: i get it ... 'too good to be true -> must be a scam'
Aug 04 19:58:13 <_marx_>        holstein: i'm with you on not saying free first
Aug 04 19:58:19 <holstein>      and see if they respond asking
Aug 04 19:58:27 <_marx_>        where's the fine print
Aug 04 19:58:53 <holstein>      especially if they happen to call you on the phone (yeah right)
Aug 04 19:59:06 <holstein>      you would have a better chance of explaining it
Aug 04 19:59:35 <_marx_>        [IDEA]phone script
Aug 04 19:59:36 <MootBot>       IDEA received: phone script
Aug 04 19:59:57 <holstein>      another idea is, maybe look and see what is already laying around in the mall for free
Aug 04 20:00:16 <holstein>      try and email those guys and ask for their contact at the mall
Aug 04 20:00:18 <_marx_>        free space in any mall is unlikely
Aug 04 20:00:27 <holstein>      or whatever venue
Aug 04 20:00:48 <_marx_>        space at self was 75
Aug 04 20:01:40 <_marx_>        i'm going to mootbot end the meeting
Aug 04 20:01:54 <_marx_>        #endmeeting
Aug 04 20:01:55 <MootBot>       Meeting finished at 19:00.

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