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[19:04] <pradeep> ok

[19:04] <_marx_> evinin' everyone

[19:04] <JackWat> how's it going _marx_ ?

[19:05] <_marx_> good working outside in the heat today

[19:05] <JackWat> that's always fun

[19:05] <_marx_> nice scenery though

[19:06] <_marx_> who all is here?

[19:06] <_marx_> or paying attention maybe I should say

[19:06] * pradeep_ (n=pradeep@ has joined #ubuntu-us-nc

[19:07] * JackWat hears crickets.

[19:07] <pradeep_> sorry link went down for some seconds

[19:07] <pradeep_> so what os the agenda for for today's meeting

[19:08] <JackWat> here pradeep https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NorthCarolinaTeam/Meeting

[19:08] <_marx_> the wiki needs to be updated on that

[19:08] <JackWat> oh

[19:08] <_marx_> pradeep: do you have a NC connection?

[19:08] <pradeep_> nope

[19:08] <pradeep_> am nigerian like i said

[19:09] <pradeep_> saw a notice on twitter an followed it here

[19:09] <_marx_> ah

[19:09] <akgraner> I twitter about the meetings..:-)

[19:11] * boredandblogging (n=nali@ubuntu/member/boredandblogging) has joined #ubuntu-us-nc

[19:11] <akgraner> so who is here for the LoCo meeting

[19:11] <JackWat> <

[19:11] <pradeep_> mr

[19:11] <JackWat> and _marx_

[19:11] <pradeep_> me

[19:11] <JackWat> so all 3 of us

[19:11] <akgraner> me too

[19:12] <_marx_> [TOPIC] bug jams

[19:12] <MootBot> New Topic: bug jams

[19:12] <_marx_> location is a problem in my area

[19:13] <akgraner> for global jam or just in general

[19:13] <_marx_> both

[19:13] <akgraner> there are places in Fuquay that have free wifi that can do it... and if people want I can host a few people here at my house global Jam day

[19:14] <akgraner> still looking for a location in this area that has free wifi and by this area I mean Western NC

[19:14] <_marx_> finding a wireless spot isn't terribly difficult

[19:14] <pradeep_> sorry would have to listen and may contribute to the meeting too

[19:14] <_marx_> well here it isn't terribly difficult

[19:15] <akgraner> no it's just talking over for a day...

[19:15] <akgraner> pradeep, yep you can contribute...:-)

[19:15] <pradeep_> ok

[19:16] <akgraner> So I was thinking that I could scout out a location (other than my house) here in the area where we can set up shop for a day and squash some bugs.

[19:16] <_marx_> I suppose i'm wishing for a spot that has pc's running ubuntu or that would be fairly easy to bring in a pc

[19:16] <akgraner> I talked to The 1927 Lake Lure in and we can have it there

[19:16] <_marx_> not limiting the event to laptops

[19:17] <akgraner> Inn not in I meant

[19:17] <akgraner> they have some meeting rooms that we can use..

[19:17] <_marx_> oh that's a pretty place

[19:17] <akgraner> Smile :-) I think so but it's only 20 mins from the house so I am partial to it...

[19:18] <akgraner> What about areas for Global Jam to do other things

[19:18] <_marx_> not sure what you mean akgraner

[19:19] <akgraner> well Global Jam isn't just about bugs...it's about all things ubuntu

[19:19] <akgraner> so we could plan an LoCo UbuCon

[19:19] <akgraner> run it like an unconference

[19:19] <akgraner> people show up and we run with it

[19:19] <akgraner> bug jam could be one part of that

[19:20] <akgraner> if someone shows up that knows how to package we could have a class on packaging

[19:20] <pradeep_> think i agree too

[19:20] <akgraner> we could have one on how to set up wiki's

[19:20] <pradeep_> it should have topics related to ubuntu

[19:20] <pradeep_> not only bugs

[19:21] <akgraner> _marx_, sorry I was on a roll...:-)

[19:21] <_marx_> it's good I like it

[19:21] <akgraner> so Winston to me is a good center for both the Raleigh crew and here.. that way no one is driving more than 2 hours

[19:22] <akgraner> but hey that's just me..

[19:23] <akgraner> unless people want to come here.. I can arrange something

[19:24] <_marx_> ow, pressure to find a good location

[19:24] <akgraner> the hotel is cutting their rates for me from 230.00 -250.00 a night to like 89-99 if they have availability and someone wants to stay there...

[19:25] * pradeep has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))

[19:25] <_marx_> akgraner: for the Oct 2-4 weekend?

[19:25] <akgraner> yep

[19:25] <_marx_> dang, hum maybe that's past leaf color change peak

[19:25] <akgraner> well not for me.. for the LoCo team and Ubuntu related events

[19:25] <JFo> woo

[19:26] <JFo> reduced hotel rates FTW

[19:26] <akgraner> so should I go ahead and plan something here...

[19:27] <akgraner> if it's just a handful I will turn my house into an open house/Global Jam...

[19:27] <pradeep_> would the meetings be online

[19:27] <akgraner> pradeep_, they can be

[19:27] <pradeep_> k

[19:27] <_marx_> what do you think attendance would be like akgraner

[19:28] <pradeep_> would have start a loco channel here in nigeria

[19:28] <akgraner> I am not sure... I am hoping to see what the ubucon in ATL does

[19:28] <akgraner> and go from there

[19:28] <akgraner> pradeep_, you can.. after this meeting I can shoot you the links to do that

[19:29] <pradeep_> ok

[19:29] <akgraner> _marx_, BugeyeD would you all be willing to come here?

[19:29] <akgraner> JFo, is here.. Pete and I plus who ever else we can bring with 5 of us..

[19:30] <akgraner> maybe we can snag the GA and SC LoCo's for that event and combine efforts...

[19:30] <JFo> I imagine we could

[19:30] * _marx_ is maybe right now

[19:30] <_marx_> I hope to find a location in Winston, Kernersville or G'boro

[19:31] <akgraner> they would rock if you can

[19:31] <akgraner> I'll work on stuff here but if you find something there let me know and we can go from there...

[19:31] <akgraner> will that work

[19:31] <_marx_> libraries have pc's running xp so live cd's are an option

[19:32] <_marx_> yes akgraner that works

[19:32] <akgraner> cool

[19:32] <akgraner> hey Logo..working on getting it to the right size.. but here it is on the page.. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NorthCarolinaTeam#preview

[19:32] <akgraner> thanks to boredandblogging's help...

[19:33] <_marx_> actually Lake Lure Inn gives me some ideas on locations here

[19:33] <akgraner> _marx_, oh cool

[19:33] * jfrorie (n=jfrorie@cpe-071-075-118-086.carolina.res.rr.com) has joined #ubuntu-us-nc

[19:33] <akgraner> yeah hotels loose money on empty space.. so they would rather have someone in rather than an empty area

[19:33] <_marx_> hi jfrorie

[19:33] <jfrorie> hi all

[19:33] <akgraner> hey jfrorie are you on you balckberry...

[19:34] <akgraner> your I mean

[19:34] <jfrorie> no. I gots a real puter

[19:34] <akgraner> woo hoo!

[19:34] * _marx_ wanders to kitchen to turn down the sauce brb

[19:35] <akgraner> _marx_, let me know if you would like any help with planning something in your area

[19:35] <pradeep_> hey jfrorie guess you are a member of the team too

[19:35] <jfrorie> um, ok???

[19:35] <akgraner> jfrorie, meet pradeep_ he is attending the meeting from Nigeria...

[19:36] <jfrorie> Wow. Hi pradeep. That's dedication

[19:36] <_marx_> akgraner: will do

[19:36] <pradeep_> yeah thank you

[19:37] <akgraner> oh remember the Global Jam is Fri Sat and Sun...

[19:37] <akgraner> so we can do things on all 3 days... under the umbrella of Global Jam..

[19:38] <akgraner> just planting the seed so we don't limit out ideas to Saturday only

[19:38] <akgraner> our I mean not out

[19:39] <akgraner> anything else about Global Jam or other Jams?

[19:39] <_marx_> jfrorie: we were just talking about bug jams global and/or practice sesssions

[19:40] <akgraner> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam

[19:42] <akgraner> jcastro will be running to more sessions in Sept on how to run jams

[19:42] <akgraner> if you take a look at the wiki the info is on there...:-) the logs from the session in June and Jono's Ustream cast are there as well...:-) good stuffs

[19:42] <jfrorie> yeeps. Is the GBJ THIS friday,sat,sun?

[19:42] <akgraner> not

[19:42] <akgraner> nope

[19:43] <akgraner> I mean

[19:43] <akgraner> Oct 2-4th

[19:43] <_marx_> no no October

[19:43] <jfrorie> ok, whew.

[19:43] <akgraner> jfrorie, yeah you have to plan on in the Queen city by Friday so we can do a run through there...:-P

[19:43] <akgraner> Smile :-) just teasing you

[19:43] <jfrorie> I was plesently surprised byt he charlug turnout

[19:44] <akgraner> I was too..

[19:44] <akgraner> I need to post the pic from the event

[19:44] <jfrorie> We had more charlug thatn ubuntu

[19:44] <akgraner> we had meet-in greet in Charlotte that was organized by jfrorie and it was a great success..

[19:44] <_marx_> xclnt

[19:45] <akgraner> jfrorie, are they wanting to get together again?

[19:45] <jfrorie> Now I gotta figure out something else for next

[19:45] <jfrorie> yes.

[19:45] <akgraner> session on things related but not limited to Ubuntu

[19:46] <_marx_> [TOPIC] Karmic release parties

[19:46] <MootBot> New Topic: Karmic release parties

[19:46] <akgraner> I can help plan and get stuff for the parties.. but I won't be in NC for the release parties

[19:47] * _marx_ will check on availability of Krankies Coffee

[19:47] <akgraner> cool..:-)

[19:47] <_marx_> wireless, coffee, beer

[19:47] <_marx_> some food

[19:47] <akgraner> the saucer is available for use again in Raleigh unless you all want to go somewhere else...

[19:48] <pradeep_> good thinking _marx_

[19:48] <akgraner> JackWat, are you going to take ownership of the Raleigh Release Party

[19:48] <JackWat> ehh iunno

[19:48] <akgraner> _marx_, coffee and beer +1

[19:48] <JackWat> maybe if cole helps me hehe

[19:48] <akgraner> Smile :-)

[19:49] * _marx_ hangover helper coffee+beer

[19:49] <akgraner> I just need to know by 2nd week of September what parties are happening so I can get some SWAG to you all...

[19:50] <pradeep_> lol

[19:50] <akgraner> it takes 4-6 weeks to get stuff...

[19:50] <_marx_> akgraner: noted

[19:51] <_marx_> if I don't make a note I'll forget

[19:51] <akgraner> Oh I hope we can have 3 parties for this release for Jaunty we had two

[19:52] <jfrorie> if I can get a couple more events, I'll go fr it.

[19:52] <akgraner> so I am thinking Winston, Charlotte ( jfrorie hint hint Smile :-) ) and Raleigh

[19:52] <akgraner> Smile :-)

[19:52] <_marx_> I still wonder how difficult it would be to get a real live koala!

[19:52] <akgraner> hmm I'll think a koala suit on someone

[19:52] <jfrorie> I seriously need some input on topics for another meeting. My job is beating the creativity out of me.

[19:53] <akgraner> burnout

[19:53] <akgraner> leadership

[19:53] <akgraner> conflict resolution

[19:53] <akgraner> governance

[19:53] <akgraner> all related to groups but not specific to ubuntu alone

[19:54] <jfrorie> can you give and example of say, burnout...?

[19:54] <akgraner> since you have other folks who use and are part of different teams and distributions

[19:54] <akgraner> one sec let me grab the link... Jono Bacon did a great talk on it

[19:55] <akgraner> he release the slides and you can watch the presentation if you want.. http://www.jonobacon.org /2009/07/29/burnout-presentation-slides/

[19:55] <akgraner> http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/1640222 burnout talk

[19:55] <MootBot> LINK received: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/1640222 burnout talk

[19:56] <akgraner> http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/1730589 - running a global jam event

[19:56] <MootBot> LINK received: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/1730589 - running a global jam event

[19:57] <jfrorie> thx!

[19:57] <_marx_> official release date is 10-29 a thursday

[19:57] <akgraner> yeah and halloween if on Saturday

[19:57] <akgraner> Sad :-(

[19:57] <_marx_> halloween is saturday

[19:58] <akgraner> so it might be "fun" to have everyone come dressed as a release animal...

[19:58] <akgraner> (just kidding)

[19:59] * holstein is in vermont

[19:59] <akgraner> holstein, now or for the release?

[20:00] <pradeep_> been runing on battery dont have power pls when is your next meeting going to hold again

[20:00] <_marx_> 2 weeks

[20:00] <_marx_> oh no one sec

[20:00] <akgraner> if you check the topic of the channel it will be listed there

[20:00] <_marx_> sept 1 pradeep_

[20:00] <holstein> akgraner: just for now

[20:00] <pradeep_> cos at the moment am so impressed with what i see and would want to create a LoCo team here in Nigeria

[20:01] <pradeep_> would need your assistance too

[20:01] <holstein> ill be back in town this friday

[20:01] <akgraner> pradeep_, woo hoo

[20:01] <holstein> i was just hoping to get in here for the meeting

[20:01] <_marx_> no prob

[20:01] <pradeep_> in building the team

[20:01] <pradeep_> i have a couple of friends using linux

[20:02] <akgraner> pradeep_, that's a great start

[20:03] <jfrorie> mark, whens you next meatspace meeting?

[20:03] <_marx_> this saturday I'll post to the list re that

[20:04] <pradeep_> it is 1:04am here

[20:04] <jfrorie> Your meeting every two weeks?

[20:04] <jfrorie> er, three?

[20:04] <_marx_> nothing that formal yet

[20:05] <akgraner> thanks pradeep_ for joining in

[20:06] <_marx_> pradeep_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NigeriaTeam

[20:06] <akgraner> _marx_, thanks... for the link hadn't gotten there yet

[20:06] <akgraner> Smile :-)

[20:07] <_marx_> there's two

[20:07] <_marx_> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NigerianTeam

[20:07] <JackWat> we need a website yo

[20:07] <akgraner> we need to be approved before we can get an ubuntu sponsored one

[20:08] <pradeep_> later everyone

[20:08] <JackWat> why arnt we?

[20:08] <_marx_> seeya pradeep_

[20:08] <pradeep_> hope to keep in touch

[20:08] <akgraner> nope not yet

[20:08] <akgraner> JackWat, we are working on getting there

[20:08] <pradeep_> in two weeks time

[20:08] <_marx_> [TOPIC] official team status

[20:08] <MootBot> New Topic: official team status

[20:08] <akgraner> building the road map so we can go through the approval process

[20:09] <akgraner> I added a road map wiki

[20:09] <akgraner> and the monthly reports are a great way of keeping track on what we all do during the month

[20:10] <akgraner> each individual actions add to the actions of the whole team

[20:10] <akgraner> oh and speaking of reports they are due by the 22nd

[20:10] <akgraner> Smile :-)

[20:11] <akgraner> I'll get the wiki done tomorrow and if you can add your stuff to it, email the mailing list or email me and I can get it all together and send it

[20:11] <_marx_> akgraner: where, how are these reports filed?

[20:11] <akgraner> wiki's

[20:12] <akgraner> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NorthCarolinaTeam/TeamReports/09/June

[20:12] <akgraner> here was all I had for June

[20:13] <akgraner> so I will need July and August

[20:13] * holstein will email the list about the asheville meet and greet when i get the confirmation from the guy

[20:13] <holstein> but we are alreay on the calendar

[20:13] <akgraner> holstein, I have that and the school/church stuff you are doing to go on the report

[20:13] <holstein> aready

[20:14] <holstein> alreay

[20:14] <akgraner> yeah it's in my notes

[20:14] <holstein> already

[20:14] <akgraner> just got to add it

[20:14] <holstein> i think my keyboard is bad

[20:14] <_marx_> practice makes perfect holstein

[20:14] <jfrorie> indeed. My keyboard is bad alot too. Smile :)

[20:14] <holstein> yeah, i'll get on all that when i get back in town

[20:14] <akgraner> I will put a link on the main site for the team linking to the team reports

[20:15] * holstein is getting back to the family now

[20:15] <_marx_> thanks for stoping in holstein

[20:15] <akgraner> unless someone else is wanting to do the wiki's...

[20:15] * _marx_ could use some wiki practice

[20:16] <akgraner> oh did you know there was a wiki sandbox to play with wiki's

[20:16] <akgraner> I just found out...

[20:16] <akgraner> let me find the link

[20:18] <akgraner> I think I have to add it somewhere... let me follow up on that one

[20:18] <akgraner> _marx_, I'll send you the links and stuff...:-)

[20:19] <_marx_> ok

[20:19] <_marx_> missing knowledge is how to make a new page

[20:20] <akgraner> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WikiSandBox

[20:20] <akgraner> oh we can do that after then meeting if you want... create some new pages

[20:20] <akgraner> basically you type what you want it to be after the wiki.ubuntu.com/

[20:21] <akgraner> for NC team

[20:21] <akgraner> it is usually NorthCarolinaTeam/ whatever you want it to be

[20:22] <akgraner> hey folks 10 minute warning

[20:22] <_marx_> [TOPIC] next meeting Sept 1

[20:22] <MootBot> New Topic: next meeting Sept 1

[20:22] <akgraner> woo hoo!

[20:23] <akgraner> remember if you want to add anything to the agenda start adding tomorrow

[20:23] <akgraner> I'll have a new agenda up by then

[20:24] <_marx_> very good

[20:24] <akgraner> oh wait

[20:24] <akgraner> one more thing

[20:24] <akgraner> Atlanta Linux Fest

[20:25] <akgraner> we need to help staff an ubuntu booth there

[20:25] <jfrorie> When is ALF

[20:25] <akgraner> Sept 19

[20:25] <akgraner> http://atlantalinuxfest.org/

[20:25] <MootBot> LINK received: http://atlantalinuxfest.org/

[20:25] <akgraner> there is also going to be an UbuCon going on there

[20:26] <akgraner> great prizes when people attend sessions.. but those are going to be a suprise

[20:26] <_marx_> I think a drupal meeting of some sort too

[20:27] <akgraner> yeah but at the Atlanta Linux Fest there is an UbuCon at the same time in the same place

[20:28] <akgraner> so please take a look at the site and let me know..

[20:28] <akgraner> we are trying to get as many loco folks as possible there...

[20:28] <_marx_> let's see how well i can time this...

[20:28] <akgraner> going to be some great sessions

[20:29] <akgraner> I'll add it to the agenda

[20:29] <akgraner> anything else from anyone?

[20:30] * pradeep_ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))

[20:30] <_marx_> #endmeeting

[20:30] <MootBot> Meeting finished at 19:30.

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