IRC Logs from NC LoCo team meeting on September 1st, 2009

[19:08] <MootBot> Meeting started at 18:08. The chair is holstein.
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[19:09] <holstein> so, do i start a topic to record who is present?
[19:09] <akgraner> agenda for the meeting can be found at  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NorthCarolinaTeam/Meeting
[19:09] <holstein> got it
[19:09] <akgraner> holstein, you can just ask who is here for the meeting...
[19:10] <_marx_> haven't in the past
[19:10] <holstein> OK
[19:10] <holstein> so who wants to go on record as being present?
[19:10] <akgraner> o/
[19:10] <holstein> ak and marx in the house
[19:10] <ScottTesterman> \o
[19:10] <holstein> and i saw some others pop in around 7
[19:10] <holstein> hey ScottTesterman
[19:11] <akgraner> hey ScottTesterman welcome...
[19:11] <ScottTesterman> hi holstein
[19:11] <holstein> might be just the 4 of us
[19:11] * _marx_ here under flexirel [sp]
[19:11] <ScottTesterman> I'm glazed over... I've done UDW all day
[19:11] <holstein> you want to move on?
[19:12] <akgraner> ScottTesterman, How was that..
[19:12] <akgraner> I'll ask after the meeting
[19:12] <akgraner> sorry
[19:12] <holstein> i assume apologies is like, sorry i didnt make it to the meeting and all that right?
[19:12] <akgraner> yep
[19:12] <holstein> cool
[19:13] <akgraner> but no one said specifically they weren't coming so..
[19:13] <akgraner> we're cool
[19:14] <holstein> [TOPIC] Ubuntu Advocacy
[19:14] <MootBot> New Topic:  Ubuntu Advocacy
[19:15] <akgraner> ok so what new and exciting things is everyone doing to further the case
[19:15] <akgraner> of the Ubuntu Project?
[19:15] <akgraner> hey holstein update on your stuff..
[19:16] <akgraner> in case someone hasn't heard what you have been doing
[19:16] <holstein> on the church project, so far so good
[19:16] <holstein> 3 machines running ubuntu
[19:16] <akgraner> how many people are using the machines
[19:16] <holstein> printing suppport for the windows boxes
[19:16] <_marx_> hum, handed out one live cd to a co-worker with a p0rn infected laptop
[19:16] <akgraner> and is it for both the church and the school
[19:16] <holstein> i would say about 20 or so
[19:17] <holstein> 3 teachers, and whatever the students need to do
[19:17] <holstein> just for the learning center at the school
[19:17] <holstein> i'm going to give it a while
[19:17] <holstein> and follow up
[19:17] <akgraner> great!
[19:17] <holstein> akgraner and i had already discussed getting feedback from the staffers
[19:18] <akgraner> hey _marx_ that is great... you were able to help with that...
[19:18] <holstein> maybe some pictures and all that
[19:18] <akgraner> holstein, that will be awesome..
[19:19] <holstein> no hurry, it will be nice to see how they like it after a month of so of use
[19:20] <holstein> [ACTION] follow up on woodland hills learning center project
[19:20] <MootBot> ACTION received:  follow up on woodland hills learning center project
[19:21] <_marx_> akgraner: it's a teaser; he'll be able to do email and regular, simple web browsing from the live cd but to access his addiction he'll need an install
[19:21] <_marx_> so maybe it's not so helpful...
[19:21] <akgraner> _marx_, oh that is sneaky..  :-)
[19:23] <holstein> where do you guys get those live CD's anyways?
[19:23] <holstein> do you just order them from the site?
[19:23] <akgraner> I order them for the team then we pass them out as needed
[19:23] <akgraner> we gotta get permission to get them in bulk since we still aren't approved
[19:23] <holstein> i would like to get involved in that aat some point
[19:24] <akgraner> :-)
[19:24] <holstein> ill throw some cash at it
[19:24] <akgraner> no cash needed
[19:24] <holstein> yeah?
[19:25] <holstein> moving on?
[19:25] <ScottTesterman> In case you don't know, ShipIt approves you for larger numbers as you contribute more to Ubuntu.
[19:25] <akgraner> ScottTesterman, yes, but we aren't an approved LoCo so ordeing a couple hundred requires approval
[19:25] * BugeyeD_3G (n=BugeyeD_@ has joined #ubuntu-us-nc
[19:26] <ScottTesterman> True, but if you only hand out a few at a time... :-)
[19:26] <akgraner> :-)
[19:26] <holstein> welcome BugeyeD_3G
[19:26] <BugeyeD_3G> im here! count me in!
[19:26] <holstein> glad you made it
[19:26] <BugeyeD_3G> irc via iphone is a bit, um, ahem ...
[19:27] * holstein looks for echo topic
[19:27] <holstein> BugeyeD_3G: still covering advocacy if you have something you want to add
[19:28] <_marx_> hi BugeyeD_3G
[19:28] <akgraner> welcom BugeyeD 
[19:29] <holstein> let us move on
[19:29] <BugeyeD_3G> ... so far im 0 for 9, with exactly zero responses to email requests. must find a better contact method for these companies.
[19:29] <holstein> drag
[19:29] <BugeyeD_3G> although i did just sell my 2nd conversion in a month (to samba from a win server)
[19:30] <holstein> BugeyeD_3G: nice
[19:30] <akgraner> sweet
[19:31] <holstein> id enjoy reading about that more if you have a blog about it or something
[19:31] <BugeyeD_3G> if it werent for quickbooks, in both cases, could have prilly gone foe the desktop too
[19:31] <holstein> or an email to the list?
[19:31] <_marx_> quickbooks pro?
[19:31] <holstein> i bet it was quickbooks 2002 or something like that too
[19:32] <BugeyeD_3G> yup. qbp2009, qb enterprise
[19:32] <_marx_> small business accounting
[19:32] <holstein> not too bad then
[19:33] <BugeyeD_3G> will think about a blog entry. batt low, may drop any minute. dont let me monopolize the meeting. ;)
[19:33] <holstein> glad to hear about your work
[19:34] <holstein> so we will continue
[19:34] <holstein> [topic] Ubuntu Global Jam Day - October 2-4, 2009
[19:34] <MootBot> New Topic:  Ubuntu Global Jam Day - October 2-4, 2009
[19:34] <akgraner> ok does everyone know about this
[19:34] * BugeyeD_3G has quit ("Get FlowChat for the iPhone and iPod Touch! http://flowchat.me")
[19:35] <holstein> i was goin to as if you would mind filling us in
[19:35] <_marx_> check
[19:35] * BugeyeD_3G (n=BugeyeD_@ has joined #ubuntu-us-nc
[19:35] <holstein> or ME in then
[19:35] <holstein> i know what it is
[19:35] <akgraner> ok..
[19:35] <holstein> i guess i just need to know is there anything i need to do
[19:36] <akgraner> the weekend of Oct 2-4 is going to be anything ubuntu
[19:36] <_marx_> i haven't been able to find free space, space requiring a fee is available
[19:36] <akgraner> grabbing the wiki link now
[19:37] <holstein> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam
[19:37] <akgraner> thanks
[19:37] <akgraner> also the USteams team added doc day 
[19:37] <akgraner> to the event
[19:37] <akgraner> where we can take the time to teach wiki markup
[19:38] <akgraner> go over how to create our and maintain our wiki pages
[19:38] <akgraner> and clean up, delete and merge and standardize our wiki's
[19:39] <akgraner> so if there are people on the team who can't make it in person we can do that over IRC
[19:40] <holstein> when you say 'our' wiki pages, you mean like your personal one?
[19:40] <holstein> or like the main ubuntu-us-nc one?
[19:40] <akgraner> NC 
[19:40] <holstein> OK
[19:40] <akgraner> So I have a couple places I can do stuff here...
[19:41] <akgraner> and I will finalize one of those places by Saturday
[19:41] <holstein> so i could learn/teach/be taught to update the nc-wiki
[19:41] <akgraner> holstein, yep you sure can
[19:41] <akgraner> and anyone else who wants to join in can
[19:41] <holstein> is that something i should be doing?
[19:42] <akgraner> we can all contribute to the success of the team by learning how to do things like that..
[19:42] <akgraner> it doesn't mean you will *have* to do them but if there is no one else then everyone knows how to do it just in case
[19:42] <holstein> cool, well i'll look into that more closely, and mark my calendar then
[19:42] <akgraner> I can show you on Saturday if you want
[19:43] <holstein> sure, i bet will have some down tiime
[19:43] <holstein> time
[19:44] <akgraner> at the meet and greet..  :-)
[19:45] <holstein> so we still have some time before the jam
[19:45] <akgraner> yep
[19:45] <_marx_> not much a month
[19:45] <holstein> you want to kind of table it for now, and hit it hard next meeting
[19:45] <akgraner> sure
[19:46] * BugeyeD_3G has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[19:46] <holstein> maybe try and get a reminder email to be sent to the list sometime after next meeting
[19:46] <akgraner> I can email the list if you want
[19:47] <holstein> i'm going to make it so
[19:47] <akgraner> cool beans
[19:47] <holstein> [action] ak to email the list RE: Global Jam Day - October 2-4, 2009
[19:47] <MootBot> ACTION received:  ak to email the list RE: Global Jam Day - October 2-4, 2009
[19:48] <holstein> sorry, it just says AK
[19:48] <holstein> my tab key didnt make it
[19:48] <holstein> so...
[19:48] <holstein> [topic] Karmic Release Party Updates
[19:49] <MootBot> New Topic:  Karmic Release Party Updates
[19:49] <holstein> this is still a little ways off too
[19:49] <holstein> akgraner: are you planning on being around here then?
[19:50] <akgraner> we have a person willing to be the contact and planner for Raleigh
[19:50] <akgraner> I am helping them plan that one
[19:50] * _marx_ has krankies reserved space for Thursday
[19:50] <holstein> OK
[19:50] <holstein> thats what i wanted to know
[19:50] <akgraner> holstein, I can help plane something
[19:50] <akgraner> plan I mean
[19:50] <holstein> let see who comes saturday
[19:50] <akgraner> but I am hoping to be in the UK for the release party
[19:51] <holstein> maybe i can get something going on with someody i haven't met et
[19:51] <holstein> yet*
[19:51] <akgraner> yet ping JFo when you see him online again
[19:51] <akgraner> he will be around then
[19:51] <holstein> OK
[19:52] <holstein> SO, i have Charlotte, Winston Salem, Raleigh, and Asheville
[19:53] <_marx_> global bug jam location pending for winston
[19:53] <holstein> [action] holstein looking into asheville karmic release party
[19:53] <MootBot> ACTION received:  holstein looking into asheville karmic release party
[19:54] <akgraner> holstein, the reason we have to plan things 6-8 weeks out for these is so we can get some SWAG to giveaway
[19:54] <holstein> [action] winston karmic release party location pending VIA: _marx_
[19:54] <MootBot> ACTION received:  winston karmic release party location pending VIA: _marx_
[19:54] <akgraner> and allow people to plan to be there and stuff
[19:55] <holstein> akgraner: thats cool, i'm just trying to decide what we can tackle here tight now
[19:55] <akgraner> yep
[19:55] <holstein> right*
[19:55] <holstein> so raleigh is in the works?
[19:56] <akgraner> yep
[19:56] <akgraner> helping Sascha with that.. I'll touch base with him next week
[19:56] <holstein> and you are the contact there akgraner?
[19:56] <holstein> OK
[19:56] <akgraner> no I am just helping make sure they have everything they need...
[19:57] <holstein> [action] akgraner is in contact with the Raliegh karmic release planner/s
[19:57] <MootBot> ACTION received:  akgraner is in contact with the Raliegh karmic release planner/s
[19:57] <holstein> what about charlotte?
[19:58] <holstein> somebody is on that right?
[19:58] <holstein> just not here
[19:58] <akgraner> jrorie was handling that
[19:58] <holstein> i'll action to follow up iwth jrorie about char.
[19:59] <akgraner> thanks
[19:59] <holstein> [action] follow up with jrorie RE: charlotte karmic releas party
[19:59] <MootBot> ACTION received:  follow up with jrorie RE: charlotte karmic releas party
[19:59] <holstein> COLL
[19:59] <holstein> COOL*
[20:00] <holstein> and should we talk to you akgranerabout getting swag for the parties?
[20:00] <akgraner> I already or stuff...
[20:00] <akgraner> ordered*
[20:00] <holstein> cool
[20:01] <holstein> i'm sure if an axheville one materializes, it will be quaint
[20:02] <akgraner> getting stuff for Global jam and release parties
[20:02] <holstein> SO.. moving on
[20:02] <holstein> [topic] Open Discussion
[20:02] <MootBot> New Topic:  Open Discussion
[20:03] <holstein> any questions, comments, or cleaverly disgised curse words?
[20:03] <akgraner> so anyone object to adding something for people to join the channel without having to set up an irc client
[20:04] <ScottTesterman> seems like a good idea; there are plenty joining UDW that way
[20:04] <holstein> whats the argument against it?
[20:04] <holstein> or the poular one?
[20:05] <_marx_> i'm out of cleverly disguised curse words, just good cursing works
[20:05] <holstein> that we wont have contact with them via IRC?
[20:05] <akgraner> like this  http://ubuntupodcast.net/live-stream/
[20:05] <holstein> OH YEAH, i'm all for that
[20:06] <akgraner> that way no one has to install anything they can just type in a nick and join the conversation
[20:06] <holstein> yeah, i see what you mean
[20:07] <holstein> i email that webchat link to people all the time for other channels
[20:07] <akgraner> ok i'll get that set up...
[20:07] <ScottTesterman> For UDW they are just using http://webchat.freenode.net/?nick=openweek.&channels=ubuntu-classroom%2Cubuntu-classroom-chat
[20:08] <akgraner> yeah I thought it was a great idea.. and the loco teams are starting to use it
[20:08] <holstein> [action] akgraner to set up freenode webchat access link on US-NC site
[20:08] <MootBot> ACTION received:  akgraner to set up freenode webchat access link on US-NC site
[20:08] <holstein> awesome
[20:08] <holstein> great idea
[20:08] <akgraner> also does everyone know about USTeams and what they do?
[20:09] <holstein> i don't think so
[20:09] <akgraner> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/USTeams/Meetings  there is a website too
[20:09] <akgraner> http://ubuntu-us.org/
[20:09] <MootBot> LINK received:  http://ubuntu-us.org/
[20:10] <akgraner> mentors can be found there...  we have dantalizing from the FL team...
[20:10] <holstein> what is that exactly?
[20:10] <holstein> OK
[20:11] <holstein> i'll spend more time on that page a little later
[20:11] <akgraner> same thing we do as a loco team
[20:11] * ScottTesterman_ (n=scott@adsl-235-4-121.clt.bellsouth.net) has joined #ubuntu-us-nc
[20:11] <akgraner> but under the umbrella of helping the US teams if they need help
[20:11] <holstein> yeah, thats cool
[20:12] <akgraner> I just wanted to show everyone that..they have some great info on the site  and getting ready to add some more content as well
[20:12] * ScottTesterman has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[20:12] <holstein> i'll be sure and look there as well as the us-nc pages
[20:13] <holstein> moving on....
[20:13] <holstein> [topic] Next Meeting Information
[20:13] <MootBot> New Topic:  Next Meeting Information
[20:13] * _marx_ steps very carefully over that mouse laying in the floor...
[20:13] * _marx_ is away: I'm busy
[20:14] <akgraner> _marx_, no you aren't
[20:14] <akgraner> ha
[20:14] <holstein> when is the next one?
[20:14] <akgraner> should be the 15th 
[20:14] <akgraner> but can we move it to the 22
[20:15] <akgraner> the week of ALF and the UbuCon is going to be crazy for me
[20:15] <akgraner> if not it's cool
[20:15] <_marx_> keep the cycle
[20:15] <_marx_> don't say it BugeyeD will
[20:16] <holstein> whats it going to be?
[20:16] <akgraner> if it's the 15th I can't make it
[20:16] <holstein> well, lets move it then
[20:16] <akgraner> the 22nd I can make it
[20:17] <holstein> i have something on the 22nd, but i think it is going to cancel
[20:17] <holstein> 99% sure
[20:17] <holstein> do we vote?
[20:17] <akgraner> ok keep the 15th I can read the logs..:-)
[20:17] <holstein> i'm in for 22
[20:17] <_marx_> 22
[20:17] <akgraner> ok.. just let me know
[20:18] <holstein> 22 it is
[20:18] <ScottTesterman_> +1 for 22
[20:18] <akgraner> thanks ya'll
[20:18] <holstein> [action] next meeting tuesday september 22 7pm
[20:18] <MootBot> ACTION received:  next meeting tuesday september 22 7pm
[20:19] <holstein> you want the reins back next time _marx_?
[20:20] <holstein> i dont mind chairing
[20:20] <holstein> but i need a good back-up person
[20:20] <holstein> if i get called for a gig, i gotta take it
[20:21] * holstein feels like his friends did the old dine and dash, and left him with the bill
[20:22] <_marx_> never seen that dude before officer
[20:22] <holstein> haha
[20:23] <_marx_> i'll chair you backup?
[20:23] <holstein> what ever you want
[20:23] <holstein> i'll probably be here
[20:24] <holstein> and i'll let you know if i won't
[20:24] <_marx_> k, end the meeting anytime
[20:24] <_marx_> surprised i made it this long
[20:24] <holstein> #endmeeting
[20:24] <MootBot> Meeting finished at 19:24.

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