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Describe NorthCarolinaTeam/Meeting/20090623 here.
Meeting Started at 1931hrs EST chaired by akgraner
Meeting Ended at 2114hrs EST
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 * akgraner
 * BugeyeD
 * Pak33m
 * bgryderclock
 * jfrorie
 * mikeh789
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 * bac
 * _marx_
 * Jfo
 * mboyd
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=== Agenda with Meeting Notes=== === Agenda ===
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 * Open Items
   * Jfo to coordinate install fest with Jforie (results)
   * Jfo to send out email about install fest once details are finalized (results)
     *(JFo was unable to attend meeting but is working on ideas for Install Fests - details still being worked out)
=== Action Items ===
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   * Ubuntu Advocacy (and ideas for Ubuntu Global Jam Discussed here under Advocacy)
     *Ideas Discussed included but in no way are limited to the following please continue to think about this topic and bring ideas to the table.
       * bug jams
       * install fests
       * updating wiki's
       * placing cds in retail locations (this is ongoing)
       * working on empathy and banshee prior.. I was thinking in July
       * create a project page for the team
       * create idea page for Global Bug Jam
       * set up a empathy and banshee jam in July
       * setup an educational table/booth at large malls with a large "bring your old PC back to life w/ Free Software" banner.
       * Libraries
       * Bookstores
       * See where you can speak in your area
       * Work with LUG/PLUG and other F/OSS groups in your area
       * posters...
       * gas stations, red box, grocery stores
       * community colleges
       * non-profits

    * Atlanta Linux Fest, September 19, 2009, Atlanta, GA
      * BoF (Bird of a Feather) Session
      * Combine Loco booth at Atlanta Linux Fest with other SE LoCo's
    * BarCampRDU - August 8, 2009 - Red Hat Offices, Raleigh, NC.
  * New Team Logo - Need to Decide on this ASAP
    (Logo will be based on the link below details to be worked out by and Logo in place by 1 Aug, 2009)
    * [[http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=17577806624&ref=ts#/photo.php?pid=265993&o=all&op=1&view=all&subj=17577806624&aid=-1&id=1517809393&oid=17577806624]]
  * Karmic Release Party (begin planning goal to add 2 more parties for total of 4 parties on/or about Release Day)
   * Venue
   (Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Raleigh, and Asheville area folks to begin looking for venues to hold release parties)
   * Swag (Giveaways)
     * akgraner to check on SWAG
   * Activities
    * Door Prizes
    * Trivia
    * Other Suggestions...
  * Open Discussion/Misc
   * Ubuntu Global Jam need Weekend of October 2-4th, 2009 (discussed in the Advocacy section earlier in meeting)
   * Meetings (Combination IRC and in person meetings where possible) (discussed earlier in meeting in conjunction with meeting-n-greets prior to Ubuntu Global Jam Day)
  * Next Meeting Information
   * Selection of Chair - _marx_ to chair meeting
   * Selection of Meeting Date - July 7, 2009 @7pm EDT in #ubuntu-us-ns on Freenode

=== Action Items ===
 * akgraner create idea page for Global Bug Jam
 * akgraner with kenvandine to set up a empathy and banshee jam in July
 * BugeyeD to check on mall details...
 * pak33m to bring up banner for SE LoCo joint events on the -us mailing list...
 * akgraner to finalize logo have in place by 1 Aug, 2009
 * jfrorie, to do the leg work on a meet-n-greet in CLT area..and send out the info to the mailing list here
 * akgraner and mikeh789 to work on a meet-n-greet in the Asheville, NC area and send out info to mailing list
 * Bugeyed and _marx_ to work on a meet-n-greet in the Winston-Salem, NC area and send out infor to mailing list
 * akgraner to work on a meet-n-greet in the Raleigh, NC Area and send info to mailing list
=== Log ===
 * See the log for this meeting [[/Log | here]]




Action Items


  • See the log for this meeting here

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