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Here is the log from the December 1st, 2009 team meeting.

Dec 01 19:04:50 <_marx_>        #startmeeting
Dec 01 19:04:52 <MootBot>       Meeting started at 18:04. The chair is _marx_.
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Dec 01 19:05:38 <_marx_>        well mootbot still has the time wrong
Dec 01 19:06:17 <_marx_>        [action]mark contact scribes team re time on mootbot
Dec 01 19:06:18 <MootBot>       ACTION received: mark contact scribes team re time on mootbot
Dec 01 19:07:09 <_marx_>        Hi Yall
Dec 01 19:10:19 <John_Walkertown>       r u waiting for a response?
Dec 01 19:10:28 <_marx_>        yes
Dec 01 19:10:37 <John_Walkertown>       OK ... hello
Dec 01 19:10:51 <_marx_>        attendance please, who is here for the meeting?
Dec 01 19:11:14 <John_Walkertown>       <- I am
Dec 01 19:11:21 <handheldCar>   me
Dec 01 19:11:58 <_marx_>        and these usually start slow
Dec 01 19:12:21 <_marx_>        two reported earlier they couldn't make it
Dec 01 19:12:44 <BugeyeD>       o/
Dec 01 19:12:47 *       kj4 (n=kj4@adsl-235-7-243.clt.bellsouth.net) has joined #ubuntu-us-nc
Dec 01 19:13:00 <_marx_>        hi kj4 
Dec 01 19:13:10 <kj4>   hello _marx_
Dec 01 19:14:06 *       n8bounds (n=nbounds@ has joined #ubuntu-us-nc
Dec 01 19:14:21 <_marx_>        howdy n8bounds 
Dec 01 19:14:27 <kj4>   is the meeting 'on' or 'over' : )
Dec 01 19:14:42 <n8bounds>      Hiya. Sry I'm late
Dec 01 19:14:44 <_marx_>        on now we're logging w/mootbot
Dec 01 19:15:19 <_marx_>        kj4: haven't seen your nick before u in charlotte?
Dec 01 19:15:30 <kj4>   yes, charlotte
Dec 01 19:15:35 <kj4>   i'm 'new'
Dec 01 19:15:37 <_marx_>        cool
Dec 01 19:15:43 <n8bounds>      Heh
Dec 01 19:15:53 <kj4>   any other Charlotteans here?
Dec 01 19:16:11 <handheldCar>   this is my first meeting.
Dec 01 19:16:14 <n8bounds>      Careful how u spell that ;)
Dec 01 19:16:21 <_marx_>        kj4: a couple of new names form your area this week
Dec 01 19:16:39 <kj4>   thats good
Dec 01 19:17:07 <kj4>   n8bounds: is that the correct speeling?
Dec 01 19:17:36 <n8bounds>      Heh. Depends I guess
Dec 01 19:17:49 <_marx_>        yeah one from just south of the border in SC, certainly people close to state lines should join active teams close by
Dec 01 19:19:04 <handheldCar>   i am a "charleton" :P
Dec 01 19:19:19 *       _marx_ chuckles
Dec 01 19:19:50 <n8bounds>      Lol. That's uncommon among Linux users I'd imagine ;)
Dec 01 19:20:24 <_marx_>        [topic]Roadmap
Dec 01 19:20:25 <MootBot>       New Topic: Roadmap
Dec 01 19:21:07 <_marx_>        our roadmap wiki page and roadmap in general needs work
Dec 01 19:21:32 <_marx_>        https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NorthCarolinaTeam/Roadmap
Dec 01 19:22:56 <_marx_>        Jono Bacon, ubuntu local team manager, has a _good blog post on the topic
Dec 01 19:23:08 <_marx_>        http://www.jonobacon.org/2009/11/10/creating-a-roadmap-for-more-successful-teams/
Dec 01 19:23:09 <MootBot>       LINK received:  http://www.jonobacon.org/2009/11/10/creating-a-roadmap-for-more-successful-teams/
Dec 01 19:24:46 <John_Walkertown>       with respect to Goals:  What is Problem #1
Dec 01 19:26:35 <_marx_>        a better os
Dec 01 19:27:29 <_marx_>        actually that should read bug#1
Dec 01 19:27:49 <_marx_>        https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1
Dec 01 19:28:01 <ubot2> _marx_: Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/1)
Dec 01 19:29:42 <_marx_>        hum, i missed something w/that link
Dec 01 19:30:10 <John_Walkertown>       link from your post worked for me
Dec 01 19:30:26 <handheldCar>   timed out for me
Dec 01 19:30:26 <John_Walkertown>       on that page now
Dec 01 19:30:43 <_marx_>        to become an approved LoCo team we need a Roadmap
Dec 01 19:31:03 <_marx_>        i think better than what is currently on our wiki
Dec 01 19:31:23 <_marx_>        sustained activity
Dec 01 19:31:40 *       n8bounds_ (n=nbounds@ has joined #ubuntu-us-nc
Dec 01 19:31:58 <John_Walkertown>       I'm finding little direction defined on wiki page
Dec 01 19:32:15 <kj4>   I'm reading the roadmap- can someone expand on 'LiveCD placement'
Dec 01 19:32:20 <_marx_>        John_Walkertown: the roadmap wiki page?
Dec 01 19:32:22 <kj4>   i might be able to help with that
Dec 01 19:33:07 <John_Walkertown>       Title of Page: NorthCarolinaTeam/Roadmap
Dec 01 19:33:55 <_marx_>        right John_Walkertown no objectives is what i see
Dec 01 19:34:04 <John_Walkertown>       Not trying to be negatively critical but trying to get a handle on what needs to be accomplished
Dec 01 19:35:04 <_marx_>        kj4: cd placement in clt area?
Dec 01 19:35:24 <kj4>   Yes
Dec 01 19:36:10 <handheldCar>   I could probably do that, too.
Dec 01 19:37:12 <_marx_>        ok local advocacy i'll start an ubuntu hour event at krankies coffee on Saturdays
Dec 01 19:37:44 <n8bounds_>     Are most ppl here in ashboro?
Dec 01 19:37:54 <John_Walkertown>       New to area;  where is Krankies coffee
Dec 01 19:38:23 <_marx_>        n8bounds: no one is in ashbore afaik
Dec 01 19:38:38 <_marx_>        \o
Dec 01 19:38:46 <kj4>   <--Charlotte
Dec 01 19:38:56 <_marx_>        Krankies is in dt winston
Dec 01 19:38:58 <n8bounds_>     Ah.
Dec 01 19:39:05 <_marx_>        asheville yes
Dec 01 19:40:30 <John_Walkertown>       Local Advocacy:  Presentations at LUGs?
Dec 01 19:41:01 <_marx_>        John_Walkertown: you did a recent one?
Dec 01 19:41:28 <_marx_>        PLUG is only active via mailing list
Dec 01 19:41:37 <John_Walkertown>       yes and no... but I am involved with the greensboro lug
Dec 01 19:41:48 <n8bounds_>     Glug used to meet regularly
Dec 01 19:42:19 <_marx_>        so did PLUG but we lost the meeting place
Dec 01 19:42:23 <John_Walkertown>       GLUG disbanded and a new group formed in late summer, n8bounds
Dec 01 19:42:37 <n8bounds_>     Idly??
Dec 01 19:42:47 <n8bounds_>     Dang it?
Dec 01 19:42:54 <n8bounds_>     I mean ORLY
Dec 01 19:43:34 <kj4>   anyone have a status of CharLUG?
Dec 01 19:43:51 <John_Walkertown>       new lug is now Guilford County LUG
Dec 01 19:44:09 <_marx_>        kj4: i think jrorie has but he's not here tonight
Dec 01 19:45:13 <n8bounds_>     Neat what's the site?
Dec 01 19:45:49 <John_Walkertown>       Tho it would do little in terms of directly expanding the user base, presentations to the LUGs might help us gain momentum among users by creating good will
Dec 01 19:46:16 <kj4>   John_Walkertown: well said
Dec 01 19:46:19 <n8bounds_>     Can't hurt
Dec 01 19:46:36 <John_Walkertown>       GCLUG site is under development as we type
Dec 01 19:46:47 <_marx_>        I've cross posted to every group i'm aware of in the past
Dec 01 19:47:48 <_marx_>        well expect piedmontlinux.org to be mailing list only
Dec 01 19:48:04 <_marx_>        but an avenue to promote events
Dec 01 19:48:07 <John_Walkertown>       I would love to make personal presentations to LUGs across the state.  That is a long term project, of course, but a decent objective in a roadmap, IMO
Dec 01 19:48:34 <handheldCar>   Does PLUG conflict w/ TriLUG?
Dec 01 19:48:37 <n8bounds_>     Agreed.
Dec 01 19:49:10 <_marx_>        handheldCar: no it is the winston/g'boro/highpoint area
Dec 01 19:49:23 <_marx_>        been around since '97 or so
Dec 01 19:49:31 <John_Walkertown>       There is a TriLUG?
Dec 01 19:49:38 <_marx_>        raleigh
Dec 01 19:49:49 <John_Walkertown>       ahhh... Triangle
Dec 01 19:49:56 <handheldCar>   My teacher is taking us to their Red Hat this month.
Dec 01 19:50:20 <_marx_>        cool handheldCar i passed my rhct there ;)
Dec 01 19:50:46 *       handheldCar wasn't aware of RHCTs.
Dec 01 19:51:05 <_marx_>        a step down from rhce
Dec 01 19:51:24 <_marx_>        i could pass it can't afford to take it
Dec 01 19:51:30 <handheldCar>   haven't heard of that either
Dec 01 19:51:55 <_marx_>        sshh, redhat
Dec 01 19:52:54 <_marx_>        don't tell anyone i know how to use rpm commands as well as apt commands
Dec 01 19:53:21 <_marx_>        zypper too 
Dec 01 19:53:40 *       handheldCar doesn't even know what that is.
Dec 01 19:54:30 <John_Walkertown>       ahem ... roadmap?  *grin*
Dec 01 19:55:20 *       akgraner has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
Dec 01 19:55:52 <John_Walkertown>       hard to get good support outa leaders anymore  LOL
Dec 01 19:56:04 <_marx_>        regional teams: we have good activity in Asheville, RDU, some in CLT, need more in PTI
Dec 01 19:56:27 <_marx_>        pti being where I live
Dec 01 19:56:57 *       n8bounds has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
Dec 01 19:57:01 *       n8bounds_ is now known as n8bounds
Dec 01 19:57:03 <_marx_>        so let's get that one going some
Dec 01 19:57:15 <John_Walkertown>       WRT Community participation:  As you just did, Mark, I think identifying the metropolitan areas we want teams in is a good first step
Dec 01 19:58:06 <_marx_>        PTI has a good user base but scatered groups
Dec 01 19:58:37 <John_Walkertown>       Those area should be listed on the wiki Roadmap, IMO
Dec 01 19:59:09 *       QPrime has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
Dec 01 19:59:23 <_marx_>        now out east we have handheldCar present and _had folks at Ft Bragg
Dec 01 19:59:31 *       cwill747 (n=cameron@adsl-072-148-042-210.sip.rmo.bellsouth.net) has joined #ubuntu-us-nc
Dec 01 19:59:42 <John_Walkertown>       OK, back to your saturday event @ krankies coffee... is that an effort to build a team in the triad?
Dec 01 19:59:51 <_marx_>        yes
Dec 01 20:00:40 <_marx_>        there's a decent place in k'ville as well but Krankies has coffee and beer ;)
Dec 01 20:00:41 <John_Walkertown>       that's a good first step, IMO ... just determine when and announce it.
Dec 01 20:00:53 <n8bounds>      Krankies is apparently popular with wake forest students
Dec 01 20:01:33 <John_Walkertown>       I learned its a bit hard to get folks to participate from Gboro at a WS event
Dec 01 20:01:39 <_marx_>        n8bounds: how do you know that?
Dec 01 20:01:56 <_marx_>        John_Walkertown: and visa versa
Dec 01 20:02:08 <John_Walkertown>       yes, I'd agree
Dec 01 20:02:08 *       handheldCar knows one guy who uses Linux.
Dec 01 20:02:15 <_marx_>        i hate driving to g'boro
Dec 01 20:02:24 <n8bounds>      My sister graduated from there recently and just informed me
Dec 01 20:02:46 <cwill747>      is there anyone around the raleigh area that's pretty active? Sorry I'm late, just got home.
Dec 01 20:02:56 <_marx_>        hum so Winston an Greensboro need to coordinate
Dec 01 20:03:12 <John_Walkertown>       if possible, mark
Dec 01 20:03:18 <n8bounds>      Yeah
Dec 01 20:03:34 <_marx_>        okay that is good
Dec 01 20:03:49 <John_Walkertown>       Like asking Raleigh and Durham to cooperate
Dec 01 20:04:05 <n8bounds>      Haha
Dec 01 20:04:32 <_marx_>        and Charlotte and Fort Mill
Dec 01 20:04:59 <cwill747>      Yeah I wish we could get a triangle group going
Dec 01 20:05:04 <John_Walkertown>       my birthplace, Odessa, TX and Midland, TX ... 20 miles apart
Dec 01 20:06:07 <John_Walkertown>       I move to the Triad from Durham, cwill747, but I'd be happy to help anyway I can to make that happen
Dec 01 20:06:11 <n8bounds>      I travel to rockwall once a year or so on business. Is that near there?
Dec 01 20:07:06 <John_Walkertown>       No, Rockwall, is near DFW (two more cities that won't cooperate) and Midland-Odessa is in far West Texas
Dec 01 20:07:10 <_marx_>        cwill747: trilug?
Dec 01 20:07:24 <cwill747>      Yeah I mean I'd be happy to try to spearhead the effort to get a triangle group going. Most of the people I know from the nc loco team are triad
Dec 01 20:07:43 <cwill747>      _marx_: yeah, I've looked at the trilug. But I don't know anyone from our loco that go there
Dec 01 20:07:54 <_marx_>        cwill747: where are you?
Dec 01 20:08:30 <John_Walkertown>       I know no a couple in the Durham area that are Linux users but I'm not sure about Ubuntu ... One, however, has a diner in durham with wifi
Dec 01 20:08:48 *       _marx_ went to college freshman year in longview tx
Dec 01 20:09:35 <cwill747>      _marx_: I'm in Apex.
Dec 01 20:09:41 <John_Walkertown>       <-- only been in NC for 5 years ... bred and born in Texas
Dec 01 20:09:53 <_marx_>        well we use existing resources where ever available
Dec 01 20:10:59 <John_Walkertown>       It's possible that the fellow with the diner in Durham might be interested in hosting a mtg at his place ... likely knows ubuntu users in the area, too.
Dec 01 20:11:43 <_marx_>        i could start an installfest effort on my lug (piedmont) which would have to include any distro but because I start it it would be ubuntu focused
Dec 01 20:12:37 <John_Walkertown>       GCLUG has several Ubuntu users and two or three are from WS
Dec 01 20:13:03 <cwill747>      durhams not a bad drive for me, only 45 minutes or so
Dec 01 20:13:06 <_marx_>        John_Walkertown: because of bhlauu man?
Dec 01 20:15:04 <_marx_>        next meeting I want to talk about coordinating our events with the 6 month cycle of releases
Dec 01 20:15:34 <John_Walkertown>       cwill747:  I only know the guy by sight but I can get contact info when in durham next time for doctor appt and pass it on to you
Dec 01 20:16:36 <cwill747>      John_Walkertown: hey, if you have time, that would be great. Don't worry about it too much. I'm pretty close to State, so I'll probably start going to the trilug meetings. Trying to find some ubuntu people there
Dec 01 20:16:44 <_marx_>        I want us to have state wide global jam days
Dec 01 20:17:16 <John_Walkertown>       que es "global jam"?
Dec 01 20:18:04 <_marx_>        they used to be called global bug jam days
Dec 01 20:18:05 *       QPrime (n=QPrime@96-36-117-011.static.hckr.nc.charter.com) has joined #ubuntu-us-nc
Dec 01 20:18:20 <_marx_>        now just global jams
Dec 01 20:18:47 <John_Walkertown>       I'm a newbie... started with Linux last January ... don't know these old Linux terms
Dec 01 20:19:32 <_marx_>        well it's a ubuntu term
Dec 01 20:19:41 <_marx_>        #endmeeting
Dec 01 20:19:42 <MootBot>       Meeting finished at 19:19.

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