This the IRC log of the team meeting held December 15, 2009.

Dec 15 19:00:54 <_marx_>        #startmeeting
Dec 15 19:00:55 <MootBot>       Meeting started at 18:00. The chair is _marx_.
Dec 15 19:00:55 <MootBot>       Commands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]
Dec 15 19:01:07 <_marx_>        Hi Yall!
Dec 15 19:01:27 <_marx_>        it's NC so we _must have a southern greeting
Dec 15 19:01:28 *       akgraner_ (n=akgraner@ has joined #ubuntu-us-nc
Dec 15 19:01:36 *       holstein PRESENT
Dec 15 19:01:43 <_marx_>        roll call
Dec 15 19:01:55 <_marx_>        who all's here?
Dec 15 19:02:02 *       akgraner_ is now known as JayFo
Dec 15 19:02:12 <JayFo> o/
Dec 15 19:02:22 <akgraner>      o/
Dec 15 19:02:23 <tatertot>      im here
Dec 15 19:02:24 <akgraner>      :)
Dec 15 19:02:45 <tatertot>      hi akgraner
Dec 15 19:02:50 <JayFo> woo woo
Dec 15 19:02:51 <akgraner>      hey tatertot
Dec 15 19:03:03 <akgraner>      internalkernel, you here for the meeting?
Dec 15 19:03:08 <_marx_>        pretty sure there are others dealing with life that will be in and out
Dec 15 19:03:32 <akgraner>      hey holstein
Dec 15 19:03:54 *       holstein smiles @ akgraner
Dec 15 19:04:25 <BugeyeD>       o/
Dec 15 19:04:31 <_marx_>        hey BugeyeD 
Dec 15 19:04:36 <BugeyeD>       wazzzzup
Dec 15 19:04:43 <alinuxfan>     i am in and out with christmas lights
Dec 15 19:04:51 <_marx_>        zimbra looks awesome
Dec 15 19:05:03 <BugeyeD>       i'm in and out with my boy ... tonight is girlscouts, so it's guy time
Dec 15 19:05:18 <internalkernel>        akgraner: yes, mostly... I got the little one nipping at my heels...
Dec 15 19:05:36 <JayFo> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NorthCarolinaTeam/Meeting
Dec 15 19:05:47 <_marx_>        hmk, family time for lots of folks
Dec 15 19:05:49 <JayFo> ^^ agenda
Dec 15 19:06:06 <_marx_>        [topic] Old Business
Dec 15 19:06:07 <MootBot>       New Topic:  Old Business
Dec 15 19:06:26 <_marx_>        i did manage to contact the scribes team late today
Dec 15 19:06:54 <_marx_>        to date there is no progress on moot bot's time issue
Dec 15 19:07:10 <JayFo> I don't see that on the agenda
Dec 15 19:07:26 <_marx_>        it's not it was an action item from the last meeting
Dec 15 19:07:31 <JayFo> oh
Dec 15 19:07:53 *       _marx_ remaings the KING of procrastinators
Dec 15 19:08:35 <akgraner>      I talked to the scribes team as well I am not sure it's just a simple fix...
Dec 15 19:09:07 <akgraner>      if being off 1 hour is the only issue with the logs then we just need to note that when linking to the mootbot link..
Dec 15 19:09:13 <_marx_>        so action item now is to find out if we have the locobot logging this channel
Dec 15 19:09:27 <_marx_>        akgraner: I agree
Dec 15 19:09:57 <JayFo> I don't see that on the agenda either... who wrote out this agenda?
Dec 15 19:10:15 <_marx_>        [action] _marx_ determine status of locobot
Dec 15 19:10:17 <MootBot>       ACTION received:  _marx_ determine status of locobot
Dec 15 19:10:27 <JayFo> I think we need to put open action items on each new meeting agenda
Dec 15 19:10:36 <JayFo> akgraner, did you do this agenda?
Dec 15 19:10:39 <JayFo> :
Dec 15 19:10:43 <JayFo> :)
Dec 15 19:10:48 <BugeyeD>       _marx_: JayFo is our agenda nazi, apparently
Dec 15 19:11:05 <BugeyeD>       perhaps JayFo should be in charge of the agenda
Dec 15 19:11:09 <JayFo> :P
Dec 15 19:11:10 *       _marx_ slides JayFo a cold one, beer that is
Dec 15 19:11:15 <JayFo> oooh
Dec 15 19:11:32 <BugeyeD>       thank goodness you specified
Dec 15 19:11:35 <JayFo> ooohi can do that
Dec 15 19:11:44 <_marx_>        [topic] advocacy
Dec 15 19:11:45 <MootBot>       New Topic:  advocacy
Dec 15 19:11:58 <_marx_>        anything new on advocacy
Dec 15 19:12:07 <JayFo> _marx_, ACTION JFo to do agenda :)
Dec 15 19:12:33 <_marx_>        [action] JayFo to edit agenda
Dec 15 19:12:35 <MootBot>       ACTION received:  JayFo to edit agenda
Dec 15 19:12:44 <JayFo> we can talk the details offline
Dec 15 19:12:45 <_marx_>        anything new on advocacy
Dec 15 19:12:48 <JayFo> :)
Dec 15 19:13:01 <BugeyeD>       we held ubuntu hour and was able to give out an entire cd ... that was advocacy, right?
Dec 15 19:13:15 <akgraner>      I am working with all Linux Fests during 2010 to have ubucon's at each
Dec 15 19:13:16 <JayFo> heh
Dec 15 19:13:16 <_marx_>        BugeyeD: yes
Dec 15 19:13:54 <_marx_>        akgraner: all Linux Fests?
Dec 15 19:14:38 <akgraner>      _marx_, yes - SCaLE, SELF, ALF, OLF, OnLF,  LFNE so far
Dec 15 19:14:55 <_marx_>        ah w0w
Dec 15 19:15:09 *       JayFo reaches acronymn overload
Dec 15 19:15:20 <tatertot>      is the wiki a form of advocacy
Dec 15 19:15:20 *       BugeyeD has military flashbacks
Dec 15 19:15:25 <_marx_>        akgraner: can i make an action item for you to report to team mailing list on this effort?
Dec 15 19:15:46 <akgraner>      How about a wiki and I will email the list as I update the wiki
Dec 15 19:16:06 <_marx_>        sounds good
Dec 15 19:16:16 <JayFo> cool
Dec 15 19:16:58 <_marx_>        [action] akgraner report to team mailing list on ubucons at Linux Fests for 2010
Dec 15 19:17:00 <MootBot>       ACTION received:  akgraner report to team mailing list on ubucons at Linux Fests for 2010
Dec 15 19:17:20 *       _marx_ trying to give JayFo something to do next week ;)
Dec 15 19:17:27 <akgraner>      I submitted a talk for the WIOS at SCaLE
Dec 15 19:17:28 <JayFo> hahahaha
Dec 15 19:17:37 <internalkernel>        holstein and I are working on the next ubu-hour in Asheville area... aiming for january 9th...
Dec 15 19:17:50 <JayFo> sweet
Dec 15 19:17:54 <tatertot>      is the wiki a form of advocacy
Dec 15 19:18:19 <tatertot>      don't mean to sound redundant
Dec 15 19:18:21 <JayFo> not sure what you mean?
Dec 15 19:18:25 <_marx_>        tatertot: i'm not sure of the correct answer for that
Dec 15 19:18:35 <tatertot>      well is the wiki the easiest way for us to reach out
Dec 15 19:18:37 <akgraner>      tatertot, in that it the 1st impression of our team yes
Dec 15 19:18:53 <_marx_>        good point akgraner 
Dec 15 19:19:06 <tatertot>      well, i noticed earlier, that under upcoming meetings, it lists 12-01 as the next meeting
Dec 15 19:19:35 <tatertot>      just wondering if we are too focused on the future that we are forgetting the tools already in place
Dec 15 19:19:35 <_marx_>        tatertot: we'll cover that soon
Dec 15 19:19:38 <akgraner>      but, it should only be a guide to what we are doing, how we are doing and should give instructions on how to participate in the team and greater community
Dec 15 19:19:41 <tatertot>      k
Dec 15 19:20:00 <internalkernel>        it's like a TV guide for the soap opera of NC-Loco
Dec 15 19:20:05 <_marx_>        tatertot: a break in some wiki code
Dec 15 19:20:27 <JayFo> internalkernel, lol
Dec 15 19:20:35 <holstein>      if possible, i think we should try and look at the 'how-to participate' entries like an outsider to
Dec 15 19:20:48 <holstein>      so someone coming there, can see what they can do
Dec 15 19:20:52 <holstein>      exactly
Dec 15 19:20:53 <internalkernel>        good point holstein
Dec 15 19:20:59 <_marx_>        indeed
Dec 15 19:21:01 <holstein>      like what akgraner has somewhere
Dec 15 19:21:05 <holstein>      i think its akgraner
Dec 15 19:21:06 <tatertot>      what about the forums?  i know as a new user i checked the forums more than anything else
Dec 15 19:21:15 <akgraner>      we have forums
Dec 15 19:21:16 <holstein>      short sentences, presice
Dec 15 19:21:19 <tatertot>      last post was 2 weeks ago
Dec 15 19:21:19 <holstein>      that kind of thing
Dec 15 19:21:22 <akgraner>      and we can subscribe to threads
Dec 15 19:21:34 <holstein>      precise*
Dec 15 19:21:38 <internalkernel>        there's no directions on the forum to look here or the wiki for team involvement - can we add a sticky?
Dec 15 19:21:57 <tatertot>      or something about ubuntu hour in the forums or something?
Dec 15 19:22:01 <akgraner>      internalkernel, we used to have one
Dec 15 19:22:17 <_marx_>        internalkernel: that is a problem with approval too
Dec 15 19:22:19 <akgraner>      internalkernel, are you a forum guru
Dec 15 19:22:20 <internalkernel>        whenever we do a local meetup, I post it on the forums... and facebook.
Dec 15 19:22:34 <tatertot>      a lot goes on here and i feel that much of it gets lost in translation..
Dec 15 19:23:11 <internalkernel>        _marx_: approval, for posting a sticky?
Dec 15 19:23:16 <tatertot>      the majority of this team revolves around irc, not that it is a bad thing, i'm just giving my still fresh perspective
Dec 15 19:23:21 <_marx_>        internalkernel: to where?
Dec 15 19:23:45 <internalkernel>        tatertot: I agree we need to link all these mediums together, so that people get the same info from any of them
Dec 15 19:24:02 <internalkernel>        _marx_: creating a sticky in the forums with info on team meetings, the wiki, mailing list, IRC, etc
Dec 15 19:24:09 <_marx_>        [topic] team approval
Dec 15 19:24:10 <MootBot>       New Topic:  team approval
Dec 15 19:24:24 <_marx_>        this is part of team approval
Dec 15 19:24:30 *       holstein_too (i=4b8a3eec@gateway/web/freenode/x-zehatcejnrbgbzgy) has joined #ubuntu-us-nc
Dec 15 19:24:42 *       holstein has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
Dec 15 19:24:45 <tatertot>      being that ubuntu ships with no irc client (aside from a hidden option in pidgin) i think this should be one of the last resorts for people looking to get involved
Dec 15 19:24:46 <_marx_>        currently our forum presense isn't  or doesn't comly
Dec 15 19:25:05 <pgraner>       tatertot: what are you talking about?
Dec 15 19:25:23 <pgraner>       tatertot: we ship and irc client default
Dec 15 19:25:28 <tatertot>      what irc client is easily accessible to new users in ubuntu
Dec 15 19:25:33 <internalkernel>        pidgin
Dec 15 19:25:35 <_marx_>        tatertot: i agree a cli only irc client isn't new user friendly
Dec 15 19:25:37 <internalkernel>        the web client
Dec 15 19:26:01 <tatertot>      that won't help people we hand live cd's too though will it?
Dec 15 19:26:03 <_marx_>        focus now on forums please
Dec 15 19:26:07 <akgraner>      that's why there are teams and people to help people in the community
Dec 15 19:26:09 <tatertot>      if they don't know forums and stuff to look for
Dec 15 19:26:12 <pgraner>       tatertot: how can you call the pidgin option hidden
Dec 15 19:26:24 <pgraner>       tatertot: you would have to set it up just like any other IM service
Dec 15 19:26:44 <tatertot>      because  to reach the average microsoft user, i have to think like one, its not aim....
Dec 15 19:26:44 <pgraner>       tatertot: IRC is the way we communicate in the Ubuntu community .... no question about that
Dec 15 19:26:59 <pgraner>       tatertot: irc is not AIM
Dec 15 19:27:03 <tatertot>      exactly
Dec 15 19:27:17 <pgraner>       tatertot: empathy is the new chat messaging client and it does IRC as well
Dec 15 19:27:20 <tatertot>      it is too verbose for most people that we will be reaching
Dec 15 19:27:43 <akgraner>      tatertot, no you are limiting people... I had no idea about IRC and learned in a day or two
Dec 15 19:27:46 <tatertot>      i am ignorant about empathy, i will be honest, i am still on hardy
Dec 15 19:28:16 <akgraner>      don't assume people won't like it or use it
Dec 15 19:28:29 <internalkernel>        tatertot: we can always put a how-to someplace and link to it in both the wikis and forums...
Dec 15 19:28:30 <_marx_>        internalkernel: would you like to investigate what it takes for us to have northcarolina.ubuntuforums.org?
Dec 15 19:28:30 <pgraner>       tatertot: I disagree, it is the culture and we should not change it to accommodate MS users
Dec 15 19:28:36 <akgraner>      and we don't as a team say we are going to "preach" no microsoft
Dec 15 19:28:38 <tatertot>      please bear in mind i am not trying to limit people at all, i am trying to come up with the simplest and most effective way for us to effectively communicate with new clients
Dec 15 19:28:41 <akgraner>      we just give people a choice
Dec 15 19:29:05 <internalkernel>        _marx_: sure, where do I start? point me in the direction...
Dec 15 19:29:16 <holstein_too>  its a very useful tool (IRC), i like the idea of a tutorial somewhere
Dec 15 19:29:27 <akgraner>      they aren't considered clients they are community
Dec 15 19:29:28 <holstein_too>  maybe screenshots and all that
Dec 15 19:29:30 <tatertot>      i understand that we are giving people a choice, but if you don't make the choice relatively comfortable, then there is no choice, you make the decision for them
Dec 15 19:29:44 <pgraner>       If you I go to a foreign country I don't expect people to talk to me in english, I make the attempt to learn the language, and the same holds for this community
Dec 15 19:29:53 <pgraner>       s/you//g
Dec 15 19:29:54 <sinBot>        If  I go to a foreign country I don't expect people to talk to me in english, I make the attempt to learn the language, and the same holds for this community
Dec 15 19:29:56 <akgraner>      internalkernel, look on the bottom of the NC wiki
Dec 15 19:29:57 <internalkernel>        I think this going off subject
Dec 15 19:30:00 <akgraner>      then go from there
Dec 15 19:30:01 <_marx_>        ORDER, ORDER IN THE ROOM
Dec 15 19:30:08 <internalkernel>        akgraner: ok
Dec 15 19:30:10 <tatertot>      pgraner,  we will always be a minority that way...
Dec 15 19:30:18 <akgraner>      about all the places to get involved
Dec 15 19:30:39 <_marx_>        everyone calmed down now?
Dec 15 19:30:42 <pgraner>       tatertot: /me thinks not, we rise people up not dumb them down
Dec 15 19:30:47 <akgraner>      tatertot, according to google there are 13 million Ubuntu Users
Dec 15 19:30:58 <akgraner>      it is the most popular Linux flavor atm
Dec 15 19:31:12 <tatertot>      that's basically what i am saying, we can't expect them to learn ubuntu, we have to learn how to talk to them in their language (microsoft) and go from there
Dec 15 19:31:19 <tatertot>      play them on their field
Dec 15 19:31:24 <JayFo> no
Dec 15 19:31:27 <akgraner>      no
Dec 15 19:31:29 <JayFo> not at all
Dec 15 19:31:29 <internalkernel>        what if we have to talk to them in macintosh...
Dec 15 19:31:30 <pgraner>       no
Dec 15 19:31:31 <tatertot>      maybe i am in left-field, i think i have valid points
Dec 15 19:31:47 <pgraner>       sorry I can't buy that
Dec 15 19:31:50 <internalkernel>        you do have valid points, but... it's also about them meeting us half way
Dec 15 19:32:04 <internalkernel>        I mean what the hell do you use for IRC if your on windows?
Dec 15 19:32:07 <JayFo> we are off topic for this meeting
Dec 15 19:32:09 <_marx_>        date
Dec 15 19:32:13 <_marx_>        indeed
Dec 15 19:32:15 <JayFo> let's get back on track
Dec 15 19:32:17 <_marx_>        ORDER, ORDER IN THE ROOM
Dec 15 19:32:29 <JayFo> why are you yelling?
Dec 15 19:32:44 <_marx_>        like a judge banging his gavel
Dec 15 19:32:55 <tatertot>      <--done for now, will be quiet, still think there are better ways to sell this product. even if it is free, it still needs to be sold.
Dec 15 19:32:55 <JayFo> no need for that
Dec 15 19:33:09 <_marx_>        internalkernel: i'll find out about the forums deal
Dec 15 19:33:15 <internalkernel>        ok...
Dec 15 19:33:27 <_marx_>        [topic] roadmap details
Dec 15 19:33:28 <MootBot>       New Topic:  roadmap details
Dec 15 19:33:29 <JayFo> tatertot, please refer to the links you were provided by akgraner
Dec 15 19:33:58 <internalkernel>        wait, did we finish loco approval?
Dec 15 19:34:18 <_marx_>        several items on the roadmap need to be filled out and marked complete
Dec 15 19:34:23 <akgraner>      internalkernel, forum link already in place http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=278
Dec 15 19:34:35 <_marx_>        internalkernel: this should be a sub topic really
Dec 15 19:34:42 <internalkernel>        ok...
Dec 15 19:35:03 <akgraner>      internalkernel, _marx_ JayFo lets deal with forums offline
Dec 15 19:35:06 <JayFo> k
Dec 15 19:35:08 <_marx_>        but the sticky post there is owned by the creator
Dec 15 19:35:12 <akgraner>      seems to be sidtracking the meeting
Dec 15 19:35:18 <internalkernel>        yeah, we'll work that out...
Dec 15 19:35:34 <_marx_>        roadmap
Dec 15 19:35:36 <internalkernel>        so that's an action item then - forums need to have similar info as the wikis
Dec 15 19:35:45 <internalkernel>        a sticky I mean...
Dec 15 19:36:29 <_marx_>        [action] internalkernel to check on forum sticky post update it to current info
Dec 15 19:36:30 <MootBot>       ACTION received:  internalkernel to check on forum sticky post update it to current info
Dec 15 19:36:39 <internalkernel>        sweet...
Dec 15 19:36:54 <akgraner>      here is an example of on of the best road maps every  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HondurasTeam/Honduras_ApprovalApplication
Dec 15 19:37:31 <akgraner>      the Honduras team was approved today and the LoCo Council said this was one of the best examples they have seen
Dec 15 19:37:58 <JayFo> works for me
Dec 15 19:38:03 <JayFo> let's emulate that
Dec 15 19:38:08 <JayFo> Ilike it
Dec 15 19:38:10 <pgraner>       Good work
Dec 15 19:38:15 *       _marx_ concurs
Dec 15 19:38:27 <holstein_too>  w00t!
Dec 15 19:38:30 *       internalkernel nods to concurrence...
Dec 15 19:38:31 *       _marx_ has family connections down there too
Dec 15 19:38:39 <akgraner>      it also shows the actions they took to be approved
Dec 15 19:38:48 <akgraner>      we can do similar things
Dec 15 19:40:00 <internalkernel>        so, we need to determine a road map then
Dec 15 19:40:16 <akgraner>      we have a road map wiki
Dec 15 19:40:21 <internalkernel>        lol...
Dec 15 19:40:27 <_marx_>        well we have one it nees flesh on the bones
Dec 15 19:40:31 <internalkernel>        where?
Dec 15 19:40:58 <akgraner>      https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NorthCarolinaTeam/Roadmap
Dec 15 19:41:19 <akgraner>      but the format on there is the format used on Blueprints in Launchpad
Dec 15 19:41:19 *       _marx_ slides akgraner a gold star
Dec 15 19:41:51 <_marx_>        she made the bones now we need to add the flesh
Dec 15 19:42:03 <JayFo> we also need to work out governance of this team
Dec 15 19:42:06 <akgraner>      if someone wants to work with me on the raodmap wiki and LP Blueprints I am happy to have the help and will be glad to teach others the how and why behind it
Dec 15 19:42:38 <akgraner>      JayFo, please add that to the agenda for the next meeting
Dec 15 19:42:43 <akgraner>      it's not on this one
Dec 15 19:42:47 <_marx_>        JayFo: Jan 10 meeting agenda item
Dec 15 19:42:47 <JayFo> will do
Dec 15 19:42:50 <akgraner>      you are off topic
Dec 15 19:43:10 <JayFo> will doi was thinking it should also be a roadmap item
Dec 15 19:43:30 <_marx_>        good point, you can add it
Dec 15 19:43:36 <_marx_>        to the roadmap
Dec 15 19:43:42 <JayFo> I'll add as a roadmap item and the agenda
Dec 15 19:44:04 <JayFo> akgraner, will you help me with the blueprint?
Dec 15 19:44:12 <_marx_>        [action] JayFo to add governance to agenda and roadmap
Dec 15 19:44:14 <MootBot>       ACTION received:  JayFo to add governance to agenda and roadmap
Dec 15 19:44:28 <internalkernel>        I'll throw some hands in there too, to help with the roadmap and blueprint...
Dec 15 19:44:31 <akgraner>      JayFo, yes I can do that get with me offline after meeting to set up a time
Dec 15 19:44:44 <JayFo> k, will do
Dec 15 19:44:46 <akgraner>      internalkernel, ok you and JayFo then
Dec 15 19:44:56 <internalkernel>        skype'd
Dec 15 19:45:01 <JayFo> good deal
Dec 15 19:45:25 *       _marx_ excuses himself for one min
Dec 15 19:45:52 <internalkernel>        so... for team approval, we have the roadmap and blueprint that will get worked out... do we need a due date?
Dec 15 19:46:02 <JayFo> TOPIC project outreach to rural areas
Dec 15 19:46:18 <JayFo> want to keep the ball rolling
Dec 15 19:46:21 <akgraner>      who doesn't live in a rural area
Dec 15 19:46:26 <internalkernel>        lmao
Dec 15 19:46:52 <_marx_>        back
Dec 15 19:46:53 <akgraner>      has everyone looked at the link on the agenda
Dec 15 19:47:08 <akgraner>      MA has some great ideas for reaching out to rural areas
Dec 15 19:47:09 <tatertot>      as far as rural areas, i have placed a laptop at the homeless shelter with ubuntu on it, felt it would bebetter placed there rather than a library
Dec 15 19:47:24 <_marx_>        [topic] rural outreach
Dec 15 19:47:25 <MootBot>       New Topic:  rural outreach
Dec 15 19:47:33 <_marx_>        thx JayFo 
Dec 15 19:47:52 <JayFo> no problem _marx_
Dec 15 19:48:41 <tatertot>      ? for everyone, is rural defined as geography or inaccessibility?
Dec 15 19:48:44 <_marx_>        i have a tenuious contact in Stokes County
Dec 15 19:49:00 <_marx_>        to me rural means no major city
Dec 15 19:49:24 <tatertot>      ok, then i was off base, i will focus more on outlying cities
Dec 15 19:49:48 <_marx_>        Stokes borders Forsyth and is the border areas are bedroom communities for folks working in Winston
Dec 15 19:50:08 <_marx_>        it's border areas
Dec 15 19:50:23 <_marx_>        but it's mostly boonies
Dec 15 19:50:44 <_marx_>        I thought the MD project a good idea 
Dec 15 19:51:13 <tatertot>      md project?
Dec 15 19:51:18 <_marx_>        perhaps one we can pursue in the next year
Dec 15 19:51:44 <tatertot>      traveling around to meet new people thing?
Dec 15 19:51:44 <_marx_>        maryland is a weird state geographically
Dec 15 19:51:56 <holstein_too>  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarylandTeam/Events/MDTour/Finksburg
Dec 15 19:52:03 <_marx_>        it has outer banks and mountains just like NC
Dec 15 19:52:21 <tatertot>      gotcha;  that is a good idea
Dec 15 19:53:04 <_marx_>        the idea would be to have a small group do a demo at some community location
Dec 15 19:53:50 <akgraner>      also when people do stuff can you add it here  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NorthCarolinaTeam/MonthlyProjects
Dec 15 19:54:00 <akgraner>      there is a link off the main NC wiki under projects
Dec 15 19:54:09 <holstein_too>  mars hill is pretty rural
Dec 15 19:54:21 <akgraner>      this will make it easy to write the monthly reports
Dec 15 19:54:28 <holstein_too>  some of us asheville folk could go to mars hill college
Dec 15 19:54:39 <_marx_>        contact points could be libraries, civic organizations, churches
Dec 15 19:54:48 <holstein_too>  i bet that would be easy to set up
Dec 15 19:56:07 <akgraner>      I can tell you that shipit frowns of placing pressed CD's in places
Dec 15 19:56:14 <_marx_>        let's put this on the next meetings agenda as well with those interested responding how?
Dec 15 19:56:34 <akgraner>      however if you want to burn the yourself and print the covers they are cool with that
Dec 15 19:57:06 *       nameiner_ (n=nameiner@cpe-066-026-085-020.nc.res.rr.com) has joined #ubuntu-us-nc
Dec 15 19:57:55 <tatertot>      so we aren't supposed to put ubuntu cds in public places? just ones that we burn and label ourselves?
Dec 15 19:58:04 <_marx_>        agreed? rural outreach again next meeting with pondering by possible participants?
Dec 15 19:58:23 <tatertot>      _marx_,  +1
Dec 15 19:58:43 <akgraner>      tatertot, yes we want people to ask for the pressed ones....as if they ask they are more likely to use them
Dec 15 19:59:12 <JayFo> we also have trouble getting them because we are not yet approved
Dec 15 19:59:32 <tatertot>      wheeew, i ordered too many yesterday for you to tell me no
Dec 15 19:59:48 <akgraner>      tatertot, what?
Dec 15 19:59:52 <akgraner>      I am not telling you no
Dec 15 19:59:53 <_marx_>        which we will be by 03.10
Dec 15 20:00:01 <tatertot>      i ordered 500 cd's from the ubuntu store
Dec 15 20:00:08 <_marx_>        oofta
Dec 15 20:00:10 <akgraner>      tatertot, you paid for them
Dec 15 20:00:12 <tatertot>      i was like WTF!!!
Dec 15 20:00:13 <tatertot>      yah
Dec 15 20:00:14 <nameiner_>     wow
Dec 15 20:00:19 <akgraner>      that's different
Dec 15 20:00:25 <tatertot>      how so?
Dec 15 20:00:28 <akgraner>      if you buy you can do whatever you want
Dec 15 20:00:36 <_marx_>        oofta
Dec 15 20:00:56 <tatertot>      <- will do whatever he wants anyways, but wants to be courteous
Dec 15 20:00:58 <tatertot>      :)
Dec 15 20:01:00 *       _marx_ skipping the next agenda item
Dec 15 20:01:08 <akgraner>      wait
Dec 15 20:01:12 <_marx_>        ok
Dec 15 20:02:03 <_marx_>        [topic]syncing loco events with release cycle
Dec 15 20:02:04 <MootBot>       New Topic: syncing loco events with release cycle
Dec 15 20:02:07 <akgraner>      tatertot, shipit (ie Canonical) will not pay for just putting out CD's anywhere for free.. if we want to purchase them or make them b/c we as a team feel like we will see return on them then fine..
Dec 15 20:02:28 <akgraner>      I was just explaining the reason for them not supporting an idea like that
Dec 15 20:02:36 <tatertot>      oh ok
Dec 15 20:02:43 <JayFo> yeah
Dec 15 20:02:46 <tatertot>      so as long as i buy them i am cool
Dec 15 20:02:47 <_marx_>        akgraner: i think he just said he bought 500
Dec 15 20:02:55 <JayFo> tatertot, yes
Dec 15 20:02:58 <tatertot>      they dont wish to subsidize that, i get it
Dec 15 20:03:48 <_marx_>        tatertot: you bought 500?
Dec 15 20:04:01 <tatertot>      yeah it was like 800 $ or something
Dec 15 20:04:14 <tatertot>      a lot of money, i thin i coul dhave done better burning them myself
Dec 15 20:04:21 <tatertot>      oh well.
Dec 15 20:04:29 <tatertot>      i cannot type tonight.
Dec 15 20:04:36 <JayFo> so, what events are we not synced with?
Dec 15 20:04:41 <_marx_>        okay let's move on
Dec 15 20:05:10 <_marx_>        we need GlobalJam venues in every major city
Dec 15 20:05:23 <akgraner>      ok who is planning them?
Dec 15 20:05:24 <_marx_>        Release Parties in every major city
Dec 15 20:05:34 <akgraner>      again who is planning them
Dec 15 20:05:56 <akgraner>      we already do that
Dec 15 20:05:58 <internalkernel>        you are
Dec 15 20:06:00 <akgraner>      when and where we can
Dec 15 20:06:01 <tatertot>      any wiki regarding policy for globaljams? i will throw one if i know what to do
Dec 15 20:06:01 <JayFo> lol
Dec 15 20:06:20 <_marx_>        I'll book Foothill Brewery for Winston release party
Dec 15 20:06:33 <JayFo> tatertot, you can search the wiki
Dec 15 20:06:38 <tatertot>      k
Dec 15 20:06:39 <akgraner>      https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam
Dec 15 20:06:42 <_marx_>        [action] _marx_ book Foothills for realease party
Dec 15 20:06:44 <MootBot>       ACTION received:  _marx_ book Foothills for realease party
Dec 15 20:06:52 <tatertot>      thank you akgraner
Dec 15 20:07:24 <akgraner>      tatertot, please find me later on in the week so I can help you navigate the wiki's
Dec 15 20:07:28 <_marx_>        i still can't think of a good place here for a Jam day
Dec 15 20:07:52 <akgraner>      not that I mind you asking.. but a lot of your questions can be answered by just using the wiki's
Dec 15 20:07:54 <internalkernel>        Im sure we can find a spot for one up here in asheville
Dec 15 20:07:56 <_marx_>        accessability, connectivity remain problems
Dec 15 20:07:58 <tatertot>      wiki says 'Collect bugs, fix them, testing, documenting and translating. Get together and make Ubuntu better. ' what if I don't know about that?
Dec 15 20:08:06 <akgraner>      the asking follow-up questions
Dec 15 20:08:38 <akgraner>      tatertot, I'll talk to you about all that offline
Dec 15 20:08:43 <internalkernel>        I was thinking about a bug jam... but it may be me by myself...
Dec 15 20:08:43 <akgraner>      not on agenda
Dec 15 20:08:45 <tatertot>      k
Dec 15 20:09:07 <akgraner>      so are we on release party still
Dec 15 20:09:48 <nameiner_>     I wouldn't mind organizing another release party in Raleigh, if akgraner is ok with that ;)
Dec 15 20:09:51 <_marx_>        could everyone here send me an email asking if I've booked the joint yet
Dec 15 20:09:54 <akgraner>      :-)
Dec 15 20:10:02 <akgraner>      you rock you know what you are doing
Dec 15 20:10:10 <akgraner>      nameiner_, ^^^
Dec 15 20:10:13 <nameiner_>     I could use some more human connections though
Dec 15 20:10:19 <nameiner_>     thanks akgraner
Dec 15 20:10:21 <akgraner>      just let me know so I can ask for stuff
Dec 15 20:10:23 <akgraner>      for you
Dec 15 20:10:28 <_marx_>        cattle prods only hurt briefly
Dec 15 20:10:39 <akgraner>      we aren't approved so I have to ask for permission to get stuff
Dec 15 20:11:24 <_marx_>        considering the hour let's move wiki page structure until next meeting
Dec 15 20:11:36 <akgraner>      _marx_, +1
Dec 15 20:12:01 <_marx_>        [topic] meeting date and time
Dec 15 20:12:02 <MootBot>       New Topic:  meeting date and time
Dec 15 20:12:25 <_marx_>        do we need to poll the mailing list for a different day and time?
Dec 15 20:13:12 <akgraner>      the 1st is the next date
Dec 15 20:13:18 <akgraner>      I think we should skip it
Dec 15 20:13:30 <akgraner>      nm
Dec 15 20:13:38 <akgraner>      wronf calendar
Dec 15 20:13:43 <akgraner>      wrong even
Dec 15 20:13:46 <tatertot>      i was gonna say
Dec 15 20:13:48 <_marx_>        no, first and second tuesdays is 4 and 18
Dec 15 20:14:06 <akgraner>      yeah just looked at the right year
Dec 15 20:14:10 <akgraner>      and month...haha
Dec 15 20:14:11 <nameiner_>     actually it's 5th and 19th
Dec 15 20:14:35 <_marx_>        the mailing list has 130 subscribers but we get a core of 15 or so here
Dec 15 20:15:01 <_marx_>        could we get more w/a different meeting day and time?
Dec 15 20:15:14 <akgraner>      we've polled the list twice
Dec 15 20:15:14 <tatertot>      so we are as go for the 4th @ 7pm?
Dec 15 20:15:30 <nameiner_>     the 4th is a Monday
Dec 15 20:15:37 <akgraner>      5th is the 1st Tuesday
Dec 15 20:16:03 <_marx_>        yes 5 and 19
Dec 15 20:16:12 <_marx_>        k
Dec 15 20:16:14 <internalkernel>        5 and 19
Dec 15 20:16:21 <internalkernel>        are we on the same page now?
Dec 15 20:16:24 <internalkernel>        :)
Dec 15 20:16:26 <akgraner>      :-)
Dec 15 20:16:30 <_marx_>        any one else want to try chairing a meeting?
Dec 15 20:16:31 <akgraner>      some calendar at least
Dec 15 20:16:39 <akgraner>      same even
Dec 15 20:16:44 <tatertot>      _marx_,  i think 8 would be better, most people are done with work & family time around then
Dec 15 20:16:48 <internalkernel>        _marx_: I'll give it a shot, if it's open
Dec 15 20:16:55 <nameiner_>     _marx_: I personally have some trouble with the time since I usually eat dinner around 7pm, that's why I often forget the meeting, but that's just me.
Dec 15 20:17:22 <akgraner>      tatertot, I have another meeting on Tues at 8 then another at 9 on Tuesdays
Dec 15 20:17:27 <tatertot>      ok
Dec 15 20:17:33 <BugeyeD>       my kids go down at 8pm usually
Dec 15 20:17:38 <_marx_>        internalkernel: you have chair next year's next meeting
Dec 15 20:17:39 <internalkernel>        mine too
Dec 15 20:17:39 <akgraner>      so for about half an hour I have overlapping meetings
Dec 15 20:17:41 <tatertot>      how about sending the mailing list reminder a day earlier then
Dec 15 20:17:56 <internalkernel>        _marx_: thanks... I appreciate the experience
Dec 15 20:18:04 <_marx_>        tatertot: i've been trying to do better at that
Dec 15 20:18:17 <akgraner>      _marx_, you are... Thanks for that btw
Dec 15 20:18:18 <tatertot>      i asked the room this morning around 10 only to find out _marx_  sent email around 9:30
Dec 15 20:18:25 <internalkernel>        is there a way to track who receive on the mailing list?
Dec 15 20:18:39 <akgraner>      _marx_, I'll put on my todo forum, dents, tweets, FB and Blog
Dec 15 20:18:47 <akgraner>      to announce upcoming meetings
Dec 15 20:19:03 *       _marx_ nods at akgraner 
Dec 15 20:19:32 <internalkernel>        I'll get the forums straightened out by then as well... so it should all point to the same place.
Dec 15 20:19:43 <tatertot>      so the forum is handled by internalkernel to keep all things tied in?
Dec 15 20:19:43 <akgraner>      internalkernel, great!
Dec 15 20:19:47 <_marx_>        nameiner_: we usually eat around 9-10, european style
Dec 15 20:20:19 <internalkernel>        tatertot: yes, I'll sort out a sticky with similar info to the wiki and keep it updated...
Dec 15 20:20:31 <internalkernel>        if you'd like to help, PM me...
Dec 15 20:20:39 <tatertot>      internalkernel,  thank you sir
Dec 15 20:20:44 <_marx_>        okay time and date or day stays the same internalkernel will chair the next meeting
Dec 15 20:20:44 <nameiner_>     _marx_: hmmm, once again one of these "european" things that I as a european never experienced :) We ate at 6 flat at home
Dec 15 20:20:46 <internalkernel>        I'll even include a freaking how to use pidgin/IRC...
Dec 15 20:20:50 <internalkernel>        :)
Dec 15 20:21:18 <tatertot>      you are the man
Dec 15 20:21:32 <_marx_>        [topic] rants
Dec 15 20:21:33 <MootBot>       New Topic:  rants
Dec 15 20:21:50 <internalkernel>        you only left me 20 minutes for rants!!!
Dec 15 20:21:53 <_marx_>        [topic] no topic
Dec 15 20:21:54 <MootBot>       New Topic:  no topic
Dec 15 20:22:12 *       JayFo has quit ("Ex-Chat")
Dec 15 20:22:36 <_marx_>        i show 8:22
Dec 15 20:22:41 <internalkernel>        I wasn't done ranting
Dec 15 20:22:51 <tatertot>      i can rant like no other, but i will spare thee
Dec 15 20:22:56 <BugeyeD>       i was done listening
Dec 15 20:23:01 <internalkernel>        lol
Dec 15 20:23:01 <_marx_>        pgraner: please don't start stuff during a meeting
Dec 15 20:23:03 <akgraner>      remember these logs are searchable
Dec 15 20:23:21 <internalkernel>        akgraner: am I bad?
Dec 15 20:23:30 <akgraner>      pgraner, will be here in a sec...
Dec 15 20:23:56 <akgraner>      and need to remain professional
Dec 15 20:24:10 <_marx_>        of course
Dec 15 20:24:17 <pgraner>       _marx_: I suggest you call me now xxx xxx xxxx
Dec 15 20:24:27 <pgraner>       _marx_: I don't play silly games
Dec 15 20:24:52 <_marx_>        well nor i we lost time on that issue
Dec 15 20:25:21 *       holstein_too is laying down.. laterz
Dec 15 20:25:25 <tatertot>      meeting over?
Dec 15 20:25:33 <_marx_>        #endmeeting
Dec 15 20:25:34 <MootBot>       Meeting finished at 19:25.

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