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Clear message
  • We meet at 7pm on IRC channel #ubuntu-us-nc
  • To join the meeting without setting up an IRC client click here


  1. _marx_
  2. holstein
  3. JayFo

  4. akgraner
  5. tatertot
  6. BugeyeD
  7. alinuxfan
  8. internalkernel
  9. pgraner
  10. nameiner_



Agenda for Upcoming Meeting

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  • Open Items
    • Ubuntu Advocacy
    • Discuss remaining steps needed to become an "official" LoCo team.

      • See Getting Approved for details

      • Roadmap: flesh out the Roadmap with more details
      • Teams: status of contacts in major metropolitan areas
        • volunteers for a wiki team
      • Projects
        • outreach to rural areas see MD Tour

  • Open Discussion
    • Synchronizing our local events with Ubuntu's six month release cycle (Global Jams and Release Parties)
    • Discuss structure of the team's wiki pages; see approved teams wiki pages for comparison
  • Next Meeting Information
    • Selection of Chair
    • Selection of Meeting Date

Action Items


See the log for this meeting here

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