Started logging meeting in #ubuntu-us-nc
[18:01:34] <JFo> chocolate ice
[18:01:54] <JFo> o/
[18:02:15] <internalkernel> everyone knows where the agenda is: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NorthCarolinaTeam/Meeting/Agenda
[18:02:26] <internalkernel> and I guess we need to do role again, right/
[18:02:29] <internalkernel> right?
[18:02:34] <JFo> sure
[18:02:36] <akgraner> yep so it's in the log
[18:02:38] <JFo> for atendance
[18:02:44] <_marx_> it helps w/mootbot
[18:02:49] <akgraner> o/
[18:02:52] <JFo> o/
[18:02:56] <internalkernel> o/
[18:03:02] <zaivala> ?
[18:03:25] <JFo> think of it as waving
[18:03:31] * mhall119 is just observing
[18:03:39] <zaivala> new here... role? you mean roll call?
[18:03:49] <internalkernel> yes, like saying hi...
[18:03:49] <_marx_> zaivala: yes
[18:03:52] <Bill> o/
[18:03:54] <zaivala> k
[18:03:57] <zaivala> well hi
[18:04:00] <JFo> heh
[18:04:28] <internalkernel> bear with me, since this is my first time playing this chair thing... feel free to correct me as needed.
[18:05:03] <internalkernel> [TOPIC] Ubuntu Advocacy - month in review
[18:05:09] <zaivala> what does /o mean?
[18:05:19] <zaivala> k i'll silence
[18:05:37] <JFo> so what happened this month in advocacy
[18:05:45] <JFo> anyone have a great story?
[18:05:50] <_marx_> zaivala: irc speak for a wave
[18:05:56] <zaivala> k
[18:06:02] <mhall119> or a hand raised
[18:06:03] <internalkernel> _marx_: posted this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NorthCarolinaTeam/TeamReports/09/December
[18:06:08] <mhall119> o = head
[18:06:12] <internalkernel> which details what we did for the month
[18:06:17] <mhall119> / = arm raised
[18:06:19] <internalkernel> mainly ubuntu hour...
[18:06:24] <JFo> ah right congrats _marx_
[18:06:32] <zaivala> <--n00b
[18:06:34] <JFo> that was a fun time
[18:06:36] <JFo> :)
[18:06:40] <internalkernel> in winston-salem, we get street cred for driving so far though!
[18:06:43] <_marx_> i've got a thinkpad a31 working install for a suse user but it has problems connecting at her house
[18:06:48] <JFo> internalkernel, true :)
[18:07:11] <tatertot> o/
[18:07:14] <JFo> this her first time with Ubuntu _marx_ ?
[18:07:37] <_marx_> JFo: yes, not first time on linux though
[18:07:41] <JFo> ah cool
[18:07:43] <internalkernel> Does that presentation at Firestorm in Dec count as adovcacy?
[18:07:46] <JFo> hope she enjoys it
[18:07:52] <JFo> internalkernel, sure
[18:07:55] <internalkernel> it was technically a LUG...
[18:08:04] <_marx_> hi John_n_NC
[18:08:08] <JFo> well, you were running Ubuntu, yes?
[18:08:12] <internalkernel> true true
[18:08:18] <JFo> there you go :)
[18:08:27] <internalkernel> then I'll add that to the team reports wiki after the meeting...
[18:08:31] <JFo> heh
[18:08:36] <JFo> sounds good
[18:08:38] <zaivala> internalkernel, I'm the guy protesting Firestorm meeting is too early
[18:08:42] <_marx_> internalkernel: for Jan '10
[18:08:50] <JFo> zaivala, when are you available?
[18:09:02] <JFo> we are usually there till 4PM or so
[18:09:13] <internalkernel> have been at the last few meetings...
[18:09:16] <internalkernel> 12pm to 4pm
[18:09:27] <internalkernel> Nov. Dec. and Jan 9th is planned
[18:09:27] <zaivala> I could make 2pm with difficulty, 3 pm easily, but noon is no go
[18:09:37] <JFo> ah, there you go, we are there then
[18:09:40] <akgraner> Jan 9th I thought was just an Ubuntu Hour
[18:09:43] <JFo> just drop in
[18:09:59] <internalkernel> it is...
[18:10:07] <zaivala> ah, didn't know it ran that long
[18:10:17] <internalkernel> but, I will probably be there longer...
[18:10:19] <JFo> no problem
[18:10:24] <JFo> I can't be :)
[18:10:29] <JFo> not this Saturday
[18:10:33] <tatertot> I made some wallpapers for gnome look and made an ubuntu hour logo and put it on http://spreadubuntu.neomenlo.org ( ordered a bunch of cd's from a custom shop and am figuring out where to put these currently )
[18:10:36] <internalkernel> I am meeting someone I recently met, who happened to be running Ubu
[18:10:43] <dick> I can
[18:10:49] <internalkernel> tatertot: sweet!
[18:10:56] <dick> nope, I can't be there this saturday, drat
[18:11:00] <tatertot> does that count as advocacy
[18:11:02] <JFo> I mean I'll be there, but I can't stay long
[18:11:09] <JFo> tatertot, sure does
[18:11:12] <internalkernel> tatertot: yes absolutely
[18:11:36] <internalkernel> tatertot: would you like to update the team reports wiki with that as well?
[18:11:38] <tatertot> internalkernel updated the forum with how to get in touch with the channel too
[18:11:45] <JFo> any other items of advocacy anyone wants to share?
[18:11:48] <JFo> cool tatertot :)
[18:11:50] <akgraner> tatertot, yep
[18:11:58] <tatertot> i added them to the completed projects page
[18:12:01] <tatertot> is that the same thing
[18:12:15] <akgraner> We can add it to January
[18:12:15] <internalkernel> close enough, we should probably link one to the other anyways
[18:12:30] <JFo> yeah
[18:12:34] <akgraner> the team reports need to go in by the 22
[18:12:46] <internalkernel> good, so last call for anymore advocacy...
[18:12:54] <akgraner> yes
[18:13:01] <_marx_> akgraner: last sunday each month so date varies
[18:13:29] <JFo> I think we are good to move on internalkernel
[18:13:32] <akgraner> no
[18:13:34] <JFo> :)
[18:13:39] <akgraner> :-)
[18:13:44] <akgraner> sorry hit enter to soon
[18:13:45] <internalkernel> we should cover upcoming advocacy first...
[18:13:51] <akgraner> so upcoming
[18:13:52] * _marx_ was thinking monthly reports
[18:14:04] <akgraner> SCaLE 8x, SELF, ALF, OLF
[18:14:08] <JFo> yeah
[18:14:18] <JFo> we have dates for any of those yet?
[18:14:29] <JFo> or did we already cover that in an earlier meeting?
[18:14:36] <JFo> I vaguely recall...
[18:14:40] <_marx_> ongoing Hour in Winston, this will be every month though
[18:14:57] * JFo can almost hear akgraner typing
[18:15:01] <JFo> :P
[18:15:11] <internalkernel> I have a presentation in Hendersonville with Bob who was at the last few LUGs... regarding home network security (basic principles). I will of course advocate the inherint safety of Ubuntu
[18:15:33] <JFo> cool
[18:15:34] <akgraner> ok just looked up team reports has to be ready by the first Sunday of the following month
[18:15:37] * mhall119 will be at SCaLE 8x
[18:15:42] <internalkernel> and perhaps the next one will be on "Making the tranistion to Ubuntu" :D
[18:15:54] <JFo> you recording those internalkernel?
[18:16:00] <JFo> or just chatting?
[18:16:01] <akgraner> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BuildingCommunity/TeamReporting
[18:16:03] <dick> internalkernal: is that presentation an open one?
[18:16:08] <internalkernel> recording?
[18:16:12] <JFo> heh
[18:16:16] <internalkernel> yes as far as I know it is...
[18:16:40] <dick> internalkernal: Time and place?
[18:16:41] <_marx_> internalkernel: public place or his home?
[18:16:47] <JFo> you know... videotaping... without the tape ;)
[18:17:06] * JFo stops
[18:17:22] <internalkernel> public place, it's a general computer user's group - many are windows users... and regular meeting. I'll post time and place when I know
[18:17:31] <JFo> cool
[18:17:34] <dick> tnx
[18:17:48] <_marx_> good, i'll forward to some folks i know in h'ville
[18:17:59] <internalkernel> that would be cool...
[18:18:03] <internalkernel> thanks
[18:18:11] <internalkernel> moving on? anything else?
[18:18:12] <akgraner> so we should def get in touch with the South East LoCo teams for a booth at SELF
[18:18:20] <JFo> yeah
[18:18:22] <akgraner> since it will be in South Carolina
[18:18:26] <_marx_> +1
[18:18:31] <internalkernel> good point... +1 also
[18:18:51] <JFo> at a minimum, GA, NC, SC, FL
[18:19:00] <internalkernel> that should go on the agenda
[18:19:02] <akgraner> and TN
[18:19:06] <JFo> yep
[18:19:10] <JFo> maybe VA
[18:19:21] <_marx_> oh, Foothills Brewery is booked for 10.04 release party
[18:19:27] <JFo> excellent
[18:19:54] <_marx_> that's upcoming anyway
[18:20:03] <internalkernel> who would like that action item?
[18:20:13] <akgraner> awesome - a lot of opportunity this year
[18:20:31] <internalkernel> bueller? bueller...
[18:20:47] <akgraner> I'll add the SELF stuff
[18:21:04] <internalkernel> lol, I was about to default myself to it - thank you amber
[18:21:07] <JFo> you know almost all the parties anyway :)
[18:21:25] <mhall119> are there dates for SELF 2010 yet?
[18:21:30] <internalkernel> [ACTION] Amber to organize the agenda for the booth at SELF
[18:21:32] <akgraner> yes
[18:21:38] <tatertot> june 12-13
[18:21:53] <akgraner> mhall119, http://www.southeastlinuxfest.org/
[18:21:58] <mhall119> thanks
[18:22:19] <akgraner> also sponsorship has opened up as well and call for Papers
[18:22:32] <internalkernel> yes, call for papers is still on my to do list...
[18:23:04] <JFo> sponsorship for what akgraner
[18:23:05] <akgraner> so if anyone on the team would like to do something for the Ubucon let me know
[18:23:07] <internalkernel> _marx_: you are participating in ubuntu user days right?
[18:23:10] <internalkernel> that
[18:23:11] <akgraner> SELF
[18:23:13] <JFo> akgraner, done
[18:23:15] <internalkernel> 's more advocacy
[18:23:22] <akgraner> so SELF will have an Ubucon
[18:23:25] <JFo> yup
[18:23:42] <JFo> :)
[18:23:42] <akgraner> and we are working on the agenda now
[18:23:44] <_marx_> yes
[18:23:45] <internalkernel> ok, we need to keep moving...
[18:24:05] <internalkernel> last chance for advocacy...
[18:24:12] <internalkernel> [TOPIC] Contacts in major metropolitan areas
[18:24:23] <internalkernel> so, this is a little confusing to me...
[18:24:24] <JFo> not sure what that means
[18:24:27] <internalkernel> lol
[18:24:27] <JFo> me too
[18:24:29] <JFo> :)
[18:24:47] <JFo> I left it in, but I didn't have time to ask about it
[18:24:51] <_marx_> my thought here was having someone listed on the team wiki page for each major metro area
[18:24:57] <JFo> ah, I see
[18:25:01] <_marx_> or persons
[18:25:25] <_marx_> willing to help a new user f2f
[18:25:36] <internalkernel> I like that idea, however all contact is going to funnel through mailing list / irc anyways
[18:25:53] <internalkernel> but, it would be nice to see the people that are active in each area... since that is usually the first question
[18:26:17] <internalkernel> so _marx_ would you like that as an action item?
[18:26:22] <akgraner> I think we have Charlotte, Winston, Asheville and Raleigh
[18:26:37] <internalkernel> to coordinate creating that portion of the wiki... or does some one else want it?
[18:27:01] * _marx_ can do that wiki work but need to confirm contacts
[18:27:14] <internalkernel> I think we can post to the mailing list and figure out who is in what area and maybe link to their ubuntu/wiki page
[18:27:16] <akgraner> on and Fayetteville
[18:27:24] <JFo> and Wilmington
[18:27:35] <JFo> good call internalkernel
[18:27:48] <akgraner> _marx_, yep confirmation on those contacts
[18:27:53] <akgraner> good idea
[18:27:57] <internalkernel> so action agreed?
[18:28:02] <_marx_> yeah
[18:28:03] <JFo> yep
[18:28:17] <internalkernel> [ACTION] marx to coordinate contacts in major metro areas and update wiki
[18:28:40] <internalkernel> Next item? anything else?
[18:29:04] <internalkernel> [TOPIC] Status of LoCo Approval - current status & action items?
[18:29:50] <internalkernel> anything new here?
[18:30:03] <internalkernel> we have the wiki which is a good indicator of our involvement...
[18:30:11] <_marx_> team reports are part of that and i think i have it all set up
[18:30:27] <_marx_> except for making a new report each month
[18:30:34] <internalkernel> another point I would add is individual involvement - participation in the community from our members
[18:30:48] <_marx_> if the report page is created it will be picked up
[18:30:49] <akgraner> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamHowto#Becoming%20an%20Approved%20Team
[18:31:10] <John_n_NC> Participate how?
[18:31:12] <internalkernel> well, I think making a new report each month should be addressed under organizing governance
[18:31:27] <_marx_> k
[18:31:30] <akgraner> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamHowto
[18:31:44] <internalkernel> well, everyone has the oppurtunity to get involved in the ubuntu community through various teams and projects
[18:31:59] <internalkernel> For instance, I decided I wanted to become an ubuntu member...
[18:32:12] <internalkernel> so I find projects to get involved with, and ways to advocate
[18:32:14] <JFo> we also need more Ubuntu members
[18:32:25] <internalkernel> I think it would be helpful if we had more people in our loco doing similar things
[18:32:29] <akgraner> the how to for Team reports in on the link I post earlier
[18:33:15] <akgraner> here is the guidelines https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BuildingCommunity/TeamReporting
[18:33:24] <internalkernel> like _marx_ I think you are a good candidate for membership...
[18:33:27] <tatertot> what are similar things internalkernel
[18:33:35] <tatertot> what would be good projects to get involved with
[18:33:46] <internalkernel> bug squad for instance...
[18:34:20] <JFo> 5-a-day
[18:34:24] <internalkernel> I came across the: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-manual
[18:34:30] <akgraner> http://www.ubuntu.com/community
[18:34:32] <internalkernel> tatertot: they need help with artwork and things
[18:34:49] <akgraner> the link I posted are community areas where you can get involved in
[18:34:53] <tatertot> i actually spent most of the weekend making a theme
[18:35:01] <internalkernel> perfect - thank you akgraner
[18:35:02] <tatertot> for lucid, trying to finalize it
[18:35:12] <akgraner> also the You-In-Ubuntu Blog is dedicated to points of entry into the community as well
[18:35:21] <internalkernel> I think if we can show individual participation as well as LoCo participation that will help
[18:35:36] <akgraner> internalkernel, yes it does
[18:36:13] <internalkernel> we all have great resources here in IRC to help people get started
[18:36:13] <akgraner> http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate
[18:36:30] <akgraner> I am working on a welcome letter
[18:36:34] <internalkernel> so how can we coordinate this as an action item?
[18:36:41] <internalkernel> welcome letter/
[18:36:41] <akgraner> to welcome new members when they join the team
[18:36:49] <internalkernel> great!
[18:36:52] <akgraner> just have to verfiy all the links
[18:36:54] <akgraner> :-)
[18:37:15] <JFo> that should have been in advocacy too akgraner :P
[18:37:20] <JFo> heh
[18:37:22] <internalkernel> totally...
[18:37:26] <akgraner> then I will get it out to both the mailing list (one time) and then it will go to the new people as they join
[18:37:34] <_marx_> just sayin'...
[18:37:40] <tatertot> akgraner, offtopic , but are you going to send those wiki links you had for me?
[18:37:55] <internalkernel> how can this become an action item? creating a wiki page to link off the main page, regarding how to participate - and encourage it there?
[18:38:05] <akgraner> yep
[18:38:20] <_marx_> a join page perhaps
[18:38:39] <JFo> we could update the text regularly to indicate projects we have going on
[18:38:40] <internalkernel> right, that has akgraner welcome letter and links on how to participate
[18:38:44] <JFo> to make it relevant
[18:38:47] <JFo> and timely
[18:38:49] <internalkernel> ohhh good I like that
[18:39:02] <internalkernel> and involve members to update it with their projects
[18:39:08] <JFo> get people involved faster
[18:39:09] <JFo> yeah
[18:39:15] <akgraner> sure..
[18:39:31] <internalkernel> [IDEA] create a wiki page to help people get involved in the greater ubuntu community
[18:39:47] <internalkernel> any takers?
[18:39:57] <internalkernel> action item, just hanging out there...
[18:40:00] <tatertot> < no clue to how to wiki
[18:40:01] <_marx_> well how to get involved w/NC team faster
[18:40:03] <internalkernel> waiting for some one...
[18:40:25] <John_n_NC> no clue how to get involved here
[18:40:32] <akgraner> internalkernel, wait.. there is pages already we jusy need to link to them
[18:40:36] <_marx_> see
[18:40:40] <akgraner> why recreated the wheel
[18:40:58] <internalkernel> see I had no idea...
[18:41:00] <JFo> John_n_NC, there are any number of ways you can get involved
[18:41:03] <akgraner> I can do that..
[18:41:08] <akgraner> same info as the letter
[18:41:09] <_marx_> stay tune John_n_NC
[18:41:17] <JFo> simply telling your friends about ubuntu is involvement
[18:41:32] <internalkernel> [ACTION] akgraner to organize wiki pages to help members get involved in the Ubuntu community
[18:41:38] <JFo> it doesn't have to be big action items
[18:41:44] <JFo> there can be many small ones
[18:41:58] <_marx_> +1 JFo
[18:42:22] <dick> ? +1
[18:42:27] <JFo> we need to make sure that is on the letter too
[18:42:42] <internalkernel> so, we have individual involvement and team reports for LoCo approval? what else?
[18:42:43] <_marx_> dick: +1 means i agree
[18:43:08] <JFo> our involvement in conferences
[18:43:15] <dick> _marx_: thanks
[18:43:17] <JFo> our support of Ubucons
[18:43:17] <internalkernel> right, all the advocacy
[18:43:29] <_marx_> release parties and global jam days
[18:43:32] <JFo> yep
[18:43:36] <JFo> Ubuntu Hours
[18:43:43] <internalkernel> I think the last action item covered the "Update status of the restructuring of the team's wiki pages"
[18:43:47] <internalkernel> or at least part of it
[18:43:50] <JFo> yeah
[18:43:57] <JFo> so we need to standardize
[18:44:12] <JFo> and make sure they make sense and are easy to find info in
[18:44:19] <_marx_> except there needs to be navigation at the top of the main page
[18:44:34] <_marx_> contact info is currently at the bottom
[18:44:49] <JFo> we can accomplish that with links
[18:45:01] <_marx_> correct
[18:45:08] <akgraner> ok so the wiki pages I posted earlier.. have a ton of information on getting involved
[18:45:15] <internalkernel> yes
[18:45:26] <JFo> great pages too
[18:45:32] <tatertot> akgraner, should we add the links you are going to send me to the wiki
[18:45:44] <tatertot> get started section or something? what it is to be ubuntu
[18:45:50] <akgraner> yep that is what I was going to do..
[18:45:56] <JFo> sounds good
[18:46:02] <tatertot> good deal
[18:46:08] <internalkernel> great should we move on to governance?
[18:46:28] <internalkernel> this one is going to be big, don't mean to be pushy but we do have a large agenda...
[18:46:30] <_marx_> let's do my pizza is on the way
[18:46:37] <JFo> yeah
[18:46:38] <internalkernel> right on!
[18:46:40] <internalkernel> [TOPIC] Governance and leadership - Rules of the Channel, Meeting Guidelines, Governance Requirements
[18:46:41] <tatertot> +1
[18:46:47] <JFo> heh
[18:47:12] <internalkernel> so, not sure who added this portion to the agenda...
[18:47:19] <JFo> me
[18:47:24] <tatertot> rules of the channel?
[18:47:25] <internalkernel> but it does seem like something everyone who is getting involved should know
[18:47:33] <JFo> yep
[18:47:51] <internalkernel> so how can we make this info readily available to anyone who joins or finds there way here?
[18:47:52] * mhall119 hopes this isn't going to involve logging vs. non-logging
[18:47:58] <JFo> tatertot, how to act basically
[18:48:00] <internalkernel> you are so logged
[18:48:00] <tatertot> whenever this is sorted out as to what the rules are, internalkernel should add to sticky in forum
[18:48:03] <JFo> mhall119, that time has passed
[18:48:08] <JFo> this channel will be logged :)
[18:48:09] <internalkernel> tatertot: good idea
[18:48:17] <internalkernel> big brother is always watching
[18:48:22] <JFo> heh
[18:48:28] <mhall119> that was for akgraner's benefit
[18:48:29] <akgraner> when will it be logger? _marx_ do you know
[18:48:29] <JFo> we use Google O_o
[18:48:37] <akgraner> mhall119, :-)
[18:48:57] * _marx_ sent email re locobot haven't heard back
[18:49:10] <JFo> rules of the channel should be acceptable behavior while in here
[18:49:21] <akgraner> ok so as soon as it happens we need to post that in the topic
[18:49:21] <tatertot> such as
[18:49:23] <JFo> that was what we need to outline based on the Ubuntu CoC
[18:49:28] <_marx_> currently only mootbot makes public logs and only during meetings
[18:49:29] <internalkernel> right, follow the ubuntu conduct code
[18:49:46] <internalkernel> akgraner: link?
[18:49:49] <internalkernel> :)
[18:49:53] <internalkernel> you were so quick with the others
[18:49:59] <JFo> so, it needs to be clear that behavior outside those standards will not be tolerated and will b e moderated out
[18:50:02] <akgraner> http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct
[18:50:29] <JFo> mutual respect, etc.
[18:50:37] <tatertot> what about on topic/ off topic; if we are not in a meeting, but it doesn't directly have to do with the loco should we avoid it
[18:50:37] <internalkernel> we should have a standard wiki detailing the basics here - and include that in the welcome letter...
[18:50:41] <akgraner> yep
[18:50:53] <JFo> right internalkernel
[18:50:59] <JFo> linking to the C o C
[18:51:05] <internalkernel> Ill take that - unless someone else wants it?
[18:51:05] <_marx_> imo NC talk is acceptable
[18:51:18] <_marx_> is it snowing there yet etc...
[18:51:21] <internalkernel> this channel is always offtopic - the topic is off topic
[18:51:34] <JFo> I think that is fine as long as there is no abuse
[18:51:38] <akgraner> yes, socializing is how LoCo teams build the team
[18:51:38] <_marx_> that sort of thing is team building
[18:51:41] <mhall119> -fl is offtopic most of the time, it's a social channel
[18:51:46] <JFo> personal insults, etc.
[18:51:46] <tatertot> so the rules are basically exactly as the CoC
[18:51:58] <dick> I wonder if that "Welcome Letter" will get so big it won't get read?
[18:51:58] <internalkernel> right - it's simple... be a human being.
[18:52:06] <internalkernel> lol...
[18:52:06] <JFo> right
[18:52:08] <internalkernel> it might
[18:52:11] <John_n_NC> CoC = code of conduct?
[18:52:12] <akgraner> dick it's will be links
[18:52:17] <JFo> John_n_NC, yes sir
[18:52:18] <tatertot> John_n_NC, yes sir
[18:52:20] <akgraner> it even
[18:52:22] <JFo> :)
[18:52:22] <tatertot> lol
[18:52:24] <internalkernel> JFo: will have to edit it, akgraner can be kinda... long winded.
[18:52:28] <JFo> lol
[18:52:45] <akgraner> :-)
[18:52:45] <JFo> she'll read it to me several times :P
[18:52:50] <JFo> heh
[18:53:27] <internalkernel> [ACTION] internalkernel to create a code of conduct for the LoCo wiki, link to welcome page
[18:53:27] <JFo> I think we should also define offtopic discussions that are never welcome
[18:53:35] <JFo> so that there is no question what is taboo
[18:53:43] <akgraner> on the IRCC has that
[18:53:52] <JFo> yep, we should link to that
[18:53:59] <internalkernel> ok... taking notes.
[18:54:23] <akgraner> I'll find their wiki
[18:54:27] <JFo> k
[18:54:34] <internalkernel> great, happy with that? moving on?
[18:54:43] <akgraner> internalkernel, you don't have to create it
[18:54:48] <JFo> Meeting guidelines I left vague
[18:54:51] <akgraner> it already exists
[18:55:04] <tatertot> hold on a sec
[18:55:10] <tatertot> what offtopic is never welcome
[18:55:11] <akgraner> CoC is the same for every team
[18:55:20] <internalkernel> yes, the CoC does - and I didn't mean to imply I was going to make a new one - just reiterate what is considered acceptable behavior in the channels and lists...
[18:55:27] <JFo> tatertot, there are certain subjects that should not be discussed
[18:55:33] <JFo> that is what I mean
[18:55:35] <internalkernel> and mostly link to Ubuntu's CoC
[18:55:47] <tatertot> i know that, i was wondering if we are listing them or using common sense
[18:55:57] <internalkernel> both
[18:56:00] <tatertot> because you said you wanted to define
[18:56:12] <JFo> well, there are a few that may need to be defined
[18:56:18] <JFo> unless they already are somewhere
[18:56:21] <internalkernel> it'll be common sense based and a few that need to be said...
[18:56:25] <akgraner> let me see what I can find
[18:56:35] <akgraner> and then we can deal with things as they happen
[18:56:35] <JFo> in which case a link to them should suffice
[18:56:39] <JFo> right
[18:56:45] <JFo> hence the moderation
[18:56:49] <JFo> :)
[18:56:52] <_marx_> JFo: one example of what you have in mind?
[18:57:02] <JFo> let's see what we find first
[18:57:03] <internalkernel> there has to be an awareness regarding what may be considered offensive language for other people...
[18:57:08] <JFo> right
[18:57:21] <_marx_> agreed
[18:57:31] <JFo> _marx_, conversations of a sexual nature should be avoided for example
[18:57:35] <internalkernel> just because we think it's cool, doesn't mean that it's not backwards in Australia or Uganga... or whatever...
[18:57:38] <JFo> right
[18:57:56] <internalkernel> Im going with politics... and probably religion to be safe...
[18:58:04] <akgraner> I'll link to UW for some of those things
[18:58:06] <_marx_> JFo: seems common sense to me but...
[18:58:10] <JFo> it may be
[18:58:15] <JFo> but to some it may not be
[18:58:16] <internalkernel> maybe not for everyone
[18:58:18] <internalkernel> right
[18:58:21] <akgraner> they have some great resources
[18:58:25] <JFo> ecellent
[18:58:26] <akgraner> or rather we
[18:58:35] <tatertot> sounds good then, just normal stuff
[18:58:42] <JFo> right, in most cases
[18:58:45] <internalkernel> like I always say... never underestimate humanitys inherent ability to be dumb...
[18:58:58] <JFo> but remember, people from many countries and cultures have access here
[18:59:01] <dick> common sense...oxymoron?
[18:59:08] <JFo> internalkernel, truer words never spoken
[18:59:12] <internalkernel> lol
[18:59:27] <JFo> dick, in some cases, yes
[18:59:32] <JFo> ok...
[18:59:38] <JFo> shall we talk about Governance
[18:59:40] <JFo> ?
[18:59:42] <internalkernel> sweet, we're cracking an hour...
[18:59:42] <tatertot> meeting guidelines then?
[18:59:43] <internalkernel> yes
[19:00:10] <internalkernel> moving on?
[19:00:16] <_marx_> y
[19:00:17] <internalkernel> [TOPIC] Governance and leadership - Proposal for Team Leadership
[19:00:18] <JFo> sounds good
[19:00:31] <JFo> I think a group of leaders is best
[19:00:36] <JFo> like a committee
[19:00:36] <internalkernel> so we discussed this last night, today and I tossed it up on the agenda...
[19:00:39] <JFo> right
[19:00:44] <internalkernel> I'm going for 3 leaders max
[19:00:48] <_marx_> me to
[19:00:52] <JFo> I think that is good
[19:00:55] <internalkernel> that way there's always a tie breaker in the case of a vote
[19:00:58] <internalkernel> and its not to many
[19:01:15] <JFo> I'd also propose having an alternate in case the 3 are unavailable for some reason
[19:01:29] <_marx_> right now we have three ops on this irc channel
[19:01:30] <internalkernel> not a bad idea... like an ultimate backup
[19:01:31] <JFo> which may simply consist of the team contact
[19:01:39] <JFo> right
[19:01:47] <internalkernel> like the speaker of the house...
[19:01:49] <internalkernel> :)
[19:01:52] <JFo> heh, yeah
[19:01:56] <_marx_> two admins for the mailing list
[19:02:04] <JFo> yep
[19:02:12] <internalkernel> ok, for times sake I think we can define roles another time...
[19:02:13] <JFo> split up the load so there is no pressure
[19:02:17] <JFo> right
[19:02:20] <_marx_> well three counting the canonical person
[19:02:27] <internalkernel> heh
[19:02:36] <akgraner> why a canonical person?
[19:02:41] <akgraner> oh nm
[19:02:49] <JFo> hah, I just got that too :)
[19:02:52] <internalkernel> lmao
[19:02:53] <JFo> <-slow
[19:02:59] <_marx_> akgraner: apparently a default when creating a mailing list
[19:03:13] <internalkernel> so, how do we decide who these three are>
[19:03:14] <internalkernel> ?
[19:03:21] <JFo> think there needs to be a vote
[19:03:38] <internalkernel> well before that I think we should ask... who wants it?
[19:03:45] <JFo> those who want to be included in the vote create a wiki page if they don't have one already
[19:03:46] <internalkernel> and who wants to nominate others...
[19:03:54] <akgraner> so does the team nominate people or self nomination?
[19:03:59] <JFo> and put themselves up for consideration
[19:04:03] <tatertot> _marx_, akgraner JFo internalkernel are my nonimations
[19:04:03] <internalkernel> I think we should do both...
[19:04:05] <JFo> self, I think
[19:04:24] <tatertot> need people who are active and know what they are doing
[19:04:26] <JFo> tatertot, lol
[19:04:32] <_marx_> i'm kinda selfed in already
[19:04:35] <internalkernel> see I'd nominate akgraner _marx_ JFo in a second - but I don't know if any of them want that...
[19:04:40] <tatertot> you 4 are basically running the meeting so...
[19:04:50] <JFo> I don't think I can be
[19:04:55] <internalkernel> right see...
[19:05:10] <JFo> which brings up an interesting point about ops _marx_
[19:05:17] <JFo> may need to choose another one
[19:05:20] <internalkernel> so, this needs to be set on the agenda for next meeting...
[19:05:24] <tatertot> is it preemptive to have 3 leaders because the size of the group
[19:05:25] <JFo> we can discuss that later though
[19:05:27] <_marx_> JFo: you are one
[19:05:29] <internalkernel> a vote to determine who the leaders will be...
[19:05:31] <JFo> I know
[19:05:40] <tatertot> maybe just delegate more work out and see how it goes
[19:05:53] <akgraner> tatertot, no its just * a lot* of work for one person
[19:06:01] <JFo> a whole lot
[19:06:11] <internalkernel> and we don't want to hit another sitaution where that one person gets overwhelmed and bounces...
[19:06:16] <tatertot> that's what im saying, if we just delegate better than the 1 person at the top wont have all of that pressure
[19:06:21] <JFo> plus it is unfair to tell one person they have to always be here for stuff
[19:06:38] <JFo> it has to pass the 'Bus Test'
[19:06:49] <internalkernel> right... I have a 2 year old pulling at my chair...
[19:06:53] <internalkernel> I'd love to go play with her
[19:07:11] <JFo> if that one leader get's hit by a bug. God forbid, what happens to the team
[19:07:13] <internalkernel> but Im here... and this is what we want to avoid... we should be able to support each other in this
[19:07:13] <JFo> ?
[19:07:19] <JFo> internalkernel, correct
[19:07:25] <internalkernel> well, I don't think a bug would hurt much
[19:07:26] <tatertot> k
[19:07:31] <JFo> we need flexibility
[19:07:36] <JFo> err bus
[19:07:39] <internalkernel> unless it was REALLY big - like a Florida bug for instance
[19:07:46] <JFo> /kick internalkernel
[19:07:48] <JFo> :)
[19:07:50] <tatertot> i hate lovebugs
[19:07:51] <internalkernel> lol
[19:08:04] <internalkernel> or like herbie the bug...
[19:08:07] <_marx_> lol
[19:08:09] <internalkernel> anyways... I digress
[19:08:15] <JFo> the conversation has taken a turn
[19:08:17] <JFo> :)
[19:08:17] <internalkernel> so - how shall we organize the nominations
[19:08:21] <internalkernel> ???
[19:08:34] <internalkernel> next meeting, or do we want to create a wiki...
[19:08:36] <JFo> I think we need to lay this out for the Loco members to decide
[19:08:40] <_marx_> what are the positions?
[19:08:45] <JFo> we can't just make all of the decisions
[19:08:50] <JFo> they have to weigh in
[19:08:54] <internalkernel> maybe create a wiki, with the nominees on it
[19:08:57] <JFo> and vote when that comes up
[19:08:58] <internalkernel> and then vote in the next meeting
[19:09:02] <akgraner> We need to send stuff to the mailing list
[19:09:06] <JFo> this may take some extra time
[19:09:08] <tatertot> 3 heads, 1 backup contact, or like pres, vice pres chief of staff etc
[19:09:08] <internalkernel> right right...
[19:09:09] <JFo> riht akgraner
[19:09:13] <akgraner> tell people what we are doing
[19:09:16] <internalkernel> tatertot: yes
[19:09:20] <JFo> right
[19:09:26] <internalkernel> _marx_: positions are somewhat detaied on the agenda
[19:09:35] <JFo> let's make sure it is what they want too
[19:09:36] <internalkernel> we need to edit and revise those
[19:09:39] <akgraner> post something to the forums as well
[19:09:43] <JFo> yep
[19:10:02] <JFo> and maybe at the next meeting, set a date in the future for election
[19:10:05] <akgraner> no just NC LoCo Leaders
[19:10:14] <internalkernel> ok... so action item... create a leadership nomination wiki, post to the forums, and mailing list asking to edit and update
[19:10:36] <JFo> set a reasonable timeframe for people to nominate
[19:10:43] <JFo> then have a date for the vote
[19:10:57] <tatertot> who is eligible for nominations as well
[19:10:57] <internalkernel> that way we can determine positions, responsibilities, etc... and a date to vote
[19:10:57] <akgraner> yes, but I would suggest whomever is going to so that take a look at how the other teams have done theirs
[19:10:58] <JFo> so no confusion.
[19:11:06] <JFo> akgraner, I agree
[19:11:07] <tatertot> just because someone gets nominated doesnt mean they want it
[19:11:16] <JFo> tatertot, true
[19:11:23] <internalkernel> tatertot: true like JFo... :P
[19:11:24] <tatertot> so self nomination
[19:11:28] <JFo> internalkernel, :P
[19:11:32] <akgraner> so we can contact them and ask them
[19:11:40] <JFo> tatertot, I think that is fair
[19:11:48] <JFo> akgraner, +1
[19:11:50] <tatertot> +1 from me on that action item
[19:11:54] * JFo is a yes man
[19:11:58] <internalkernel> lol
[19:12:00] <JFo> :)
[19:12:21] <internalkernel> I'll take that as an action item - if no one else wants it...
[19:12:33] <internalkernel> I will also greatly appreciate help... and will kinda expect it...
[19:12:35] <akgraner> I can help you if you want..
[19:12:36] * _marx_ lost paying for that pizza
[19:12:39] <JFo> internalkernel, lol
[19:12:48] <internalkernel> this is more than what one person should decide on for the team
[19:12:54] <JFo> right
[19:13:03] <internalkernel> ok good... so... action decided, anyone else want to help?
[19:13:06] <JFo> but draft the proposal then as k for input
[19:13:08] <tatertot> once i figure out how to wiki stuff i will help a lot more with that
[19:13:20] <JFo> tatertot, help is always welcome
[19:13:36] <akgraner> so we get it put together then ask the mailing list to comment on it
[19:13:40] <JFo> right
[19:13:45] <internalkernel> [ACTION] akgraner and internalkernel to create a nominations wiki, with guidelines for team leadership, and time frame to vote - post to forums and mailing list as well
[19:13:50] <_marx_> sounds good
[19:14:17] <tatertot> new project ideas?
[19:14:17] <JFo> in the meantime we can start the framework of the governance
[19:14:27] <internalkernel> sweet, we can decide details in the next meeting... once the wiki is up it will be freely editable and all that
[19:14:31] <JFo> yep
[19:14:36] <internalkernel> JFo: yes exactly
[19:14:48] <internalkernel> this is something that should naturally take a month or two...
[19:14:56] <JFo> yep
[19:15:06] <internalkernel> ok, move on?
[19:15:06] <_marx_> yeah i think so too
[19:15:33] <akgraner> internalkernel, it will take a while to get it all put together
[19:15:37] <internalkernel> we are satisified... yes?
[19:15:43] <internalkernel> akgraner: yes, I expect so...
[19:15:46] <JFo> yep
[19:15:55] <internalkernel> [TOPIC] Current Projects
[19:16:14] <internalkernel> so this has outreach to rural areas?
[19:16:16] <JFo> some of this was covered in advocacy
[19:16:18] <JFo> yeah
[19:16:23] <internalkernel> is this like a food stamps program?
[19:16:26] <internalkernel> :P
[19:16:32] <JFo> some of this is ubucon and speaker at conferences
[19:16:40] <tatertot> mine are currently where to put the cd's and making the theme
[19:17:24] <JFo> I'm building a monster of a desktop machine
[19:17:33] <internalkernel> now that I am looking at the agenda we got most of this wrapped into the advocacy
[19:17:37] <JFo> naming it Collosus
[19:18:13] <internalkernel> so is there anythign else under current projects?
[19:18:40] <JFo> not that I can think of
[19:18:40] <tatertot> wiki work i guess is the biggy for current projects, and getting ubuntu hour rolling
[19:18:48] <akgraner> I can't think of anything I haven't talked about
[19:18:54] <JFo> Wiki team, good call tatertot
[19:18:56] <_marx_> me either
[19:19:03] <JFo> do we want to have a wiki project?
[19:19:18] <JFo> wiki revitalization
[19:19:18] <JFo> ?
[19:19:18] <_marx_> a wiki team yes
[19:19:24] <tatertot> +1 from me, it's really confusing
[19:19:35] <internalkernel> yes I think (and I forgot to address this when _marx_ brought it up) that should be one of the points of governance under leadership
[19:19:47] <JFo> what if we put the Governance voting under projects
[19:19:47] <tatertot> i normally go to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NorthCarolinaTeam/asdfdsa to find what i want
[19:20:08] <JFo> and the Conferences
[19:20:10] <internalkernel> someone to handle coordinating that and organizing... and to also be a point contact for new changes...
[19:20:15] <JFo> since each of them is a project
[19:20:26] <JFo> tatertot, I know what you mean
[19:20:32] <akgraner> so what I was thinking was to look at some of the approved teams
[19:20:32] <JFo> right internalkernel
[19:20:38] <JFo> akgraner, good idea
[19:20:46] <akgraner> and read the LoCo Council recommendations
[19:20:47] <tatertot> make a wiki sitemap?
[19:20:50] <internalkernel> so who is the wiki master???
[19:20:52] <tatertot> broke down into sections
[19:20:53] <_marx_> I really have to go yall, wife's birthday is today
[19:21:01] <tatertot> later _marx_
[19:21:05] <JFo> k, _marx_ see ya
[19:21:06] <internalkernel> _marx_: no worries, this is almost over...
[19:21:07] <akgraner> _marx_, tell her Happy B-day from the team
[19:21:16] <_marx_> i will
[19:21:19] <internalkernel> yes, wifey gets a happy bday...
[19:21:28] <_marx_> she's been very understanding
[19:21:32] <tatertot> feliz cumpleanos
[19:22:10] <JFo> I think reading the Loco Council recommendations sounds like a great start
[19:22:19] <internalkernel> link?
[19:23:19] <akgraner> one sec
[19:23:22] <internalkernel> ok... so what did we decide besides we need a wiki master?
[19:23:39] <akgraner> on wait I posted the LoCo Link earlier
[19:23:48] <internalkernel> and that postiion will be one of the leadership responsibilities
[19:24:06] <internalkernel> because that is a huge project and is probably deserving of a team
[19:24:52] <akgraner> one of the leadership team should prob do that
[19:25:07] <akgraner> along with people on the team who want to help
[19:25:10] <internalkernel> yes I agree...
[19:25:24] <internalkernel> so we should add this to the agenda for next meeting...
[19:25:37] <internalkernel> wiki organization: so we can devote some time to that...
[19:25:55] <tatertot> definitely
[19:26:19] <internalkernel> so is that enough for now...
[19:26:24] <JFo> I think so
[19:26:27] <tatertot> i think that is everything
[19:26:33] <tatertot> on the agenda at least
[19:26:34] <internalkernel> sweet!
[19:26:36] <internalkernel> [TOPIC] Next Meeting - Tuesday, January 19th, 7pm EST
[19:26:46] <internalkernel> any issues with that time...
[19:26:52] <internalkernel> everyone got it?
[19:26:53] <JFo> no idea yet
[19:26:59] <akgraner> I can send a doodle poll to the list
[19:27:10] <JFo> sounds good
[19:27:11] <tatertot> i would love for it to be later but i understand why it isnt
[19:27:12] <internalkernel> akgraner: what?
[19:27:39] <internalkernel> Im fine with it being later...
[19:27:44] <JFo> I'll also be stepping back from the team a bit as my new role carries with it some responsibility wrt the loco team
[19:27:46] <internalkernel> but it's cutting into my couch time at that point
[19:28:10] <internalkernel> JFo: its understood...
[19:28:24] <internalkernel> we'll see if we can get holstein to hop in...
[19:28:24] <akgraner> oh sorry.. it's a poll where you just click boxes for day and time
[19:28:32] <akgraner> 2 mins left
[19:28:43] <internalkernel> ok send it off...
[19:28:51] <internalkernel> do we need to decide on it now?
[19:28:51] <akgraner> http://www.doodle.com/
[19:29:10] <tatertot> my poll will be for 4am, or 10pm
[19:29:12] <JFo> sinBot, time
[19:29:12] <sinBot> 8:29pm Tuesday (EST) - Time in Raleigh, North Carolina
[19:29:24] <tatertot> both will never happen though
[19:29:30] <internalkernel> ok, does anyone want to chair the next meeting?
[19:29:39] <internalkernel> otherwise we are wrapped!
[19:29:49] <JFo> good deal
[19:29:51] <tatertot> how do you chair
[19:29:59] <akgraner> does anyone who hasn't had a chance to chair want to?
[19:30:01] <internalkernel> you do what I just did...
[19:30:20] <JFo> don't forget to end it
[19:30:20] <tatertot> i think i will hold off on that then
[19:30:31] <internalkernel> ok, then...
[19:30:35] <internalkernel> #endmeeting
Meeting ended.

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