• We meet at 7pm on IRC channel #ubuntu-us-nc
  • To join the meeting without setting up an IRC client click here


  • internalkernel
  • _marx_
  • akgraner
  • JFo
  • tatertot
  • Bill
  • dick
  • zaivala
  • John_n_NC


Agenda for Upcoming Meeting

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Action Items

  • akgraner to get in touch with the South East LoCo teams for a booth at SELF

  • marx to coordinate contacts in major metro areas and update wiki
  • akgraner to organize wiki pages to help members get involved in the Ubuntu community
  • internalkernel to create a wiki that references the Ubuntu CoC to detail general guidelines for conduct in IRC, mailing list and forums, link to welcome page
  • akgraner and internalkernel to create a nominations wiki for leadership positions, with guidelines for positions and responsibilities, and time frame to vote - post to forums and mailing list as well


See the log for this meeting here

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