Team meeting Report January 19th, 2010

Agenda for team meeting: Tuesday, January 19th, 7pm EST

  • Welcome and attendance
    • Ubuntu Advocacy
      • The month in review:
        • individual advocacy - What are you doing to get the word out?
        • Team advocacy - What is the team doing to get the word out?
        • Upcoming opportunities
      • Projects
        • Outreach to rural areas see MD Tour

        • New projects begun since last meeting
        • New project ideas
    • Update on the status of remaining items keeping us from being an "official" LoCo team.

      • See Getting Approved for details

      • Status of action items in progress to meet the requirements
    • Governance and leadership
      • LoCo/Community Governance requirements for Leadership of Loco teams
      • Review the leadership wiki (to be updated with a link once that is created)
        • Roles and responsibilities (adjust and edit as necessary)
        • Nominations for 4 overall positions
        • Review feedback on mailing list and forums regarding this motion
    • Next Meeting Information
      • Selection of Chair and meeting date


People Present:

  1. _marx_
  2. BugeyeD
  3. internalkernel
  4. olympus
  5. alinuxfan
  6. JFo
  7. akgraner
  8. celem_


  1. akgraner to add ubucon at self to agenda
  2. akgraner to inform team on MN team effort to get old machines to National Guard families
  3. BugeyeD start action on rural tour with mailing list post
  4. Beginning of wiki team: BugeyeD, internalkernel, _marx_
  5. internalkernel continue governance discussion on team mailing list
  6. alinuxfan forum post on governance


MootBot Summary

MootBot Log

   1 Started logging meeting in #ubuntu-us-nc
   2 [18:00:15] <_marx_> Hey everyone! who all's here?
   3 [18:00:20] <BugeyeD> o/
   4 [18:00:24] <internalkernel> o/
   5 [18:00:27] <olympus> o/
   6 [18:00:35] <_marx_> this makes mootbot record attendance
   7 [18:01:09] <alinuxfan> i am here :-)
   8 [18:01:16] <_marx_> any one that speaks during the meeting gets recorded as attending by mootbot though
   9 [18:01:34] <JFo> o/
  10 [18:01:54] <_marx_> dang I'm missing action items from the last meeting :\
  11 [18:02:22] <_marx_> [topci] Advocacy reports
  12 [18:02:23] <internalkernel> _marx_: I'll PM them
  13 [18:02:32] <_marx_> [topic] Advocacy reports
  14 [18:03:13] <akgraner> opps sorry I was late
  15 [18:03:14] <_marx_> anything to report on advocacy?
  16 [18:03:37] <internalkernel> I did a presentation regarding general network security in Hendersonville yesterday...
  17 [18:03:43] <JFo> naughty naughty akgraner :)
  18 [18:03:47] <internalkernel> to a large MS group... lol...
  19 [18:03:59] <_marx_> I've got a long time suse user using ubuntu on her laptop that's like not real advocacy
  20 [18:04:13] <internalkernel> distro switching is...
  21 [18:04:23] <celem_> celem
  22 [18:04:40] <akgraner> where's the link to the agenda
  23 [18:04:44] <internalkernel> I wore an ubuntu shirt yesterday too...
  24 [18:04:47] <_marx_> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NorthCarolinaTeam/Meeting/Agenda
  25 [18:04:48] <internalkernel> :)
  26 [18:05:39] <_marx_> also handed out a LiveCD at the Ubuntu Hour in Winston
  27 [18:06:51] <_marx_> anything upcoming on advocacy?
  28 [18:07:19] <internalkernel> Lug meeting in NC on the 6th
  29 [18:07:28] <internalkernel> at Firestorm
  30 [18:07:31] <akgraner> Ubucon at SELF
  31 [18:07:47] <internalkernel> JFo sings our praises constantly...
  32 [18:07:53] <JFo> heh
  33 [18:08:25] <akgraner> I need to turn the planning of Ubucon at SELF over to the NC and SC teams
  34 [18:08:40] <akgraner> and find out who wants to staff the Ubuntu Booth
  35 [18:08:48] <_marx_> hum action items need to get on the next agenda; mental note to self
  36 [18:09:36] <alinuxfan> advocacy, installed 9.10 on one of my wife's co-worker'c computer :D
  37 [18:09:47] * BugeyeD put ubuntu on 3 laptops for windows users to dual-boot into
  38 [18:09:54] <akgraner> well there is still some time want me to dr the agenda with that this week?
  39 [18:09:56] <internalkernel> smashed a mac book...
  40 [18:10:46] <_marx_> akgraner: dr?
  41 [18:10:59] <_marx_> internalkernel: not sure that counts :)
  42 [18:11:10] <internalkernel> I screamed ubuntu as I did it...
  43 [18:11:14] <BugeyeD> ha
  44 [18:11:19] <akgraner> as in fix the action items for SELF
  45 [18:11:21] <internalkernel> It was like the scene out of Office Space
  46 [18:11:25] <_marx_> [topic] projects
  47 [18:11:31] <akgraner> you know "dr something up"
  48 [18:11:40] <BugeyeD> drudge report?
  49 [18:11:41] <_marx_> ah cool
  50 [18:11:51] <BugeyeD> drug rehab?
  51 [18:12:29] <olympus> to sleep perchance to dr?
  52 [18:13:06] <_marx_> [action] add ubucon at self to agenda akgraner
  53 [18:13:16] <BugeyeD> projects - i've been talking to an it manager (not mine) about replacing some vmware with ubuntu/kvm in their lab
  54 [18:13:20] <_marx_> cool akgraner
  55 [18:13:23] <akgraner> cool
  56 [18:13:53] <BugeyeD> or maybe that's advocacy, not sure
  57 [18:14:12] <_marx_> BugeyeD: cross over item
  58 [18:14:16] <BugeyeD> could turn into a big project for him, but that might be a different thing
  59 [18:14:55] <akgraner> I was forwarded an email last week about a project concerning National Guard
  60 [18:15:13] <akgraner> it may take me a minute to type out all the details so bare with me
  61 [18:16:12] <akgraner> There is a group in MN that takes old computers
  62 [18:16:14] <_marx_> what to yall think about the rural tour?
  63 [18:16:20] <akgraner> puts ubuntu on them
  64 [18:16:29] <akgraner> and gets them to the soldiers family
  65 [18:16:47] <akgraner> it is based on the Yellow Ribbon Campaign
  66 [18:17:01] <akgraner> and the Federal Electronics Challenge
  67 [18:17:29] <akgraner> Since Canonial is aware that we are wanting to work with getting Ubuntu on the Bases
  68 [18:17:46] <akgraner> and the person who sent the email is wanting to grow their project
  69 [18:18:03] <akgraner> they thought we could take a look at trying something like that in our loco
  70 [18:18:35] <BugeyeD> _marx_: i'm interested in talking about that
  71 [18:18:43] <alinuxfan> that is an awesome idea akgraner
  72 [18:18:46] <BugeyeD> akgraner: i'm interested in doing this.
  73 [18:19:04] <alinuxfan> i have been wantin to do that for a while...i was basing mine of Helios's Komputers4Kids in Austin
  74 [18:19:06] <akgraner> so I'll get all the info and get it to the list then
  75 [18:19:14] <BugeyeD> akgraner: i already have a small stack of older computers available. what's the minimum requirement for this type of deployement, though?
  76 [18:19:41] <akgraner> just that they can connect to the internet
  77 [18:19:44] <akgraner> send emails
  78 [18:19:49] <BugeyeD> alinuxfan: i subscribe to helios' feed, and have pumped some help his way. very good person/mission.
  79 [18:19:53] <akgraner> and do like a skype call or something
  80 [18:20:09] <BugeyeD> skype will probably be the hardest part, as it requires actual cpu.
  81 [18:20:18] <akgraner> or empathy
  82 [18:20:23] <akgraner> or yahoo
  83 [18:20:24] <_marx_> [action] akgraner so I'll get all the info and get it to the list then on MN team effort to get old machines to National Guard families
  84 [18:20:25] <BugeyeD> email not so much. web is getting bad with all the crummy flash.
  85 [18:20:50] <akgraner> just so they can stay in touch with the soldiers that are deployed
  86 [18:20:52] <BugeyeD> i'm thinking voip. if you're talking text, no problems.
  87 [18:21:36] <alinuxfan> voip isnt that reliable downrange...it is more emails than anything
  88 [18:21:42] <alinuxfan> (just my experience)
  89 [18:21:50] <akgraner> I will snip the email so I don't blast the guy from MN personal info all over the list, but I'll get it to everyone
  90 [18:22:00] <_marx_> alinuxfan: bandwidth issues?
  91 [18:22:13] <BugeyeD> alinuxfan: not surprising; streaming needs relatively stable packet flow. satellites, well, you know.
  92 [18:22:57] <_marx_> BugeyeD: thoughts on rural tour...
  93 [18:23:26] <alinuxfan> yes, bandwidth
  94 [18:23:29] <BugeyeD> how does the team get the word out for something like that?
  95 [18:23:41] <alinuxfan> bunches of people using the same satellites
  96 [18:23:52] <alinuxfan> and half are trying to myspace or facebook
  97 [18:24:19] <_marx_> BugeyeD: decide on what to demo; book a place; flyers; web2.0 pr
  98 [18:25:03] <akgraner> I like the rural tour idea
  99 [18:25:03] <BugeyeD> i guess it's the same as in our normal cities; nobody knows the best way to get the word out to those who might be most interested
 100 [18:25:21] <BugeyeD> i really like the rural idea, and the "bring your thumbdrive we'll put linux on it" is awesome
 101 [18:25:24] <_marx_> BugeyeD: recall that i think it was opensuse demo at the last SELF
 102 [18:25:38] <BugeyeD> _marx_: ?
 103 [18:25:53] <olympus> BugeyeD: I'd like to work on that.
 104 [18:25:54] <_marx_> it was something like edubuntu
 105 [18:26:45] <_marx_> [idea] mailing list thread on developing a demo for rural area show
 106 [18:27:16] <olympus> _marx_: That would be tailor made for a Teacher conference or work day in the schools
 107 [18:27:27] <BugeyeD> do we have an ubuntu remix similar to puppy?
 108 [18:27:38] <_marx_> olympus: getting in, do you have an "in"
 109 [18:27:48] <akgraner> I know where I live I am planning on an ad in the paper, then having a few demo machines, then just answer questions and burn CD's as they need them
 110 [18:28:04] <olympus> I have a couple of contacts in the Asheville/Hendersonville area
 111 [18:28:39] <internalkernel> BugeyeD: easy enough to make if we don't
 112 [18:28:55] <_marx_> any one want to start the mailing list action on this?
 113 [18:29:55] <_marx_> dang too many military and ex-military here ;-)
 114 [18:30:05] <BugeyeD> sir, yes sir!
 115 [18:30:21] <BugeyeD> if nobody else does, i can start a thread
 116 [18:30:37] <internalkernel> If we need a remix of an Ubuntu LiveCD, I can throw one together...
 117 [18:30:38] <_marx_> ah, that's so navy!
 118 [18:31:07] <BugeyeD> internalkernel: i'd like to be in on that, to learn how it's done if nothing else.
 119 [18:31:27] <_marx_> [action] BugeyeD start action on rural tour with mailing list post
 120 [18:31:29] <BugeyeD> but puppy really excels in being tiny and fast and working with a multitude of different old/new computers
 121 [18:32:08] <_marx_> y'all ready for topic change?
 122 [18:32:15] <BugeyeD> sir, yes sir!
 123 [18:32:16] <internalkernel> BugeyeD: true true... but just PM me some time I can email you a bunch of stuff regarding the how to remix...
 124 [18:32:24] <BugeyeD> internalkernel: np
 125 [18:32:31] <internalkernel> I did it for another project Im working on...
 126 [18:32:38] <internalkernel> _marx_: Im ready for a new topic
 127 [18:33:16] <_marx_> [topic] Team Approval
 128 [18:33:41] <_marx_> maybe this should be down the agenda...
 129 [18:34:16] <BugeyeD> i approve of the team. next topic.
 130 [18:34:23] <internalkernel> I concur
 131 [18:34:29] <internalkernel> team hereby approved
 132 [18:34:33] <_marx_> wiki clean up; making the application wiki page; governance stuff is all I see to do
 133 [18:34:49] <internalkernel> yeah yeah, we should have nominations
 134 [18:34:57] <internalkernel> beside bueller
 135 [18:34:58] <akgraner> I suggest we keep putting items on the approval wiki with pictures from event
 136 [18:35:14] <_marx_> oh add "smart aleck" position for BugeyeD I forgot that one :)
 137 [18:35:16] <internalkernel> good call, where is the approval wiki?
 138 [18:35:22] <akgraner> then at some time we ask someone from the LoCo Council to look over it for us
 139 [18:35:31] <internalkernel> ok, but I want "constantly sarcastic"
 140 [18:35:42] <_marx_> approval wike hasn't been created yet that I know of
 141 [18:35:42] <internalkernel> or "never takes anything seriously"
 142 [18:35:50] <internalkernel> wait, my girl has that one...
 143 [18:35:55] <akgraner> I thought I did
 144 [18:36:06] <internalkernel> Im waiting for a link...
 145 [18:36:08] <internalkernel> :)
 146 [18:36:10] <akgraner> I'll look after the meeting
 147 [18:36:31] <BugeyeD> akgraner: so for the approval process, you're suggesting a bunch of "see, look what we did!" kinds of things?
 148 [18:36:44] <BugeyeD> not that i disagree, just asking.
 149 [18:36:59] <_marx_> action items with completion details
 150 [18:37:01] <akgraner> yep, and what our future plans are via the roadmap
 151 [18:37:06] <internalkernel> I think it's more like having a roadmap, and then showing how we accomplished our roadmap
 152 [18:37:35] <internalkernel> so all these events and advocacy type things should get linked or inserted into the roadmap/wiki
 153 [18:37:38] <BugeyeD> could be both trying to say the same thing, but i like internalkernel's wording better
 154 [18:37:46] <akgraner> internalkernel, yes but you have to have future goals as well
 155 [18:37:50] <_marx_> and for me roadmap doesn't work as a term
 156 [18:38:01] <_marx_> terminalogy, just my brain
 157 [18:38:08] <akgraner> _marx_, that's a community term
 158 [18:38:09] <internalkernel> ok, what should we call it...
 159 [18:38:33] <internalkernel> how bout "future stuff we're supposed to do but haven't yet"
 160 [18:38:52] <_marx_> again just my brain a blueprint makes more sense to me
 161 [18:39:01] <JFo> blueprints we have
 162 [18:39:08] <JFo> this is a roadmap
 163 [18:39:18] <JFo> it is a way to reach a destination
 164 [18:39:23] <_marx_> ah, ic
 165 [18:39:25] <akgraner> you can link the roadmap to the blueprint
 166 [18:39:25] <olympus> footsteps
 167 [18:39:26] <internalkernel> or a way to get lost
 168 [18:39:30] <akgraner> and I can make one if you want
 169 [18:39:39] <JFo> internalkernel, not if you define it properly
 170 [18:39:53] <internalkernel> you have not met my wife
 171 [18:40:07] <BugeyeD> internalkernel: you beat me to it!
 172 [18:40:14] <internalkernel> lmao!
 173 [18:40:34] <akgraner> _marx_, I can take the roadmap and create a blueprint
 174 [18:40:44] <akgraner> and they can work together if you want
 175 [18:41:50] <akgraner> _marx_, I love blueprints so it's not a hard think to make work if you all want to
 176 [18:42:05] <BugeyeD> what's a blueprint?
 177 [18:42:22] <BugeyeD> i've seen the term used, but am unsure what it means in ubuntuism
 178 [18:42:27] <akgraner> BugeyeD, it's a way to keep track of a project in Launchpad
 179 [18:42:41] <BugeyeD> like a status page?
 180 [18:43:02] <akgraner> one sec let me find the one for UW
 181 [18:43:12] <BugeyeD> i can look it up, we don't need to tie up the meeting with this
 182 [18:43:26] <internalkernel> I think a blueprint is like an immediate action, while a roadmap is like a bunch of blueprints...
 183 [18:43:43] <akgraner> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-women.org/+spec/community-ubuntu-women-project
 184 [18:43:47] <_marx_> semantics I need to learn
 185 [18:44:02] <BugeyeD> me too
 186 [18:44:11] <_marx_> i won't make me learning semantics a action item
 187 [18:44:31] <akgraner> so basically a roadmap it you long term goals
 188 [18:44:42] <akgraner> a Blueprint you set for each cycle
 189 [18:44:48] <internalkernel> I swear someone just said that
 190 [18:44:51] <internalkernel> :)
 191 [18:44:55] <internalkernel> ok where are we at?
 192 [18:45:02] <alinuxfan> i am in Sanford
 193 [18:45:10] <_marx_> [topic] Governance and Leadership
 194 [18:45:13] <internalkernel> lol, thanks...
 195 [18:45:19] <alinuxfan> internalkernel, yw
 196 [18:45:37] <internalkernel> I nominate BugeyeD for something...
 197 [18:45:58] <internalkernel> and _marx_ for chairing some more...
 198 [18:46:17] <internalkernel> and akgraner for wiki and documenation
 199 [18:46:20] <internalkernel> :/
 200 [18:46:24] <akgraner> :-P uh no
 201 [18:46:49] <_marx_> biggest thing I see is the wiki
 202 [18:47:04] <_marx_> we have three peeps that can op here
 203 [18:47:26] <_marx_> two on the mailing list admin list
 204 [18:47:27] <BugeyeD> i'm decent with wiki markup (moinmoin) but i'm not sure i want to own it
 205 [18:47:41] <internalkernel> the wiki needs to be a team effort
 206 [18:47:42] <BugeyeD> i can definitely be a resource if deemed helpful
 207 [18:48:04] <internalkernel> I don't mind helping with cleaning stuff up...
 208 [18:48:21] <_marx_> [idea] BugeyeD helps w/wiki
 209 [18:48:35] <internalkernel> I think the idea behind the governance was to create a more coherent team structure...
 210 [18:48:38] <_marx_> [idea] internalkernel helps w/wiki
 211 [18:49:26] <_marx_> internalkernel: with responsibilities?
 212 [18:49:34] <internalkernel> does anyone else feel like we need to define how things get handled a little better?
 213 [18:49:47] <internalkernel> responsibilities is part of it, but that's not all of it
 214 [18:49:59] <internalkernel> It is a team effort, so its not about leadership or council
 215 [18:50:05] <internalkernel> its really about organization
 216 [18:50:09] * _marx_ looking at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NorthCarolinaTeam/council
 217 [18:50:11] <internalkernel> and effective channeling of effort
 218 [18:50:36] <akgraner> here's the areas we have
 219 [18:50:39] <internalkernel> like earlier you said - we have three peeps that can op - but I have no idea who that is...
 220 [18:50:47] <akgraner> IRC, Forums, mailing list
 221 [18:50:53] <internalkernel> this is what Im referring to when I say we need to define these things
 222 [18:51:12] <internalkernel> so it's clear to everyone, especially the newcomer who installed ubuntu last week and wants to get involved
 223 [18:51:17] <_marx_> okay I've been doing most of team lead and moderator since late '08 and early '09
 224 [18:51:28] <internalkernel> right, I think you got that covered...
 225 [18:51:43] <akgraner> who is the forums person?
 226 [18:51:47] <internalkernel> maybe we can define a backup for you, in case life happens... and
 227 [18:52:00] <internalkernel> we need define roles for forums moderation, wiki, etc
 228 [18:52:09] * _marx_ is old as dirt
 229 [18:53:06] <internalkernel> So, we need people to step up... Documentation, Moderation ( _marx_ ), Advocacy, and Team Lead
 230 [18:53:12] <akgraner> internalkernel, how do you see the team structure?
 231 [18:53:23] <internalkernel> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NorthCarolinaTeam/council
 232 [18:53:32] <internalkernel> I made that page... that's how I see it...
 233 [18:53:36] <akgraner> k
 234 [18:53:55] <internalkernel> so let's talk about it... and Im totally open to adjusting it regarding what's best
 235 [18:53:58] <BugeyeD> forums person? what forums?
 236 [18:54:02] <internalkernel> lmao
 237 [18:54:10] <internalkernel> don't get around much, do ya
 238 [18:54:16] <_marx_> ditto lmao!
 239 [18:54:29] <internalkernel> http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=278
 240 [18:54:55] * BugeyeD enjoys being laughed AT. sometimes.
 241 [18:55:02] <BugeyeD> no kidding - i had no idea we had a forum!
 242 [18:55:13] <internalkernel> this is really about eleviating pressure from the chair, because there's a tendency for everyone to look to _marx_ in order to get this or that done
 243 [18:55:28] <BugeyeD> i like expecting _marx_ to do everything
 244 [18:55:34] <BugeyeD> well, the hard stuff at least
 245 [18:55:36] <internalkernel> or it somehow magically gets accomplished when no one is looking ( akgraner )
 246 [18:56:02] <internalkernel> so, I'm just saying... we should define this a little better... coherent team structure will help with team approval as well
 247 [18:56:19] <internalkernel> jus' sayin...
 248 [18:56:19] * _marx_ nods at internalkernel
 249 [18:56:44] <internalkernel> this doesn tneed to happen on this meeting... full well expect this to be digested by the loco for a bit
 250 [18:57:29] <internalkernel> do we have consensus?
 251 [18:57:36] <internalkernel> BugeyeD now knows about the forums...
 252 [18:57:42] <olympus> I'm curious regarding the Forums and would like more info
 253 [18:57:55] <internalkernel> There's no terminal version of the Forums BugeyeD, so I figured you may have missed it
 254 [18:58:06] <BugeyeD> internalkernel: that's exactly it, i'm sure
 255 [18:58:11] <internalkernel> :)
 256 [18:58:13] <BugeyeD> i even edit the wiki in terminail
 257 [18:58:18] <BugeyeD> er, terminal
 258 [18:58:23] <internalkernel> olympus: what exactly
 259 [18:58:52] <olympus> internalkernel: what is expected of a "forums" person?
 260 [18:59:02] * _marx_ is comfortable w/team lead and handing off moderator occasionnaly
 261 [18:59:03] <BugeyeD> i think we're talking about a moderator for the forum
 262 [18:59:22] <internalkernel> forums falls under moderation, along with mailing list
 263 [18:59:27] <_marx_> BugeyeD: forum owner as well I believe
 264 [18:59:29] <internalkernel> and other general duties
 265 [18:59:32] <olympus> Ah, ic
 266 [18:59:53] * BugeyeD could probably do most of those, though akgraner seems to be way better suited to advocacy
 267 [19:00:03] <_marx_> I "own" this channel by rights of -F flag to chanserv
 268 [19:00:05] <internalkernel> considering my work schedule coming up, I expect my time to be limited come spring... I think Team Lead would be a position I could handle...
 269 [19:00:16] <_marx_> or +F
 270 [19:00:29] <internalkernel> I agree, akgraner is great at advocacy
 271 [19:00:51] <internalkernel> _marx_: has been handling chairing, no reason to change that...
 272 [19:01:07] <internalkernel> BUT! we do need a wiki person... :(
 273 [19:01:18] <_marx_> internalkernel: when is "spring"
 274 [19:01:21] <internalkernel> someone who is willing to organize that mess...
 275 [19:01:34] <internalkernel> March 1st to April 15th - I am out of town...
 276 [19:01:38] <akgraner> the calendar thing is kicking my butt
 277 [19:01:45] <internalkernel> I come home for about 3 days and then leave until June
 278 [19:01:56] <akgraner> and it isn't easy to update stuff
 279 [19:02:01] <BugeyeD> if nobody else is willing, i'll take a crack at the wiki. not sure about the calendar, though.
 280 [19:02:04] <akgraner> upcoming meeting still is a dec meeting
 281 [19:02:26] <internalkernel> I have no problem helping edit and adjust wikis - I'm not the person to organize that mess though
 282 [19:03:13] <_marx_> internalkernel: you see irc as part of moderation?
 283 [19:03:15] <internalkernel> while Im out of town, I can still be involved but my time and resources will be much more limited
 284 [19:03:34] <internalkernel> I don't know _marx_
 285 [19:03:49] <internalkernel> at first I did, but moderation in here has never been an issue
 286 [19:04:00] <internalkernel> so probably not... maybe we can merge those two postions...
 287 [19:04:04] <internalkernel> chair - and moderation
 288 [19:04:10] <internalkernel> ?
 289 [19:04:51] <BugeyeD> moderators typically keep things on-topic. but this is a community-type channel, not an official productX channel.
 290 [19:05:18] <BugeyeD> i don't think that's an issue here either
 291 [19:05:50] <_marx_> date
 292 [19:05:53] <BugeyeD> if anything, i've heard some folks who joined the channel and were afraid to talk. still not sure why,.
 293 [19:06:12] <_marx_> yeah i've seen that too BugeyeD
 294 [19:06:18] <internalkernel> yeah...
 295 [19:06:21] <internalkernel> lol
 296 [19:06:29] <akgraner> How about we move the discussion of governance to the mailing list
 297 [19:06:43] <akgraner> so people who may not be on IRC can weight in
 298 [19:06:51] <_marx_> second akgraner
 299 [19:07:02] <olympus> akgraner: good idea
 300 [19:07:07] <_marx_> internalkernel: can i make that an action item for you?
 301 [19:07:08] <internalkernel> +1
 302 [19:07:14] <BugeyeD> +1
 303 [19:07:16] <internalkernel> what exxactly?
 304 [19:07:19] <alinuxfan> i would be willing to do something on the forum...havent ever done anything with wikis so I wouldnt be much help there
 305 [19:07:40] <akgraner> so maybe we need more structure maybe not
 306 [19:07:47] <_marx_> moving this discussion to the mailing list to keep non irc'ers informed?
 307 [19:08:04] <akgraner> let's let the mailing list and forum people weigh in and see where it goes from there?
 308 [19:08:07] <internalkernel> yes, I'll make a posting for that
 309 [19:08:18] <internalkernel> and email the mailing list
 310 [19:08:32] <akgraner> _marx_, internalkernel has the action item
 311 [19:08:32] <internalkernel> I'm still working on getting the sticky edited from our last leader
 312 [19:08:36] <BugeyeD> i vote for it to go out irc, email, and in the forum.
 313 [19:08:49] <internalkernel> yes, agreed
 314 [19:08:54] <akgraner> alinuxfan, once internalkernel sends to mailing list can you post it in the NC forum area
 315 [19:09:10] <alinuxfan> yes ma'am
 316 [19:09:11] <_marx_> [action] internalkernel continue governance discussion on team mailing list
 317 [19:09:32] <akgraner> _marx_, alinuxfan has action to send to forum
 318 [19:10:32] <_marx_> [action] alinuxfan forum post on governance
 319 [19:11:21] <_marx_> BugeyeD: will you settle for "unofficial smart aleck"?
 320 [19:11:58] <BugeyeD> you don't have to call me anything.
 321 [19:12:01] <akgraner> _marx_, I think that should official
 322 [19:12:04] <BugeyeD> i can be a smartarse without a title. :)
 323 [19:12:05] <_marx_> [topic] next meeting chair and new business
 324 [19:12:51] * _marx_ has booked FootHills Brewery for a release party
 325 [19:13:06] <BugeyeD> woo!
 326 [19:13:14] <BugeyeD> great food
 327 [19:13:26] <internalkernel> sweet, sounds like another road trip...
 328 [19:13:29] <_marx_> the private room so noise level is lower
 329 [19:13:35] <internalkernel> wait that's April 30th right?
 330 [19:13:36] <BugeyeD> upstairs or down?
 331 [19:13:50] <_marx_> internalkernel: 29th
 332 [19:13:50] <alinuxfan> what city is foothills brewery?
 333 [19:13:56] <_marx_> BugeyeD: downstairs
 334 [19:13:58] <BugeyeD> winston-salem
 335 [19:13:59] <internalkernel> yeah, I'll be in Ft. Lauderdale...
 336 [19:14:01] <akgraner> _marx_, can you send the details to the list I'll add them to the release party wiki
 337 [19:14:18] <alinuxfan> cool, i can make W-S...Asheville is a *bit* far
 338 [19:14:18] <_marx_> akgraner: will do
 339 [19:14:23] <BugeyeD> internalkernel: so you could have your own release party at the candy store!
 340 [19:14:34] <internalkernel> lol... I'll have a whole convention center...
 341 [19:14:37] <internalkernel> :)
 342 [19:14:49] <internalkernel> I wonder if I could boot all the machines off thumb drives...
 343 [19:15:05] <internalkernel> I should have about 75 to 80 computers on that show...
 344 [19:15:11] <internalkernel> it's a small one
 345 [19:15:14] <BugeyeD> boot one off thumbdrive, setup dhcp/tftp and boot the rest over the network
 346 [19:15:21] <_marx_> good to have celem_ and olympus with us tonight
 347 [19:15:28] <internalkernel> lmao! actually they are all set for PXE as it is
 348 [19:15:46] <akgraner> oh I have some new business
 349 [19:15:55] <BugeyeD> celem_ is from brevard, right? and how about olympus?
 350 [19:15:58] <olympus> _marx_ : glad to be here
 351 [19:16:11] <olympus> from Fletcher, a Brevard suburd
 352 [19:16:18] <_marx_> go ahead akgraner
 353 [19:16:33] <akgraner> how many of you all know women who use Ubuntu
 354 [19:16:38] <_marx_> lmao at olympus!
 355 [19:16:58] <akgraner> ? anyone?
 356 [19:17:07] <internalkernel> my girl does
 357 [19:17:14] <internalkernel> because I said though...
 358 [19:17:16] <BugeyeD> akgraner: someone i've known awhile uses ubuntu, and has installed it on her parent's pc - just found out today, didn't even know she had a computer :)
 359 [19:17:18] <internalkernel> :)
 360 [19:17:19] <_marx_> just the one, and she's a long time suse user
 361 [19:17:39] <BugeyeD> oh yeah, i know that one too :)
 362 [19:17:43] <alinuxfan> my wife, but only 'cause I manage the systems
 363 [19:17:49] <olympus> trying to convince my wife! no luck yet
 364 [19:17:58] <internalkernel> I smashed her macbook...
 365 [19:17:59] <akgraner> ok so there is an International Women's Day Competition
 366 [19:17:59] <_marx_> olympus: ditto
 367 [19:18:00] <internalkernel> :)
 368 [19:18:00] <akgraner> http://fridge.ubuntu.com/node/1969
 369 [19:18:25] <akgraner> that the Ubuntu Women Project is running
 370 [19:18:46] <akgraner> can you all please pass that along to women or girls you know who are using ubuntu
 371 [19:19:54] <_marx_> akgraner: noted
 372 [19:20:06] <olympus> akgraner: will do
 373 [19:20:27] <internalkernel> only because you're so nice..
 374 [19:20:29] <alinuxfan> akgraner, will do
 375 [19:20:38] <akgraner> thank you - there is less than 2% of female Users in FLOSS
 376 [19:20:51] <_marx_> BugeyeD: toadflax eh :)
 377 [19:20:59] <akgraner> the percentage is a but higher in the Ubuntu Community about 4%
 378 [19:21:04] <akgraner> but still way to low
 379 [19:22:09] <alinuxfan> akgraner, that is about the percentage I saw at Trilug's meeting last week
 380 [19:22:19] <_marx_> akgraner: i suspect flawed stats
 381 [19:23:06] <akgraner> _marx_, nope those are pretty good stats
 382 [19:23:41] <akgraner> so we as a community need to see how to encourage women to get involved in Open source and Ubuntu should they choose
 383 [19:24:10] <akgraner> so distros's the % of women is lower than that
 384 [19:24:16] <_marx_> could be part of rural tour as well
 385 [19:24:21] <akgraner> yep
 386 [19:24:41] <akgraner> but I would suggest going to the Ubuntu Women Website and reading it a bit
 387 [19:24:51] <_marx_> our state is a good mix of rural and urban areas
 388 [19:25:01] <akgraner> about the do's and don'ts to encouraging etc
 389 [19:25:46] <_marx_> evangelism 101
 390 [19:25:48] <akgraner> being outnumbered like that is often an intimidating place to be
 391 [19:26:07] <_marx_> extrapolated
 392 [19:26:20] <BugeyeD> probably wouldn't do very well for a bunch of guys to go on a tour advertising that they are looking for women to convert ...
 393 [19:26:33] <akgraner> so any who - please try to pass the contest along
 394 [19:26:41] <olympus> BugeyeD: lmao at that thought
 395 [19:26:56] <akgraner> BugeyeD, nah please don't go out and say "We Need Women"
 396 [19:27:29] <_marx_> aye, i often forget the age diff
 397 [19:28:35] <akgraner> BugeyeD, :-)
 398 [19:28:37] <_marx_> hormones and all, that sort of thing
 399 [19:28:57] <BugeyeD> i bet it'd be a huge help to have a female on the tour.
 400 [19:29:08] <_marx_> BugeyeD: +2
 401 [19:29:57] * _marx_ to chair next meeting
 402 [19:30:08] <_marx_> #endmeeting
 403 Meeting ended.

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