Agenda for 2010-04-01 Meeting

Open Items


  • individual advocacy - What are you doing to get the word out?
  • Team advocacy - What is the team doing to get the word out?
    1. Attempting to locate the founder of NC LoCo's Facebook page, Adam Petaccia. Any one know him? Need to gain control of FB LoCo page.

    2. Attempting to develop a plan for publicity of LoCo events that will involve

      • mailing list
      • wiki
      • related social media
      • related newsletters
      • other available promotional media TBD
    3. Plan will evolve into a wiki page for reference by anyone wanting to do publicity for an event.


  • Review of Global Jams that were held on Weekend on May 26-28, 2010
    • Who attended? Which Global Jam event did you attend?
    • What went right? What went wrong?
    • Suggestions for next Global Jam Weekend.
  • Release Parties
    • Let's get what is planned on the team wiki and other places. - Has this been done?
  • Outreach to rural areas
    • See MD Tour

    • Continue or backburner?

Team Approval

Afaik all we need to do is make the application wiki page. The fact that we are working on the wiki organization is evidence of activity.

  • Update-2010-03-26 - Page is being constructed and almost complete. Goal is to have it ready for review by April 13. jcg2

  • Update-2010-04-01 - Need info (dates, report(s), type of involvement, pics) about ALF for Approval App

New Items

  • Review discussion and/or decisions made over a year ago re: regional teams across the state. --jcg2


Reminder about next Meeting

  • Date, Time, reminder that everyone can add to agenda, and link to agenda Location

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