Ubuntu NC LoCo Team IRC Meeting - April 1, 2010 - 7pm


The agenda that was used to conduct the meeting can be found here.

Meeting opened by _marx_ at 23:00

  • <jcg2> +1

    <_marx_> Hi Yall

    <akgraner> hi _marx_ Smile :-) thanks for Chairing tonights meeting - you rock! Smile :-)

    <_marx_> rocking chair rock Wink ;)

    <_marx_> quick roll call

    <_marx_> who's awake for the meeting?

    <akgraner> o/

    <internalkernel> o/

    <jfrorie> Smile :)

    <_marx_> [link]https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NorthCarolinaTeam/Meeting/Agenda

  • <_marx_> [topic] individual advocacy

individual advocacy

  • <_marx_> anything to report on individual activities?

    <jcg2> participated in the huge Global Jam event last weekend

    <internalkernel> Ha, I met this guy in DC who runs Cyber Cafes in Ghana Africa - also supplies comps to children and schools...

    <internalkernel> turned him onto 'Buntu

    <jfrorie> we appear to have a new linux meetup in the area in clt

    <internalkernel> he was totally into... drop the hook when he asked, "How much does it cost?"

    <akgraner> yeah lets see - I'm speaking at the Texas Linux Fest, GLUG, and attending POSSCON in April

    <alinuxfan> i am in and out...just got home

    <internalkernel> alinuxfan: good day!

    <alinuxfan> hey internalkernel Big Grin :)

    <_marx_> and _marx_ did one dual boot install for a neighbor

    <jcg2> akgraner, FWIW, there was in is a defunct GLUG but this one is GCLUG

    <_marx_> outstanding internalkernel

    <akgraner> I spoke at the Ubucon, WIOS, and UpSCaLE talks at SCaLE8x in Feb

    <akgraner> jcg2, yeah that Smile :-)

    <akgraner> oh crap March not Feb

    <akgraner> DOH!

    <internalkernel> oh also converted a couple other guys in Orlando - they may pop in here to say hi eventually, we'll have to connect them to the FL loco

    <akgraner> see this is my day today

    <akgraner> I spoke at the wnclug in March

    <alinuxfan> i am showing off my database running ubuntu and apache and sqlite at work...talking about linux and burnt 4 cds for people today

    <internalkernel> akgraner: s/spoke/lectured

    <akgraner> internalkernel, you weren't even there so ha!

    <internalkernel> I know you!

    <jfrorie> I've been trying to assist the new meetup, They are meeting next week. The leader appears interested in ubuntu subject matter.

    <alinuxfan> trying to fix a guy's windows box that has a COMPLETELY FULL hd with all the linux distros that I can think to rescue a system with, but it won't mount the ntfs...tells me to boot into windows and run chkdsk /f

    <akgraner> jfrorie, great

    <jfrorie> Im also moveing a company over the ubuntu for development

    <jfrorie> over to, rather

    <_marx_> last call

    <jfrorie> 3 developers

    <akgraner> oh and we re-org'd the wikis

    <jcg2> jfrorie, there are two guys here in the Charlotte area who are interested too, did you make contact witht them

    <nameiner> I'm here now, sorry for being late

    <akgraner> jfrorie, I've been giving people in the Charlotte area your IRC nick to be on the lookout for

    <akgraner> Smile :-)

    <_marx_> ditto

    <jfrorie> I didn;t. I put note out on the charlug, ubunut-nc and UNCC lug groups for a potential meetup, but got no replies

    <jcg2> davidvasta was one ... tronyx was the other

    <_marx_> good point jcg2

    <jfrorie> The linux meetup appear to have some interest, but it's close timing to the release party date.

    <akgraner> _marx_, also we have now populated the ubuntunc.com site

    <akgraner> internalkernel, and I for now - if anyone else is interested in helping with that - let one of us know

    <_marx_> some of these individual items could move to team items so let's keep that in mind

    <akgraner> so yeah we have all been busy it seems

    <internalkernel> its a straight up wordpress blog... super simple...

    <_marx_> last call

    <akgraner> well individual stuff count toward team right?

  • akgraner can not type tonight - nm me

    <_marx_> well efforts initiated by individuals move forward to having help from other team members

  • _marx_ neither

    <_marx_> [topic] team advocacy

team advocacy

  • <_marx_> looking at the agenda

    <_marx_> jcg2: have you contacted Adam Petaccia yet?

    <jcg2> anyone know the fellow who set up the Facebook page?

    <jcg2> Nope, I don't know him and he has not replied to me queries

    <_marx_> [link]https://launchpad.net/~mighmos

  • <jcg2> He set this up a bit over a year ago, I believe

    <jcg2> No one knows him?

    <_marx_> i do not

    <akgraner> we can always start a new one and use the tag line "spreading Ubuntu across the Tar Heel state" or something and redirect people to the new one and make sure like 5 or 6 people have admin access or something

  • BugeyeD sneaks in the back door

    <_marx_> i think we should continue to try to contact him

    <jcg2> OK, next item you can read.. mostly informational ... working on advocacy plan for the loco

    <akgraner> I'll send and email to him tomorrow then

    <_marx_> ak action item on that?

    <jcg2> Maybe he'll reply to a female

    <_marx_> akgraner: action item for you on that?

    <akgraner> yep go for it

    <_marx_> [action] akgraner to contact facebook page founder re: control

akgraner to contact facebook page founder re: control

  • <akgraner> oh jcg2 publicity stuff I need to get you the share ubuntu stuff

    <jcg2> OK

    <jcg2> dunno what that is

    <_marx_> [topic] global jam reports

global jam reports

  • <jcg2> we had one

    <jcg2> lasted 3 hours and had an attendance of two

    <_marx_> and _marx_ bot infected with strep from grandson and missed it

    <_marx_> /s/bot/got

    <akgraner> there were people in atendance in the channel as well helping triage bugs and stuff

    <jfrorie> _marx_ a bot? Wow. That's kewl

    <_marx_> hehe well it wasn't _that cool

    <akgraner> a bot with strep that takes talent

    <_marx_> jcg2: your contact at jamestown campus may be a good one for future global jam days

    <jcg2> _marx_, may be, will have to work it a bit .. it's a gclug contact at the moment

    <_marx_> okay so we didn't do that great on global jam events this go around

    <jcg2> any thoughts on why?

    <_marx_> [topic] release parties

release parties

  • <_marx_> sorry jcg2 trying to get to some cool new biz by 8

    <_marx_> so far we have Winston, Raleigh

    <jcg2> I understand... just following the agenda .. no problem

    <_marx_> any others

    <nameiner> Raleigh will have one at the Big Boss Brewery

    <jfrorie> im not getting any response. I'm going to put my weight behind the local linux meetup and see if I can get interst there.

    <_marx_> nameiner: is that on the team wiki yet?

    <jcg2> depends on where on the wiki you want it, nameiner

    <_marx_> upcoming events

  • _marx_ wearing out the backspace button tonight

    <nameiner> I think I put it on there or didn't I?

    <jcg2> dunno, not my deal

    <alinuxfan> nameiner, you need any help with set up for that?

    <_marx_> nothing in the Asheville area?!

    <nameiner> alinuxfan, so far we have not much to set up

    <nameiner> it's a bar and we have a table reserved in a side room

    <alinuxfan> nameiner, easy enough :d

    <_marx_> PR on Release parties: jcg2 did that flyer ever get finalized?

    <nameiner> we might get a tour through the brewery though

    <jcg2> I think so.. think it's on the wiki

    <BugeyeD> ooh, i might show up for that one

    <jcg2> So there is no event in Asheville?

    <nameiner> sure BugeyeD

    <_marx_> jcg2: not that i'm aware of

    <jcg2> OK, thanks

    <_marx_> wish they would move release day to fridays

    <jcg2> jfrorie, if you arrange something in CLT pls let me know

    <_marx_> well that might make it more difficult to book joints

    <jfrorie> jcg2: are u in clt

    <jfrorie> ?

    <jcg2> jfrorie, no, but am trying to assist from an advocacy standpoint with publicity

    <jcg2> I'll be at the W-S party, I'm sure

    <jfrorie> Imight go to WS. what's the time?

    <_marx_> jcg2: we need to have an .odt format copy on the wiki so others can easily edit for their location

    <jcg2> action item for me?

    <_marx_> yes

    <_marx_> [action] jcg2 odt format release party flyier on wiki

jcg2 odt format release party flyier on wiki

  • <_marx_> holstein: glad you made it!

    <holstein> half-way

    <_marx_> okay something may pop up for release parties in the a'ville are in days to come

    <holstein> we are doing one

    <_marx_> last call on release parties

    <_marx_> ah go ahead holstein

    <jcg2> yolu know something you aren't sharing? Or just being optimistic?

    <_marx_> ^

  • holstein getting date

    <jcg2> good!

    <holstein> we talked about doing it may 1st

    <holstein> at the firestorm

    <holstein> during the normal WNCLUG meeting time

    <_marx_> well it doesn't have to be on release day

    <holstein> noon

    <holstein> thats what im planning on scheduling offically

    <holstein> after this saturdays meeting

    <_marx_> holstein: can you wiki that once it's in "stone"

  • holstein has bad luck with adding dates to the wiki

    <_marx_> k

    <holstein> i'll try

    <jcg2> hollar and I'll help holstein

    <holstein> and if i have an issue

    <holstein> i'll holla

    <_marx_> send it to the list and jcg2 will help

    <holstein> jcg2: Smile :)

    <_marx_> excellent!

    <_marx_> [topic] team approval

team approval

  • <jcg2> That will be 3, maybe 4 parties in NC

    <jcg2> I think we are on track with the AA ... page could use more pics but I cannot find photos of other events.

    <_marx_> akgraner: who did you get to look at our approval app?

    <jcg2> Ded we participate in the ALF last year?

  • akgraner catches up - I got locked out of our server

    <nameiner> did you get the pics from last Raleigh release party

    <BugeyeD> i think akgraner was at alf

    <akgraner> Oh I had dantalizing look at it

    <jcg2> The last release party was a bit confused in labeling, but yes I think I did.

    <_marx_> ok

    <akgraner> and laura czajkowski

    <akgraner> loco council folks Smile :-)

    <akgraner> oh and itnet7

    <_marx_> good, i was thinking of that irish polish name

    <akgraner> yeppers I was one of the organizers

    <akgraner> of ALF

    <akgraner> what's up?

    <jcg2> So, did the loco have a presence there at ALF

    <akgraner> oh jcg2 yep we participated

    <_marx_> ALF add that to the approval app?

    <akgraner> I organized the ubucon and helped organized the main event

    <akgraner> let me get you some links

    <jcg2> Need more info Mark. can't add unless it says something provable

    <_marx_> i understand jcg2

new items

  • <_marx_> jfrorie: take it now

    <BugeyeD> i went to disney in january

    <BugeyeD> Smile :)

    <jfrorie> ok, today I had an exchange with Mr. shuttleworth that was rather interesting.

    <_marx_> listen up people!

    <jfrorie> https://lists.launchpad.net/ayatana/msg01180.html

    <alinuxfan> cool jfrorie

    <akgraner> more atlanta - http://boredandblogging.com/2009/08/13/ubuntu-atlanta-linux-fest-2009/

    <jfrorie> I wanted to purse an ubuntu sound theme project contest using some of the online sites, like kompoz.com and freesound.org

    <akgraner> jcg2, no - I was one of the organizers of Atlanta

    <akgraner> and Pete spoke at Ohio

    <akgraner> and I helped with a couple booths at Ohio

    <akgraner> gotta read the posts

    <akgraner> Smile :-)

    <jfrorie> blessing is probabyl a strong word, but I'm in contact with dudes at canonical

    <jfrorie> I'm going to try to organize this. I thouhg it might be a good thing to open up to the loco. Might help us get approved.

    <_marx_> so a contest for a new sound theme?

    <akgraner> jcg2, here is the spread ubuntu stuff - http://spreadubuntu.neomenlo.org/

    <jfrorie> basically, that's the idea. Similar to what they are doing now with wallpapers.

    <akgraner> jfrorie, yeah that is awesome

    <jcg2> I'm all for the Loco doing this...

    <akgraner> let me know when you get the go - I'll blog and stuff about it

    <jcg2> think it will be too late for approval, but still like the idea

    <jfrorie> I've been in contact with bram de jong a while back. I need ot reestablish those contacts. Id like input form audio artists from anywhere to get input on ideas, venue, etc.

    <akgraner> jfrorie, what is the contest that is there now?

    <akgraner> free and open something something something

    <akgraner> right

    <_marx_> me too, I know we have some strong sound audio folks here like holstein

    <jfrorie> akgraner: where?

    <jcg2> given that ubuntu's sound performance is crippled (or mine is) it does resemble putting lipstick on a hog, tho .. still as a project, I like it

    <_marx_> hum my sound rocks!

    <holstein> if anybody wants a hand with audio, let me know

    <akgraner> in ubuntu let me find the link

    <jfrorie> My thinking is that it will bring a new segment to unbuntu that may nothave exposure

    <holstein> recording, mastering, whatever

    <jfrorie> this might bring improvments to the audio as a whole

  • <akgraner> http://www.jonobacon.org/2009/10/01/ubuntu-karmic-free-culture-showcase-winners-announced/

    <jfrorie> lots a of windows talent we can nab

    <jcg2> true, calling attention to deficits may get them fixed

    <akgraner> free culture showcase

    <holstein> JACK knows no deficits

    <jfrorie> jono may want to get behind this as he is a musician. sorta Smile :)

    <holstein> hehe

    <_marx_> hehe

    <akgraner> no he's not behind it - it's a community thing

    <akgraner> he is the community leader so he blogged about it

    <_marx_> akgraner: that was sarcasm

    <jcg2> am I the only one whose sound quits sometime after a flash video is played?

    <holstein> severed fifth FTW!

    <jfrorie> flash is mutt

    <jfrorie> a mutt

    <akgraner> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuFreeCultureShowcase

  • holstein doesnt even have flash installed on audio production box

    <jcg2> may be a mutt but it is a big part of the net that everyone wants to use

    <_marx_> should we adopt this as a new project?

    <jfrorie> jcg2: agreed

    <akgraner> oh sorry - sarcasm is lost on me tonight

    <akgraner> Sad :-(

    <_marx_> jfrorie: would you like for this to be a team project?

    <akgraner> so there is the wiki on the free Culture showcase - jfrorie I don't know that much about it but are we going to duplicate the effort there?

    <jfrorie> I fine with it.

    <jfrorie> marx: I'm fine with it.

    <_marx_> i've been trying to keep these at an hour

    <jcg2> Does anyone know the load we are looking at?

    <jfrorie> I run a point of contact. Whoever joins in, it would be appreciated.

    <akgraner> jfrorie, so will this be for 10.10?

    <_marx_> not sure if a vote is in order though

    <akgraner> can we take it to the mailing list

    <jfrorie> akgraner: dunno. We need to see how long it take to get together

    <_marx_> i think that's good

    <akgraner> so more people can give imput and a longer discussion can happen

    <jcg2> mailing list is a good idea since we seem ot be out of time

    <akgraner> jfrorie, yep I like the idea

    <akgraner> just want to make sure we aren't going to confuse community members and all

    <jfrorie> akgraner: confuse how?

    <akgraner> b/c of the competition that already exists and all

    <_marx_> [action] jfrorie report to mailing list on new project "sound theme contest"

jfrorie report to mailing list on new project "sound theme contest"

  • <akgraner> we don't want people thinking they are applying for the Free Culture stuff

    <akgraner> and it's not

    <akgraner> that kind of stuff

    <jfrorie> ah. I want this to be external to ubuntu. I want this on outside websites. I think we need a wider audeince.

    <jfrorie> I was these site to use this to drive traffic to them. Thet way they will get behind it

    <jcg2> In that case, I'm not sure its a loco project

    <akgraner> so can you write up your idea and send it to the mailing list - I think I am not seeing the big picture

    <akgraner> so the sounds would not be for Ubuntu

    <jfrorie> It is if it steer by the loco

    <akgraner> I would think it needs to be ubuntu specific for us to back it?

    <jfrorie> They would be ubuntu.

    <jcg2> I'd like to see a breakdown of the project

    <_marx_> new splash sound the ultimate goal?

    <holstein> ubuntu system sounds

    <holstein> a system sound theme pack

    <holstein> right?

    <jfrorie> The whole freedesktop speicifcation

    <_marx_> ah

  • <jfrorie> http://0pointer.de/public/sound-naming-spec.html

    <akgraner> so lernard writes pulse audio

    <akgraner> upstream guy

    <akgraner> who are the others and how are they related to ubuntu

    <jfrorie> dunno. Its a community spec

    <_marx_> well all that can go to the mailing list

    <akgraner> ok big question

    <akgraner> so people submit

    <akgraner> what is plan to get it included in 10.10

    <akgraner> or is the for upstream?

    <jfrorie> 10.10 if there is time

    <_marx_> 7 months

    <jcg2> Will there be DRM issues? Ownership and copyright concerns?

    <akgraner> I'm not to squash this....

    <jfrorie> cc licensing

    <akgraner> but what is the incentive for people to submit

    <holstein> yup, submissions need to be CC'd

    <akgraner> we as a loco can't promise it will be included

    <jfrorie> see your stuff in an os.

    <jfrorie> amber: that's correct

    <_marx_> the loco just sponsors the contest

    <holstein> WELL, and they could be available

    <akgraner> yeah but we can't promise Canonical will include anything

    <holstein> IT*

    <jcg2> We need a much lengthier discussion than we have time for here

    <holstein> the sound theme

    <holstein> if its used or not

    <jfrorie> there are no promises

    <holstein> we could just offer the theme

    <holstein> on line

    <akgraner> then it can't be a contest

    <akgraner> contest has goals

    <akgraner> and winners

    <akgraner> what will the winner get?

    <jfrorie> the contest would be for review of inclusion

    <akgraner> "review of inclusion" people can do that without a contest

    <akgraner> we gotta plan this out - I like the idea

    <jcg2> will the participants pay to enter?

    <jfrorie> but who has done it up to this point?

    <jfrorie> We are offering a path

    <_marx_> well i made an action item on it

    <akgraner> yeah but we can't call a path a competiton

    <akgraner> competition

    <_marx_> jfrorie: can you write up your idea/s and post to the team mailing list?

    <akgraner> +1 jcg2 more discussion

    <akgraner> jfrorie, who are you talking to at Canonical?

    <akgraner> lets see if we can get some more guidance - I like the idea

    <jfrorie> connor and there appear to be two other that wont to get involved.

    <akgraner> conner who?

    <jcg2> I think an outline or mindmap would be very helpful for the member of the loco

    <akgraner> audio guy?

    <jfrorie> hang a sec...

    <jfrorie> connor curran

    <akgraner> ok - just want to make sure we touch all the right bases as far as Canonical is concerned

    <_marx_> everyone cool with the action item i posted earlier?

    <jcg2> cannot recall it

    <_marx_> scrollback

    <akgraner> oh DX team guy work for David Barth

    <_marx_> t-2

    <jfrorie> sure

    <_marx_> thanks jfrorie

    <jcg2> not cool with that I don't know... sorry

    <_marx_> well that's the action item, jim to post to maililing list

    <akgraner> cool with me

    <jcg2> OK.. thanks... I am cool with that

    <akgraner> only reason I am wondering is the UW team has run to contests and there are a lot of i's to dot and t's to cross

    <akgraner> two not to

    <_marx_> okay ending now

    <_marx_> noted akgraner

    <_marx_> #endmeeting

Meeting closed at 00:16

People Present

  • jcg2
  • _marx_
  • akgraner
  • internalkernel
  • jfrorie
  • alinuxfan
  • nameiner
  • BugeyeD
  • holstein

Actions Recorded

  • akgraner to contact facebook page founder re: control
  • jcg2 odt format release party flyier on wiki
  • jfrorie report to mailing list on new project "sound theme contest"

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