Ubuntu NC LoCo Team IRC Meeting - April 15, 2010


Open Items


  • individual advocacy - What are you doing to get the word out?
  • Team advocacy - What is the team doing to get the word out?
    1. Attempting to locate the founder of NC LoCo's Facebook page, Adam Petaccia. Any one know him? Was at UNC Greensboro. Need to gain control of FB LoCo page.

    2. Developed a plan for publicity of LoCo events presented on a wiki page


  • Release Parties
    • Let's get what is planned on the team wiki and other places. - Has this been done?
  • Outreach to rural areas
    • Established a plan for reaching rural areas

    • Plan is being implemented by Advocacy

Team Approval

Afaik all we need to do is make the application wiki page. The fact that we are working on the wiki organization is evidence of activity.

  • Update-2010-03-26 - Page is being constructed and almost complete. Goal is to have it ready for review by April 13. jcg2

  • Update-2010-04-01 - Need info (dates, report(s), type of involvement, pics) about ALF for Approval App

  • Update-2010-04-05 - I have done all I can to prepare the page based on knowledge I have and research I can do. If it's not ready, then the powers of this LoCo will have to complete it. Smile :) -- jcg2

New Items


Reminder about next Meeting

  • Date, Time, reminder that everyone can add to agenda, and link to agenda Location

Meeting opened by _marx_ at 23:01

  • <_marx_> howdy people

    <_marx_> who's here for the meeting?

    <akgraner> o/

    <_marx_> oh hi magedragon25 i didn't notice you in my nicklist

    <magedragon25> that's ok

    <magedragon25> just joined the room

    <_marx_> [topic]advocacy


  • <BugeyeD> o/

    <_marx_> in particular the deal w/ Adam Petaccia and the FB group; anyone made contact w/him?

    <stesterman> o/

    <_marx_> well i'll take the silence as a no

    <BugeyeD> akgraner was volunteered for the contact

    <_marx_> ok i couldn't recall if it was akgraner or jcg

    <BugeyeD> i just looked up the meeting notes. jcg suggested it (something about more likely to get a response due to being female) and akgraner agreed

    <_marx_> akgraner, no luck?

    <_marx_> hum, we're a lively bunch tonight

    <magedragon25> I know right

    <_marx_> too pretty outside maybe...

    <magedragon25> possible

    <BugeyeD> i'm still at work, not all of us are lucky enough to be able to play outside

    <_marx_> and no windows of _any sort Wink ;)

    <BugeyeD> not me, i moved to the center of the bldg

    <_marx_> [topic] publicity wiki page

publicity wiki page

  • <_marx_> that page needs a little flesh

    <_marx_> [action] marx email magedragon and jcg2 re release party flyer

marx email magedragon and jcg2 re release party flyer

Release Parties

  • <_marx_> afaik there are 3 planned Winston and Raleigh on the 29th and A'ville on 5-1

    <_marx_> lively lively

    <_marx_> [action] marx to create FB event page for Winston Release Party

marx to create FB event page for Winston Release Party

  • _marx_ looking at the agenda apparently jcg2 has some idea about the rural outreach deal but he's not here

    <BugeyeD> he def had an outline on the wiki page

    <akgraner> sorry guys - had a fire I had to put out

    <_marx_> not a real one i hope

    <akgraner> no just a situation that needed taken care of

    <akgraner> so no I haven't gotten in touch with the FB group owner yet

    <_marx_> so how's your to-do list on that; want to hand it off?

    <akgraner> _marx_, sure

    <_marx_> john's not here and joe (magedragon) bailed early...soo i'll take on pestering him

    <akgraner> also there are some other LoCo teams that have some great publicity wiki's I'll grab some info from their pages as well - no sense in reinventing the wheel

    <_marx_> [action] marx contact FB group owner

marx contact FB group owner

  • <_marx_> oh gee, yes don't do double work too

  • _marx_ just remembered an email from jrorie on the sound project

    <_marx_> dang i'll have to follow up on that too

    <akgraner> yeah I need to follow up as well with that

    <_marx_> akgraner, i'll forward his email to you in a bit

    <akgraner> _marx_, I have it

    <_marx_> he wasn't sure that it was ready to post to team mailing list

    <_marx_> ok

    <akgraner> he sent it to both of us

    <_marx_> ah, i didn't notice Wink ;)

    <_marx_> [topic]Team Approval

Team Approval

  • <akgraner> no worries - Smile :-)

    <akgraner> woo hoo we are on the the LoCo council for this wednesday

    <akgraner> sorry Tuesday

    <_marx_> WEDNESDAY!

    <_marx_> shew

    <akgraner> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncilAgenda

    <_marx_> cool

    <akgraner> Tuesday, April 20th, at 2000UTC

    <_marx_> we need a team mailing list post; forum post facebook too? to get "bodies" in ubuntu-meeting

    <BugeyeD> so they just get together and talk about us?

    <akgraner> so any one who can make it to that meeting in ubuntu-meeting channel would be great

    <akgraner> yep

    <akgraner> they ask questions if they need to

    <akgraner> then let us know if we are approved

    <akgraner> or give suggestions on what we need do

    <akgraner> I can handle the mailing list post - can someone else post to facebook Smile :-)

    <_marx_> i'll get facebook since i'm going to try to do an event too for the winston release party

    <_marx_> hum we could use a "forum rat"; there was an intro post 2 days ago that i just saw today

    <akgraner> well magedragon said he would handle moderation

    <_marx_> ah yes

    <akgraner> I talked to the one of the forums council folks and they said we don't "have" to have a moderator

    <_marx_> ok, how about sticky posts?

    <akgraner> but - if he would be willing to just be the NC Forum Gardner

    <akgraner> _marx_, he said we have so few they would do it for us

    <_marx_> ah good

    <akgraner> also getting a how to moderate guide together

    <_marx_> and that was forum council, noted

    <akgraner> what difference does that make - he was just saying that since we don't have any trained forum moderators not to sweat it

    <akgraner> but he would help me get the information together to make sure that whomever is going to be it gets trained

    <akgraner> before we list them as a moderator

    <_marx_> just personally noting the... chain of command so to speak

    <_marx_> who to contact sorta thing

    <akgraner> Smile :-)

    <akgraner> so for information IRC - IRC Council, LoCo Teams LoCo Council, Forums - Forum Council Bigger Community issues that other councils can't resolve Community Council

    <akgraner> there is also wiki pages on wiki.ubuntu.com for all councils - if you google ubuntu and council name you'll find the pages Smile :-)

    <_marx_> [topic] new business

new business

  • <_marx_> none yet Smile :-) Next meeting May 6

    <akgraner> Open Week is coming up

    <_marx_> some pr fro that?

    <akgraner> May3rd - 7th

    <akgraner> Release week is next week

    <_marx_> last one had some good stuff

    <akgraner> UDS is May 10th-14th

    <BugeyeD> sorry, gotta run - will check back in later

    <akgraner> Yep we are finalizing the schedule tomorrow and Monday for Open Week

    <_marx_> #endmeeting

Meeting closed at 00:00

People Present

  • _marx_
  • akgraner
  • magedragon25
  • BugeyeD
  • stesterman

Actions Recorded

  • marx email magedragon and jcg2 re release party flyer
  • marx to create FB event page for Winston Release Party
  • marx contact FB group owner

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