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Ubuntu NC LoCo Team IRC Meeting - July 15, 2010


Open Items


  • Team advocacy - What is the team doing to get the word out?
    1. Located the founder of NC LoCo's Facebook page, Adam Petaccia. Any one know him?

      • Chatted briefly on Facebook.
      • Asked about gaining control of FB LoCo page.

      • Still no response yet.
      • Anyone else with success contacting him?
      • Ignore or mention to higher authority [vote]
    2. Offered support to CharLUG for an Installfest they are planning in 6 wks to 2 mos.
      • Have commitment for Ubuntu Live CDs from Amber.
      • No word from CharLUG on date, yet.
      • Progress Report

New Items

  • Discuss a new meeting time, and maybe changing the frequency to have more productive meetings less often. (holstein)
  • Discuss starting a 'meeting chair group' of members that can chair the meetings in rotation. (holstein)
  • Review member positions and the job requirements/responsibilities in order to discuss filling open positions. (holstein)
  • A new advocacy opportunity with the Kramden Institute; please see this forum post http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1507978


Reminder about next Meeting

  • Date, Time, reminder that everyone can add to agenda, and link to agenda Location


Meeting opened by _marx_ at 22:58

  • <internalkernel> I had some way of entering bash commands in pidgin... but I forgot

    <_marx_> hi all, chime in if you are here for the meeting.

    <_marx_> the bot does a head count

    <internalkernel> o/

    <Garagegoblin> here

  • holstein here

    <_marx_> yah, holstein made it

    <holstein> Smile :)

    <_marx_> [link]https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NorthCarolinaTeam/Meeting/Agenda[/link]

  • <_marx_> [topic] team facebook page

team facebook page

  • <_marx_> all attempts have been made to contact this guy

    <holstein> i friended the guy

    <holstein> no word

    <_marx_> heard anything

    <_marx_> o

    <holstein> jcg2 was trying hard as well

    <_marx_> i sent the logo to his launchpad addresses

    <holstein> i guess we just stay on it

    <holstein> whoever has a facebook account and wants to bother him

    <Garagegoblin> can do, what is the name?

    <akgraner> hey all sorry I'm late! Smile :-)

    <_marx_> Garagegoblin: i think you can find it on the agenda page

    <_marx_> hi akgraner

    <Garagegoblin> ok

    <holstein> this is the guy http://www.facebook.com/mighmos

    <Garagegoblin> thanks holstein

    <_marx_> track some more and he has a launchpad id as well

    <holstein> yup

    <holstein> i think jcg messaged him there

    <_marx_> i did

    <_marx_> as well

    <holstein> lets just all try to contact him

    <akgraner> well if we can't get it we can just start a new one with Ubuntu NC LoCo Team

    <holstein> however

    <holstein> and nicely

    <Garagegoblin> hahaha, so we are trying to get access to the page from him?

    <akgraner> and make sure 4 or 5 people on the team have sdmin

    <holstein> and yeah, we can always just make a new one like akgraner says

    <akgraner> admin even

    <holstein> give it til next meeting?

    <holstein> then somebody make a new one?

    <_marx_> i like that

    <Garagegoblin> I would think that is plenty of time

    <akgraner> nods we've spent 6 months on this already

    <holstein> yeah, its been a while too

    <holstein> yeah

    <_marx_> several have tried to contact hime

    <akgraner> I did as well

    <_marx_> k mootbot

    <holstein> well, you want to just go ahead on a new one then?

    <akgraner> we did invite him to join the team and not just we want access right?

    <holstein> i just friended him

    <holstein> and that was my plan

    <holstein> if i had contact

    <akgraner> holstein, yeah - go that route and ask him to become an active member to help get the word out etc

    <holstein> a cordial inclusive thank-you for starting the FB page

    <akgraner> nods

    <Garagegoblin> good good

    <_marx_> [action] one more month on the facebook guy

one more month on the facebook guy

  • <akgraner> then if nothing by the next meeting - let's just fork it and start a new one

    <holstein> cool

    <internalkernel> yeah... fork it...

    <internalkernel> and him too

    <internalkernel> Smile :)

    <_marx_> in one month right?

    <akgraner> Smile :-) (geek humor I'm getting it )

    <holstein> hehe

    <holstein> _marx_: not yet

    <akgraner> _marx_, yep

    <internalkernel> you need to watch more IT Crowd akgraner

    <holstein> we can discuss all that

    <holstein> OH

    <holstein> if its set for a month already, thats cool

    <_marx_> [topic]Charlug installfest

Charlug installfest

  • <_marx_> John isn't here so I'm closing it for this month

    <_marx_> thoughts

    <akgraner> yeah - I haven't heard anything about a date

    <akgraner> +1 on closing it - until we get more information it can always be added back

    <holstein> agreed

    <Garagegoblin> agreed

    <_marx_> ok

    <_marx_> new items

    <_marx_> i'm going to jump here to Garagegoblin on the Kramden Institute

    <holstein> cool

    <_marx_> [topic] new advocacy opp w/Kramden

new advocacy opp w/Kramden

  • <akgraner> that's the refurb computers with Ubuntu on it right?

    <Garagegoblin> half right

    <_marx_> well they've been doing winders

    <akgraner> that's right

    <holstein> where are they?

    <holstein> durham

    <Garagegoblin> I am a member of the Kramden Institute (www.kramden.org) management team

    <holstein> Garagegoblin: OH

    <Garagegoblin> We are located in Durham, NC

    <holstein> +1 for not using windows Wink ;)

    <holstein> nah

    <holstein> what can we do Garagegoblin ?

    <holstein> do you want a demonstration or something like that?

    <holstein> something formal at the institute?

    <_marx_> my apologies, no cue Garagegoblin

    <Garagegoblin> We have just decided that we are going to start a small side group to start exploring the opportunities gained from using Ubuntu

    <holstein> or ubuntu with LXDE or XFCE

    <holstein> something that can really sing on an old p3

    <Garagegoblin> We are more interested in Edubuntu for the software since these computers go out to students k -12

    <holstein> cool

    <holstein> i think a lot of that stuff could and should be revamped to be easily used in lubuntu

    <holstein> or xubuntu

    <Garagegoblin> I would love to see a full implimentation at some point, but we will have to start slow

    <akgraner> Garagegoblin, I've been working with a group in Minnesota who gives refurb computers with Ubuntu on it to military families who's service person is deployed

    <holstein> but, lucid really is rather light-weight

    <Garagegoblin> very nice akgraner, we also did laptops to kids of Ft. Bragg

    <akgraner> Garagegoblin, yep exactly Smile :-)

    <holstein> so, what can we do as a team for you Garagegoblin ?

    <_marx_> so what were the reservations of senoir management?

  • holstein is in asheville

    <holstein> but anything i can do to help out, let me know

    <_marx_> hey magedragon25

    <Garagegoblin> Well, we give unlimited tech support to our students

    <akgraner> Garagegoblin, can you and I touch base next week - I'd like to pass some information to you about some folks at Fot bragg - I have a meeting with some of the MWR folks

    <magedragon25> hey

    <Garagegoblin> ok yea akgraner

    <holstein> hey magedragon25

    <holstein> you made it Smile :)

    <akgraner> Garagegoblin, thanks!

    <akgraner> magedragon25, hey!!

    <Garagegoblin> and so we are going to start a pilot program to see what issues basic users that are used to windows may run into while they are getting used to it

    <magedragon25> hey all

    <_marx_> Garagegoblin: once these machines are out there do they have internet connections

    <Garagegoblin> We would like to start collecting from the millions of great how-to's on the web and start a nice collection to be able to give to the students, if they don't have internet at home

    <Garagegoblin> no not all sadly

    <akgraner> Garagegoblin, awesome! Look at the ubuntu manual project

    <akgraner> Garagegoblin, http://ubuntumanual.org/

    <Garagegoblin> we are also going to start looking into doing a server/thin client program we would be able to offer to schools that need computer labs they can't get funding for

    <holstein> personally

    <holstein> i think it should be offered as an equal alternative

    <Garagegoblin> and churches, also that need computer labs

    <holstein> i treid to do that at a church not to long ago

    <Garagegoblin> right, and that is what we are first going to start with

    <holstein> and it just didnt seem right for them

    <akgraner> Garagegoblin, holstein has migrated a church/school in the weaverville area

    <Garagegoblin> the option of Ubuntu PC's

    <holstein> they didnt 'get it'

    <Garagegoblin> hahaha, that is one huge concern

    <holstein> they spent a lot of money that they didnt have on a windows outfit

    <_marx_> what's to "get"

    <Garagegoblin> the learning curve for the parents will be much bigger than the kids most times

    <holstein> that will be obsolete in a couple years

    <holstein> and just as bad off as what they replaced

    <holstein> but whatever

    <Garagegoblin> hahaha I understand holstein

    <holstein> i hope it serves them well

    <Garagegoblin> all we can do is try

    <Garagegoblin> One major thing that I want to see, is for us to offer training for these machines

    <Garagegoblin> We need to first train our volunteers, and then have and help them train the end users

    <_marx_> so Garagegoblin what can we do to help?

    <holstein> sounds like a great project Garagegoblin

    <holstein> why dont you blast the list if we can do anything

    <holstein> and you and akgraner talk soon

    <holstein> and i can talk to you sometime about what i did at a local church

    <Garagegoblin> Thanks, well from the group, anyone local I would love to try to get involved in what we are doing, the more people comfortable with Ubuntu as a volunteer at Kramden the better

    <holstein> and hopefully, you can be cranking out refurbed ubuntu boxes in the near future Smile :)

    <akgraner> Garagegoblin, let's come up with some action items that we can do as a team to help you all get started

    <holstein> Garagegoblin: whatever i can do from asheville, count me in

    <holstein> if you need a support IRC channel or something

    <holstein> we can talk about it

    <akgraner> as the team is loaded with talent that covers all areas of the Community and OS

    <holstein> its tough since the end user probably doesnt have internet

    <holstein> be do-able

    <_marx_> well contacts in rdu area

    <holstein> but*

    <akgraner> I don't mind driving to RDU once a month as long as I know in advance

    <Garagegoblin> Well I admit to saying this is still in its infancy but I am glad to get involved with you guys, and appreciate all the support I can get from this team as well

    <holstein> akgraner: i would try and go too

    <holstein> schedule permitting

    <akgraner> nods

    <holstein> Garagegoblin: maybe we could get some facetime with the others?

    <_marx_> ideas can become action items

    <holstein> maybe some of us could come in a couple months?

    <holstein> whoever wants to

    <Garagegoblin> That would be really cool

    <holstein> cool

    <holstein> well, lets do that then

    <Garagegoblin> maybe a training session for our management team and volunteers and a nice sitdown as well

    <holstein> lets talk next meeting about an acutal date somewhere down the road

    <holstein> Garagegoblin: and you can kick that around on your end

    <Garagegoblin> yea absolutely

    <holstein> Smile :)

    <Garagegoblin> We are going to start the planning of the pilot program to test how many issues, we can solve ahead of time with documentation and training

    <_marx_> [topic] new meeting day and time

new meeting day and time

  • <holstein> SO

    <holstein> what do you think guys?

    <_marx_> bad transition

    <holstein> do we want to move the meetings?

    <_marx_> i made a survey

    <holstein> AH

    <_marx_> any week day is good for me

    <holstein> cool _marx_

    <Garagegoblin> I agree

    <holstein> i brought this up

    <internalkernel> most days are good for me as well...

    <holstein> seems like thurday evendins are not happening

    <holstein> for some reason

    <akgraner> Tuesday and Thursdays are horrible for me Sad :-(

    <holstein> evenings are bad for me

    <internalkernel> I think there were some other people that also said they had problems making Thursday night

    <holstein> but my off times are not going ot work for you guys

    <_marx_> jcg is one

    <holstein> monday at 2pm

    <holstein> that would be ideal for me Wink ;)

    <Garagegoblin> Monday would be fine with me

    <holstein> and thats not going to work for anyone here

    <_marx_> dang musicians

    <akgraner> during the day is perfect for me - but I know other people work so i get why it needs to be after 5

    <holstein> so, i will deal with whatever you guys come up with

    <holstein> wednesday?

    <holstein> 6p

    <holstein> 7p?

    <holstein> 8p?

    <internalkernel> should we do a survey monkey for this?

    <_marx_> got one

    <akgraner> another one??

    <internalkernel> push it out to the mailing list, include a forum post as well...

    <_marx_> haven't posted it yet

    <internalkernel> oh - sorry missed the first few

    <internalkernel> lol

    <holstein> _marx_: yeah, do that

    <akgraner> _marx_, you have one right?

    <holstein> i really just wanted to see what you guys thought about the idea in general

    <akgraner> or do you want me to recycle the one I used beofre?

    <akgraner> before even

    <holstein> _marx_: does it address the other issue

    <holstein> meeting once a month?

    <_marx_> well one question should i add a question geographic region of the state

    <akgraner> dang I need to get may nails done - I can't type they are just too long Sad :-( grrrrr

    <Garagegoblin> personally I think you are not going to be able to accommodate everyone, so pick a couple days and a times and let us chose from there

    <akgraner> _marx_, for what purpose - we are all same time zone???

    <holstein> and the logs are always there

    <akgraner> I say only list Mon, Wed Friday

    <akgraner> and 3-7pm

    <_marx_> akgraner: i think mine is pretty close to what you did before

    <holstein> sure

    <akgraner> b/c if you give Tues Thurs then people will chose those

    <_marx_> should i add a regional question?

    <akgraner> and the most active people can't make it those days

    <holstein> for security?

    <_marx_> welcome Garagegoblin

    <_marx_> lol!

    <Garagegoblin> huh?

    <_marx_> jk

    <Garagegoblin> hahaha

    <akgraner> I mean if people want to list where they are from they can - but not sure what we would gain from having it on the survey

    <_marx_> regional groups

    <akgraner> as people are on LP and can list where they are from there if they want

    <internalkernel> we barely have enough for one group...

    <internalkernel> lol

    <_marx_> right

    <akgraner> we really need to encourage people to join LP

    <akgraner> as that is the only real means of tracking members

    <internalkernel> maybe when we have more people, if we have regional groups - then it's going to be me and holstein hanging out...

    <holstein> yeah, and i dont really like internalkernel *that* much

    <holstein> Wink ;)

    <_marx_> well the regional idea, it's a big state

    <Garagegoblin> ok I am going to ask the dumb question...what is LP??

    <akgraner> I think we have the infrastructure in place for when we get groups in all areas

    <akgraner> Launchpad

    <akgraner> Smile :-)

    <internalkernel> well not like *THAT* anyways,,, ehhh, holstein

    <Garagegoblin> oh duh

    <holstein> lol

    <Garagegoblin> <---noob

    <akgraner> https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-northcarolina

    <_marx_> [link]http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/L2HBFXG

  • <internalkernel> so, for starters.. we're talking about mon, wed, or fri 3-7pm

    <akgraner> Garagegoblin, we all are at some time - there are no bad questions Smile :-) I should have spelled it out - sorry about that

  • holstein is glad your here Garagegoblin Smile :)

    <internalkernel> I like the way Mr. Garrison in South Park responds to that

    <internalkernel> there are no stupid questions... only...

    <internalkernel> Ill save it for an logged channel - so meeting times!

    <_marx_> date

    <Garagegoblin> hahaha

    <internalkernel> an /un/logged/ channel

    <Garagegoblin> good call internalkernel

    <internalkernel> date? was that an invitation?

    <_marx_> last call

    <internalkernel> meeting times - what's the last word on this?

    <holstein> we're going to have a poll

    <_marx_> survey posting

    <internalkernel> sounds good... awesome... more surveys.

    <Garagegoblin> ok

    <akgraner> internalkernel, see link above :-P

    <internalkernel> we are starting to resemble congress...

    <Garagegoblin> hahaha

    <_marx_> without the salaries Sad :(

    <Garagegoblin> more red tape, we NEED more red tape!!!

    <holstein> does this cover the meetin frequency?

    <internalkernel> Garagegoblin: I agree, I think perhaps a survey to determine the questions on the next survey would be appropriate

    <Garagegoblin> hahaha

    <internalkernel> holstein: I think it does

    <_marx_> [topic] meeting chair rotation

meeting chair rotation

  • <Garagegoblin> left to right

    <akgraner> Garagegoblin, more cowbell!!!

    <holstein> yeah, i guess we really cant do that though right?

    <holstein> with Mootbot-UK

    <holstein> which means your stuck with it _marx_

    <_marx_> the bot won't care

    <holstein> unless we can work out a way to do it

    <holstein> what i had in mind

    <holstein> was whoever wants to chair meetings

    <_marx_> no anyone can start a meeting w/moot

    <holstein> just say 'i want to chair meetings

    <holstein> and then we start rotating

    <holstein> if we meet once a month

    <holstein> and there are 6 of those folks

    <_marx_> you want the next one holstein

    <holstein> then thats only twice a year

    <holstein> _marx_: sure

    <holstein> but i have to see when it is

    <internalkernel> lol...

    <_marx_> minor detail

    <internalkernel> survey anyone?

    <holstein> hehe

    <akgraner> I know there is talk for mootbot to be able to handle multiple chairs in the future

    <holstein> could we just ask that question on the mailing list

    <akgraner> lets just sign up for them

    <akgraner> stick a table on the meeting page

    <holstein> and just put a list up on the wiki

    <holstein> ^

    <holstein> yeah

    <akgraner> we can add the dates for the year once the new day and time is decided

    <holstein> and if your next and cant do it

    <holstein> you just work it out

    <holstein> trade or whatever

    <holstein> SO

    <holstein> do we need somebody to put that emil together?

    <holstein> and post the folks?

    <akgraner> holstein, can you do that

    <internalkernel> survey says!

    <holstein> i will

    <holstein> Smile :)

    <internalkernel> sorry couldn't resist that one

    <akgraner> once it goes to the list - I an repost it to forums

    <holstein> OK

    <holstein> lets all try and talk soon

    <holstein> about the survey

    <_marx_> [action] marx post survey to mailing list and forum

marx post survey to mailing list and forum

  • <holstein> it would be nice to know the meeting day before the email

    <holstein> i think

    <Garagegoblin> I voted already

  • holstein too

    <_marx_> no prob

  • holstein is going ot stuff the ballot box Wink ;)

  • holstein kidding

    <Garagegoblin> hahaha

    <_marx_> #endmeeting

Meeting closed at 23:58

People Present

  • internalkernel
  • _marx_
  • Garagegoblin
  • holstein
  • akgraner
  • magedragon25

Actions Recorded

  • one more month on the facebook guy
  • marx post survey to mailing list and forum