Mootbot-UK IRC PM of Actions

NorthCarolinaTeam/Meeting/20100325/Mootbot-UK IRC PM of Actions

   1 [19:07] <Mootbot-UK> Meeting started at 23:07. The chair is akgraner.
   2 [19:12] <Mootbot-UK> New Topic:  Review the leadership wiki
   3 [19:13] <Mootbot-UK> LINK received:
   4 [19:18] <Mootbot-UK> ACTION received:  akgraner to get magedragon25 info for forums moderator
   5 [19:19] <Mootbot-UK> ACTION received:  akgraner to get mootbot removed
   6 [19:22] <Mootbot-UK> Please vote on:  do we want to adopt the current leadership council for the team for the term of 1 year?
   7 [19:24] <Mootbot-UK> Final result is 5 for, 0 against. 0 abstained. Total: 5
   8 [19:25] <Mootbot-UK> New Topic:  Ubuntu Advocacy
   9 [19:32] <Mootbot-UK> IDEA received:  who on the team would like to be involved in the greater Ubuntu Community but isn't right now?
  10 [19:36] <Mootbot-UK> IDEA received:  i think we need info on what kind of involvement and how to move forward with it
  11 [19:38] <Mootbot-UK> AGREED received:  akgraner to get more info on involvement - nothing is a half to just suggestions - remember that the ubuntu community is a lattice not a ladder so there are many ways to get involved
  12 [19:39] <Mootbot-UK> New Topic:  Global Jam Days
  13 [19:39] <Mootbot-UK> LINK received:
  14 [19:48] <Mootbot-UK> ACTION received:  ongoing planning for Ubuntu Global Jams
  15 [19:48] <Mootbot-UK> New Topic:  Release Parties
  16 [19:50] <Mootbot-UK> ACTION received:  release party in Asheville, NC April 1st weekend
  17 [19:50] <Mootbot-UK> IDEA received:  appears we need to stir more excitement re: Ubuntu across NC
  18 [19:52] <Mootbot-UK> ACTION received:  anyone in the Raleigh area send suggestions to nameiner_ or talk to nameiner_ and see what you all can come up with
  19 [20:00] <Mootbot-UK> New Topic:  Outreach to rural areas
  20 [20:00] <Mootbot-UK> LINK received:  see MD Tour
  21 [20:02] <Mootbot-UK> ACTION received:  _marx_ and jcg_ working on presentation for LUG's  see MD Tour Link
  22 [20:03] <Mootbot-UK> New Topic:  Team Approval
  23 [20:15] <Mootbot-UK> ACTION received:  10am Friday March 19th, in #ubuntu-us-nc  approval planning timeline
  24 [20:22] <Mootbot-UK> LINK received:
  25 [20:23] <Mootbot-UK> LINK received:
  26 [20:23] <Mootbot-UK> LINK received:
  27 [20:24] <Mootbot-UK> LINK received:
  28 [20:24] <Mootbot-UK> LINK received:
  29 [20:26] <Mootbot-UK> Meeting finished at 00:26.

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